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Jjarlington Al.eniorial J_/ibra 





J. T. McAllister 


McAllister Publishing Co., Hot Springs, Virginia 

Copyrighted 1913 by J. T. McAllister. 
All rights reserved. 

Table of Contents 


Virginia's Share in the Military Movements of the Revolution. 
Virginia Counties, Old and New, 

Part I. 

Summary of the Services of the IVIilitia Arranged by Counties. 

Part II. 
Declarations of Virginia Militia Pensioners, §1 to §250. 

Part III, 
Militia Officers Appointed in Various Counties, §251 to §280. 

Part IV. 

Pensioners Residing in Virginia in 1835 who Received Pensions as 
Virginia Militiamen. 

Part V. 

Pensioners Residing Outside of Virginia in 1835 who Received 
Pensions as Virginia Militiamen. 

General Index. 


In the preparation of this book I have had the valuable assistance 
of Mr. Oren F. Morton, who, in addition to condensing the great 
mass of material into the shape in which it appears in sections from 
1 to 251, prepared the articles which appear under the title "Vir- 
ginia's Share in the Militia Movements of the Revolution," and 
"Virginia Counties, Old and New." 

I wish also to acknowledge my indebtedness to Judge Lyman 
Chalkley, of Lexington, Kentucky, for procuring for me some of 
the declarations of record in that State, to Mr. W. G. Stanard, 
the Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society, and Dr. Henry R. 
Mcllwaine, the Virginia State Librarian, for many courtesies shown 
me while engaged in the preparation of this book. 


This book does not profess to be a history of the Virginia Militia 
in the Revolution. No claim is made that it gives a complete 
list of the companies from any of the counties. Its purpose is to 
make available the material, some of which I have been gathering 
from time to time for a number of years. It is believed, however, 
that it is the first attempt to compile a considerable quantity of 
data on the subject. In a statement issued by the Secretary of War 
in 1832, he says that there are in his department no rolls of the 
State troops except those of Virginia, and no rolls of the militia 
except those of New Hampshire. 

In regard to the Militia, very little is known and that little is 
extremely fragmentary. 

In 1776 the available militia in Virginia is thought to have 
been about 45,000 men; probably it was never less than 40,000, of 
whom possibly one-fourth saw real service. Other states have 
counted their militia in the strength which they gave to the Revolu- 
tionary cause. For the lack of data Virginia has not received credit 
on this score. The reports of Secretary-of-War Knox fail to do 
justice to Virginia along this line. The figures given by him are 
mere estimates. 

In 1776 a large number of Virginians were in the field against 
Dunmore. Some went to the relief of North Carolina and others 
were in the Cherokee Expedition in the West. 

In 1778 Virginia had a number of militia in the operations in 
the West and for defense along the frontiers. 

In 1779, Virginia was authorized to send militia to South 

In 1780, the militia were out in large numbers. 

In 1781, 700 militia joined General Gates, some were at King's 
Mountain and others were serving around Norfolk. In the latter 
part of this year Dan'l Morgan had some of them serving in 
Green's Army. In 1781, practically all of the available militia of 
Virginia were summoned into service, taking part in the Battle of 
Guilford Court House, serving with Lafayette and at the Siege 
of Yorktown. 

ViRGiN'iA Militia ix the Revolution" 

It is hoped that the material given in this book may throw some 
light on these services. 

Most of the statements set out in this book were found by me 
in the counties where they were made. The word "county" is 
omitted in the statements where it will be easily understood. In 
some of the counties the declarations of the soldiers for pensions are 
spread in full upon the order book. In others they may be 
found filed with the papers of the term of court at which the ap- 
plication was made. Where not set out in full on the record book 
and not filed with the papers of the term, a very difficult proposi- 
tion presents itself. I have frequently succeeded, however, in finding 
among the old musty files a package in which these declarations are 
wrapped up and have been preserved. Should all of these methods 
fail to disclose the statement, the only other method of procuring it 
is to obtain from the Bureau of Pensions at Washington, an ab- 
stract of the particular statements desired. 

Frequently in the Clerk's Offices there will be found applications 
on which no pensions have been issued, due sometimes to a failure 
to supply proper proof, and at others because the service was not 
of sufficient length to bring the applicant w^ithin the terms of the 
pension law. 

Under Chapters IV and V will be found the list of successful 
applicants for pensions whose pensions were granted solely on the 
ground of service as Virginia Militiamen. Many others w^ho obtained 
pensions for service in the State Troops or in the regular service 
unquestionably served at times in the militia. There are several 
instances in the statements set out in this book where soldiers w^ho 
held a high rank in the State troops or in the regular service later 
on served in the militia. 

In Sections from 251 to 280 inclusive, I give the names of 
officers who were recommended or qualified in various counties in 
the State. While this does not necessarily mean that the person 
served, the probabilities are so strong as to make it almost a cer- 

I have followed various trails which were said to lead to 
muster rolls of Virginia Militiamen but found only the few which 
are set out in this book. 

Virginia's Share in the Military 
Movements of the Revolution 

In this article we present a bird's-eye view of those field move- 
ments of the Revolution, which immediately concern Virginia, It 
will interpret much of what is told in the pension declarations. 

During the spring of 1775, Virginia committed herself to the 
cause of American Independence. In June, Lord Dunmore, the 
tory governor fled to a British war vessel, and from the safety of 
its deck he still made a pretense of asserting his authority. During the 
summer he gathered a few ships and with a force of British and 
tories he began to harry the shores of the Chesapeake. His style of 
warfare consisting in plundering plantation houses, maltreating 
women and children, stealing slaves, and burning seaports. In Octo- 
ber he was repulsed from Hampton and in December was defeated 
near Norfolk. But on New Year's day, 1776, he cannonaded and 
burned the last named town. General Andrew Lewis took command 
of the Virginia forces and drove Dunmore from his stronghold on 
Gwin's Island in the Chesapeake. The late governor sailed for 
England, and for three years the British had no foothold on Virginia 
soil. Yet their navy enabled them to dominate the sea, and the coun- 
ties lying on navagable waters were thus kept in frequent alarm. 

The first phase of the Revolution, as it relates to Virginia, was 
therefore the contest with Dunmore on the tidal waters. It was 
fought with militia, who came in part from the counties toward 
the Blue Ridge. The militia of the Tidewater continued to be called 
out here and there to repel the parties which landed from ships 
for the purpose of plunder. 

The second phase consisted of trouble from the Indians on the 
western frontier. They had been stunned by their defeat at Point 
Pleasant, in 1774, but being urged on by British emissaries and 
white renegades, they at length began to harass the weak settlements 
in Kentucky, along the Holston, and toward the Ohio. To quell the- 
Cherokees in the Southwest, a large force of militia was sent to the 
Holston early in the war. This army was in part made up of men 
from east of the Blue Ridge. But the militia of the Shenandoah 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

Valley were able to stand off the Indians who threatened them 
from the Northwest. The w^ar parties of the red men scarcely ven- 
tured east of the Alleghany divide, yet the scattered settlements be- 
yond were subjected to much distress. The wanton murder of Corn- 
stalk, at Point Pleasant, was the immediate cause of the Indian raid 
into Greenbrier in 1778. The Indian depredations continued 
throughout the war, and garrisons had to be maintained in the 
frontier forts throughout the threatened area. 

Being unmolested by any strong force, Virginia was free to raise 
and equip a number of regiments for the Continental service. Several 
of these took a distinguished part in the war in the Northern colonies. 
But for some time the militia were scarcely called upon except for 
the purposes already named. 

The final phase of the Revolution in Virginia did not actively 
begin until the close of 1780, although in 1779, Clinton, the British 
commander-in-chief, had sent an expedition to ravage the coast. Un- 
able to make head against Washington in the North, Clinton had 
carried the war into the South. Under Cornwallis, his armies 
overran South Carolina during the spring and summer of 1780, 
Georgia being already in their power. North Carolina was thus 
threatened from the South, and continued British success meant 
peril to Virginia from the same direction. To render the outlook all 
the worse, there were few disciplined Virginia troops who could be 
summoned to defend the State. The Virginia Continentals had been 
sent South as well as North. Gen'l Mathew's regiment had been 
captured at Germantown, Buford's had been massacred by Tarlton's 
troopers, and still other regiments had been included in the surrender 
of Charleston, to say nothing of still further losses. The drilled 
Continentals had proved themselves equal to the best British regulars, 
but although Virginia still had a somewhat numerous militia, they, 
were untrained men and therefore at a great disadvantage when con- 
fronted by veterans. 

In the fall of that year there was some apprehension that the 
Carolina tories under the energetic Ferguson, would push into South- 
west Virginia. There was a considerable tory element in that region, 
and it was a further object to seize the lead mines in Wythe County. 
The militia were called out in their defense, but in October, Fergu- 
son's army was annihilated at King's Mountain, men from South- 
west Virginia contributing to this fortunate result. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

In 1780, General Muhlenberg, the brilliant soldier who had quit 
the pulpit for the camp, was sent by Washington to take comma:: d 
in Virginia. Gathering some odds and ends of trained troops, and 
some militia, he drove the British General Leslie from Portsmouth. 
Next January, Benedict Arnold, the traitor, appeared with a larger 
force than was present to oppose him. He took Richmond and thei 
fell back to Portsmouth, burning and plundering all along his line of 
march. At Portsmouth he was blockaded by the militia under 
Muhlenberg. General Lafeyette was now sent on by Washington with 
1,200 regulars. To rescue Arnold, a still larger force of British 
was sent to Portsmouth, and Phillips, its commander, advanced a:id 
took Petersburg. Here he had an engagement with Steuben, who 
was in general command of the Americans, pending the arrival of 
Lafayette, whose approach prevented a second capture of Richmond. 
Phillips died of fever at Petersburg and Arnold resumed command 
of the British. 

Meanwhile, Cornwallis had pushed the Southern army, under 
General Green, through North Carolina to the very border of Vir- 
ginia. Notwithstanding the menace of the British army on the lower 
James, it was necessary to meet the new danger. Through great 
exertion, some 1,600 Virginia militia were collected to join Greene. 
Many of them were from the Valley counties. With their help he 
gave battle to Cornwallis, at Guilford, March 5th, and crippled 
him so badly that he made a tumultuous retreat to Wilmington. 
Greene advanced into South Carolina, and toward the end of May 
Cornwallis arrived at Petersburg and superseded Arnold. 

The British army in Virginia was now about 8,000 strong. La- 
fayette with his much inferior force was pursued to the Rapidan, 
v/hich he crossed at Ely's Ford. Cornwallis then moved toward the 
mountains. A raiding party under Colonel Simcoe destroyed the 
American magazines at the mouth of the Rivanna. Another expe- 
dition under Tarleton dispersed the State Legislature, at Charlottes- 
ville, but was deterred from pushing on to Staunton by the militia 
gathering to defend the mountain passes. Tarlton had been taught 
a lesson by his crushing defeat at the Cowpens, a few months earlier. 
Lafayette recrossed the Rapidan at Raccoon Ford. Cornwallis at- 
tempted to strike him on the flank, but was foiled by his adversary, 
who opened by night an old path since called the "Marquis Road," 
and took a strong position behind Meechums River to protect his 

10 Virginia Militia ix the Revolution' 

stores. Cornwallis did not attempt to force conclusions, but under 
orders from Clinton retired toward the coast, followed by Lafayette, 
who on the Rapidan had been joined by Wayne with more troops 
from the army in the North. 

Cornwallis had been ordered to take a position on the coast, so 
that he might be within supporting distance of Clinton at New 
York. This movement turned out to be his undoing. While execut- 
ing it, two small engagements occurred near Williamsburg. The 
first known at the time as the battle of Hotwater, took place at 
Jenning's Ordinary, seven miles to the Northwest. Colonel Butler, 
a good officer under Lafayette, fell upon foragers under Simcoe, res- 
cued the cattle they had taken, and handled the British roughly, but 
was forced to retire under tlrc approach of Cornwallis to rescue his 
subordinate. The other fight, that of Green Spring, took place 
near Old Jamestown. The British were about to cross the James 
at this point, and Waj'ne, who was misled into thinking only a rear 
guard was on the north bank, made an impetuous charge against 
greatly superior numbers. He was repulsed with a loss of 118 men 
to the enemy's 80, but in alarm at the onslaught, Cornwallis did 
not deem it best to pursue and run into a possible ambuscade in 

Cornwallis took post at Yorktown. In September, Washington 
arrived with a further re-enforcement and assumed general command. 
The gathering militia swelled the American army to a strength of 
9,000 ijien, French under Rochambeau raising the total to 15,000. 
Being outnumbered two to one on land, and bottled up by the French 
Heet which commanded the bay, Cornwallis had to succumb to the 
inevitable. With his surender the war was practically at an end. 
During his almost unobstructed marches through the State, his 
armies wrought damage after the characteristic British fashion in 
the extent of about $10,000,000, the equivalent of probably three 
times that sum at the present day. 

After the surrender of Burgoyne, in 1777, many of his men were 
sent to a military prison, at Winchester, others were quartered at 
Albemarle Barracks (now Charlottesville). The prisoners taken at 
the Cowpens were also sent to Winchester, as were likewise the sol- 
diers in the army of Cornwallis. To guard all these prisoners of war 
manv details of militia were called into service. 

Virginia Counties, Old and New 

Before the Old Dominion was torn into two states in 1861-3, 
the 149 counties of which it was then composed were grouped into 
two Districts; the Eastern and the Western, the line between them 
being the crest of the Blue Ridge. This division was thoroughly 
well known, and was recognized for administrative convenience and 
sundry other considerations. There has always been a marked 
difference in the origin, habits, and characteristics of the people of 
the two sections, and thus the Eastern District was the "Land of the 
Tuckahoe," while the Western was the "Land of the Cohee." 

Of the present 69 counties of the former Eastern District, 58 
were already in existence at the outbreak of the Revolution in 1775. 
During that time of strife, four new counties were formed ; Fluvanna 
and Powhatan, in 1777, and Campbell and Patrick in 1781. Flu- 
vanna was formed from Albemarle, Powhatan from Cumberland, 
Campbell from Bedford, and Patrick from Henry. Between 1784 
and 1838 seven more counties were established; Appomattox, Frank- 
lin, Greenesville, Madison, Nelson, and Rappahannock. With one 
exception, all these newer counties lie against the Blue Ridge, and 
therefore in the more lately settled part of the old Eastern District. 

The explanation given in the above paragraph will make clear 
why seven counties east of the Blue Ridge are never alluded to by 
name in the military movements of the Revolution. The names of 
officers and soldiers properly belonging to those areas must therefore 
be sought in the records of the older counties from which the newer 
ones were formed. 

In the Western District the situation was vastly different. No 
portion had been settled for quite 50 years, and to a very great ex- 
tent it was still an unoccupied wilderness. Because of these facts, 
there were, prior to 1776, only seven organized counties instead of 
the present 86. These seven were Augusta, Berkeley, Botetourt, 
Dunmore, Fincastle, Frederick and Hampshire. Berkeley then in- 
cluded Jefferson, Dunmore included most of Page, Frederick included 
Clarke and Warren, and Hampshire included Morgan, Mineral, 
Hardy, and Grant. The remaining and far greater part of the 
Western District was comprised in the enormous counties of Augusta, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Botetourt, and Fincastle, the jurisdiction of all of which was as- 
serted as far as the Ohio river. Dunmore was soon renamed Shenan- 
doah, and Fincastle disappeared because of its subdivision. 

During the war for Independence eight new counties arose in the 
Western District. Washington and Montgomery were formed in 
1776 from a part of Fincastle. In the same year, Ohio, Monogalia, 
and Yohogania were formed out of the Northwest section of 
Augusta, the present county still retaining a frontage on the Ohio 
river. The other new counties, Rockingham, Rockbridge, and Green- 
brier, were formed in 1778. Rockingham covered all the north of 
Augusta east of the Alleghany divide, and it then included nearly all 
of Pendleton and a portion of Page. Greenbrier, taken from Bote- 
tourt, reached to the Ohio river, while Rockbridge, formed from 
both Augusta and Botetourt, has always had substantially its present 

But Virginia, following the wording of her charter, claimed all 
the country to the west and northwest as far as the Mississippi, and 
the Great Lakes, and also that section of Pennsj'lvania lying west of 
the meridian, which constitutes the western line of Maryland. In 
the French and Indian and Revolutionary wars, these claims were 
maintained by force of arms. Thus Kentucky County, taken from 
Fincastle in 1776, afterwards became the State of Kentucky. Illinois 
County conquered from the British by George Rogers Clark and 
established in 1778, afterwards became the Territory Northwest of 
the Ohio, and out of it were carved the magnificent states of Ohio, 
Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. A boundary dispute 
with Pennsylvania was settled to the advantage of the latter state. 
By means of it, Virginia lost nearly all of Yohogania County, the 
fragment saved being annexed to Ohio County. She also lost a large 
part of IVIonongalia. 

The few counties west of the Blue Ridge were not only large, 
but because of their great extent they possessed a considerable popula- 
tion. This was particularly true of Augusta and the counties south- 
west of it. It therefore explains the large number of officers and men 
who came from those counties as the boundaries then stood. Because 
of the additional circumstance that their inhabitants were nearly 
all white, they took a very conspicuous part in the Revolution. Prob- 
ably no one county furnished so many soldiers as Augusta. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 13 

One other fact remains to be noticed. The Valley of Virginia 
had been settled such a length of time, that a majority of the men 
it sent into the Revolution were native to the soil. But this was not 
at all the case west of the Alleghany divide. The settlers west of the 
range were but a handful, and very few had been there so long as ten 
years. They were immigrants from the older counties of Virginia 
and from the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and JV'Iaryland. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution- 
ary War— McAllister's Data 

A summary placing by counties the service of the 
Virginia MiUtia as shown by the affi- 
davits set out in this book 


Note: — The references are to Sections. 

Memoranda: — In making up this summary no effort has been made 
to determine the correctness of the spelling of names or the accuracy of the 
revolutionary soldiers whose sworn statements are printed in a condensed 
form in this book. 


17 — . Capt. James Garland's Company was in service at Albemarle 
Barracks, 9. 

17 — . Capt. Hunton's Company was in service, 9. 

17 — . Capt. Montgomery's Company was in service, 9. 

17 — . Lieut Henry Austin with some men were in service, 27. 

17 — . Capt. Miller's Company was in service below Richmond, 37. 

17 — . Capt. Mark Leak's Company was out in service, 99. 

17 — . Capt. Miller's Company was in service about Hampton, 35. 

17 — . Capt. John Scott's Company was out in service, 91. 

17 — . Capt. Coursey's Company was out in service, 91. 

17 — . Capt. Mathew Leake's Company was in service at Cabin 
Point, 84. 

1 7 — . Capt. Nelson Thompson's Company was in service at Mal- 
vern Hill, 84. 

1777. Capt, Landron Jones' Company served in the 1st Virginia, 99. 

1777. Capt Jno. Harris' Company was out in service, 99. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1779. Lieut, Robert Jouett enrolled a number of men for service in 
the North, 64. 

1779. Capt. Ambrose Madison's Company was in service at Albe- 

marle Barracks, 91. 

1780. Capt. Mark Leak's Compan}^ was in service at Cabin Point, 53. 
1780. Capt. John Henderson's Companj^ was in service at Cabin 

Point, 50. 

1780. Capt. Wm. Grayson's Company was in service at York- 

town, 100. 

1781. Capt. Benj. Harris' Company was in the regular service, 50. 

1781. Capt. Barrett's Company was in the Cavalry, 53. 

1781. Capt. Falkner's Company was out in service, 53. 

1781. Capt. Woodford's Company was in service near Rich- 
mond, 38. 

1781. Capt. Nicholas Hammer's Company was in service at Albe- 
bemarle Barracks and joined Lafayette, 38. 

1781. Capt. Mark Leak's Company joined Lafayette, 25, 100. 

1781. Capt. John Harris' Company was in service at Half Way 
House, 25, 38. 

1781. Capt. Dan'l White's Company joined Lafayette, 100. 

1781. Capt. Benj. Harris' Company joined Lafayette, 100. 

1781. Capt. John Burk's Company joined Lafayette, 100. 

1781. Capt. Lany's Company joined Lafayette, 100. 

1781. Capt. Benjamin Harrison's Company was at the Seige of York- 
town, 9 

1781. Capt. Benjamin Harris' Company was at Seige of York, 84. 

For the list of Militia Officers who qualified in the County Court of 
Albemarle County, see Section 251. 


1776. Capt. Rowland Ward's Company in service at Hampton, 159. 

1776. Capt Wilson's Company in service at Hampton, 159. 

1777. Capt. Benj. Ward's Company in service about Petersburg, 81. 
1777. Capt. Wm Craddock's Company in service at Cabin Point, 159. 
1779. Capt John Knight's Company in service near Richmond and 

Norfolk, 193. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1779. Capt. Wm. Royall's Company in service in Richmond and 

Norfolk, 193. 

1780. 300 Militia from this County in service near Chickamominy 

Swamp, 81. 

1780. Capt. Watson's Company in service near Chickahominy 
Swamp, 81. 

1 780. Capt. Wm. Worsham's Company in service in the South as far 
as Charleston, 82. 

1780. Capt. Roberts Company, same, 82. 

1780. Capt. Fitzgerald's Company, same, 82. 

1780. Capt. Jones' Company, Same, 82. 

1780. Capt. Wm. Worsham's Company in service near Richmond, 82. 

1780. Capt. Wm. Worsham's Company in service near Peters- 
burg, 82. 

1780. Capt. John Ward's Company in service at Smithfield, 149. 

1780. Capt. Wm. Craddock's Company at Battle of Camden, 159. 

1780. Capt. Price's Company at Battle of Camden, 159.. 

1781. Capt. Company in service about Richmond, 149. 

1781. Capt. Edward Booker's Company in service in Orange, 149. 
1781. Capt. Edward Walker's Cavalry Company in service in Albe- 
marle, 81. 

1781. Capt. Peter Randolph's Company in service about Richmond, 

1781. Capt. John Knight's Company in service, 82. 
1781. Capt. Wm. Worsham's Company in service, 82. 
1781. Capt. Paulin Anderson's Company in "Wild Goose Chase," 

1781. Amelia men were gathering beeves for the army, 159. 
1781. Capt. Lewis Ford's Company at the Siege of Yorktown, 193. 

Note: — The Amelia Militia was discharged at Bird's Ordinary. Im- 
mediately after that Capt. Wm. Worsham, Capt. John Knight and 100 men 
were taken prisoners by Tarlton, 82. 

Note: — In 1775, Capt. Markham's Company served in the First Virginia 
about Norfolk and was in the Battle of Great Bridge, 82. 

Memo.: — For the list of Militia Officers who qualified in the County 
Court of Amelia Countv, see Section 252. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


1776. Capt. John Sale's Company served against Cherokee Indians, 

1778. Capt. John Trent's Company served against Indians on the 

Holston River, 189. 

1779. The following Amherst Companies served this year at Albe- 

marle Barracks, viz : Capt. John Sale's ; Capt. David Wood- 
rup's; Capt. Richard Ballinger's, 112, 17, 19, 39. 
Capt. Samuel Higginbotham's Company served below Rich- 
mond, 61. 

1780. Capt. Ambrose Rucker's Company was out in service, 112. 
1780. Capt. Younger Landrum's Company was in North Carolina, 


1780. Capt. John ^lorrison's Company served around Peters- 
burg, 19. 

1780. Capt. Richard Ballinger's Company was in service at Fort 
Powhatan, 61. 

1780. Capt. James Barrett's Company and Capt. Tucker's Company 

at Yorktown, 100. 

1781. The Companies of Capt. Younger Landrum, and Capt. James 

Franklin marched to North Carolina, got near to but not into 
the battle of Guilford. The men say they could have gotten 
there if they had been properly handled ; Franklin resigned 
next day, 10, 17, 18, 19, 39, 40, 68. 

Col. Hugh Rose, the Colonel of the County, and Capt. 
Sam Higginbotham's Company and Capt. Caleb Higgin- 
botham's Company were kept busy getting cattle to Wil- 
liamsburg to feed the American forces, 39, 68. 

Some of militia were sent to guard the prisoners to the 
British ship below Jamestown, 17; and others were kept 
watching the tories in the county to keep them from disaf- 
fecting the negroes, 112. 

The Companies of Capt. John Stewart, Capt. John 

Loving, Capt. Christian and Capt. Benjamin Hig- 

ginbotham took part in the seige of York, 10, 19, 40, 134, 78. 

No dates are given for the following services : 

Capt. John Morrison's Company was raised to go to South 
Carolina, but was held in Virginia, 134. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Capt. Jacob's Company served at Albemarle Barracks, 31. 

Capt. Richard Pamplin's Companj- served at same place, 106. 

Capt. Loving's Company served at same place, 134. 

Capt. Richard Ballinger's Company served at Hood's Fort in 
Prince George County, 106. 

Capt. John Christian's Company served below Richmond, 31. 

Capt. John Phillips' Company served around Richmond, 31. 

Capt. Tucker's Company served at Williamsburg, 106. 

Capt. Dillard's Company served as guard at Court 

House, 106. 

Capt. Stewart's Company was out in service, 106. 


Notes: — The service of militia in 1774 are included because the Battle 
of Point Pleasant in that year was really the initial battle of the Revolu- 

Under the head of "Augusta" will be found services of many companies 
which later fell into the subdivisions of this large section of country then 
called Augusta. 

There will also be found mention of some companies which may really 
belong to Rockingham, Greenbriar, Rockbridge, or Botetourt because of the 
dificulty in determining where they should be placed. 

1774. Capt. Geo. Moffett's Company was six weeks at Clover Lick 
Fort 87. 

1774. Capt. Geo. Moffett's Company built Fort Warwick, 117. 

1774. Capt John Lewis' Company (raised at Warm Springs), was 
in the Battle of Point Pleasant, 60-73. 

1774. Capt. Jno. Dickenson's Company in Battle of Point Pleas- 
ant, 79-115. 

1774. Capt. Andrew Lockridge's Company at Battle of Point Pleas- 
ant, 74. 

1774. Capt. Alexander IVIcClenachen's Company at Battle of Point 
Pleasant, 136. 

1774. Capt. Jno. Morrison's Company at the Battle of Point Pleas- 
ant, 136. 

1774. Capt. Saml. Wilson's Companv at Battle of Point Pleasant, 

1774. Capt. Geo. ALathews' Company at Battle of Point Pleasant, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 19 

1774. Capt. Geo. Moffett's Company at Battle of Point Pleasant, 

Services for Which no Years are Given: 

Capt. Thos. Smith's Company in service about Richmond, 130. 

Capt. McCoy's Company in service about Richmond, 86. 

Capt. Geo. Poage's Company at Clover Lick Fort, 86. 

Capt. Buchannan's Company in service around Norfolk, 


Capt. Company at Warwick Fort for three months, 73. 


1776 to 1779. John Bradshaw and others from Fort Cook, now in 

Monroe to Burnside's Fort, 12. 
1776 or 1777. Adam Arbogast, 4. 

1778. John Jones, William Morris, Leonard Morris, John Patter- 

son, 115. 

1779. Jacob Kennison from Fork Lick, on Elk River to Drenna's 

Fort and Little Levels, 48. 
1782. Under Capt. Wm. Clendenning, 139. 

1776. Capt. Jno Lyle's Company against Indians on Holston River, 

1776. Capt. Mathew Arbuckle raises a Company for service at Point 

Pleasant, 115. 
1776. Capt. Jno. Lewis' Company at Warwick Fort and Clover 

Lick Fort, 33-76. 
1776. Capt. Jno. Lewis raises a Company of regulars; goes into the 

Tenth Virginia; was in the battles of Brandywine and Ger- 

mantown, 20. 

1776. Capt. Nail's Company against the Indians at West- 

fall Fort and T.vgart's Valley, 119. ' 

1777. Capt. ^VIcGuire raises a Company of regulars part of 16th 

Va. ; was in the battles of Brandj'wine, Germantown, Guil- 
ford Court House and Hot Water, 186. 

1777. Capt. Smith raises a Company later commanded by 

Capt. Bell in regular service; w^as in battle of Monmouth, 13. 

20 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1777. Capt. Robt. Craven's Company against the Indians at Tygart's 

Valley, 34. 
1777. Capt. Buchannan's Company in service at Ports- 
mouth, 162. 
1777. Six men on duty at Wilson's Fort on Jackson's river, now 

Highland County, 33. 
1777. Capt. Geo. Moffett's Company serving at Point Pleasant, 

1777. Some of the Militia under Capt. Mathew Arbuckle at Point 

Pleasant, 48. 
1777. Capt. Mathew Arbuckle has Company on Elk River and later 

at Point Pleasant, 60. 
1777. Capt. Jno IVIcCoy's Company at West Fort, Louther's Fort, 

Nutter's Fort and Coontz' Fort, 4. 
1777. Capt. Robt, M'Creary's Company at Warwick's Fort, 79. 
1777. Capt. Samuel Vance's Company at Warwick's Fort and Clover 

Lick Fort, 33, 58, 76. 
1777. Capt. Andrew Lockridges' Company at Vance's Fort (now 

Mountain Grove, Bath County), 58. 70. 
1777. Capt. Wm. Pence's Company at Racket's Fort, 139. 
1777. Capt. Thos. Smith's Company at Point Pleasant, 98. 

1777. Capt. Patrick Buchannan's Company capture tories near Peaked 

Mountain, now Rockingham County, Va., 133. 

1778. Capt. Company in service four months against the 

Indians on Jackson's River, 33. 
1778. Capt. James Tate's Company in service at Lewisburg, now 

Greenbrier County, 133. 
1778. Capt. Patrick Buchannon's Company in service at Lewisburg, 

1778. Capt. Francis Long's Company in service at Lewisburg, 133. 
1778. Capt. Wm. Anderson's Company at Clover Lick Fort, 97. 
1778. Capt. Wm. Craven's Company at Tygart's Valley, 139. 
1778. Capt. Robt. Craven's Company at Fort Mcintosh, 139. 
1778. Capt. Saml. McCutcheon's Company at Fort Mcintosh, 33. 

Pack horses in service to Fort Mcintosh, 117. 

Teams sent from Staunton to take supplies of bacon 

from Orange and Culpepper to Washington's Army in the 

North, 124. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1778. Capt. Jno. McCoj's Company in service at Warm Springs, 4. 
1778. Capt. Jno. McCoj-'s Company (Part of it), at Crab Bottom, 4. 

1778. Capt. Cooper's Company goes into regular service un- 

der Col. Woodford, 87. 

1778 or 1779. Capt Andrew Lockridge's Company for three months 

at Clover Lick Fort, 72. 
1778 or 1779. Capt. Wm. Kincaid's Company at Fort Vance, Clover 

Lick Fort and West Fort, 92. 

1778 or 1779. Capt. Jno. McCoy's Company at Richmond, 76. 

1779. Capt. AlcCreary's Company three months at Clover 

Lick Fort, 70. 

1779. Capt. James Trimble's Company at Tygart's Valley and Fort 

Buchannon; 98, 111. 

1779 or 1780. Capt Thos. Hickman's Company one month at War- 

wick's Fort, 72. 

1780. Capt. Saml. McCutcheon's Company in service at Richmond, 

22, -95, 107, 124. 

1780. Capt. Jno Dickey's Company in service at Richmond, 22. 

1780. Capt. Francis Long's Company, same, 22. 

1780. Capt. Thos. Smith's Company, same, 22, 95. 

1780. Capt. Givens' Company, same, 22, 93, 124. 

1780. Capt. John McCoy's Company at Richmond and Camp Hol- 
ly, 33, 70. 

1780. Capt. John McKittrick's Company at Fort Dinwiddie (near 
Warm Springs), and Fort Warwick, 111. 

1780. Capt. Thos. Smith's Company with several other Militia 
companies guarded the General Assembly at Richmond, 97. 

1780. Capt. James Tate's Company at the Battle of Cowpens, 63, 

75, 118. 

1781. Capt. Thos. Rankin's Company at Portsmouth, 136. 
1781. Capt. Joseph Patterson's Company at Camp Carson, 22, 95. 
1781. Capt. James Trimble's Company at Camp Carson, 22, 58. 
1781. Capt. John Cunningham's Company at Camp Carson, 22, 58. 
1781. Capt. Chas. Cameron's Company at Camp Carson, 20, 22, 58. 
1781. Capt. Thos. Hickman's Company, 12, 22, 72.* 

1781. Capt. Wm. Kinkead's Company at Portsmouth, 57, 74. 

1781. Capt. Stevenson at the Battle of Guilford Court 

House, 45. 

'Memo.: — For full account of this, see 22. 

22 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1781. Capt. James Tate's Companj- at the Battle of Guilford, Tate 
was killed and some of his men prisoners, 107. 

1781. Capt. David Gwin's Company at Battle of Guilford, 76, 92. 

1781. Capt. Tate's Company joined main army Speedwell 

Iron Works, 133. 

1781. Capt. Smith's Company, same, 133. 

1781. Capt. Thomas Smith's Company joined main army at Trouble- 
some Iron Works, North Carolina, 97. 

1781. Capt. John Smith's Company at the Battle of Guilford, 13. 

1781. John Dickey's Company at Rock Fish Gap, takes charge of 
Prisoners captured at Cowpens, 98. 

1781. Capt. Company crosses Greenbrier River in pursuit of 

Indians, 4. 

1781. Capt. James Bell has men in service impressing horses for the 
army, 97. 

1781. Capt. David Gwinn's Company in service at Williamsburg, 
33, 58. 

1781. Capt. Company in pursuit of Tarleton, 72. 

1781. Capt. Company at Charlottesville, 13. 

1781. Capt. Peter Hull's Company at Battle of Jamestown, 72. 

1781. Capt. John Brown's Company at Battle of Hot Water and 
Jamestown, 11, 79, 162. 

1781. Capt. Chas. Cameron's Company at Battle of Jamestown, 20. 

1781. Capt. Jno. Campbell's Company at the Battle of James- 
town, 22, 75. 

1781. Capt. Chas. Haskins' Company at the Battle of Jamestown, 22. 

1781. Capt. Jno. Dickey's Company at the Battle of Jamestown, 75. 
95, 118, 163. 

1781. Capt. Francis Long's Company at the Battles of Hot Water 
and Jamestown, 22, 198. 

1781. Capt. Patrick Buchannon's Company at the Battle of Hot 
Water, 22, 111. 

1781. Capt. John Givens' Company at the Battle of Jamestown, 
87, 130, 134. 

1781. Capt. Zachariah Johnson's Company at the Battle of James- 
town, 136. 

1781. Capt. Wm. Bowyer and 108 mounted horsemen were at the 
Battles of New Kent Court House and Hot Water, 117. 

1781. Capt. Samuel McCutcheon's Company in service for 20 days, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1781. Capt. Company at the Siege of York, 117. 

1781. Capt. Francis Long's Company at the Siege of York, 22. 
1781. Capt. Thos. Hicklin's Company at the Siege of York, 12, 70. 

1781. Capt. Trimble's Company at the Siege of York, 22. 

1781. Capt. Company at the Siege of York, 75. 

1781. Capt. Dickey's Company at the Siege of York, 22. 

1781. Capt. Buchannon's Company at the Siege of York, 22. 

1781. James Bell's Company at Siege of York, 92. 

1781. Capt. Christian's Company at the Siege of York, 134. 

1782. Capt. John McKittrick's Company in service at Tygart's Val- 

ley, 22, 118. 
1782. Capt. Geo. Poage's Company three months at Warwick's 

Fort, 33. 
1782. Capt. Geo. Poage's Company at Clover Lick Fort, 70. 
1782. Lieut. John McCamie at Clover Lick Fort, 75. 

Memo.: — For the list of Militia Officers who qualified in the County 
Court of Augusta County, see Section 253. 


1776. Capt. Wm. Leftridge against Tories and Indians at Lead 

Mines, 47, 157. 

1777. Capt. John Torbert's Company in service at Yorktown, 47. 
1777. Capt. John Wilkerson's Company out in service, 157. 

1777. Capt. Thomas Dooley's Company out in service, 157. 

1778. Capt. Robt. Adams' Company guarding Lead Mines, 153. 

1779. Capt Nathaniel Tate's Company joined Genl. Gates in North 

Carolina, 153. 
1779. Capt. Charles Watkins' Company ordered to Jamestown, 153. 

1779. Capt. Company guarding at New London and Lynch- 

burg prisoners taken at Cowpens, 47. 

1780. Capt. Isaac Webb's Company conveying baggage wagons and 

live hogs from North Carolina to Mecklenburg, Va., 153. 
1780. Capt. Alex, Cummins' Company in General Lawson's Brigade, 

1780. Capt Benj. Logan's Company guarding Kentucky frontiers, 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1780. Capt. John Renfro's Company against tories on New River, 

Note: — For a list of the Officers who qualified in the Militia in Bedford 
County, see Section 254. 


1777. Capt. Evens' Company was in the Battle of Brandywine, 122. 
1778-79. Capt. David Kennedy's Company was in service at Fort 
Mcintosh, 59. 

1780. Capt. Sullivan's Company was in the Battle of Cow- 

pens, and at Guilford Court House, 5. 

1781. Capt. Edward Davis' Company served about Williamsburg, 59. 
1781. Capt. John Hart Company was at the Siege of York, 59. 

1781. Capt. Coher's Company was at the Siege of York, 5. 

1781. Capt. Company guarded the prisoners taken at York- 
town, 148. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Officers who qualified in the Militia in 
Berkeley County, see Section 25 5. 


Note: — It will be well to look under the services of the Augusta Militia. 
as well as this head, as probably some services which should be under 
Botetourt are under Augusta. 

1776. Capt. Gilmer's Company served against the Indians 

on Holston River, 113. 

1776 or 1777. Capt. McKee's Company at Point Pleasant, 


1777. Capt. John Paxton's Company served at Point Pleasant, 112. 

1778. Capt. James Tate's Company at Fort Savannah for one month,. 

1778. Capt. P. Buchannon's Company at Fort Savannah for one 

month, 133. 
1778. Capt. Francis Long's Company at Fort Savannah for o le 

month, 133. 
1778. Capt. Hugh Logan's Company to the relief of Donnally's Fort,. 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 25 

1779. Capt. James Smith's Company served against the Indians in 

South West Virginia, 102. 
1779. Capt James Barnett's Compan}' served against Indians in South 

West Virginia, 102. 
1779. Capt. Joseph Crockett's Company served at Williamsburg, 156. 
1779. Capt. Wm. McCIenahan's Company served against the tories 

in Montgomery, 156. 

1779. Capt. James Barnett's Company served against the tories in 

Montgomery, 156. 

1780. Capt. James Robinson's Company served in North Carolina, 


1780. Capt. Alexander Handly's Company served in North Caro- 

lina, 114.* 

1781. Capt. May's Company served in North Carolina, was 

at the Battle of Reedy Fork, 133. 
1781. Capt. John Cartmili's Company served in North Carolina, 

was at the Battle of Reedy Fork, 133. 
1781. Capt. Mathew Wilson's Company was in North Carolina at 

the Battle of Reedy Fork, 133. 
1781. Capt. Holston's Company was at the Battle of Reedy 

Fork, North Carolina, 133. 
1781. Capt. Bollar was at the Battle of Reedy Fork, N. C, 

1781. Capt. Wm. McCIenahan's Company at the Battles of Ala- 
mance, Reedy Fork and Guilford, 156. 
1781. Capt. Hoyd's Company (?), at the Battle of Guilford 

Court House, 137.t 
1781. Capt. Joseph Looney's Company was in service at Bottom's 

Bridge, 138. 
1781. Capt. David May's Company at the Siege of York, 133. 
1781. Capt. James Smith's Company at the Siege of York, 102. 

N'o Date Given : 

Capt. Mathew Arbuckle at Pittsburgh and Point Pleasant, 128. 

Capt. Company against tories at Lead Mines, 102. 

For a list of the Officers qualified as Militia in Botetourt County, see 
Section 256. 

*Note: — The 111 men in these Companies were reduced to 17. 
tNOTE: — Section 137 contains a very full account of this Battlt. 

26 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


17 7-. Capt. Wm. Dugrid's Compaii}- on guard at Albemarle Bar- 
racks, 26. 

1781. Capt. Wm. Perkins' Company- in Battle of Hot Water and 
Jamestown, 26. 

1781. Capt. Silas Watkins' Company at Siege of Yorktown, 26. 

1781. Capt. Wm. Giles' Company' at the Siege of Yorktown, 26. 

Memo.: — A search of the records of Buckingham County failed to dis- 
close any record of Militia Officers qualifying in it during the Revolution. 


The following companies were in service but the date is not given. 

Capt. Jameson, 85. 

Capt. Stevens, 85. 

Capt. Taylor, 85. 

Capt. Clark, 85. 

Lieut. Littleberry Harrod, six months at Hobb's Hole, 190. 
Capt. Wm Taliaferro's Company, 224. 

Capt. Company, 224. 

Capt. Vivian Minor's Company at Williamsburg, 224. 

1775. Capt. Phillip Buckner's Company in service, 219. 

1776. Capt. Robt. Ware's Company in service at Williamsburg, 219. 

1778. Capt. Elisha White's Company entered regular service for two 

years under Col. Chas. Porterfield, 190, 
177—. Capt. John Marshall's Company was at Williamsburg, 211. 

1779. Lieut. Glenn had a Company in service at Malvern 

Hill, 211. 
1779. Capt. Philip Johnson's Company at Williamsburg, 218. 

1779. Capt. Long's Company at Williamsburg, 85. 

1780. Capt. James Johnson's Company at Battle of Camden, 35. 

1781. Capt. Francis Cowherd's Company joined the First Virginia 

and was in the Battles of Guilford and Eutaw, 218. 

1781. Capt. Ed. Bullock's Company was in service at Williams- 
burg, 35. 

1781. Capt. Coleman Sutton's Company out in service, 158. 

1781. Capt. Coleman Taylor's Company out in service, 158. 

1781. Capt. Creed Haskin's Company in service at Yorktown, 211. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolutiox 

1781. Capt. Coleman Taylor's Companj^ out in service, 158. 

1781. Capt. Coleman's Company in service at Yorktown, 219. 

Note: — For a list of the Officers who qualified in the Militia in Caroline 
Countv, see Section 257. 


1776. Capt. Wm. Collier's Company joined Col. Ruffins' 

Regiment at Petersburg and was in service near Gwynn's 
Island. Later it marched with regiment to Holston River 
against the Indians, 66. 

1779. Capt. Wm. Morton's Company marched to North Carolina, 

joined Genl. Lincoln's Army, took part in attempt to storm 
British Fort at Stono Ferry, 66. 

1780. Capt. Richard Gaine's Company was in service near Dismal 

Swamp, 184. 

1781. Capt. Jesse Saunders' Company in service against Arnold, 184. 
1781. Capt. Andrew Wallace's Company served in the Siege of 

Yorktown, 184. 

1781. Capt. Spencer's Company guarded the prisoners taken 

at Siege of Yorktown, 200. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Officers who qualified for the Militia in Char- 
lotte County, see Section 258. 


1776. Capt. Frank Goode's Company in service at Portsmouth, 2. 

1777. Capt. Francis Smith's Company serving with First Vir- 

ginia, 200. 

1779. Capt Creed Haskins' Company serving at Hood's Fort in 

Surrey County, 199. 

1780. Capt. Booker's Company were in the South and at 

Gate's Defeat, 194. 
1780. Capt. Archibald Walthal's Company in the South at Gate's 

Defeat, 194, 200. 
1780. Capt. Company at Gate's Defeat, 191. 

Note: — These Companies were joined at Randolph Mills by the Militia 
from Caroline, Hanover and Henrico, who went with them to the South. 

ViRGiKiA Militia in the Revolutiox 

1780 or 1781. Capt Richard Crump's Company serving in Chester- 
field, 15. 

1780. Capt. Company guarding the ferry at Westham and 

Tuckahoe, 200. 

1781. Capt. Robt. Powt's Company joined Lafayette at ^lalvern 

Hill, 15*. 
1781. Capt. Stephen Pankey's Company at the Battle of Guilford 

Court House, 191. 
1781. Capt. David Patterson's Company served at Dinwiddie Court 

House, 194. 
1781. Capt. Paul Patterson's Company served at Petersburg, 199. 
1781. Capt. Paul Patterson's Company joined Lafayete, 199. 
1781. Capt. David Patterson's Company was out for five weeks, 200. 
1781. Capt. David Patterson's Company was at the Siege of York, 


Some of the Chesterfield ^Militia were in service around 

Petersburg, 82. 

Note: — For a list of the Officers who qualified for the Militia in 
Chesterfield Countv, see Section 259. 


1775. Capt. John Thorn's Company was out against Lord Dun- 

more, 148. 

1776. Capt. Bohannon's Company served three months near 

Norfolk, 148. 

1777. Four companies including that of Capt. Hill joined 

Washington above Philadelphia and were in the battle of 

1778. Capt. James Purvis' Company guarding prisoners at Albemarle 

Barracks, 249, 148. 

1779. Capt. John Strother's Company guarding prisoners at Albe- 

marle Barracks, 249. 
1781. Capt. Ambrose Bohannon's Company joined Washington's 
Armv at Malvern Hill and was with it to Yorktown, 94. 

*Query: — It is uncertain whether the last two Companies mentioned 
belong in Cumberland or Chesterfield. Mention has been made above of 
Capt. Creed Haskins. He was probably the Cumberland Haskins of that 
same name who was appointed Captain in place of John Burton. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 29 

1781. Capt. Elijah Kirtley's Company joined Col. John Willis (of 
Hanover), and Genl. ^lorgan at Bird's Ordinary; was in 
Battles of Jamestown and Hot Water, 104. 

1781. Capt. Saml. Ferguson's Company was in service about Rich- 
mond, 104. 

1781. Capt. Ferguson's Company joined Lafayette, 148. 

1781. Capt. Berkeley's Company was at the Siege of York, 

Capt. Henry Hill's Company met the British Prisoners taken 
at Burgoyne's surrender and guarded them to Albemarle 
Barracks, 94. 

Capt. Slaughter's Company joined Gen. Wayne's Army 

and served three months in Col. Barber's Regiment. 

Memo.: — No records are found in Culpeper showing the Militia Offi- 
cers who qualified there during the Revolution. 


1776. Capt. Robt. Hughes' Company in service at Williamsburg, 54. 

1779. Capt. Edward Munford's Company in service for three 

months, 15. 

1779 or 1780. Capt. Clarke's Company in service at Peters- 

burg, 67. 

1780. Capt. Richard Crump's Company in service at Hampton, 207. 

1780 or 1781. Capt. Crad. Haskin's Company in service for three 

months, 6. 

1780. Capt. Richard Crump's Company in service in Chester- 

field, 15. 

1781. Capt. Littleberry ]\Iosby's Company in service at Peters- 

burg, 207. 
1781. Capt. Wm. Mayo's Company in service at Suffolk, 207. 
1781. Capt. Meredith's Company in service with Lafayette, 

1781. Capt. Wm. Meredith's Company in service in Chesterfield 

County, 6. 
1781. Capt. Crad. Haskin's Company in service at Suffolk, 6. 
1781. Capt. Robt. Powt in service with Lafayette, 15. 

30 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1781. Capt. Company guarding old Cumberland Court 

House, 15. 
1781. Capt. Company guarding Seamen, 207. 

Note:— For the list of Officers who qualified for Militia in Cumber- 
land County, see Section 260. 


1779. Twelve Dinwiddie militiamen were serving under Col. John 

Banister in guarding the munitions of war at Petersburg, 

1780. A troop of cavalry from Dinwiddie County was in the Battle 

of Petersburg, 54. 
17 — . Capt. Fleming Bates' Company was in service, 144. 

Memo.: — No records were found in Dinwiddie County showing the 
Militia Officers who qualified there during the Revolution. 


1777. Capt. Moody's Company was in service in Pennsyl- 
vania, 77. 

1777. Capt. Thos. Pollard's Company marched through Frederick 

and York and was at the battle of Germantown, 216. 

1778. One of the Fairfax soldiers was on the ship which carried dis- 

patches to France. An interesting account of this trip is 
found in §216. 
1781. Capt. Thos. Pollard's Company was guarding Burwell's ware- 
house on York River, 216. 

Memo.: — No records were found in Fairfax County showing the Officers 
who qualified there during the Revolution. 


Capt. Wm. Payne, whose statement will be found in §242, sa^s 
that his Company was called out four or five times each year 
for three or four months; that the British were making 
havoc with the slaves and tobacco and burning in every direc- 
tion, 242. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1777. Capt. Benj. Harris' Company in service, 239. 

1780. Capt. John O'Bannon's Company served six months about 

Williamsburg, 240. 
1780. Capt. John L. Chunn was in service about Williamsburg and 

Richmond, 241. 
1780. Capt. James Winn's Company v^^as in service in the South and 

in the Battle of Cowpens, 188, 238. 

1780. Capt. Francis Triplett's Company was in the Battle of Cow- 


1781. Capt Benj. Harrison's Company was in service, 239. 

1781. Capt. Company was at the Siege of Yorktown, 241. 

1781. Capt Turner Morehead's Company was in service near Wil- 
liamsburg, 244. 

1781. Capt. James Winn's Company was at Siege of York, 244. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers who qualified in Fauquier during the 
Revolution, see Section 261. 


1775. Capt. Thos. Holt was recruiting men in this County for sev- 
eral months, 27. 

1777. Capt. Joseph Hayden's Company was in service about three 
months, 27. 

17 — . Capt. Saml. Richardson's Company was in service at Hamp- 
ton, 51. 

17 — . Capt. Samuel Richardson's Company was in service at Wil- 
liamsburg, 51. 

1779. Capt. Samuel Richardson's Company was in service at Albe- 
marle Barracks, 27. 

1779. Capt. Joseph Hayden's Company was in service about Wil- 

liamsburg, 27. 

1780. Capt. Anthony Henderson's Company was in service at Albe- 

marle Barracks, 51. 

1780. Capt. Levi Thompson's Company was in service at Cabin 

Point, 32. 

1781. Capt. Anthony Hayden's Company was in service at the time 

of Tarlton's Raid, 32. 

*Note: — One of the Augusta County soldiers speaks of a Major Frank 
Triplett, of Fauquier, \^ho was in this battle, see §75. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1781. At least one of the militiamen was engaged in making gun 

stocks for the army, 27. 
1781. Capt. Richard Napper's Company- was at the Siege of York, 

51, 32. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers who qualified for the Revolution from 
Fluvanna Countv, see Section 262. 


1776. Capt. Berry raised a company, served in the Eighth 

Va., 154. 
177-. Capt. Charles Thurston's Company joined Lord Sterling's 
Command in New Jersey and was in the skirmishes at 
Piscatawney and Quibbletown, 142. 

1777. Capt. Helms' Company was in service three months, 


1778. Capt. Gilkerson's Company guarding prisoners, 142. 

1779. Capt. Geo. Ball's Company was in service for three months, 


1781. Capt. Joseph Gregory's Company was in service against the 
Indians, 129. 

1781. Capt. Josiah Swearingen's Company was sent to Fort \lc- 
Intosh, 138. 

1781. Capt. Joseph Looney's Company was in service below Rich- 
mond, and also at the Siege of Yorktown, 138. 

1781. Capt. Bell's Company was at the Siege of Yorktown, 


1781. Some other companies were out at the Siege of York and 
guarded prisoners to Winchester, 110. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers who qualified in Frederick, see Sec- 
tion 263. 


1777. Capt. Thos. Harris' Company served two months about Wil- 
liamsburg, 192. 

1779. Capt. Hatcher's Company was out in service, 147. 

1779. Capt. Holman Rice's Company served two months in the 

Albemarle Barracks. 187. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1781. Capt. Geo. Williamson's Company was in the Battle of Guil- 
ford Court House, 192. 

1781. Capt. Companj' was at the Siege of York, 147. 

1781. Capt. Pier's Company guarded the prisoners taken at 

'^ orktown, 147. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers who qualified during the Revolution 
in Goochland, see Section 264. 


Note: — It is difficult to assign definitely under this head the services 
which \Nere rendered by men who lived in Greenbrier territory. There will 
doubtless be found under the head of Augusta and Botetourt items which 
probably belong to Greenbrier. 

1774. Capt. John Lewis' Company was in the Battle of Point 
Pleasant, 60. 

1776. Capt. John Henderson's Company serving against the Indians 

at Cook's Fort, 44. 

1777. Capt. Archibald Wood's Company was serving against the 

Indians on Bluestone, 44. 

1777. Capt. Mathew Arbuckle had a company out against the In- 
dians on the Head of Elk and later was at Point Pleasant, 60. 

1776-1777. Read fully the statement of Wm. Pryor, 61, which is 
too full to be fairly abstracted here. 

1780. Capt. Thomas Wright raises a Company to go against the 

Indians at Detroit. But it w^as marched to Lead Mines on 
Holston, and then to Logan's Station in Kentucky. It was 
also at McAfee's Station in Kentucky where Capt. James 
Armstrong was in command, 65. 
1780-'81. Capt. A. Nickle raises a company to go to the Great 
Lakes, 60. 

1781. The Militia of this company were in service at Laferty's Fort 

on Indian Creek, 34. 

Capt. Mathew Arbuckle was one of the most noted sol- 
diers of this County. After serving through the Indian 
Wars he was killed by a falling limb while riding beside 
Jackson River in the McClintic neighborhood, in what is 
now Bath County. His body was buried there near the 
place where he was killed. I have recently learned that his 

34 Virginia Militia ik the Revolution 

grave must be on the lower edge of the property now owned 
by the Hon. Geo. A. Revercomb on Jackson River. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers shown b_v the records to have qualified 
in Greenbrier in the Revolution, see Section 265. 


1777. Capt. Moody's Company went to Pennsylvania, 56. 

1779. Capt. Witcher's Company joined Genl. Greene in 

South Carolina, 210. 

1780. Capt. Williams' Company was in service against the 

tories, 210. 

1780. Capt. John Wynn's Company was in the battle of Guilford 

Court House, 210. 

1781. Capt. James Turner's Company went South and was in the 

Siege of '96, 178. 

1781. Capt. Henry Burnley's Company joined Genl. Lawson at 
Charlotte Court House and was in the Battle of James- 
town, 210. 

1781. Capt. John Beckley's Company, same as above, 210. 

1781. Capt. Wm. Clarke's Company, same as above, 210. 

1781. Capt. John Falkner's Company was at Siege of York, 144. 


1777. Capt. Moses Hutton's Company was in service at Fort Pitt 
and at Wheeling, 43. 

1781. Capt. Geo. Ball's Company was in service, 43. 

1782. Capt. Company guarded the commissioners who ran 

the line between Virginia and Pennsylvania, 43. 


177-. Capt. John Winston's Company was in service, 30. 
1778. Capt. Thos. Nelson's Troops consisting of 100 cavalrymen 
were marched to Philadelphia, 143. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1780. Capt. Robt. Boiling's Company was in service near Norfolk, 

1780. Capt. John Price's Company was in service in the South at 

Gates' Defeat, 30. 

1780, Capt. Thos. Doswell's Company was in service at Sandy 

Point, 30. 

1781. Capt. Jno. Harris' Company was in service below Rich- 

mond, 38. 

1781. Capt. Edward Bullock's Company joined Lafayette, 35. 

1781. Capt. Nicholas Hammer's Company joined Lafayette on his 
"Wild Goose Chase," 38. 

1781. Capt. Frank Coleman's Company was in service at Deep Spring 
near Williamsburg, 52. 

1781. Capt. Robt. Boiling's Company was in service at Petersburg 
against Arnold and also in North Carolina, 143. 

1781. Capt. John Thompson's Company was in service at Cabin 
Point and also at the Siege of York, 30, 35. 

Some of the Militia from this County served at Albe- 
marle Barracks, 38, 52. 


For the Militia Officers who qualified for the Revolution in Henrico 
County, see Section 267. 


17 — . Capt. Francis Shel ton's Company in service against the tories 

on Dan River, 26. 
1777. Capt. Peter Herston's Company went against the Indians on 

Holston River, 152, 157. 
1781. Capt. Neely McGuire's Company in service on frontiers, 157. 
1781. Capt. Ruble's Company at the Siege of Yorktown, 152. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers who qualified in Henry County during 
the Revolution, see Section 268. 

36 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


1776. Capt. Wm. Richard's Company was in service against Lord 
Dunmore, 36. 


Between 1776 and 1781 the companies under the following cap- 
tains served : 

Capt. Mordecai Abraham, 234. 

Capt. Christopher Thompson, 234. 

Capt. Mordecai Booth, 234. 

Capt. Harry Quarles, 234. 
1781. In this j^ear the following Captains led their companies out 
and joined Lafayette: 

Capt. Drury, 234. 

Capt. Booth, 234. 

Capt. Abraham, 234. 


1775. Capt. Simon Triplett's Company in service about Norfolk, 245. 

1 7 — . Capt Adam Wallace's Company of Regulars in service in South 
Carolina and at the Battle of Waxhaux, 168. 

1777. Capt. John Thomas' Company in the Battle of German- 
town, 28. 

1777. Capt. Danl. Teagan's Company guarded the prisoners to Char- 
lottesville, 245. 

1781. Capt. Thomas Conner in service about New Kent Court 
House, 245. 

Memo.: — For the Militia Officers who qualified in Loudon County, dur- 
ing the Revolution, see Section 269. 


1779. Capt. John Bias' Company in service, 131. 

1780. Capt. — Company was in service under Col. Fontaine, 93. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1780. Capt. John Bias' Company joined the 2nd Va., went to North 

Carolina and was in Gates' Defeat, 131. 

1781. Capt. Wm, Harris' Company was in service about Richmond, 

1781. Capt. Benjamin Harrison's Company was in service around 

Williamsburg, 93. 
1781. Capt. Harris' Company joined Lafayette in "Wild 

Goose Chase," 131. 
1781. Capt. Jas. Watson, same, 131. 

1781. Capt. Phillips in the same, 176, 177. 

1781. Capt. White in the same, 176, 177. 

1781. Capt. Johnson in the same, 176, 177. 

1781. Capt. Saml. Pettis' Company at the Siege of York, 131. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified in Louisa 
Count\', during the Revolution, see Section 270. 


1780. Capt. Wm. Hays' Company w^as out in service at the time of 
Arnold's Raid, 181. 


1779. Capt. Reuben Vaughan's Company joined Gen. Lincoln in 

South Carolina, and was in Battle of Stono, 169, 172. 

1780. Capt. John Kendricks' Company was out in service, 172. 

1781. Capt. John Brown's Company was called out three times, in 

one of which he was at the Battle of Guilford Court 
House, 172, 
1781. Capt. Richard Whiten's Company was in the Battle of James- 
town, 169, 


Note. — It is very probable that some of these Companies may have 
gone out from Washington County instead of Montgomery. But I am 
listing them all under this head. 

Services For Which No Date Can Be Fixed. 

Capt. Danl. Trigg's Company in service against the Indians, 

ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Capt. Company in service against the tories, 146. 

Capt. Danl. Trigg's Company guarding Lead Mines, 146. 

Capt. Isaac Taylor's Company serving with regulars, 146. 

Capt. John Preston's Company in service against the Indians, 

Capt. John McCorkle's Company serving against the Cherokee 
Indians, 150. 

Capt. Company at Blackmore Station on Clynch 

River, 21. 

Capt. Company against Indians on Bluestone, 21. 

Capt. Paulin's Company in service in Kentucky, 185. 

Capt. John Lucas' Company in service, 155. 

Capt. Joseph Martin's Company against Indians, 21, 185. 

1776. Capt. Burns' Company against the tories, 145. 

1776. Sergeant Aaron Scragg's Company on Bluestone, 145. 
1776. Sergeant Mace Tacey's Company out under Col. Preston, 145. 
1776. Capt. Abram. Trigg's Company against tories on Yadkin, 145. 
1776. Capt. John Duncan's Company against Indians, 185. 
1776. Capt. Henry Rolling's Company serving in Kentucky, 185. 

1776. Capt. Joseph Floyd's Company against Indians on Greenbrier 

and New River, 146. 

1778. Capt. Joshua Wilson's Company against Indians, 161. 
1780. Capt. John Lucas' Company in service, 155. 

1780. Capt. Arbam Trigg's Company against tories in North Caro- 
lina, 161. 

For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified in the County Court of 
Montgomery County, see Section 271. 


1777. Capt. Gabriel Foulks was in service about Williamsburg, 174. 

1779. Capt. Wm. Fitzgerald's Company went to North Carolina and 

was in Battle of Stono, 173, 174. 

1780. Capt. Gray's Company was out in service, 173. 

1780. Capt. Irby's Companv was in service at Cabin Point, 

178L Capt. Overstreet's Company was at the Battle of 

Guilford Court House, 173. 

Memo.: — A search of the Records of Nottoway County fails to dis- 
close a list of the Officers who qualified for the Militia in the Revolution. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified for the Revolution in 
Orange County, see Section 272. 


1776. Capt. John Dooley's Company was in service in Georgia, 

where Dooley was killed by an Indian, 42. 

1777. Capt. John Donaldson's (or Donelson), Company was in serv- 

ice on the Holston River, 209. 

1778. Capt. John Donaldson's Company was in service at Hatfields 

Fort and Lucas Fort on New River, 209, 214. 

1780. Capt. Wm. Witcher's Company was in service in South Caro- 

lina, 214. 

The companies of Capt. Isaac Clements, Capt. James 

Brewer, Capt. Azariah Martin, and Capt. Paulin 

were in service in North Carolina, 151, 171, 209. 

1781. Capt. James Turner's Company took part in the Siege of 96, 42. 
Capt. Isaac Clement's Company was out in service, 56. 
Capt. Joshua Martin's Company went into North Carolina, 


Capt. James Brewer's Company was in the Battle of Guil- 
ford, 212. 

The Pittsylvania militia gathered at the Court House 
where six hundred prisoners taken at the battle of Cow- 
pens, were delivered to them, 62. 

Some of the militia served under Col. St. Geo. Tucker at 
Point of Forks, 217. 

Capt. Chas. Wall's Company was in service at Cabin Point, 217. 

The companies of Capt. Flemming Bates, Capt. Chas. Hutch- 
ings, Capt. Chas. Williams, and Capt. Wm. Dix, took part 
in the Siege of York, 42, 151, 174, 212, 213. 


Two companies, one under Capt. Edward ^loseley, and 
the other under Capt. Thomas Harris went out from this 
County, but the year is not given, 248. 

40 ViRGiN'iA Militia in the Revolution 

1777. Some of the militia were in service at Cumberland Old 
C. H., 54. 
Capt. Robert Hughes' Company was in service three months at 
Hampton, 203. 

1780. Capt. Littlebury Mosby's Cavalry Company was in service 

around Petersburg, 54, 197. 
Capt. Richard Crump's Company was in service at Cabin 
Point. 202. 

1781. Capt. Robert Hughes' Company joined Gen. Lawson at Hills- 

boro, N. C, and was in the battle of Guilford C. H., 196, 

197, 198. 
Capt. Company was in service three months at Cabin 

Point, 196. 
Capt. Hughes Woodson's Company was at the Siege of York, 

196, 203. 
Capt. Wade Mosby's Company and Capt. Horatio Turpin's 

Company served around Petersburg, 197. 
Capt. Porter's Company served at Burmuda Hundred, 

Some of the militia were guarding ]\Ionakin Ferry, 202. 
Capt. George Williamson's Company was out in service, 203, 


Memo.: — For the list of Militia Officers who qualified for the Revolu- 
tion in Powhatan Countv, see Section 274. 


1775. Capt. Chas Allen's Company in service four months at Hamp- 

ton, 24. 

1776. Capt. Chas. Allen's Companv at Hampton for four months, 

16, 23. 

1777. Capt. Flournoy's Company was in service at Williams- 

burg, 24. 
Capt. Luke B. Smith (a Professor in Hampden-Sidney Col- 
lege), led out a Company of Students, the Company served 
six weeks at Williamsburg, 197. 

1778. Capt. Luke B. Smith's volunteer student company again in 

service for six weeks at Petersburg, 197. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Capt. Ligon's Company and Capt. Chas. Allen's Com- 
pany in service at Petersburg, 23, 24, 

1779. Capt. Thos. Flournoy's 'Company guarded the magazine at 

Williamsburg, 7. 
Capt. John Holcomb's Company served three weeks at Peters- 
burg, 16. 
1779-'80. Capt. Clark's Company was serving at Petersburg, 67. 

1780. Capt. Chas. Allen's Company w^as serving at Petersburg, 

7, 16, 29. 

Capt. Phillip Holcomb's Cavalry company in service at Peters- 
burg, occupying as barracks the Masonic Hall, 80. 

Capt. Richard Holland's Company was guarding prisoners at 
Albemarle Barracks, 7. 

1781. Capt. Andrew Baker's Company joined General Green near 

Dan River, was attached to Col. Otho H. Williams' regi- 
ment, 16, 54. 

Capt Nathl. Cunningham's Company joined Gen. Green at 
Irvin's Ferry; was in the battle of Guilford C. H. Some 
of this Company conveyed prisoners to Halifax County; 
later went there for arms and wounded prisoners brought 
from Guilford, and conveyed these prisoners to British ship, 
at Jamestown, 23. 

Capt. Ambrose Nelson's Company joined Gen. Green in North 
Carolina, but was not in battle of Guilford, 67. 

Capt. Richard Allen's Company was stationed at Ratcliffe's 
old field in Col. Henry Skipwith's Regiment, 83. 

Capt. Richard Holland's Company guarded prisoners from 
Pr. Edward C. H., to Albemarle Barracks, 16. 

Military stores at Prince Edward C. H. (where IVIajor 
Mazaret was in command), were being guarded, 2, 3, 195. 

Capt. Flood's Company joined in the pursuit of Cornwallis, 24. 

Capt. Bird's Company w^as at the Siege of York, 67. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified in Prince 
Edward County during the Revolution, see Section 275. 

For the Muster Roll of Capt. John Morton's Company, see Section 275. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


1776. The Militia of this County were out against the Cherokee 
Indians, 125. 

1776. Capt. Wm. McKee's Company went to Point Pleasant where 

it served for a long time at the Fort, 69. 

1777. Capt. Chas. Campbell's Company was in service at Point 

Pleasant, 125. 

1777. Capt. John Paxton's Company was in service at Point Pleas- 

ant, 112. 

1778. Capt. David Gray's Company was in service against the In- 

dians in Greenbrier County, 123, 105, 125. 

1778 or 1779. Capt. Wm. Lyle's Company was in service on the 
frontier, 105. 

1780. Capt. James Gilmore's Company was in service in North Caro- 
lina and in the Battle of Cowpens, 121. 

1780. Capt. James Hall's Company, Capt. Campbell's Com- 

pany, Capt. David Gray's Company were in service around 
Richmond, 109, 137. 

1781. Capt. James Buchannon's Company was in service near Wil- 

liamsburg, 116. 

1781. Capt. Andr. Moore's Company was in service around Norfolk, 
•105, 123. 

1781. Capt. Saml. Wallace's Company was in service around Nor- 
folk, 120. 

1781. Capt. John Cunningham's Company was in service near Ports- 

The Rockbridge troops under Col. John Boyer were 
camped near the Augusta Militia and Capt. John Cunning- 
ham was wounded, 12. 

1781. At the time of Tarlton's Raid Capt. Wm. ^Moore's Company 
was in service, 120, 125. 

1781. Capt. Company was in the Battle of Hot Water, . 

1781. Capt. James Buchannan's Company was in service in North 
Carolina, 182. 

1781. Capt. Chas. Campbell's Company was out in service, 182. 

1781. Capt. David Gray's Company was at the Siege of York, 105. 

1781. Capt. Charles Campbell's Company was at the Siege of York, 

1781. Capt. Wm. Moore's Company was at the Siege of York, and 
guarded the prisoners to Winchester, 120. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


There were services in 1778 by Companies whose Captains' 
names are not given, see 105, 125; at the time of Tarleton's 
Raid, see 125 — ; at the siege of York, 125 ; and guarding troops 
at Albemarle Barracks. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified in Rockbridge 
County during the Revolution, see Section 276. 


Note: — As Rockingham County was not formed until 1778, and was 
taken from Augusta, reference should be had to the Augusta County list 
for some of the services of men in this Count}-. 

Services Under Which no Date Can Be Assigned 

Capt. Company at Fort Pitt, 5. 

Capt. Rush's Company under Col. Sampson ]VIathews, 


Capt. Company at Warwick's Fort, 34. 

1778. Capt. Craven's Company against Indians in Tygart's 

Valley, 5. 
1778. Lieut. John Rice's Company against Indians in Tygart's Val- 
ley, 34. 
1778. Capt. Robt. Craven's Company at Koontz's Fort, 140. 
1778. Capt. Wm. Kinkead's Company at Nutter's Fort, 34. 
1778. Capt. Robt. Craven's Company against the Indians, 62, 140. 
1780. Capt. Robt Craven's Company at the Battle of Cowpens, 62. 

1780. Capt. Michael Cowger's Company at Great Bridge, 89. 

1781. Capt. Geo. Houston's Company with Genl. Mcintosh, 108. 
1781. Capt. Geo. Houston's Company against tories on South Branch, 


1781. Capt. Company in regular service, 119. 

1781. Capt. Company at Laverty's Fort, 34. 

1781. Capt. Jeremiah Beazley's Company at Battles of Hot Water 

and Jamestown, 62. 
1781. Capt. Geo. Houston's Company at Battle of Hot Water and 

Siege of York, 119. 
1781. Capt. Michael Cowger's Company at the Siege of York, 140. 

44 Virginia Militia ix the REvoLUTioy 

1781. Capt. Richard Rigger's Company at the Siege of York, 89. 

1781. Capt. Smith's Company at the Siege of York, 63. 

1782. Capt. Wm. Smith's Company at Hinkle's Fort, 57. 

1783. Lieut. Neel Cain's Company at Tygart's Valley and Clarks- 

burg, 57. 

Memo.: — For list of the Militia Officers -vvho qualified in Rockingham 
Count}-, see Section 277. 


1777. Capt. John Hopkins' Company was in service at Point Pleas- 

ant, 127. 

1778. Capt. Robt. Craven's Company was in service against the In- 

dians in Tygart's Valley, 127. 

17 — . Capt. Jacob Rinker's Company was in service in South Caro- 
lina and guarded the prisoners taken at the Battle of Cow- 
pens, 103. 

1781. Capt. Nevil's Company was in service at Fort ]\Ic- 

Intosh, 103. 

1781. Capt. Downey's Company was in service two months 

at Fort Frederick, 49. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified from Shenan- 
doah County during the Revolution, see Section 278. 


Without being able to give the date, the following companies are 
shown to have been in service: 

Capt. William Mills' Company, 179. 
Capt. James Cunningham's Company, 179. 

Capt. Tankersley's Company, 220. . 

Capt. Holladay, 220. 

Capt. Frank Coleman at Fredericksburg, 222. 

Capt. Wm. Mills at Williamsburg, 223. 

Capt. Francis Taliaferro at Hampton, 223. 

Four companies probably about Williamsburg, 226. 

Capt. AlcWilliams, 228. 

Capt. John Scott. 228. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 45 

Capt. J. Craig, 235. 

Capt. Thomas Bartlett, two months at Williamsburg, 276. 

Capt Chas. Bibbing, 237. 

Capt. Saml. Harris, 237. 

The following companies were probably Regulars: 

Capt. Alexander Parker's Company in 1779, 179. 
Capt. Geo. Stubblefield's Company, 235. 
Capt. Francis Taliaferro's Company, 235. 

1775. Capt. Joseph Brock's Company served around Williamsburg, 


1776. Capt. Jos. Brock's Company served in New Jersey, 226. 
1776. Capt. Brock's Company served about Williamsburg, 


1779. Capt. John White's Company was in service, 220. 

1780. Capt. Thomas Minor's Company served in North Carolina 

and was in the Battle of Camden, 229. 

1780. Capt. Coleman's Company guarded the Governor's 

palace at Williamsburg, 227. 

1780. Capt. Croucher's Company served around Petersburg, 


1781. Capt. John Carter's Company served around Fredericksburg 

and Hanover Court House, 236. 

1781. Capt. Harry Stubblefield's Company served about Williams- 
burg, 235.' 

1781. Capt. Francis Coleman's Company served about Williams- 
burg, 235. 

1781. Sergeant Benj. Robinson and eleven men guarded prisoners 
from the South to Staunton and Winchester, 219. 

1781. Capt. Beverley Winslow's Company served about Williams- 
burg, 223. 

1781. Capt. Geo. Craig's Company served about Williamsburg, 223. 

1781. Capt. Thomas Towles' Company was in service, 225. 

1781. Capt. Francis Coleman's Company in service about Fredericks- 
burg, 225. 

1781. Capt. Thomas Bartlett's Company joined Lafayette, 229. 

1781. Capt. James Taylor's Company joined Lafayette, 229. 

1781. Capt. Legg's Company served around Williamsburg, 231. 

1781. Capt. Nicholas Payne's Company engaged in driving beeves 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

for use of the army at Yorktown, 236. 

1781. Capt. Francis Coleman's Company at Siege of York and 
guarded prisoners to Winchester, 219, 228. 

1781. Capt. Tankersley's Company was in the fight at Os- 
borne's and at the Siege of York, 222. 

1781. Capt. Thos. Crouchers Company guarded the prisoners to 
Noland's Ferry on the Potomac, 231, 235. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified for the Revo- 
lution from Spottsylvania County, see Section 279. 


Note: — For the services of the Militia from this County, see the services 
listed under Montgomery County. 

Memo.: — For a list of the Militia Officers who qualified for the Revolu- 
tion from Montgomery County, see Section 280. 

Declaration of Virginia Militia 


Section No. 1 

MASSIE, THOMAS.*— Nelson, Feb. 15, 1833. Born Aug. 
22, 1748. In the Spring of 1775 he was chosen captain of a large 
company of volunteers to assist in protecting Williamsburg and the 
country between York and James rivers, against the depredations of 
Lord Dunmore and his myrmidons. Within the ensuing fall, he 
received a captain's commission to recruit a company of Regular 
soldiers to serve in the 6th Va. Reg. of the line on continental 
establishment. His Company, being recruited at the commencement 
o.f the following spring, he marched it to Williamsburg and united 
with the said 6th Regiment, then under command of Colonels Buck- 
ner and Elliott, and Major Hendricks. All the companies were 
nearly complete, some he believes, quite so, viz. : Capt. Samuel Cabell, 
Lieutenants Barrett and Taliaferro, and Ensign Jordan; Capt. 
Ruffin, two lieutenants and ensign; Capt. Johnson, two lieutenants 
and ensign; Capt. Hopkins, ditto; Capt. Garland, ditto; 
Capt. Cocke, ditto; Capt. Oliver Towles (a celebrated law- 
yer), and company officers; Capt. Gregory, ditto. He believes 
Capt. Worsham, or Dun and Avery. Also himself (Capt. Massie), 
Lieutenants Hockaday and Epperson, and Ensign Armistead. The 
companies were raised in different and distant parts of the State, and 
he had not even personal acquaintance with many of them, which. 

*Note: — Except for the introductory lines, this declaration is given in 
full, the language of the original document being followed. It will be 
found of much interest. It throws important light on the treachery to the 
American cause of Gen. Charles Lee at the battle of Monmouth; a matter 
which was not fully cleared up by American historians for seventy or more 
years after it occurred. 

4S ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

together with the length of time, renders it difficult for him to 
remember every officer's name. After the Regiment was equipped 
and armed, it marched out and camped in the vicinity of Williams- 
burg, where it entered into camp and military training; whence the 
regiment was ordered to march to the North. Within the summer 
following this was done under the command of Col. Buckner and 
Major Hendricks (Lieut-Col. Elliott having withdrawn), Capt. 
Ruffin died and he believes another officer, and several resigned or 
withdrew. The regiment marched through Virginia by way of 
Fredericksburg and the Northern Neck, through the upper part of 
Maryland into Pennsylvania by way of Lancaster, leaving Phila- 
delphia to the right; crossed the Delaware River above Trenton, 
and passed through Jersey to Perth Amboy, where the regiment 
was posted to defend that point and the country around until further 
orders. Gen. Washington at that time having the greater part of 
the main American army on Long and York Islands, soon after 
the defeat of that army on those islands, he, with his said regiment, 
was to march up the Sound by way of Newark. The storm and 
capture of Fort Montgomery taking place, he met with Gen. Putnam 
at Newark, and marched up the North River as high as Fort Lee. 
The defeated army had crossed the Hudson, except a part that had 
marched on the east side of that river under command of Gen. 
Chas. Lee. He, the said Thomas Massie, fell in the rear of those 
retreating troops who had been appointed to cover their retreat and 
marched the upper road by Springfield, Scotch Plains, etc., to New 
Brunswick, on the Raritan River, where the troops to which he 
was attached were attacked by the British Van. Having destroyed 
a part of the bridge, the said American troops kept up a hot fire 
with their artillery and small arms, with the British the whole day. 
This checked the progress so much as to enable Gen. Washington 
to cross the Delaware River with the retreating army, military 
stores, etc. The troops to which he was attached (being unin- 
cumbered), also had the good fortune to cross the Delaware with- 
out much loss. Gen. Washington having refreshed the troops and 
received reinforcements recrossed the Delaware in the night of 
the 24th of December (he thinks), surprised and defeated a large 
body of Hessians, posted at Trenton, captured about 900 of their 
number, and crossed the river again with them. Several days subse- 
quent. Gen. Washington, having received reinforcements, again cross- 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

ed the Delaware River with his army and took a post at Princeton.. 
He, the said Massie, was for the two succeeding years generally 
employed on detached or particular service, consequently was seldom 
with the said Sixth Regiment or his company, which company was 
by this time much reduced. On the 1st day of January, 1777, he 
marched under the command of Gen. Scott (who headed a con- 
siderable body of troops), on or about the Princeton road and en- 
camped in the evening on the Heights above Maiden-head. Soon 
after the van of an army under the command of Lord Cornwallis 
appeared, followed by the main body, said to amount to 12,000 
men, and encamped in the place for the night. By dawn of the 
next day the enemy were in motion and filed off in columns to the 
American left, apparently to surround them. The Americans dis- 
charged two light field pieces of artillery at them, without return, 
and retreated down the road to a creek, which they crossed over 
a bridge and destroyed the same, and took possession of the ground 
on the Trenton side of the creek, then covered with large forest 
trees. Gen Hard at that time, being above with a large corps of 
Western Pennsylvania riflemen, the Americans kept the enemy at 
bay for several hours (he believes), before he could effect the passage 
of the creek with his large and heavy artillery. The Americans 
retreated up and slowly along the road to a summit of a hill, also 
covered with forest trees. Here Gen. Washington, accompanied 
by Gen. Green with reinforcements, came up. Here the Americans 
also skirmished (a considerable time), with the enemy before they 
retreated, and ultimately retreated to a long hill perhaps a mile to 
the west end of Trenton in view of the main American army. 
Here they formed and awaited the attack of the enemy. The day 
being now very far spent, the enemy appeared and approached 
the Americans in columns. As they were displaying we gave them 
a fire in single file from right to left, and retreated under a 
heavy fire of musketry and artillery, and formed under the protection 
of the main army in Trenton. A very heavy cannonade ensued 
directly between the two armies that lasted until after dark and has 
been called the cannonade of Trenton. Gen. Washington, having 
fortunately gained a grand point in eluding Cornwallis' intention 
of bringing him into a general action, made up large fires in front 
and left those who had been in the van during the day to keep them 
up. He immediately marched with his army, and takirg the 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Princeton road, reached that place early the next morning, defeat- 
ed Col. :\Iahood, whom Lord Cornwallis had left there with troops 
to defend the place and its stores. Gen. Washington, having taken 
off these stores, etc., proceeded down the road by Kingston and 
Somerset Court House to Morristown, where he established posts 
on the Raritan in Jersey, viz., at Perth Amboy, Bonnontown and 
Brunswick. Gen Washington also established a line of posts oppo- 
site to them with a view of preventing the British garrisons from 
having intercourse with and marauding the country. He, the said 
Massie, was placed on this duty at Middle Post, Matuchen, under 
the command of Col. Hendricks, and served on it near five months. 
This duty was extremely severe by night as well as by day, con- 
stant patrolling, frequent skirmishes, some of them very bloody, 
nocturnal surprises, the cutting off of pickets, etc., always attended 
with loss of men and great fatigue. The British called in their 
posts about the first of June, and the American ports were evacu- 
ated about the middle of June. He, with the other officers, etc., who 
had been in this line of duty, joined the main army at Middlebrook. 
Sometime after, he and five other officers were sent to Virginia \\'ith 
instructions. He, on his return, joined the army under Gen. Wash- 
ington at the White Marsh Hills. Shortly after, Gen Morgan re- 
turned with troops from the capture of Burgone's army. Our army 
then marched into winter quarters by way of the gulf to Valley 
Forge. He was soon detailed on duty under Gen. Morgan, who 
was to take post at Radnor, about half way between Valley Forge 
and the mouth of the Schuylkill River, with a view of cutting off 
the communication of the enemy from that part of the country which 
was effected. About this time (Feb., 1778), he was promoted to 
the rank of Major. In the Spring he commanded a large guard 
low in the lines not far above Philadelphia. Here he received Lord 
Cathcart, aide to Gen. Clinton, with a flag of truce and dispatches 
for Congress. Agreeably to orders, he, Cathcart, was not permitted to 
proceed further. The dispatches were read and delivered to Gen. 
Morgan. Immediately after, Gen. Clinton evacuated Philadelphia. 
He (Massie), marched under Gen. Morgan, through the city, pro- 
ceeded up and crossed the river, and united with the main army. 
He, with Major Gibbs, was detailed to attend Gen. Morgan, who 
was appointed to command the light troops, etc., to interrupt and 
endeavor to retard the march of the British army through Jersey 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

to Sandy Hook. The first attempt to retard their march was made 
at Allentown. This stopped them a day and some prisoners were 
taken. The second attempt was a complete surprise, from thick 
shrubbery in the pines, where 16 to 18 prisoners were brought off 
and a few killed with little loss to the Americans. Several other 
attempts were made to alarm and retard their march which succeeded 
so far as to enable Gen. Washington to march with his main army 
by Englishtown and obtain a position which gave him the power of 
bringing Gen. Clinton to a general engagement, in which it is be- 
lieved he would have been entirely successful except for the flagrant 
disobedience of orders by Gen. Chas. Lee, who commanded the van 
of the American Army. On that, the 28th day of June, 1778 (an 
intense hot day), Gen. Washington ordered Gen. Lee to attack in 
full force. This, the said Massie, knows to be the fact, the orders 
having been communicated verbally by Gen. Washington through 
him (the said Massie), the evening before. On Gen. Lee's approach, 
the British army drew up in order for battle. Gen. Lee ordered a 
retreat which was done under a slow retreating fire for some time. 
Gen. Lee repeatedly sent orders to the officers commanding the 
several flanking corps not to advance and engage. This state of 
things continued until Gen. Washington came into the field himself, 
took the command, arrested Gen. Lee, and renewed the battle by 
bringing the troops into action. The battle at Monmouth Court 
House was a bloody and hard fought action. After the sunset the 
British army gave way, and it being too dark for pursuit, the Ameri- 
can army lay on the field for the night, with a view to renew the 
battle the next day; but the British army in the night made a silent 
and rapid retreat, leaving their dead and wounded. Gen. Morgan, 
under whose command he, the said Massie, still acted was ordered to 
pursue the British early next morning, but they could not be overtaken 
except two or three hundred stragglers that were captured. Pursuit 
was continued to Middleton Heights immediately above Sandy Hook. 
After being there and thereabouts for several days, the troops march- 
ed up by Sposwood to Brunswick bridge on the Raritan River. 
Here we had a feu de joie in honor of the victory of Monmouth. 
From thence he marched to King's Ferry on the Hudson River 
and crossed to the White Plains in New York. Here he remained 
several weeks. From there, he, with several other officers, was order- 
ed to Rhode Island to assist Gen. Sullivan at the siege of Newport, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

then in the possession of the British. A violent storm, however, 
with rain, etc., for several days having driven Count D'Estrey's 
fleet from the mouth of the harbor out to sea, rendered it impracti- 
cable for Gen. Sullivan to proceed with the siege; he consequently 
retired from the island, and the said Massie with the other officers 
detached as above stated returned and rejoined their respective regi- 
ments then encamped on the Hudson some distance above West 
Point, and on the opposite side. 

Soon after this, the surprise and capture of Baylor's newly raised 
regiment of cavalry near Heroington, happened, when he with his 
regiment marched under the command of Gens. Woodford and 
Morgan with their troops to that neighborhood and took post on 
the strong heights of Paramus. By this time a large British force 
(said to amount to 6,000), under the command of Lord Cornwallis, 
had taken possession of the tow^n of Hackensack, with a view of 
foraging the country, in which they did not succeed to much extent, 
owing to the vigilance of the American troops in attacking and re- 
pulsing their foraging parties. In a few weeks the British army 
returned to New York, and the said Massie with his regiment under 
the command of Col. Febiger was posted at Hackensack. Soon after 
this Col. Febiger was called off, and the said Massie was left in the 
sole command of the regiment. This was the second Virginia regi- 
ment on continental establishment. The ofl!icers were Captains Tay- 
lor, Parker, Calmen, Catlett, Stokes, Kennan, Gill, etc., as well as 
recollected at the distant date. He continued there until after the 
middle of December, when he with his command pursuant to orders 
marched into winter quarters at Boundbrook, on the north side of 
Raritan River (under the command of Gen, Lord Sterling, who 
commanded that division of the army), where he continued quietly 
•for a considerable time. The British were confined to New York 
and its environs and employed in arranging and strengthening their 
posts of defense. Their embarcation of troops to our Southern States 
and other occurrence demonstrated the intention of moving the main 
seat of war there, with a view to attempt the subjugation of those 
states. Time progressing, it was known that Congress had determined 
to defend and save Charleston, if possible, and that the eight old 
Virginia regiments were doomed to that service. Those (8) regi- 
ments were then so much reduced in number that they were con- 
solidated into (?) regiments (March, 1780). The officers whose 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

commissions bore the highest rank, of course, took the command. 
The said Massie was of consequence a supernumerarj' officer, and, 
with Gen. Washington's permission, returned to Virginia, holding 
his commission (which he at this time has), ready and subject to 
duty with other supernumerary officers whenever called on or re- 

He ranked as Major on the 20th of February, 1778, but did 
not take his commission from the war office (not having leisure to 
call for it), until the 20th of March, 1779. His commission as 
captain was literally worn and rubbed out in his pocket while on 
duty from the constant exposure to rain, hail and snow day and night. 
He acted alternately, under the command of Gens. Scott, Weedon, 
Sullivan, Morgan, Woodford, Gen. Lord Sterling, etc. He was 
afterwards under the command of Gen. Nelson as aidecamp in the 
winter of 1780 and 1781, when Arnold invaded Virginia and de- 
stroyed the public stores and houses at Richmond and arsenal and 
foundry, etc., at Westham, and was finally at the siege of Yorktown, 
and the surrender of that post with the British army, in October, 

After the ratification of the treaty of peace, he received five 
thousand, three hundred and thirty-three and a third acres of land 
in the states of Ohio and Kentucky (the patents for which he now 
has), in consideration of his services as Major aforesaid. He like- 
wise received some three per cent and six per cent certificates, not 
worth much at the time, afterwards sold, amount not recollected. 

Section No. 2 

ANDERSON, DAVID.— Prince Edward, Jan. 21, 1833. En- 
listed ^lay, 1777, serving as a private under Capt. Cadwallader Jones, 
in Col. George Baylor's Regiment till June, 1778, when he received a 
written discharge from Maj. Clough, of said regiment. Also volun- 
teered as Minute Man, June, 1776, under Capt. Frank Goode, of 
Chesterfield County, and marched to Portsmouth, remaining there 
till about Dec. 20, same year, when he received a verbal discharge. 
In March, 1781, while living in Prince Edward County, was pressed 
into militia service as wagoner, by Henry Lipner commissary at 

54 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Prince Edward Court House, and made one trip, conveying stores 
to Halifax Old Town (Pittsylvania, C. H.). Then was guard at 
Prince Edward C. H. over military stores, and was collector of 
provisions for the army at Yorktown, serving with the exception of 
four or six weeks till the surrender of Cornwallis. Applicant was 
born in Cumberland (now Powhatan) County, Va., July 15, 1756. 
Discharged in 1787 because of hernia. 

Section No. 3 

ANDERSON, DAVID.— Prince Edward, Aug. 22, 1832. 
Born, 1756. Enlisted from Chesterfield in 1777, in the dragoons 
under Capt. Cadwallader Jones, serving under Col. George Baylor, 
First Lt. John Sleth (?), Second Lt. William Barrett. The term 
was for three years or during the war. Stationed at Fredericksburg 
till November, then went to Frederick, Aid., and Lancaster and 
Reading, Pa. At Reading he had the smallpox. Crossed the Dela- 
ware to Princeton and Trenton, where he was discharged because of 
a rupture which still continues with him. Had served thirteen 
months. In 1776 he volunteered as a Minute Man under Capt. Frank 
Goode of Chesterfield, and was at Portsmouth during his term (ac- 
cording to recollection), of six months. He was then discharged. In 
March, 1781, was pressed into militia service as wagoner, by Harry 
Sepner, Commissary at Prince Edward C. H. Also acted as guard 
over military stores at that point, and as collector of provisions for 
the army at Yorktown. Was in service from a few days after the 
battle of Guilford until the surrender of Cornwallis, excepting a 
month or six weeks. Maj. Hazaret commanded at Prince Edward 
C. H. 

Section No. 4 

ARBOGAST, ADAM.— Pocahontas, Nov. 6, 1832. Born, 1760. 
Indian spy, 1776 or 1777. Drafted, and marched under Capt. John 
McCoy and Lt. Joseph Gwin to West's fort on West Fork of 
Monogahela, then down the river to Lowther's Fort, then lower yet 
to Nutter's Fort, where he remained much of the three months, and 
finally to Coontie's Fort, w^here troops were called in consequence of 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 55 

the Indians killing a write woman while she was spreading hemp in 
a field. Volunteered, 1778, as Indian sp_v under same Captain, and 
marched to Warm Springs, whence he, together with George Hull, 
John Gum, and Conrad Fleisher, were ordered to Crabbottom to 
guard that locality, and there remained the rest of his time. At an- 
other time he marched from his home (now Highland), across Green- 
brier River to head of Seneca in pursuit of Indians. Date not given 

Section No 5 

ARGABRITE, JACOB.— Monroe, Oct. 15, 1832. Born in 
Lancaster County, Pa., Oct. 20, 1760. Came to Rockingham in boy- 
hood. Volunteered for six months in May, 1778, under Capt. 
Craven for service against Indians. Was stationed at Westfall's and 
Hutton's forts in Tygart's Valley, except for a few days spent in 
reconnoitering. Volunteered at end of time for three more months. 
Then home two weeks, after which he was marched to Ft. Pitt and 
Tuscarora river, assisting at the latter place in building Ft. Laurence. 
The troops were commanded by \la]. Nail, Col. Crawford, and Gen. 
Mcintosh, and sometimes by Col. Gibson. He knew Lt. Parks, 
who was killed by Indians between Ft. Mcintosh and Ft. Lawrence, 
and saw him lying dead in the path. Col. Crawford therefore wanted 
to kill nine or ten Indians who had come for peace, but the other 
officers prevailed on him not to do so. Got home in February, 1779, 
without having been in any battle. In the fall of 1780, volunteered 
for 12 months in cavalry service under Capt. Sullivan, of Berkeley, 
and marched to South Carolina. Was in the battles of Cowpens and 
Guilford, and stationed a while at Salisbury. His time expired while 
command was at Bowling Green, Va., recruiting their horses. One 
Freeze was colonel (or major). Here he volunteered for an indefi- 
nite time in a rifle company under Capt. Coper, and was at the siege 
of Yorktown and one or two skirmishes. Was in the guard to convey 
away the prisoners. Taken sick at Williamsburg and discharged at 
Williamsburg, after having been in the service fourteen months after 
starting for North Carolina. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 6 

BOATWRIGHT, JOHN.— Prince Edward, Aug. 22, 1832.. 
Born in Amherst, 1764. Enlisted in winter of 1780-1, under Capt. 
Crad. Haskins, from Cumberland, and served three months, in Col. 
Posey's regiment, of Gen. Muhlenberg's command. In next tour 
was under Colonels Dolman and Parker, marching to Suffolk and 
Portsmouth, in which vicinity he was in several skirmishes, and then 
to Gen. Gregory's station, returning after a few days to Gen. Muhlen- 
berg near Suffolk. Discharged after three months at Chuckatuclc 
Mills. Also in 1781, served two months under Capt. William Mer- 
edith, of Gen. Steubin's command, campaigning in and about Chester- 
field County. 

Section No. 7 

BRIGHTWELL, CHARLES.— Prince Edward, Sept. 13, 1832. 
Born about 1756, in King William. In 1779 served three months 
from Prince Edward under Capt. Thomas Flournoy, guarding the 
magazine at Williamsburg. The under officers were Lt. John Moore 
and Ensign John Allen. A Col. Hawes was in service at Williams- 
burg. Second term in 1780 of three months under Capt. Charles 
Allen. Marched to the Long Ordinary near Petersburg. Col. Ran- 
dolph, Col. Meade, and Maj. John Holcomb were in the encamp- 
ment. Third term, 18 days under (?) Capt. Richard Holland and 
Lt. Philip Mathews, guarding prisoners at Albemarle Barracks.. 
Was drafted in each case. 

Section No. 8 

BOWLING, JAMES, SR.— Amherst, Aug. 20, 1832. Born 
1752. Enlisted fall of 1775, under Capt. William Fontaine, serving- 
in Second Virginia, under Col. Woodford, Lt. Col. Charles Scott, and 
Maj. Hardiman, John Marx being First Lt., Thomas Hughes, Second. 
Lt., and one Robertson, Ensign. Served one year, campaigning about: 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 57 

Norfolk at the close of 1775. Was in the battle at Great Bridge 
about December 9th, where the enemy lost a brave officer, named 
Ford.vce. The British were driven out of Norfolk to their ships, 
but their fleet cannonaded and burned the town. The American force 
remained some time at Norfolk, and on leaving it burned what was 
"left. The return was by the same route, but the command remained 
some time in Suffolk because of sickness. Was discharged near Wil- 
liamsburg. Served under Capt. Philip Thurmond as guard over the 
British prisoners in Albemarle Barracks; also as guard over paroled 
prisoners at Amherst C. H. Just before the capture of Cornwallis, 
he was on a tour under Col. Meriwether, the three services occupy- 
ing about six months. 

Section No. 9 

BECK, JESSE.— Amherst, Aug. 21, 1832. Born in Albemarle, 
1758. Prior to March, 1781, performed two terms of three months 
each in the Albemarle militia, guarding British prisoners. Was under 
Captain James Garland, who was killed by a sentinel at Albemarle 
Barracks. Was also under Capt. Hunton, or Capt. Montgomery. 
Col. Taylor, of Orange, was in charge. About March 1, 1781, under 
a draft of every fourteenth militiaman for 18 months, he became 
sergeant under Capt. Benjamin Harrison. The company made ren- 
dezvous in Hanover, where it was attached to the regiment under 
Col. Paddy and Maj. Finley. At Yorktown he saw the army of 
Cornwallis ground their arms. The regiment went into winter 
quarters at Old Cumberland C. H. In February, 1782, the corps 
was ordered into Southern Service and was in Georgia under Gen. 
Wayne, till November. Was discharged at Old Cumberland C. H., 
in December, 1782, after nearly 21 months' service instead of eighteen. 
Remembers that when drafted each man was paid a bounty of $4,000, 
which by reason of depreciation was of little value. While in 
Georgia the army under Wayne watched Savannah, where the 
British were waiting transports to carry them home. Wayne's head- 
quarters and his own encampment were at Mulberry Grove, the 
property of a tory, which, after confiscation, was purchased by Gen. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 10 

BLAIR, ALLEN.— Amherst, Oct. 15, 1832. Born, July 8, 
1754, in Amherst. In 1780 was drafted three months under Capt. 
Younger Landrum and marched to join Gen. Gates in North Caro- 
lina, but before his time was out employed William Bowman, as 
substitute. In 1781 he again marched under Landrum, this time to 
join Gen. Greene. He was not in battle of Guilford, but so near 
that he saw dead and wounded men removed from the field. He saw 
Gen. Edward Stevens badly wounded in the thigh. Shortly after was 
again drafted, and under Capt. John Loving marched to Williams- 
burg, where he took sick of fever and was in hospital a considerable 
time. A little before the close investment of Yorktown, he was dis- 
charged from hospital and sent to the New Barracks. Soon the 
forces at this place were ordered to join the besieging army, but 
applicant was discharged, his time being nearly out and the surgeon 
deeming him too feeble for active service. Served six months in all. 

Section No. 11 

BROWN, JOHN.— Captain, 1781, of company raised on Cow- 
pasture, in Bath. His lieutenant was Robert Thompson. Attached 
to regiment of Col. Samson Mathews, which served under Generals 
Wayne, Campbell, and Morgan. In battles at Hot Water and 
Jamestown, being captured in the latter. Died, 1830. Wife, Mary 

, Surviving children : 1 Margaret, married Joseph Wallace ; 

2 Rosanna, married Gerard Morgan ; 3 Joseph ; 4 John. Will 
mentions grandchildren: N. J. Brown Morgan, John Brown Wal- 
lace, \lary Ann Blackburn Brown. 

Section No. 12 

BRADSHAW, JOHN.— Pocahontas, Sept. 4, and May 7, 1833. 
Born, 1758. Went out in January, 1781, under Capt. Thomas 
Hicklin, Lt. Joseph Gwin, Ensign Thomas Wright in regiment of 
Col. Sampson Mathews. Was at Camp Carson near Portsmouth 
most of the winter. Discharged at Murdock's Mill, April 9, 1781. 
Was in one engagement within sight of Portsmouth, where Capt. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Cunningham, of Rockbridge, was wounded in the groin, and one pri- 
vate also wounded. Declarant was sergeant. Later, same year, was 
drafted for the Yorktown compaign, marching under Capt. Thomas 
Hicklin, and- Col. Samuel Vance. After the surrender of Cornwallis 
he helped guard the prisoners to Winchester. Had served as Indian 
spy in the years 1776 to 1779 inclusive. Such services were not 
needed in the winter, as the Indians then kept in their quarters. The 
practice was for two men to leave Fort Cook, Monroe County, and 
be out three or four days each week, others taking their places 
on the return. They watched the gaps and low places in the moun- 
tains for thirty miles, to a point where they met the spies from Burn- 
sides' fort. They were strictly forbidden to make a fire, no matter 
how inclement the weather. Died Jan. 6, 1835. 

Section No. 13 

BOYD, PATRICK.— Monroe, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 1759. 
Enlisted in Augusta in the regular service in Sept. ?, 1777, under 
Ensign Robert Kirk, the company being commanded by Capt. Smith 
and later by Capt. Bell. Col. Grayson commanded the regiment. 
Wintered at Valley Forge. Marched to Boundbrook, N. J. Was 
sick in camp at battle of Monmouth. After serving about 19 
months and finding his health failing, he gave a man whose name he 
has forgotten, 100 pounds to take his place. At the same time was 
offered a lieutenant's commission if he would continue in service. 
Volunteered in 1781 under Capt. John Smith in Augusta, to go to 
North Carolina. Rendezvous at Waynesboro. Col. MofiEet com- 
manded the regiment. Marched by Lynchburg to Guilford, and was 
in the battle there over two hours. Reached home about one month 
later. Volunteered in September, 1781, under Col. Bowyer, to 
check the British from marching up country. When the regiment 
reached Charlottesville the town had been set on fire by the enemy. 
Marched to Gum Springs and to Richmond, where the enemy 
were seen leaving the city. Discharged about Oct. 1st, at Hickorj^- 
nut Church, near Hot Water, after service of one month. Was in 
no battle while militiaman. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 14 

COCKE, ANDERSON.— Prince Edward, Aug. 21, 1832. 
Born in Cumberland County, 1758. Living in Campbell. Declara- 
tion differs in no material respect from that of his comrade, William 


Section No. 15 
CARTER, POVALL.— Prince Edward, Sept. 14, 1832. Born, 
1762, in Cumberland (since Powhatan). Enlisted under Capt. Ed- 
ward Munford, December, 1779 (?), in the Light Infantry com- 
manded by Col. Willis and Maj. Duval. Marched through Din- 
widdie, Prince George, Surrey, etc. Had one skirmish near Bland's 
Ordinary. Discharged after three months. In spring of 1780 or 
1781, served one term of four weeks, in Chesterfield, under Capt. 
Richard Crump and Col. Goode. In July, 1781, marched under 
Capt. Robert Powt to join Gen. Lafayette at Malvern Hill. Thence 
marched to Richmond and Pipington in pursuit of the British. Dis- 
charged after four weeks. Later served five weeks under Col. Moreby 
to guard prisoners at Old Cumberland, C. H. Was drafted for each 

Section No. 16 

CUNNINGHAM, JOHN.— Prince Edward, Aug. 21, 1832. 
Born, 1758. Enlisted May, 1776, in Militia company under Capt. 
Chas. Allen, Lt. Joseph Parks, and Ensign James Allen. Marched 
by Manchester, Williamsburg, and Yorktown to Hampton, where 
he was stationed under Col. Meredith and Maj. James. Discharged 
at Portsmouth after term of seven and one-half months. In May, 
1779, volunteered under Capt. John Holcomb, serving about three 
weeks at Petersburg. In September, 1780, volunteered in Capt. Charles 
Allen's company of First Regiment, and after three months was given 
an honorable discharge. Was stationed at Petersburg under Col. 
E. Meade and Beverly Randolph. Early in 1781 volunteered under 
Capt. Andrew Baker, Lt. Joseph Parks, and Ensign Joseph Read, and 
joined Gen. Greene near the Dan river, where the company was at- 
tached to the regiment under Col. Otho H. Williams. Marched to- 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 61 

ward Hillsboro. In a skirmish at Whitsell's Mill about March 6, our 
troops gave back, Lt. Parks and private Ezekiel Parks being wounded. 
Company was discharged after one month. In May, 1781, volun- 
teered under Capt. Richard Hilland, and served two or three weeks, 
being employed in conducting British prisoners from Prince Edward 
C. H. to Albemarle Barracks. Has always lived in Prince Edward. 

Section No. 17 

CASHWILL, HENRY.— Amherst, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Amherst, 1757. In fall of 1779 served three months under Capt. 
John Sale, guarding prisoners at Albemarle Barracks, these being 
chiefly from Burgoyne's army. It February, 1781, marched under 
Capt. James Franklin, joining Greene's army the day after the battle 
of Guilford. During the battle his command was about 10 miles away 
and the cannon were heard. Thinks they might have taken part in 
the battle if they had used becoming alacrity. The company was then 
placed under Capt. Younger Landrum, of Col. John Holcomb's 
regiment and Gen. Lawson's brigade. In this tour he was Orderly 
Sergeant. Was discharged on Deep River after three months. In 
August, 1781, was again Orderly Sergeant under Col. Hugh Rose 
for three months, the service consisting of escorting a small body of 
British prisoners to a British vessel below Jamestown. Was drafted 
each time. 

Section No. 18 

CASH, BARTLETT.— Amherst, Oct. 15, 1832. Born in 
Amherst, 1757. In 1776 served three months under Capt. John Sale 
and Lt. James Franklin, of Col. Christian's brigade. The force 
he was in was to protect the frontier from the Cherokee Indians, then 
very troublesome. There was no battle. In 1781, under Capt. James 
Franklin. Joined Gen. Greene shortly after the battle of Guilford, 
serving then under Capt. Younger Landrum, Col. John Holcomb, and 
Gen. Lawson. Served in all six months, being drafted the second 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 19 

CASHWILL, WILLIAM.— Amherst, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Amherst, 1762. Went out in militia February, 1779, under Capt. 
David Woodruf, and guarded prisoners at Albemarle Barracks three 
months. Volunteered, September, 1780, under Capt. John Morrison 
of a rifle company, and was stationed at Long Dairy, three miles out 
of Petersburg. There were present about 1,500 men under Gen. 
Steuben, and Gen. Lawson. February, 1781, he went out under 
Capt. James Franklin to join the army of Greene in North Carolina, 
but did not arrive in time for the battle of Guilford. They were 
near enough to hear the cannon and he thinks if the officers had 
pushed forward they might have been in time. Franklin resigned the 
day after the battle and went home. The company was then put 
under Capt. Younger Landrum. Col. John Holcomb's regiment, 
Gen. Lawson's brigade. Was discharged at Deep River after three 
months' service. Total service, twelve months, three in each of four 
tours. Last tour began in September, 1781, under Capt. John Stew- 
art. Was at siege of Yorktown and marched as guard to the prisoners 
to Winchester barracks, where he was discharged. 

Section No. 20 

CAMERON, CHARLES.— Bath, March 13, 1839. (Affidavit 
by Sarah, widow of said Cameron). Entered service December 3, 
1776, as Lieutenant, under Capt. John Lewis in Tenth Virginia 
Continentals. Col. Adam Stephen commanding. Resigned, Jan. 3, 
1778. Was in battles of Brandywine and Germantown. About 
January, 1781, drafted for three months. Captain of militia under 
Col. Samson Mathews. Subalterns being Lt. William Anderson and 
Ensign Robert Christian. Later, same year, served again as Captain 
of volunteer cavalry. Was in battle of Jamestown where he was 
adjutant of regiment, Samson Mathews being colonel and of Gen. 
Campbell's brigade. Last tour, two months. After Jamestown, be- 
came Captain in place of Capt. John Brown, taken prisoner. The 
lieutenant was Robert Thompson. 1782, appointed commissary for 
the district including Augusta, Rockingham and Rockbridge, serving 
as such from 12 to 18 months. Married Sarah Warwick (born 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

1772), May 3, 1792; died July 14, 1829, aged 76. December 3, 
1776, elected First Lieutenant of First Company of Augusta, and 
reported, Feb. 1, 1777, that he had secured no recruits. 

Section No. 21 

CANTERBURY, JOHN.— Monroe, Jan. 19, 183-. Born in 
Prince William about 1761. Volunteered for one month in Mont- 
gomery to guard the frontier at Clinch River. Was at Blackmore 
Station on Clinch. Voluntered one month to guard the frontier on 
Bluestone river. Received no pay for either tour. Moved to Holston 
river, where he substituted three months for Samuel Douglas, and 
served at Logan's Station, Ky. Volunteered under Capt. Joseph 
Martin against the Indians. The troops marched across the French 
Broad to the Indian tow^ns and were in several small skirmishes, but 
no regular engagement. They killed some Indians and took some 
prisoners, but the Indians evacuated their towns. Substituted for 
three months for a David Renfrow, and marched under Col. Campbell 
to the Santee river, where he joined Gen. Marion's army, then in 
camp. In one scouting party they took about 80 prisoners, brought 
them into camp, and sent them to Camden. Army remained in 
camp till Cornwallis surrendered. Declarant settled in Monroe, 
about 1784. 

Section No. 22 

CLARK, SAMUEL.— Monroe, Aug. 22, 1832. Born in Au- 
gusta, April 18, 1764. Entered as substitute for Thomas Means, in 
September, 1780, under Capt. Samuel McCutcheon, and Lt. John 
McCarney. Marched to Richmond along with the companies of 
Captains John Dickey, Francis Long, and Thomas Smith, and also 
one other company. The said five Augusta companies were stationed 
below Richmond, and after discharge marched back together. There 
was no engagement. Drafted three months in January, 1781, and 
marched under Capt. James Trimble to Fredericksburg, then to Sandy 
Point, where the James was crossed, then to within twenty miles 
of Portsmouth, where the British were in camp. The companies of 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Captains John Cunningham, Charles Cameron, Joseph Patterson, 
and Thomas Hicklin were also in the march. Hicklin was cashiered 
for cowardice. The militia companies at this same point were com- 
manded by Col. Sampson Mathews, Lt. Col. William Bowyer, and 
Maj. Alexander Robertson. Gen. Muhlenberg occasionally visited the 
station and seemed to be in command. The Rockbridge militia under 
Col. John Bowyer, were a few miles away. A captain or major 
named William Long was present for some time to drill the 
troops. Declarant with Cunningham's command was in a skirmish 
in which Cunningham was wounded. Discharged in April. 
Next month volunteered as substitute for John McCutcheon, 
a relative who was drafted three months and because of his 
family could not with safety leave home. His Captain was Patrick 
Buchanan, his Lieutenant, John Boyd. The companies of Captains 
John Campbell and Charles Haskins were in same troop. Field 
officers were Capt. Thomas Hughart, Lt. Col. John McCreery, Maj. 
Wilson. They marched into James City County, where the three 
companies joined Gen. Wayne. Soon after a foraging party of the 
enemy was seen about five miles from Williamsburg, and the com- 
panies of Buchanan and one each from Rockingham and Rockbridge 
were sent to drive them back. Maj. Willis, who was in command, 
was defeated, and the whole army marched to Jamestown, where it 
also was defeated. Declarant was wounded on the head by a British 
swordsman, and Col. Bowyer was taken prisoner. Declarant was 
taken to a hospital on Pamunkey river, and there remained till his 
discharge in August. Was then drafted three months under Capt. 
Francis Long. The companies of Captains Trimble, Dickey, and 
Buchanan also marched to Yorktown, where declarant remained till 
after the surrender. In April, 1782, volunteered three months against 
the Indians, and marched under Capt. John McKittrick to Tygart's 
Valley and to West Fork of Monogahala. 

Section No. 23 

DUPUY, JOHN.— Prince Edward, Aug. 13, 1832. Born Jan. 
20, 1756. Enlisted June, 1776, as volunteer in State troops under 
Capt. Chas. Allen, Lt. Joseph Parks, Ensign James Allen, Col. 
Merriman being field officer and one Overton, Major or Adjutant. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 65 

Marched from Prince Edward C. H. through Richmond and Wil- 
liamsburg to Hampton, where the army was stationed three or four 
months. Discharged at Portsmouth in Januar,v, 1777. In May or 
June of this year, under a draft on the young unmarried men of the 
State, requiring one year in the regular service, applicant hired a 
substitute named Estis, paying him $400. These troops marched north 
to join the army, and he knew nothing more of Estis. In 1778, 
during an alarm, and at which time applicant held a commission in 
his home company, he volunteered as a private under the above 
Charles Allen, and marched to Petersburg, the tour occupying a 
month or so. In January or February, 1781, he volunteered in his 
home County, Prince Edward, under Capt. John Bibb, himself being 
lieutenant. Bibb soon resigned and Nathaniel Cunningham was 
commissioned in his place. The company joined Gen. Greene at 
Irvin's Ferry, Halifax County, and was attached to Col. Cocke's 
regiment of Gen. Steuben's brigade. Was in the battle of Guilford. 
The second day afterward, applicant conveyed prisoners to Halifax 
C. H., Va., and delivered them to Nathaniel Hunt, stationed there 
to receive them. After this service, he returned home, according 
to order by Gen. Steuben, the tour lasting two or three months. 
Shortly after reaching home he was ordered to Halifax County to 
receive arms brought from Guilford battle field and convey them to 
Prince Edward C. H. In the same year, probably August, he was 
ordered to convey some wounded prisoners, sent from Guilford to 
Prince Edward C. H., and convey them to Gen. Lafayette, then at 
RufKn's Ferry, King William County. From this point he took them 
on to Jamestown and delivered them to a British ship, the whole 
service occupying about one month. According to recollection his 
commission as lieutenant was by Patrick Henry. Henry Dawson, a 
witness to the declaration, served with applicant in 1776. 

Section No. 24 

DAWSON, HENRY.— Prince Edward, Sept. 7, 1832. Born 
in Amelia Countj^, 1753. Volunteered from Prince Edward as 
minute man early in June, 1775. Company officers were Capt. 
Charles Allen, Lt. Joseph Parks, Ensign James Allen. The Colonel 
was one Merriman and one Overton was major or adjutant. March- 

66 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

ed through Richmond and Williamsburg to Hampton, where the 
army lay three of four months. It then proceeded to Portsmouth, 
where applicant was discharged about Christmas. In 1777 he was 
drafted into the company of Capt. Flournoy and Lt. Moore, and 
after serving a while at Williamsburg a short while was discharged 
at Yorktown after a tour of three months. In 1778 was drafted into 
the militia company of Capt. Ligon and serving at Petersburg was 
there discharged after three months. In 1781 was drafted into Capt, 
Flood's Company and marched in pursuit of Cornwallis. This tour 
was also for three months. John Overstreet was major. 

Section No. 25 

DRUMHELLER, LEONARD.— Albemarle, Oct. 12, 1832. 
Born near Reading, Pa., about 1762. Came to Albemarle while small. 
Drafted in January, 1781, under Capt. John Harris, Lt. Thomas 
Jones, and Ensign William Jarman. Drew arms at Richmond. 
Stationed as fifer some time at Halifax House between Hampton 
and Yorktown. Discharged at Richmond in March. Drafted in 
IVIay under Capt. ]\Iark Leake. Joined the army under Gen. 
Lafayette near Richmond, marched to Raccoon Ford, where a junc- 
tion was made with Gen. Wayne; Then through Orange and Louisa 
by the route still known as the "Marquis Road." The march was 
continued to Hampton, he being transferred to Capt. Miller's Com- 
pany and frequently detailed for picket duty. Discharged at Malvern 
Hills in July. Again in minute service at Charlottesville, so con- 
tinuing till after surrender of Cornwallis. 

Section No. 26 

DAVIDSON, GILES.— Amherst, Aug. 21, 1832. Born in 
Buckingham, 1762. Went out three months under Capt. William 
Dugrid at Albemarle Barracks, being substitute for Young Lee. He 
there enlisted under Capt. Garland Burnley for 12 months as guard 
to British prisoners. Later he volunteered under Capt. Francis 
Shelton, of Henry, who was raising a force to put down the tories, 
then causing alarm in the hollows of Dan River, on the North 

V^iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution 

Carolina line. Shelton's men visited persons known to be disaffected 
to the American cause and prevented injuries from tories. The head- 
quarters was with a tory named McGbwan, who lived in Henry. 
In 1781 he w'ent out from Buckingham for three months under Capt. 
William Perkins, and was in the battles of Hot Water and James- 
town. He was at once called out again under Capt. Silas Watkins, 
who before Yorktown resigned and was succeeded by Capt. William 
Giles. Was present at Surrender of Cornwallis and helped to guard 
the prisoners to the Winchester Barracks, where he was discharged 
about Dec. 1. 1781. 

Section No. 27 

EAST, JAMES.— Rockbridge, Sept. 3, 1832. Born in Gooch- 
land, Aug., 1753. Entered service in Fluvanna in August, 1777, 
going out for three months under Capt. Joseph Hayden and Lt. 
Benjamin Anderson. Served under same officers in 1779 for three 
months at Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Hampton. On both tours 
Col. Samuel Cabell and Maj. George Thompson were field officers. 
Enrolled, January, 1781, and retained in County as maker of gun- 
stocks, so continuing till the capture of Cornwallis, never understand- 
ing this service to be of private nature, and never being compensated 
therefor. Enlisted 1775 under Capt. Thomas Holt constantly em- 
ployed with him in recruiting service for four months, then, because 
of the dissatisfaction of his parents, procuring James Burnley as a 
substitute. Also performed an irregular service of two months in 
1779, guarding prisoners, especially Hessians, at Charlottesville. 
His Captain was Samuel Richardson, his lieutenant (probably), 
Thomas Thurman. Left Fluvanna, 1792. 

Section No. 28 

FIX, PHILIP.— Rockbridge, Nov. 6, 1832. Born near Reading, 
Pa., about 1754. Went out from Loudoun about September, 1777, 
as substitute for John Conrad. Company officers were, Capt. John 
Thomas, Lt. Samuel Potts, Ensign Thomas Wright. Marched from 
Leesburg through Frederick, Md., and York and Lancaster, Pa., to 
Chestnut Hill, making forced march to be in time for the battle of 

68 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Germantown, but was too late by a day or so. Later, his command 
surrounded the Rising Sun Tavern near Philadelphia, because of its 
being a harbor for the British. Discharged at York, Pa. Col. 
Clapham and Maj. West were regimental officers. 

Section No. 29 

GILLISPIE, GEORGE.— Prince Edward, Sept. 17, 1832. 
Born, 1752. In May, 1776, enlisted as minute man in the company of 
Capt. Charles Allen, Lt. Joseph Parks, and Ensign James Allen. It 
marched from his home County of Prince Edward to Hampton, by 
way of Richmond, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. At Hampton, Col. 
Meredith and Maj. James were in command. He was discharged at 
Portsmouth after service of seven and one-half months. In Septem- 
ber, 1780, he volunteered under Capt. Charles Allen of the First 
Regiment, and marched to Petersburg, where other troops under 
Col. E. Meade and B. Randolph were stationed. His regiment then 
marched to near Portsmouth, where it was first under command of 
Gen. Robert Lawson and afterwards of Baron Steuben. After a tour 
of three months he was discharged thirty miles above Portsmouth. 
Applicant has no written discharge. 

Section No. 30 

GRUBBS, NATHAN.— Prince Edward, Aug. 21, 1832. Born 
in Hanover, 1757. First tour of nine months was in Virginia. Ap- 
plicant was in no action. His Captain was John Winston, and he 
recollects his colonels as Elisha Meredith and Charles Dabney. 
The second tour, of six months, began in June, 1780. His Cap- 
tain was John Price and his colonel was Holt Richardson. Was in 
Gate's defeat near Camden, S. C. At the end of his tour was honor- 
ably discharged. Served two subsequent tours in Virginia of three 
months each, one at Sandy Point under Capt. Thomas Doswell, and 
one at Cabin Point under Capt. John Thompson. He was also in 
the Siege of Yorktown, under Thompson. After the war lived in 
Louisa and Goochland, finally removing to Prince Edward. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 69 

Section No. 31 

GILES, ISAIAH.— Prince Edward, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Chesterfield, 1756. Performed a three months' tour under Capt. 
Jacobs, of Amherst, the time being spent in guarding prisoners at 
Albemarle Barracks. Col. Burnley and Maj. Meredith were in 
command. Second tour was under Capt. Richard Ballinger, this 
service being at Hood Fort in Prince George. His Company was 
the only one there. Third tour was under Capt. John Christian. He 
was at Richmond, Hobb's Hole, Bottom's Bridge, the Chickahominy, 
and other places. By recollection the tour was for three months and 
Gen. Lawson was in command. The fourth tour, of three mouths, 
was under Capt. John Phillips, and he served below Richmond. In 
the fifth tour, his father's wagon being impressed by Col. Gabriel 
Penn, of Amherst, he was assured by the said Penn that if he went 
with the wagon it would answer as a tour of duty. Length of his 
tour forgotten, but it included the Siege of Yorktown. All the tours 
were from Amherst. 

Section No. 32 

GRANT, ROBERT.— Amherst, Aug. 22, 1832. Born, 1761. 
Served three tours of two months each as drafted militiaman. About 
1780 he marched from Fluvanna under Capt. Levi Thompson and 
Lt. Henry Martin to Cabin Point and put under Col. Holt Rich- 
ardson. About a year later he went out under Capt. Anthony 
Haden, and Lt. Daniel Lightfoot, being again under Richardson, 
whose duty was to watch Hanover, Orange, and other counties. 
This was the time when Tarleton made his raid to Point of Fork 
and Charlottesville. The third time he went to the siege of York- 
town under Capt. Richard Napper, Lt. Zachariah King, and Ensign 
James Cole. His command was stationed on the Gloucester side of 
York River, under Col. Taylor and Maj. Campbell, to keep the 
enemy from escaping. The French fleet was lying off York River. 
He returned before the surrender. His companions were made no 
allowance for time spent in going into or returning from service. 
They were discharged en masse by their immediate company officers. 

70 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 33 

GREEN, WILLIAM.— Bath, Sept. 11, 1832. Born, 1755. 
Drafted three months in September, 1776, as guard against Indians 
in Warwick's Fort, under Capt. John Lewis. In May, 1777, John 
Wilson applied to Col. John Dickenson for six men as a guard at 
his own fort on Jackson River. Declarant was drafted as one of these, 
serving three months. In September, 1777, drafted for three months 
under Capt. Samuel Vance at Clover Lick Fort. In 1778, drafted 
for four months against the Indians, serving on Jackson's River. 
Marched to Fort Mcintosh on Ohio at Mouth of Big Beaver 
Creek, being under Capt. Samuel McCutcheon, of Gen. Mcintosh's 
command. Was in no engagement. 1780, drafted for three months' 
tour under Capt. John McCoy. Marched to Richmond, remaining 
there eight or ten daj^s, and was discharged after 24 days' service. 
1781, drafted and served 34 days under Capt. David Gwin. Joined 
army at Hickory Neck Church near Williamsburg. In May, 1782, 
drafted for three months, serving under Capt. George Poage, at 
Warwick's Fort. 

Section No. 34 

GARTIN, NATHANIEL.— Monroe, Feb. 17, 1834. Born, 
1759, in Orange. Moved to Rockingham, 1768. Entered service, 
1777, as Indian spy in January and February. Capt. Robert Craven 
and Lt. Trout commanding the company. Marched to Tygart's 
Valley. Three months at Warwick's Fort. Indians had committed 
many depredations, and declarant was constantly examining the ways 
by which the Indians came into the settlements, so that he could give 
intelligence at the fort. No engagement. He and others pursued 
Indians, sometimes marching 40 or 50 miles a day and suffering 
extremely for want of provisions. A year later, the Indians still 
doing much injury in Tygart's Valley, he went out under Lt. John 
Rice, for three months. A year later still, marched 200 miles undei 
Capt. William Kinkead to Nutter's Fort on West Fork of Mononga- 
hela, and served three months guarding farmers while at work in 
their fields. Settled in Monroe. In spring of 1781, having learned 
that the family of James Meeks on Indian creek, had been captured 
bv Indians, he went to Lavertv's fort on said creek as a volunteer, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

remaining three weeks reconnoitering between the moviths o{ the 
Bluestone and Indian Creek, and protecting the farmers while plant- 
ing their corn. 

Section No. 35 

HILL, WILLIA.M.— Prince Edward, Aug. 17, 1832. Born, 
July 22, 1758. Marched June 15, 1780, from Head Lynch's Tavern, 
Caroline County (under Capt. James Johnson, Lt. Pemberton, and 
Ensign Reuben Samuel), to Hillsboro, N. C, where a regiment was 
organized under Col. Holt Richardson, of King William County, 
Va., and Lt. Col. Glenn and Maj. Boyd and put into the brigade 
of Gen. Stevens. The army marched by Mast Ferry on the Pedee 
to near Camden, where there was a battle between Gen. Gates and 
Lord Cornwallis. After the retreat to- Hillsboro and New Garden, 
applicant returned home in August. In February, 1781, he marched 
from Edmund Taylor's, Hanover County (under Capt. Edward 
Bullock), to Williamsburg, where a regiment was formed under 
Col. Mathews and Maj. Armistead. Then the command marched 
to Jamestown and Richmond, where it was joined by Gen. Lafayette 
and took part in his retreat. It was discharged the last of May. 
Three months later, he marched from John Morrill's Tavern, Han- 
over County, under Capt. John Thompson to Williamsburg, where 
a regiment under Col. Darke and Maj. Armistead was formed and 
•put under Gen. Steuben. The troops were discharged at Yorktown, 
a few days before the surrender of Cornwallis. His services were in 
the Sixth Division of Carolina and the Fifth of Hanover. He re- 
moved to Prince Edward in 1781. 

Section No. 36 

HINES, WILLIAIVI, SR.— Prince Edward, Oct. 13, 1832. 
Born June 18, 1754 (in King and Queen?). Volunteered as minute 
man from King and Queen under Capt. William Richards and Lt. 
Hugh ( ?) Campbell, and marched to Gloucester about the time 
Dunmore and his troops lay near Gwin's Island. By permission of 
his commanding officer, he was on that island on a visit while the 

72 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

battle was going on, in which he took no part, nor was he in any 
engagement during that tour, which lasted about two months. He 
then hired his brother, John Hines, as a substitute for the rest of 
his term. Afterward, he went, in March, 1780, to Higgins' Station, 
Ky., three miles from Harrisburg, with a view of settling. In July, 
he volunteered for service against the Indians, only two old men 
being left at the station. His Captain was Hugh Megary (?). At 
the falls of the Ohio they joined Col. George Rogers Clark, and 
after a few days marched up the river in advance of him in pursuit 
of Indians. About the eighth day Col. Clark came on in boats, 
passed the company, and landed on the other shore. While in sight 
of Col. Clark the company was attacked by Indians, declarant being 
wounded by a ball which broke both bones in his right arm below 
the elbow. Next day he was sent with the other wounded to the 
falls of the Ohio, where he lay till December under the care of a 
surgeon before he was able to travel. He then returned to Higgins' 
Station. In this tour he was with Col. Clark only one night. During 
the winter he returned to King and Queen and was not fit for any 
more military service, since he could not straighten arm or fingers. 
Until his return he was out on the last tour five or six months. He 
went to see Col. Clarke after the latter returned from his expedition, 
and was told by him that he would have the necessary steps taken 
to have a pension allowed. A pension was granted, but he drew it 
only two or three times beginning with 1784 or 1785. He was some 
distance from Richmond, which fact was troublesome, and he was 
illiterate besides. For one month he was a substitute for William 
Sterling and served at Gloucester Town. 

Section No. 37 

HERRING, JAMES.— Albemarle, Oct. 19, 1832. Born in 
Albemarle about 1754. Four times in service, once under Lt. Henry 
Austin, of Gen. Nelson's command, for two months around Wil- 
liamsburg. Second tour under Capt. Miller, of Col. Mathews' regi- 
ment. From an old field he saw the enemy's fleet seven miles distant in 
the river (James?). Discharged after two months at Brock's bridge. 
Third tour also two months and under Col. Mathews. Fourth 
term of one month at Charlottesville guarding a tory. Was drafted 
in each instance. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 38 

HOGG, JOHN, Albemarle, Oct. 16, 1832. Born in Hanover, 
Sept. 15, 1763. About Jan. 6, 1781, he marched in the militia 
company of Capt. John Harris, Lt. Ralph Thomas, Lt. Thomas 
Jones, and Ensign William Jarman to Richmond, where they drew 
arms, and proceeded to the Halfway House, between Williamsburg 
and Yorktown. There they were stationed some time. Was dis- 
charged at Richmond, returning home about March 22. May 4, same 
year, marched under Capt. Nicholas Hammer and Ensign Charles 
Hudson to Albemarle Barracks, and then to the vicinity of Richmond 
to join Gen. Lafayette. After this the army made the "Wild Goose 
Chase," toward Fredericksburg and to the Raccoon Ford on the 
Rapidan, where Gen. Wayne joined the army. Then the march 
was through Orange and Louisa to Watson's Old Fields, where 
declarant was transferred to a company of light infantry under Capt. 
Woodford, Lt. Ruf^in, and Ensign Bacon, of Muhlenberg's com- 
mand. Near Richmond there was a skirmish* with the enemy's light 
horse. The British were followed to Jamestown, where there was a 
smart skirmish from one o'clock till after sunset. He then marched 
with Muhlenberg's, Wagner's, and Campbell's brigades, to Goode's 
bridge on the Appomatox, where he was discharged July 24. A 
few days after his return home he was called out on duty at 
Charlottesville, until after surrender of Cornwallis. The minute men 
were compelled to be in place under penalty of serving six months. 
Applicant was drafted each time. 

Section No. 39 

HIGGINBOTHAM, BENJAMIN.— Amherst, Sept. 17, 1832. 
Born in Amherst, 1757. Called into the militia in 1779, under 
Capt. Richard Ballinger for three months, guarding prisons at Albe- 
marle Barracks. Called again, 1781, under Capt. James Dillard, 
joining Gen. Greene in North Carolina, the day after the battle of 
Guilford, and serving three months. Later the same year served 
three months under Capt. Samuel Higgenbotham, driving cattle to 
Williamsburg for the main army. Was drafted each time. 

74 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 40 

HARTLESS, WILLIAM.— Amherst, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Caroline, 1754. Served in militia at Albemarle Barracks one month 
under Capt. Philip Thurmond in 1779. In 1781 went under Capt. 
James Dillard and joined Gen. Greene after the battle of Guilford. 
Later, same year, went out under Capt. Christian to Yorktown. 
After the surrender of Cornwallis he went to Winchester, conveying 
the prisoners. The last tours were each of three months and on all 
occasions he went out under draft. 

Section No. 41 

HIGGINBOTHAM, JAMES.— Amherst, Dec, 1832. Satis- 
factorily shown to the Court of Monthly Sessions that the said 
Higginbotham entered the Virginia service as Major of militia in 
1776, serving around Williamsburg and continuing in duty as such 
till about 1778, when he was promoted to be Colonel (?), of the 
Ninth Regiment, Virginia Continentals. Continued to serve, princi- 
pally as recruiting officer, till the close of the war. Shown also that 
said Higginbotham died intestate about March, 1813, aged above 
eighty years, leaving as heirs, Joseph C. Higginbotham, George W. 
Higginbotham, James Higginbotham, and Judith (Higginbotham) 
Dillard, but that letters of administration of his estate have never 
been granted. 

Section No. 42 

HARRISON, RICHARD.— Albemarle, Oct. 13, 1832. Born 
in Goochland, Sept. 10, 1757. Moved to Caswell County, N. C, 
1775. March, 1776, volunteered against the tories who rose to 
protect their governor. His officers, Col. Saxton ( ?), Maj. William 
Moore, Capt. Adam Saunders. At Hillsboro troops were organized 
and then marched to Cross Creek, where there was news of the 
defeat of the tories by Col. Caswell, at Long Bridge. Discharged 
after five or six weeks. About December 1, 1776, marched from 
Pittsylvania County, Va., to Georgia under Capt. John Dooley and 
Lt. Boswell Smith. In Georgia, Capt. Thomas Dooley was killed 
bv an Indian. Declarant was now in Continental service for 18 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

months, but then attached to no regiment. Next Captain was Bos- 
well Smith. The troops in the two companies that marched to 
Georgia were promised a bounty of 200 acres, which he never re- 
ceived. All he did get was $8 in money. Discharged in Wilkes 
County, Ga., spring of 1778 and came home. Spring of 1781 
was drafted from Pittsylvania, and marched to siege of Fort Ninety- 
Six, under Capt. James Turner. After Gen. Greene raised this siege 
he was in camp at the high hills of Santee, where his time expired, 
and he was sent back to Virginia in charge of prisoners. This 
service was for three months, eighteen days. In September, 1781, he 
went to the siege of Yorktown as substitute for his employer, John 
Lewis. Fleming Bates was captain. After surrender of Cornwallis 
he conveyed prisoners to Noland's Ferry on the Potomac. Was there 
discharged. Moved to Albemarle, 1784. 

Section No. 43 

HAWK, ISAAC— Pocahontas, Sept. 5, 1832. Born, 1758. En- 
tered service in Hampshire, March 10, 1777, under Capt. Moses 
Hutton, Lt. West Wade, Ensign Andrew Heath. March- 
ed through "Yough (Youghigheny) Glades," to Fort Pitt, and thence 
to Wheeling by command of Gen. Hand. Was at Fort Wheeling 
six months. Jacob Ware and Jacob Crow were there killed by 
Indians, but not in any regular engagement. Aug. 10, 1781, was 
ensign under Capt. George Ball in Lt. Col. James Newell's regi- 
ment, of Hampshire County. Drafted for one month, Oct. 8, 1782, 
and marched from Big Capon, Hampshire County, to the Monoga- 
hela to guard the commissioners while running the line between 
Virginia and Pennsylvania. There was no engagement. 

Section No. 44 

HUTCHISON, WILLIA:\I.— Monroe, Oct. 17, 1835. Born 
in Augusta, 1757. In 1776 volunteered one year under Capt. John 
Henderson to guard the frontier. Began service in May at Cook's 
Fort. ]\Iarched across New River through the present 
County of Giles, then thinly peopled, and served as ranger, being on 

76 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

constant duty. The next spring volunteered under Capt. Archibald 
Wood to serve so long as the Indians might be troublesome. In the 
fall the company marched up Bluestone to the settlement near its 
head, to protect the people gathering their fodder. He v^^as in places 
vv^here probably few persons except Indians had ever been. Thus 
served four years (excepting one year that he and two others were 
detailed as spies by Capt, Woods), arduously and almost constantly 
ranging back and forth from Cook's fort to Wood's fort on Rich 
Creek, The country was wild and mountainous. Frequently he car- 
ried orders in the night time, when he could hear not far off the 
yell, the whistle, or the weary tread of the savage. If orders were to 
be sent express he was the man generally selected. Such service, 
however difficult or dangerous, he always performed, and as he be- 
lieves to the full satisfaction of his captain and fellow-soldiers. 
During the year that himself, Philip Cavender, and Nicholas Wood- 
fin were detailed as spies by Capt. Wood, he served at the imminent 
hazard of his life, lying out by night with no covering but his 
blanket and no shelter but the forest, the scream of the panther or 
the yell of the Indian reminded him of his duty to his country. 
After four years Capt, Gray, of Rockbridge took command of the 
company. In the spring of 1782, all signs of the savage disappearing 
from near the settlements, he left the service. When ordered by 
Capt, Gray to the head of Bluestone, after marching twenty miles, 
all but himself refused to go further. An old man named McGuire 
wished to go to the settlement, and one David Clay showing the 
way, we started and soon found we were pursued by some 10 or 12 
Indians. Sometimes we were in mud to our knees, or in water to 
our necks. At dark the pursuers set up a tremendous yell, but we 
heard no more of them, and at length arrived where we were 
ordered, declarant having traveled 40 miles that day after nine in 
the morning. 

Section No. 45 

HAND, CHRISTOPHER.— Monroe, , 1833. Born in 

Ireland, 1758. Came to Virginia about 1773. Drafted in Augusta 
early in 1781, under Capt. Stevenson and Lt. Smith, of Col. George 
Moffett's regiment. Appointed orderly or first lieutenant. Com- 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

pan}' rendezvoused at Widow Tee's on Middle River, marched to 
Williamsburg, then to Norfolk, then with other militia to Gen. 
Greene's army at Guilford C. H. Was in the battle at that place, 
the Virginians forming the second line. The first line fled, but the 
Virginians stood their ground and fought hard till ordered to retreat 
by Gen. Stevens, their brave commander. A halt was made four 
or five miles from the battleground. The army retreated a little 
farther to Speedwell Iron Works, but returned to South Carolina. 
Discharged about Sept. 1, after serving eight months instead of 
the stipulated six. Was in no other engagement. 

Section No. 46 

JONES, THOMAS.— Made oath in Nelson that he enlisted 
December, 1776, under Capt. James Franklin, and soon made ser- 
geant. Marched to Baltimore and then to Bound Brook, N. J. 
Affiant was often by the side of Franklin in the battle of Brandy- 
wine, and the latter 's conduct was that of a brave officer. Shortly 
before the battle of Germantown Franklin left his company and was 
said to be sick. The company was in the battle, one man being 
killed and several (including declarant), wounded and removed 
to Reading. About one months later Franklin called at hospital 
and told him he was on his way home as his constitution 
would not stand the fatigues of the army. In 1780 at a militia 
muster in Amherst he heard Capt. Franklin asked why he was not 
at his post. The reply was that he returned home to enjoy his 
estate, the same as the inquirer. 

THOMPSON, SMITH.— Made oath in Augusta that he was 
in the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778, and knew a James 
Franklin in Woodford's or Weedon's brigade, said Franklin being 
in the battle; that March 15, 1781, he saw the said Franklin, then a 
captain, in Gen. Greene's army at Guilford C. H., N. C; that 
Franklin was attached to a regiment of Virginia Continentals; that 
he saw him the day after the battle in the tent of Col. John Greene. 

FRANKLIN, JAMES.— Will made, March 11, 1813. Recorded 
in Amherst, August, 13, 1813. Gives his wife eleven negroes and 
his plantation on south side Rutledge Creek. Mentions Nancy C, 

78 ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Sarah W., and Betsy H. Franklin (daughters), and Jeremiah 
Franklin, bequeathing various property to the daughters, including 
a mill. 

Section No. 47 

JARVIS, FIELD.— Monroe, Jan. 21, 1833. Born in West- 
moreland, April 25, 1756. Volunteered in 1776, serving three 
months at the lead mines in Wythe to keep the tories and Indians 
from taking them. His officers were Capt. William Leftridge and 
Lt. Stephen Saunders. When he went out he was living in Bedford. 
Volunteered there in September, 1777, for three months, under Capt. 
John Torbert and Lt. Arthur Mosely, and marched to Yorktown, 
where he served out his time. Moved to Monroe, 1781. Called out 
in 1779 by Col. James Calloway for guard duty at New London, 
Bedford County, the British prisoners taken at the Cowpens being 
confined there and at Lynchburg. In service ten days. Was in no 

Section No. 48 

KINNISON, JACOB.— Pocahontas, Aug. 8, 1833. Born, 1757. 
Volunteered, 1777, under Capt. Mathew Arbuckle, then living in 
Little Levels of Greenbrier. Served the whole ten months at Point 
Pleasant, Arbuckle's subalterns being Lt. James Gilmer and Ensign 
John Williams. Only one company there. At end of ten months 
the Greenbrier men discharged by Gen. Hand, who came from Pitts- 
burgh. A part of that company had enlisted for three years. Shortly 
before applicant was discharged, 700 men arrived at Point Pleasant 
under Colonels Dickenson and Skillern. April 15, 1779, re-entered 
service as Indian spy, and was expected to scour the country from Fork 
Lick on Elk River (including waters of Sleepy Creek, a branch of 
Greenbrier), to Drenna's Fort and Little Levels. Was almost con- 
tinually in service, never being allowed at the fort more than two or 
three days at a time. Discharged October 15th, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 49 

KELLER, CONRAD.— Monroe, Sept. 15, 1834. Enlisted for 
three years in Shenandoah, in 1776 or 1777. Served out said time 
as waiting man to Gen. Muhlenberg. Was drafted two months in 
1781 or 1782, under Capt. Downey at Winchester. Served two 
months more at Fort Frederick on the Potomac. 

Section No. 50 

LEWIS, JESSE.— Albemarle, Oct. 13, 1832. Born in Albe- 
marle, May 13, 1763. Drafted 1780, and served two months at 
Cabin Point under Capt. John Henderson, of Col. Holt Richardson's 
regiment, one Quarles being Major. In May, 1781, he substituted 
for William Eustis, who had been drafted for 18 months' service 
in the regular army, and marched under Capt. Benjamin Harris to 
rendezvoused at Old Chesterfield C. H., where Gen. Steuben w^as in 
command. Next march was to Point of Fork, a depot for military 
stores. On Tarleton's approach there was a retreat southwest to 
Staunton river and then to Hanover, to join the main army under 
Gen. Lafayette. Was at siege of Yorktow^n. After surrender of 
Cornwallis the command marched to winter quarters at Old Cum- 
berland C. H., where declarant fell sick, procured a substitute, and 
received a written discharge from one Ferbecker (Febiger?). Was 
under command of Capt. Kirkpatrick and Lt. Thwait several months. 
His field officers most of the time he believes were Col. Gaskins and 
Maj. Poison. 

Will dated Feb. 10, 1849. Codicil, March 20, 1849. Probated 
April 2, 1849. Mentions, 1, Polly Cravens; 2, Mary, daughter of 
Sophia Johnson; 3, Sarah T. L. Henkle; 4, James A. Henkle; 
5, (daughters) : Jane Barksdale, Elizabeth Maury, Sophia Johnson, 
Sarah F. Henkle; 6, (children of Sarah F. Henkle) : Jesse L., Sarah 
Ann (Craven), Peter H., James A., Sarah T. L. ; 7, IVIichael Johns, 
husband of Sophia. 

Section No. 51 

LOGAN, ALEXANDER.— Amherst, Aug. 22, 1832. Born Oct. 
— , 1761. Served four tours of two months each. In 1780 or 1781 
was at Albemarle Barracks under Capt. Anthony Henderson, Col. 

80 Virginia Militia in" the Revolution" 

Taylor being in command, guarding prisoners. Next time, marched 
again from Fluvanna, under Capt. Samuel Richardson to the Half- 
way House between Yorktown and Hampton. Third tour also 
under Richardson and stationed at Williamsburg. Fourth tour un- 
der Capt. Richard Napper. Was at siege of Yorktown and stationed 
on Gloucester side of York River under ( ?) Col. Taylor, to keep 
enemy from escaping by land, the French fleet blockading the river. 
At one time had a certificate of pay which produced $2.50, being all 
the pay he had ever received. Was in no engagment, but pleased 
his officers. 

Section No. 52 
LANE, HENRY.— Amherst. Sept. 17. 1832. Born in Hanover, 
Nov. 26, 1745. In the spring of 1781 he lay in camp at Deep 
Spring near Williamsburg for four or five weeks, under Capt. Frank 
Coleman, George Stubblefield being Colonel of the SpottSA'lvania 
regiment and one Merriweather of his own. This tour was of three 
months. He paid for two others in beef, the law allowing such ex- 
emption. He next served a month at Albemarle Barracks. 

Section No. 53 

LIVELY, GODRILL.— Monroe, Aug. 19, 1833. Born about 
1762. Drafted in Albemarle in September or October, 1780, under 
Capt. Mast Leake and marched to Cabin Point, where it was thought 
Arnold would land but did not. Discharged at Petersburg after one 
month. Drafted next May or June, serving one month about Rich- 
mond. Late in the fall of 1781 enlisted at Charlottesville for three 
years in the cavalry commanded by Col. (afterward Gen.), Armong 
(Armand?), being in Capt. Barrett's company, and served till the 
end of the war. The regiment was that winter at Charlottesville^ 
then till the next fall at Staunton, and later at Winchester and at 
York, Pa. Discharged after 22 months in said regiment. 

Section No. 54 
MORGAN, WILLIA:^!.— Prince Edward, Sept. 17, 1832. 
Born, 1757. In summer of 1776 enlisted as private under Capt. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Robert Hughes and Lt. Edward Munford, marching from Cumber- 
land County by way of Richmond and Williamsburg to Yorktown, 
where applicant was discharged after two months' service. In April, 

1780, joined a troop of cavalry from Powhatan County, commanded 
by Capt. Littlebury Mosby and Lts. Horatio Turpin and Wade 
Alosby. The troop proceeded by way of Richmond, Williamsburg 
and Bottom's Bridge on Chickahominy to Petersburg, being joined 
meanwhile by a cavalry troop from Dinwiddie. At Petersburg ap- 
plicant was in the battle in w^hich Gen. Steuben was successful (?) 
over the British, who proceeded to Richmond and then down the 
James. At Richmond he was discharged after a 'tour of two months. 
Enlisted, 1777 or 1778, in Powhatan County, and at Old Cumber- 
land C. H., served two months under Col. Mosby as Sergeant of 
the guard. 200 British soldiers were quartered there. February, 

1781, joined a rifle company in Prince Edward, where applicant 
then resided. The company officers were, Capt. Andrew Baker, Lt. 
Joseph Parker, and Ensign Read. It joined Gen. Greene near the 
Dan river, and was attached to a regiment commanded (?) by Col. 
Call, of the Regular service. After one month returned to Prince 
Edward for provisions from the commissary, and then rejoined the 
army, which proceeded to Ramsay's Mill on Deep River. In North 
Carolina he marched under Gen. Robert Lawson to Halifax County, 
where he was discharged after a service of two months. 

Section No. 55 

MATHEWS, PHILIP.— Prince Edward, Aug. 20, 1832. 
Born, 1756. Enlisted in the spring of 1776, under Capt. Charles 
Allen, of Prince Edward, and marched by way of Manchester and 
Williamsburg to Hampton, where Col. Meredith and Maj. James 
took command. After two or three months he marched to Ports- 
mouth and there remained until discharged, in December after a tour 
of seven months. 

Section No, 56 

MARTIN, JOSEPH.— Amherst, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in Fair- 
fax, 1741. In Halifax, 1777, substituted for James Moseley under 
Capt. Moody and Lt. William Denical (?), and went into Pennsyl- 

Virginia Militia ik the Revolution' 

vania on seven months' tour. Served near Head of Elk under Gen. 
Scott, of Washington's army. Still as minute man called out on five 
tours ; once in erecting breastworks at Alexandria, once in guarding' 
that town, two other times guarding Gen. Washington's home, the 
fifth time at Colchester. Does not remember length of tours. Went 
out from Pittsylvania, 1781, under Captains Isaac Clemens and 
Dicks and Lt. David Hunt. Reached home ^larch 11th. 

Section No. 57 

McGLAUGHLIN, JOHN.— Bath, Sept. 11, 1832. Born about 
1763. Went out Jan 1, 1781, under Capt. William Kinkead and 
Lt. Jacob Warwick, of Augusta (now Bath), serving in Col. Samp- 
son Mathew's regiment. Was at Portsmouth three months, and on 
a Sunday morning was in a skirmish with the Britsh near that town. 
In 1782 or 1783, drafted for six months in Rockingham to serve 
against the Indians. Marched then under Capt. William Smith to 
H inkle's Fort on the North Fork (Pendleton County). Was in no 
engagement. Next year went out under Lt. Neil Cain to Tygart's 
Valley and Clarksburg, the company being ordered out by Col 
Benjamin Harrison. 

Section No. 58 

AIcCAUSLAND, ANDREW.— Bath, Sept. 11, 1832. Born, 
July 14, 1757, in Chester County, Pa. Drafted three months, 1777, 
serving under Capt. Samuel Vance and Lt. John Cartmill ; two 
weeks at Warwick's Fort, going then to Clover Lick Fort. In June, 
1777 (or 1778), stationed one month under Capt. Andrew Lockridge 
at Vance's Fort on Back Creek. Drafted January, 1781, for three 
months, and marched under Capt. Thomas Hicklin, Lt. Joseph 
Gwin, and Ensign Thomas Wright to Camp Carson near the Dismal 
Swamp, so as to protect the road between that point and Portsmouth. 
Colonels Sampson Mathews and William Bo\\n,'er were in command. 
In June, same year, drafted 20 days to Williamsburg and Jamestown, 
serving under Capt. David Gwin, Lt. William McCreery, ^"nsign 
Alexander Wright. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 59 

MORGAN, BENJAMIN.— Monroe, Nov. 19, 1832. Born at 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1761. Moved to Berkeley Co., Va., in boyhood. 
In 1778 (1779?), was drafted in the summer for three months under 
Capt. David Kennedy, of the packhorse service to Fort Mcintosh, 
Col. Murray commanding at that post. Except for the last three 
weeks, helped to complete Fort Lawrence on Tuscarora River, seventy 
miles beyond Fort Mcintosh. Discharged at the latter place. He 
saw Lt. Parks lying in a path after being killed by Indians. Volun- 
teered about May 1, 1781, for three months under Capt. Edward 
Davis, marched by Fauquier C. H. and Fredericksburg to a point 
40 miles below Williamsburg, where he joined his battalion, and 
then under Col. Darke and Gen. Lincoln toward North Carolina. 
Before getting that far the men were turned back to Yorktown and 
discharged. Was in no battle. Near Yorktown was pursued by a 
scouting party of British light horse, and in getting over a post 
and rail fence was cut in the shoulder. Drafted same year three 
months under Capt. John Hart and was at siege of Yorktown. 
Was of the guard for the portion of prisoners sent to Frederick, Md. 

Discharged about Christmas. Married Ann , 1784. Died 

Feb. 24, 1836. 

Section No. 60 

NICKLE, ISAAC— Monroe, April 15, 1833. Born, 1752. In 
August or September, 1774, volunteered three months under Capt. 
John Lewis, and was in battle of Point Pleasant. Lt. John Henderson 
was in his company. Drafted from Greenbrier in August, 1777, to 
serve against Indians, under Capt. Mathew Arbuckle, and Col. 
Lewis. Served three weeks on Elk river and rest of three months at 
Point Pleasant. In 1780 (1781?), was drafted for three months 
under Capt. A. Nickle to go toward the Lakes, but owing to the 
condition of his family he hired Thomas Buchinal as substitute, 
giving him a mare worth $50. The troops were commanded by 
Col. Brown. 

84 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 61 

PRYOR, WILLIAM.— Amherst, Oct. 15, 1832. Born in 
Albemarle (now Amherst), about 1752. Moved to the Great 
Kanawha in fall of 1773, and planted corn next spring, but was 
driven back to Amherst by Indians. Was at Point Pleasant, spring 
of 1775, and there saw Capt. Isaac Shelby, who had been left with 
the wounded after the battle the preceding October. Early in 1776 
the Indians were so troublesome that he, with many others had to 
take shelter in the fort at Point Pleasant, and here substituted for 
James Frazer, in the command of Capt. Matthew Arbuckle, who 
was in charge of the fort. The subalterns were Lieutenants Andrew 
Wallace, James Thompson and Ensigns Samuel Wood and James 
McNutt. After serving out eight months for Frazer in the fall 
he enlisted under Arbuckle for two years. About this time Capt. 
William McKee, Lt. James Gilmer, and many privates came to 
Point Pleasant and were stationed under Arbuckle. Was often 
sent on detail with others up the Kanawha to a plantation to get 
corn, and was often a spy or on guard on the Ohio above the fort. 
In the fall of 1777, Colonels Skillern and Dickinson came on an 
expedition against the Shawnee towns. He met this force at the 
mouth of Elk. Among others of them were James Harrison and 
Micajah Goodwin. When they reached the fort, Lt. Gilmer went 
over the Kanawha to shoot turkeys and was there killed by unknown 
Indians. As soon as Gilmer's body was brought to the fort his men 
murdered Cornstalk, his son Ellinipsico, and another Indian, these 
Indians being held as hostages for the safety of the garrison and 
the settlers. While Skillern and Dickenson were at Point Pleasant, 
Gen. Hand, of the Continental army, came from Pittsburg and 
ordered a return, saying it was too late in the season to attack 
Chillicothe and other Indian towns. Hand ordered Arbuckle and 
IVIcKee to shorten the pay and daily allowance of their men, saying 
they feasted too high. When this order was put into execution 
almost every man in the fort shouldered his gun and put on his 
knapsack, resolving to go home. But Col. McDowell told Hand 
of the impolicy of such measure and obtained permission to address 
the men, who on being promised their former pay and allowance, 
returned to duty. He himself took no part in the mutiny. Because 
of the murder of Cornstalk, the Shawnees, in the spring of 1778, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

mustered all their strength and besieged Point Pleasant several days. 
They killed Paddy Sherman and wounded Lt, Gilmer. Finding 
they could not take the fort they killed all the stock of the garrison 
and then started for the Greenbrier settlements. We knew of this 
from the Grenadier Squaw, said to be a sister of Cornstalk. She 
had taken shelter in the fort soon after its erection, and continued 
with us. When her own stock was killed she went out with spirits 
and became intoxicated, but overheard the Indians and told the 
officers of their plans. Capt. McKee then proposed that if any 
two -men would go out and warn the Greenbrier people, he would 
so extend their furloughs as to be equivalent to a discharge, which 
itself he could not grant. John Inchminger and John Logan 
accepted and started, but returned the same evening. Philip Ham- 
mond and myself then agreed to go, but I gave way to my older brother, 
John, whom Hammond preferred and who was more experienced 
in Indian warfare. They were dressed in Indian style by the 
Granadier Squaw, and passed the Indians at some meadow about 
12 miles from Donally's fort. They gave information and the set- 
tlers had been in the fort but a little while when the Indians 
attacked and a dreadful conflict ensued. Capt. Arbuckle was then 
in Greenbrier visiting his family. He and Capt. Lewis raised a 
company and forced their way into the fort. The Indians were 
driven off with much loss and Greenbrier was thus saved. During 
this expedition of the Indians, Gen. Clark stopped at Point Pleasant 
on his way to take Vincennes. In the autumn of 1778, there was 
a man in the fort named Morgan who had been a prisoner among 
the Indians many years. A squaw with him was said to be his 
wife. Morgan was in custody and ironed, and was to be taken to 
his father who had offered a large reward for his return. But 
finding himself lightly guarded, he and the squaw ran off and were 
never again heard of. Suspecting he would reach the Indian towns 
and tell that our time was nearly out, and that many of us would 
soon leave, the officers discharged many, including myself. In 1779 
was drafted from Amherst for a three months' tour a little below 
Richmond. He served under Capt. Samuel Higgenbotham, of -Col. 
Christian's regiment, and among his comrades were Zedekiah Shu- 
maker, William Brown, and Samuel Allen. In 1780, he was out 
three months under Capt. Richard Ballinger, serving at Fort Powha- 
tan, below Richmond, now (1832), Fort Jefferson. Among his com- 

86 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

rades this tour were an elder brother, Nicholas Pryor, and Richard 

Zedekiah Shumaker certified he served with declarant at Point 
Pleasant and below Richmond. 

Note: — In a memorial of James Huston, who moved from the Cow- 
pasture River to Kentucky, in 1783, and died there in 1818, aged 92, it is 
stated that he was out on a scout the day before the attack on Donally's 
Fort, and by means of his dog detected the approach of the Indians, and 
was thus enabled to warn the settlement. Houston's wife was Nancy 
McCreery, and he settled in Fayette County. 

Section No. 62 

PETERS, CHRISTIAN.— Monroe, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
1761. Drafted in Rockingham about June 1, 1779, to go to North 
Fork of South Branch of Potomac against the Indians, marching 
under Capt. Robert Craven. While stationed there the Captain 
received a commission to raise a company under a proclamation of 
the governor of South Carolina, offering 1,000 pounds of tobacco 
($33.33) to each volunteer. Applicant accepted the position of cor- 
poral under said offer. With four others he returned with Capt. 
Craven to Rockingham, after being out about two months. The 
company was soon raised and started south about Sept. 1. At 
Hillsboro they lay two weeks waiting for other troops. They 
marched thence under Gen. Stevens to Cheraw Mills where they join- 
ed the army under Gen. Greene. A detachment was sent out to sur- 
prise some tories at the Black Swamp. The tories dispersed, but 
fourteen prisoners were taken. Part of the detachment was sent back 
with the prisoners, the other part marching to Georgetow^n, where 
twenty-eight prisoners and some supplies were taken. Another guard 
was sent off with the new prisoners, the rest of the force joining 
Gen. Morgan about 36 hours before the battle of the Cowpens. 
In the night the army moved about half a mile to the place chosen 
for a fight. Men were left to keep up the fires till daylight. The 
battle began about sunrise. Declarant was in the riflemen, on the 
right of the army, and in the third company from the right. They 
had the pleasure of taking 600 prisoners. Then the army moved 
back before Cornwallis' army to Salisbury, where declarant's com- 
pany was detailed on the guard to convey the prisoners to Virginia. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

By the time the army was fairly across the Yadkin, the advance of 
the British were on the other bank, but as the river was rising fast, 
they could not cross. The company's baggage wagon was lost, not 
being taken along. At Pittsylvania C. H. they delivered their 
prisoners to the militia of that county and were discharged in Rock- 
ingham in April. Declarant sold his bounty as part pay for a horse. 
In June, 1781, volunteered as sergeant under Capt. Jeremiah Beas- 
ley, and marched to Eastern Virginia, where command was 
attached to the regiment of Col. John Willis and Maj. Rucker, 
Gen. Campbell commanding the brigade. Declarant was in the 
battle of Hot Water, which lasted two hours and ten minutes, the 
Americans falling back to the shelter of Gen. Wayne's army. One 
man of the company was killed and fourteen wounded. In the battle of 
Jamestown, he was on the right, where there was little danger, but 
Gen. Wayne's regular troops suffered very much. Was out this time 
about four months, including a month, consumed in coming and 
going back. Total service, eleven months, in which he carried his 
own rifle, tomahawk, and butcher knife. Affidavit supported by 
John Dunn, a comrade. 

Section No. 63 

ROACH, JONATHAN.— Monroe, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Rockingham, 1761. Enlisted in Orange, February, 1779, under 
Lt. John Goodalls for and during the time the British prisoners 
taken at Saratoga should be kept under guard. Served two years, 
three months, twenty- four days. Officers were Capt. Madison, IVIaj, 
John Roberts, Col. Taylor. Served at Winchester and Charlottesville. 
Discharged in May, 1781. In same year, substituted for James 
Craig, drafted from Rockingham for two months. Served under 
Capt. Smith, Maj. Long, Col. Samuel Lewis. Discharged eight 
miles from Yorktown eight days before surrender of Cornwallis 
Was in no battle. Moved to Monroe, 1785. 

Section No. 64 

ROBERTS, WILSON.— Albemarle, Oct. 12, 1832. Born irt 
Albemarle, May 13, 1762. Volunteered for eighteen months under 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution" 

Lt. Robert Jouett, and rendezvoused at Fredericksburg, April 25, 
1779. The new recruits were there laid off into divisions and 
marched to Baltimore, his own under Capt. ( ?) Howard. Thev 
proceeded by water to the head of Elk, and the vessel running, 
aground, the command marched to the Blue Ball Tavern, thirteen 
miles from Philadelphia. Then they were ordered south, going by 
way of Fredericksburg to Petersburg, where the men w^ere laid off 
into regiments. Declarant was in the Third Regiment, commanded 
by Col. Abraham Buford, of Gen. Scott's brigade. The regiment 
marched south the middle of March, 1780. About this time two 
field pieces were wanted at Charleston, S. C, and declarant's com- 
pany volunteered to guard them. The regiment got within 25 miles 
of Charleston, which then, was under siege. There was then a 
retreat through Camden toward Salisbury. The day after leaving 
Camden they w^ere overtaken at Hanging Rock, otherwise the 
Waxhaw^ Settlement, by the British Light Horse and infantry 
under Tarleton. This according to recollection w^as May 29th, Buford 
was defeated and it was the general opinion that out of about 500 
men not more than 25 got entirely away without harm. Declarant 
made his way to Salisbury, where a remnant gathered and proceeded 
to Chesterfield C. H., Va. The regiment was again made up, still 
under command of Buford, and sent to Hillsboro, N. C, where 
declarant was discharged. About September, 1781, he was drafted 
for two months in the militia, and marched under Capt. Robert 
Sharp, to Richmond. Thinks his colonel was one Richardson. Soon 
after arrival at Yorktown, Cornwallis surrendered, and he was 
ordered back to Richmond to guard some prisoners or refugees. 
He was there discharged by Capt. Falkner, the tour being of two 
or three months. 

Will made Aug. 20, 1836, probated July 3, 1837. Mentions, 
of children : Martha D. Kerby, John W. Roberts, William R. 
Roberts: of grandchildren: Sarah E. and John W. Kerby. Execu- 
tors: J. W. and W. K. Roberts and Fayette F. Kerby. Possessed 
land, negroes, bank stock. 

Section No. 65 
ROBINSON. JOHN.— Monroe, Sept. 17, 1832. Born, 1749. 
Drafted in February, 1780, under Capt. Thomas Wright, of Green- 
brier, for the alleged purpose of going against the Indians at Detroit, 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolutiom 

but was marched by Crytes ( ?) lead mines to the head of Holston, 
and thence to Logan Station, Ky., where it was decided that the 
troops were not to go to Detroit. Marched to McAfee's Station 
on Salt River, where Capt. James Armstrong was in command. 
The major under whom affiant served was Andrew Hamilton. 
Discharged here in August, 1780, his term of service calling for 
twelve months. Reached home the last of August in Company 
with twenty-eight others who had been in the same service. Among 
them were, James Alton, Swift Perry, and Edward Cornwell, all 
now dead; William Bushor, who moved to Kentucky, and James 
and John O'Hara and Thomas Alterberry, whom he knows noth- 
ing of. Was in no battle. In consequence of being from home he 
sustained a loss of $1,600 in the depreciation meanwhile of paper 
money held by him. 

Section No. 66 

SCOTT, WILLIAM.— Prince Edward, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
in Ireland, Dec. 3, 1757. Enlisted 1775 or 1776 from Charlotte 
County for a term of one year in the militia. His company officers 
WTre Capt. Wm. Collier and Lt. Douglas Watson. Joined his regi- 
ment at Petersburg, commanded by Col. Ruffin and Maj. Glenn. 
The march was then by way of Williamsburg and Yorktown to 
Gwin's Island, where there was fighting several days with the British 
under Lord Dunmore. Several, he thinks seven, ships were de- 
stroyed after Dunmore was driven out. The enemy then went up 
the river, the army watching his movements. News arriving that 
the Indians were troublesome on the frontier, the regiment, which 
was armed with rifles, marched to Holston river. A few days 
before its arrival there had been a battle between the vanguard and 
the Indians. The main body of the army went in pursuit, his regi- 
ment, then commanded by Col. Morgan being stationed at Holston 
(Long) Island, where it remained until the time of service expired. 
He had no written discharge because of the unpopularity of Morgan. 
The day before the discharge w^as to take place, the soldiers were 
told they would be mustered for the purpose. Next morning some 
men who wished to show their dislike to the Colonel broke his 
sword near the hilt and shaved the mane and tail of his horse. 

90 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Morgan rode off in a rage without issuing regular discharges, but 
saving he would do so at New London, Bedford County. He 
did not meet the men there nor did they get any written discharge. 
In February, 1778, applicant was drafted in Charlotte for a term, 
he believes, of two years. He hired John Scott as a substitute, 
gave him 100 pounds, and got a discharge for himself from Thomas 
Reed, the same stating the services was from Feb. 10, 1778, to ]March 
16, 1778. The last tour was in 1779, when he was drafted about 
Feb. 1st into Capt. William Morton's Company, and marched south. 
At Salisbury, N. C, the command was joined by other Virginia 
troops and marched through Charlotte and Camden to the main 
army under Gen Lincoln. While there an attempt was made to 
storm a British fort at Stono Ferry, but the attack was repulsed. 
His discharge is dated July 13, 1779, and is signed by Maj. William 
Hubbard, of the Virginia Brigade. Applicant came to America in 
1763, and moved to Prince Edward about 1782. 

Section No. 67 

SIMMONS, JEHU.— Prince Edward, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
in Prince Edward, February, 1762. In 1779 or 1780, his father 
being drafted into the militia, he marched as a substitute under 
Capt. Clark, of Col. George Walker's regiment, both officers being 
of his County. They were ordered to Petersburg, where three 
other companies also assembled. In 1781 he volunteered for a second 
tour under Capt. Ambrose Nelson of Prince Edward and Ensign 
John Woodson and Benjamin Allen of Cumberland. The Com- 
mand marched to join Gen. Greene at Guilford C. H., N. C. He 
was in Col. John Holcomb's regiment of Gen. Lawson's brigade. From 
recollection his major's name was Tucker. His regiment was not 
in the battle at Guilford, but a brother was wounded. Afterwards 
he marched with the army to Ramsay's Mill, where he was dis- 
charged. During the following summer he was drafted as a guard 
in the vicinity of Prince Edward C. H., Cornwallis being expected 
there. This tour he believes was of four weeks. Later in the sum- 
mer he was drafted, and marched under Capt. Bird, of Prince 
Edward, to the siege of Yorktown. Maj. Charles Allen was the 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 91 

superior officer. At Yorktown he was under Col. Beverley Ran- 
dolph, of Gen. Lawson's brigade. His command was detailed to 
convey the British prisoners to Winchester, and having been sick 
some time, he substituted a man in his place. The last tour was of 
four months by recollection, and he was sick some time afterwards. 
In everv case he served full time and was honorably discharged. 

Section No. 68 

SMITH, PHILIP.— Amherst, Oct. 15, 1832. Born in Am- 
herst, 1755. In 1781, marching under Capt. James Franklin, he 
joined Gen. Greene's army in North Carolina the day after the 
battle of Guilford. He was then put under Capt. Younger Lan- 
drum. Col. John Holcomb's regiment. Gen Lawson's brigade. In 
the following summer was in a tour under Capt. Caleb Higgenbot- 
ham, driving cattle from Amherst to supply the army at Williams- 
burg. Served three and four months. Was drafted each time and 
was in no battle. 

Section No. 69 

SHUMAKER, ZEDEKIAH.— Amherst, Oct. 15, 1832. Born 
in Henrico about 1754. Went to the Great Kanawha and there 
resided till 1775, but returned because of Indians. In the autumn 
of 1776, enlisted two years under Lt. William Moore, of Rock- 
bridge, some comrades being John Hogg, John Finney, Samuel 
Peters, and William Hicks, and marched to Point Pleasant. Other 
officers were Capt. William McKee, Lt. James Thompson, and 
Ensign James Gilmer. Capt. Matthew Arbuckle was in command 
at Point Pleasant, his subalterns being Lts, Andrew Wallace 
and Samuel Wood, and Ensign James McNutt. 

Remainder of declaration is substantially the same as that of 
William Pryor. (Sec. 61). He adds that Inchminger and Logan de- 
clared they could not get by the Indians, that the Indians did not be- 
lieve anyone would dare leave the fort, and that the reward offered 
by Morgan's father was $500. Also that Capt. Arbuckle's idea in 
sending off the men before their time was quite out was that other- 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

wise the Indians might waylay them. He served a month or two 
guarding British prisoners at Albemarle Barracks, his Captain being 
Anthony Rucker. 

Section No. 70 

STEUART, EDWARD.— Bath, Sept. 12, 1832. Born, Feb. —, 
1759 in Augusta (now Highland). About 1779 substituted for 
Joseph Beathe, in a three months' tour under Capt. McCreery, at 
Clover Lick Fort. Drafted about 1778, serving two months or 
over at Vance Fort under Capt. Andrew Lockridge. About 1780, 
drafted and served two months against the British. Marched under 
Capt. John McCoy to Richmond and Camp Holly. Drafted three 
months, 1781, serving at the siege of Yorktown, under Capt. Thomas 
Hicklin, Maj. John Wilson, and Col. Samuel Vance. Drafted 
three months, 1782, serving as ensign under Capt. George Poage, 
guarding the Augusta frontier at Clover Lick fort. 

Section No. 71 

STEUART, JOHN.— Bath, Sept. 12, 1832. Born Sept. 6, 
1761, in Augusta (now Highland). Drafted, January, 1781, for 
three months. Marched down James. Crossed the river at Sandy 
Point and joined army next day. Then marched to Suffolk and 
Camp Carson, being stationed at the latter place during the winter. 
In March was marched to Portsmouth and back to Camp Carson, 
where he was discharged, April 10. Officers same as Edward 
Steuart's (Sec. 70). Again drafted three months and was at 
siege of Yorktown, where he was wounded on the hand by a sword 

Section No. 72 

STEUART, JA:VIES.— Bath, Jan. 12, 1833. Born in Augusta 
(now Highland), Jan. 2, 1757. Drafted 1778, or 1779, for three 
months under Capt. Andrew Lockridge, at Clover Lick Fort. A 
year later went out one month under Capt. Thomas Hicklin to 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

guard the frontier, and served at Warwick's Fort. Went out three 
months in 1781 against the British, the company officers being Capt. 
Thomas Hicklin, Lt. Joseph Gwin, Ensign Thomas Wright, and 
the regimental Colonels, Sampson Mathews and William Bowyer. 
They were stationed during the winter at Camp Carson near the 
Dismal Swamp, where he took a prisoner. He was often in scouting 
parties and in March they took some prisoners in a skirmish at 
Portsmouth. Discharged at Camp Carson. Drafted, June, 1781, 
on tour of 20 days, being in Capt. Peter Hull's Company of horse 
of Col. John McCreery's regiment. Was in the battle of James- 
town and then discharged. As substitute for James Carlile, served 
same year a month and ten days. Crossed and recrossed the James 
at Westham, in pursuit of Tarleton. 

Section No. 73 

SALISBURY, WILLIAM.— Pocahontas, Sept. 5, 1832. Born, 
1742. Entered service at Warm Springs in May, 1774, under Capt. 
John Lewis, Lt. Samuel Vance, and Ensign Jacob Warwick, Col. 
Charles Lewis commanding the regiment. Was in battle at Point 
Pleasant. Drafted for three months at Warwick's Fort, 177-. 

Section No. 74 

SHARP, WILLIAM.— Pocahontas, Sept. 4, 1832. Born, 
1740. Indian spy in 1773-'74. In service, summer of 1774 in 
company of Capt. Andrew Lockridge during the Point Pleasant 
campaign. William Mann and himself were sent by Gen. Andrew 
Lewis with a message to Gov. Dunmore, and did not rejoin the 
army till the morning after the battle at Point Pleasant. In Sep- 
tember, 1764, had volunteered under Capt. Charles Lewis in an ex- 
pedition against the Indians on the Muskingum. Returned next 
March. There was no engagement. The Indians gave up their 
captives. Lt. McClenahan was of the company. Colonels Field 
and McNeel were then members of it. Drafted, January, 1781, in 
Company of Capt. William Kincaid and Ensign James Trimble, of 
Col. Samson Mathew's regiment. Was in a skirmish with the 
British at Portsmouth. Discharged, April, 1781. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

Section No. 75 

SANS (SANDS?), SAMUEL.— Monroe, Aug. 22, 1832. 
Born, 1758. Substituted for William Dickey-, who was drafted from 
Augusta late in 1780. Served under Capt. James Tate, whose major 
was Frank Triplett, of Fauquier. The regular officers were, Maj. 
Brooks, Col. Howard, and Gen. Morgan. Was in battle of Cow- 
pens and was with Col. Washington when that officer captured 200 
tories at Rugley's Mills. Discharged at Salisbury, after six months 
tour. Drafted three months in June, 1781, under Capt. John Camp- 
bell, Maj. Long, and Col. Charles Cameron. Was at battle of James- 
town, where he was commanded by Capt. John Dickey and Col. 
Hughart. Was also at Siege df Yorktown, and guarded prisoners to 
Winchester, where he was discharged. (Note: Declarant must have 
been called out twice in 1781). In 1782, substituted three months 
for Hugh Brown against the Indians, and marched under Lt. John 
McCamie (?), serving out his term at Clover Lick. 
Jones and Samuel Clark were comrades. The latter was wounded 
at Jamestown. 

Section No. 76 

SITLINGTON, ROBERT.— Bath, Sept. 26, 1832. Born 
1749. In 1776, went out as substitute two months for Nathan 
Crawford, serving as ranger and spy at Warwick's Fort under Capt. 
John Lewis and Capt. Samuel Vance. Drafted 1777, for two 
months to serve against the Indians at Warwick, and Clover Lick 
Forts, under Capt. Samuel Vance and Lt. John Cartmill. Was in 
no engagement in either tour. Served four or six weeks against the 
British in 1778 or 1779 under Capt, John McCoy. Discharged at 
Richmond. Drafted for six weeks in 1781 and marched under 
Capt. David Gwin to Guilford. Was in the battle there, but icceiv- 
ed no wound. 

Section No. 77 

TAYLOR. JAMES.— Amherst, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in Fair- 
fax, 1757. Went out as minute man from Fairfax in 1777, under 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Capt. Moody and Lt. William Daniel. Served three months in 
Pennsylvania under Gen, Scott, of Washington's army. The corps 
to which he belonged being from Fairfax, it was placed in the 
center. He was afterwards out two tours at Alexandria, two in 
guarding Gen. Washington's estate, and one at Colchester. 

Section No. 78 

TURNER, WILLIAM.— Amherst, Aug. 21, 1832. Born in 
Albemarle, 1760. Served three months at Albemarle Barracks un- 
der Capt. Philip Thurmond. While there Capt. James Garland 
was killed by a sentinel on duty. Later was three months at Rocketts, 
below Richmond under Capt. John Christian. Still later, and again 
as orderly sergeant, he went out under Capt. Younger Landrum 
on the Guilford campaign. The company, which was attached to 
Gen. Lawson's brigade, was not in the battle. The next tour 
was at the Siege of Yorktown, and under Capt. Benjamin Higgin- 
botham. He started as sergeant and on the way was commissioned 
ensign. However, a few days before the capitulation he, his captain, 
and others were discharged as supernumerary officers and ordered 

Section No. 79 

THOMPSON, ROBERT.— Bath, Jan. 8, 1833. Born about 
1755. In 1774 volunteered against the Indians for three months. 
During battle at Point Pleasant was a guard at the Point. The 
battleground was half a mile above. Was under Capt. John 
Dickenson. In 1777, volunteered three months under Capt. Robert 
McCreery, serving at Warwick's Fort. Drafted, 1781, serving as 
lieutenant under Capt. John Brown. Was in battles of Hot Water 
and Jamestown, in Col. Samson Mathews' regiment. 

Section No. 80 

WALKER, WILLIAM T.— Prince Edward, Aug. 21, 1832. 

Born in Amelia, 1757, Drafted in summer of 1778. Marched 

under Capt. Edward Walker to Richmond, thence to Williams- 

96 Virginia Militia ik the Revolution 

burg, where the company remained several weeks, and finally to 
Hampton, where it was regularly discharged, the tour comprising 
about three months. At Hampton there was a report that the 
British were coming down Elk River. Because of the scarcity of 
lead, bullets were made from the lead in the church windows. In 
1779, volunteered as private under Capt. E. Walker, of Amelia, 
and marched to Cabin Point, where the company was discharged, 
the tour covering two or three months. In 1780, volunteered in 
Capt. Philip Holcomb's Cavalry, of Prince Edward County, where 
applicant was now living. IVIarched to Petersburg and used Masonic 
Hall as barracks. This tour was also two or three months. Gen. 
Lawson was here in command. 

Section No. 81 

WOODSON, JOSEPH.— Prince Edward, Sept. 17, 1832. 
Born, 1751. Drafted from Amelia County, 1777, serving under 
Capt. Benjamin Ward two months. Stationed at Petersburg and 
there discharged. In the spring of 1780, the enemy lying off our 
ooast and coming up our rivers, threatened Petersburg and Rich- 
mond, there was a call for 300 militia from Amelia. Applicant 
then served two months under Capt. Watson, of Col. William 
Giles' Regiment. The troops crossed the Appomattox below Peters- 
burg and marched to the Chickahominy, where they were discharged. 
At the close of 1780, or early in 1781, applicant enlisted from 
Amelia in a company of cavalry under Capt. Edmund Walker, 
and marched by Cartersville, Point of Fork, and Albemarle C. H. 
to receive arms. The British w^ere coming up the James and into 
the County. He was discharged in Amelia, never having been at- 
tached to any regular troops. In the spring of 1781, he enlisted in 
the State Legion to serve during the war. The Captain was Peter 
Randolph. The colonel was Everett Meade, and the majors were 
Diggs and Nicholas. The legion marched to Genito Bridge on 
the Appomattox, where it was stationed a short while, and then to 
Richmond to receive arms. Not being able to procure any it was 
stationed near Goode's bridge on the Appomattox, and did not join 
the troops about Jamestown and Yorktown. After the surrender 
of Cornwallis the troops to which applicant belonged were ordered to 
go home, after a service of about nine months, but to hold themselves 
in readiness for a future call, which however, never came. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 82 

WORSHAAI, WILLIAM.— Prince Edward, Aug. 20, 1832. 
Born, 1752. Enlisted for one year from Amelia County, in the First 
Virginia Regiment, in the summer of 1775. The company officers 
were Capt. Markham, First Lt. William Cunningham, Sec'd Lt. 
Joseph Scott, and Ensign Tarleton'Woodson. The regimental officers 
were Col. Patrick Henry, and Major Francis Epps. Soon after his en- 
listment he marched to Winchester, then to Williamsburg, and 
afterwards to Norfolk. On the way to Norfolk the battle of Great 
Bridge took place between the advanced troops under Colonels 
Scott and Marshall, and the British, the latter retreating and after 
a few days of skirmishing embarking on their vessels. Norfolk 
was about this time burned, and the American troops remained to 
the end of his enlistment at Kemp's Landing. Afterwards, declarant 
was commissioned captain of militia, and with Captains Roberts, 
Fitzgerald, and Jones marched to aid the people of North and 
South Carolina, then much annoyed by the British and tories. At 
Halifax, N. C, they remained some time, and being joined by some 
of the militia of that State, were placed under the command of Col. 
Wylie Jones. They had marched near to Charleston about the 
time of Gate's defeat near Camden (Aug., 1780), when the militia 
returned, and his company was discharged in Amelia after a term 
of six months. In the fall of 1780, his company was again ordered 
out, and marched to Richmond and vicinity, being then under the 
command of Col. Abraham Greene and Maj. Philip Jones. After 
about two months the company was discharged. There was another 
call for the Amelia militia, and he marched with his company to 
Petersburg, where after two months of service under Col. Edmund 
Booker, he was discharged. Arnold and Philips appeared around 
Petersburg and Richmond, and the militia were called out frequently 
for short periods. In February, 1781, he again went out with his 
company for three months, and marched to the headquarters of 
Gen. Lafayette at Wilton near Richmond. Cornwallis came up 
from the South, and at Petersburg took general command of the 
British. It was the intention of Lafayette to attack them at differ- 
ent points at the same time. One division under Col. Barbour 
marched to Petersburg, while the other, under Lafayette in person, 
marched around to cross at Goose Island. Applicant was guide to 

ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Lafayette, but Barbour arriving first atacked from Baker's Hill and 
the British retreated, going up the James to Point of Fork. Other 
troops coming in, the Amelia and Chesterfield militia were dis- 
charged at Bird's Ordinary, near Point of Fork. The day after 
his discharge, applicant with Capt. John Kinght, Lt. Archer Wats- 
hall and about 100 soldiers were taken prisoners on their way home 
by Tarleton. His commission was taken from him and he was 
detained as prisoner two months. After the battle of Jamestown, 
in July, he was discharged with the smallpox upon him. He was 
not again in service. 

Section No. 83 

WILTSHIRE, JOHN.— Prince Edward, Jan. 21, 1833. Born 
Feb. 10. 1747. Enlisted for one year under Capt. Robert Watson 
and marched to Augusta, Ga., where the command was attached to 
Col. Joseph Habersham's regiment, of Georgia Continentals. En- 
listed Sept. 1, 1776, and discharged next April because of sickness. 
Drafted ]\Iay 13, 1781, and marched under Ensign Abner Watkins 
from Prince Edward to headquarters at Ratcliff's Old Field, where 
command was attached to Capt. Richard' Allen's Company, of Col. 
Henry Skipwith's regiment and discharged at Malvern Hills, 
Aug. 11th. 

Section No. 84 

WOOD, SOLOMOxN.— Albemarle, Oct. 10, 1832. Born in 
Albemarle, Sept. 2, 1757. Served three tours as militiaman. First 
time went out under Capt. Matthew Leake and Lt, James Garland 
from Hart's store and marched to Cabin Point. Second time, under 
Capt. Nelson Thompson of Col. Reuben Lindsay's regiment, and 
was discharged at Malvern Hills, Third time under Capt, Benja- 
min Harris, Was at Siege of Yorktown, going thence as guard to 
the prisoners to Noland's Ferry on the Potomac where he was dis- 
charged. Drafted each time. Served nine months. 

Will made May 15, 1832, probated Jan. 1, 1833. Wife, Mary. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 99 

Section No. 85 

WILSON, RICHARD.— Amherst, Aug. 23, 1832. Born in 
Caroline, Dec. — , 1762. Drafted as Orderly Sergeant in 1779, 
and marched under Capt. Long to Williamsburg, where he was 
under Gen. Taliaferro guarding lower Virginia. Was in four other 
tours, of three months each, also as Orderly Sergeant. Remembers 
Gen. Lafayette, Gen. Muhlenberg, Col. McWilliams, Col. Mathews 
(at Jamestown), Col Johnston, Col. Innes at siege of Yorktown, 
Maj. Dabney (whom he joined at Culpeper), Maj. Duckleman. 
Maj. Boyce, Maj. Carey (at Yorktown), Captains Jamison and 
Stevens of the Port Royal Infantry, Captains Clark and Taylor, and 
subalterns: Tylor, Hampton, and Woolfolk. Was stationed at Port 
Royal, and during siege of Yorktown at Gloucester, and passed 
through at least thirteen counties. 

Section No. 86 

WANLESS, RALPH.— Pocahontas, Aug. 7, 1832. Born, 1757. 
Drafted from Calfpasture for three months under Capt, McCoy. 
In service half the time. Discharged at Richmond before reaching 
army. Was out two months as spy at Clover Lick under Capt. 
George Poage. Drafted nine months under Capt. Buchanan, serv- 
ing part of said time at Norfolk. 

Section No. 87 

WOODELL, JAMES.— Pocahontas, Sept. 3, 1832. Born, 
1752. Drafted from Augusta, 1774 (?), being stationed at Clover 
Lick six weeks under Capt. George Moffett. Drafted 1777, under 
same captain, and marched under Col, John Dickenson to Point 
Pleasant, where declarant was stationed a short while. Time, three 
months. Drafted, 1778, under Capt. Cooper, Col. Newell's Regi- 
ment, Gen, Woodford's Brigade. , In service one j^ear in Penns}!- 
vania, New Jersey, and New York. Discharged at Middlebrook, 
N, J„ February, 1779. Drafted, 1781, under Capt. John Given, 
of Col. William Bowyer's regiment, of Gen. Campbell's brigade, of 
Gen. Lafayette's army. Was in service three months and in battles 
of Hot Water and Jamestown, Was then First Lieutenant, 

ViRGiMA Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 88 

WICKLEBACK, HENRY.— Monroe, Aug. 22, 1832. Born, 
1755. Known in the army of the Revolution as Henry Squire. 
In December, 1778 (or 1779), entered service for nine months as 
a substitute at Ft. St. Lawrence. He was there under Capt. Uriah 
Springer, of Col. John Gibson's regiment. Gen. Mcintosh being 
in general command. Marched to Ft. Pitt for a month, where he 
was under the command of Capt. W. Springer. Then returned to 
Ft. Mcintosh for the rest of his time. Here again substituted for 
nine months, serving at Forts Mcintosh, Pitt, and Wheeling. 
While at Ft. Mcintosh was out with a scouting party of 15 to 20 
men under Lt. Harris. Were attacked by some 40 Indians, but 
killed many of them. At Fort Pitt was sent out under Gibson and 
Crawford, when the advance guard was attacked by a large party 
of Indians, who were driven off and 10 of them killed. At time 
of entering army he lived in Greenbrier (now Monroe), and was 
employed by James Burnside to pack merchandise to Ft. St. Law- 
rence. It was on one of these trips that he substituted. 

Section No. 89 

WALKER, THOMAS.— Monroe, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
Dec. — , 1764. Drafted in Rockingham four days after becoming 
sixteen, and marched under Capt. Michael Conger, joining Gen. 
Muhlenberg at Stone's Mills near Jamestown. A part of the regi- 
ment including himself marched to Great Bridge, remaining there 
a while and skirmishing. Marched then to Nottaway river, N. C, 
then back to Great Bridge, and then rejoined regiment, marching 
up and down the James till the three months were up. Drafted 
next July under Capt. Richard Riggen, marching to Richmond, then 
down the Pamunkey, crossing the same and joining Gen. Stevens. 
A part of the regiment including* himself recrossed the Pamunkey, 
marched to the mouth of the Chickahominy, then to Williamsburg 
and Yorktown, where he was taken sick and discharged as unfit for 
dutv three days before the surrender of Cornwallis. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 101 

Section No. 90 

WISEMAN, JOSEPH.— Monroe, Aug. 22, 1832. Born in 
Pennsylvania, 1759. Drafted in the first militia from Bucks Co., 
Pa. Went out in August, 1776, under Capt. Thomas Berry, of Col. 
Mark Bird's regiment. Served in new Jersey and discharged at 
Paulus Hook in November. Moved to Rowan County, N. C, 
October, 1777. Volunteered in August or September, 1778, under 
Capt. Nickell and Lt. Chapman. Marched to Mecklenburg, C. H., 
where he was under the command of Col. Lock and Gen. Ruther- 
ford. Marched to the Ten Mile House near Charleston, then to 
the Two Sisters on Savannah river, where he joined Gen. Ashe 
immediately after his defeat, covering the retreat across the Savannah. 
Discharged at Salisbury, N. C, after nine months. July, 1779, 
substituted for three months, marched into Mecklenberg, where he 
was quickly discharged to go home and await further orders. No 
further call was made. Moved to Washington Co., Md., where under 
a call for every ninth militiaman, he was drafted for the war. He 
and eight neighbors, one of whom would have to be similarly drafted, 
hired a substitute for 45 pounds. Came to Monroe, 1794. 

Section No. 91 

YOUNG, JOHN.— Pocahontas, Aug. 8, 1832. Born, 1760. 
Entered service, 1779, under Capt. Ambrose Madison, Lt. Col. 
Francis Taylor, and IVLij. John Roberts, being regimental officers. 
Garland Burnley was an officer in the regiment. Was in no engage- 
ment. ]\Iarched with British prisoners from Albemarle Barracks to 
Winchester, and was there discharged. Was in two previous tours 
under Capts. John Scott and Coursey. Was in no engagement. 

Section No. 92 

ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM.— Augusta, Oct. 26, 1832. Born 
on Little Calfpasture, December 12, 1759. In March, 1779 
(1778?), was drafted for three months under Capt. William 
Kinkead and Ensign James Steele. Rendezvoused at Vance's Fort, 
marching thence to Clover Lick and to West Fork of Monongalia, 

102 ViRGiMA Militia in the Revolution 

where he was discharged in June. No other troops went out with 
the company. Drafted about March 1, 1781, and under Capt. 
Gwin, of Campbell's regiment, joined Greene's army in North 
Carolina. Their horses were then sent home. Was in the battle 
of Guilford. Discharged at Troublesome Iron Works, Rockingham 
County, N, C, one month after leaving home. In July drafted 
again under Capt. James Bell, Lt. John Wackub, and Ensign 
Alexander Crawford, of regiment under Col. Samuel Lewis and 
Maj. William Long. Was at Siege of Yorktown but no other 
engagement. Discharged two days before the surrender of Corn- 

Section No. 93 

AILSTOCK, ABSALOM.— Rockbridge, , 1832? Born 

in Louisa about 1763. Freeborn mulatto. Marched from Louisa 
about Dec. 1, 1780, it being rumored that the British were about 
to land on the coast, and was out four weeks. Regimental officers 
were Col. Fontaine and Maj. Winston. Discharged at Hanover 
C. H. About April 1, 1781, joined the Second Regiment under 
Capt. William Harris, the superior officers being Col. Richardson 
and Maj. Armistead. The British burned the tobacco warehouses 
in Manchester, the ruins of which applicant distinctly saw from 
Richmond side. Brigade stationed a while at Malvern Hills. The 
enemy were in the habit of coming this far up the James in boats, 
each with a gun at either end, their purpose being plunder. Two 
such boats and seventeen prisoners were taken by the regiment. 
Discharged in Spottsylvania in June. Called out next month under 
Capt. Benjamin Harrison and joined Nelson's brigade (called at 
Yorktown the Louisa Brigade), at Williamsburg, Col. Richardson 
being a field officer, but Maj. Martin taking the place of \la]. 
Armistead. After Washington arrived, the brigade marched on 
to Yorktown. During the siege, applicant was employed digging 
intrenchments for batteries and making sand baskets. After the 
French began the battle on Sunday morning, his regiment was put 
into the poplar redoubt for the purpose of charging into a gun battery. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 103 

Section No. 94 

ALVERMAN, JOHN.— Botetourt, Sept. 7, 1832. Born in 
Culpeper, 1757. Volunteered under Capt. Henry Hill. Marched 
to meet, and to guard at Albemarle Barracks, the prisoners taken 
with Burgoyne. Col. James Taylor was in command at the barracks. 
Drafted under Capt. Slaughter, of Col. Barbour's regiment and joined 
Wayne, remaining three months. Drafted about May 1, 1781, 
under Capt. Ambrose Bohannan, joined Gen. Washington's army 
at Malvern Hill, marched thence to Yorktown. Taken sick, put 
in hospital at St. Peter's Church, New Kent County, and then 
discharged, Aug. 11, 1781. 

Section No. 95 

BELL, JOHN.— Augusta, Dec. 22, 1834. Born in Augusta, 
in Long Glade ,Sept. -, 1755. Late in September, 1780, went out 
as ensign for three months under Capt. Thomas Smith. Marched 
from rendezvous at Col. Esam's to just below Richmond, where he 
remained till discharged. No regular troops were there. Early in 
January, 1781, he substituted for his brother Francis, thinking the 
latter too 3'oung to bear the fatigue. Company officers were Capt. 
Joseph Patterson, Lt. Andrew Anderson, Ensign James Poage. From 
former rendezvous marched to Dismal Swamp, where he was dis- 
charged in April. In June called out as ensign for tour stated at 
twenty days, his captain being John Dickey, his lieutenant, Robert 
Campbell. Marched to Jamestown. Was in the battle there and 
in several little skirmishes. James Allen, Francis Gardner, and 
John Crawford were comrades at Jamestown ; also Samuel Bell. 

Section No. 96 

BALSLEY, CHRISTIAN.— Augusta, Aug. 27, 1834. Amenda- 
torv declaration. Served at least twelve months in three tours. 

Section No. 97 
BELL, SAMUEL.— Augusta, July 28, 1834. Born, 1759. 
Drafted for three months in September, 1777, under Capt. George 

104 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Moffett, Lt. Joseph Patterson, Ensign Andrew Anderson. Col. 
John Dickenson and Maj. Samuel McDowell being line officers. 
]VIarched from rendezvous at mouth of Kerr's Creek by way of the 
Big Savannah (Lewisburg), and Walker's Meadows to Point Pleas- 
ant, where there was a fort garrisoned by a company of regulars 
under Capt. Arbuckle. It was understood that the troops were 
destined against Detroit, but in consequence of the late arrival of 
Gen. Hand from Pittsburgh, the expedition was abandoned, and in 
December applicant's command was ordered home, where he arrived 
Christmas eve. About May 1, 1780, applicant substituted for 
Benjamin Brown, a relative who could not leave home without great 
inconvenience. Marched under Ensign John Wilson to Clover 
Lick, where he joined his company under Capt. William Anderson 
and Lt. James Mitchell, and was discharged after three months. 
No other troops were at Clover Lick. In fall of 1780, applicant 
volunteered under Capt. Thomas Smith, Lt. (?), George Craig, 
Ensign John Bell. Marched to Richmond to guard the General 
Assembh'. Several other militia companies were there. Discharged 
after two weeks. Then rejoined (not expecting to march far), Capt, 
Smith's company and marched into North Carolina, overtaking the 
main army at Troublesome Iron Works, the day after the battle of 
Guilford, and returning after a little above one month. The fol- 
lowing May or June, Lt. Robert Kirk applied to Capt. James Bell 
(with whom applicant was serving) for men to help impress horses 
for the regular army. Applicant with a few others was so detailed, 
and served in Bath, etc. 

Section No. 98 

BELL, JOSEPH.— Augusta, Aug. — , 1832. Born in Augusta, 
Feb. — , 1755. Drafted in 1776. Rendezvoused at Lexington about 
July 15, and marched under Capt. John Lyle, of Col. Russell's 
regiment to the Great Island in Holston River, where the troops 
came under the command of Col. William Christian and proceeded 
against the Cherokees. Was stationed a while at a Cherokee town 
and returned after five months. Drafted next year. Marched from 
rendezvous at Staunton, about Sept. 22, 1777, under Capt. Thomas 
Smith, applicant being First Sergeant, and proceeded to Little Levels 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 105 

in Greenbrier, where the men were joined by other troops under 
Colonels John Dickenson, Samuel McDowell, and George Skillern. 
After being a while at Point Pleasant, the army was drawn up and 
Gen. Hand and Col. McDowell rode along the lines, announced the 
surrender of Burgoyne, and discharged the men. Got home middle 
of December. Went out again the middle of April, 1779, under 
Capt. James Trimble, of Col. Sampson Mathews' regiment, to serve 
against the Indians. Rendezvoused at Staunton April 16th, and 
marched to Tygart's Valley, returning in July. Ordered out again 
to rendezvous in Rockfish Gap, 1781, to guard the prisoners taken 
by Gen. Morgan at Cowpens. Last service was as ensign, rendezvous 
at Col. Esam's (Waynesboro), June 6, 1781. Marched under Capt. 
Francis Long, joining the troops of Col. Dandridge, of Gen. 
Lafayette's army. Was in action at Hot Water under Col. Willis ; 
also in battle of Jamestown and at Yorktown during the siege. 
Was out four months. James Davis a comrade. 

Section No. 99 

BAILEY, JOHN.— Kanawha, (W. Va.), , 1833. Draft- 
ed in Albemarle, 1777, under Capt. Landon Jones and Lt. James 
Wood, and attached to First Virginia under Gen. Nelson. Served 
six weeks, and a month later drafted under Capt. John Harris and 
Lt. Ralph Thomas. A third draft under Capt. Mark Leake and 
Lt. John Wharton. Total service, five months. 

Section No. 100 

BUSTER, CLAUDIUS.— Augusta, Sept. 25, 1832. Son of 
John Buster. Born in Albemarle, Nov. 24, 1763. Entered service 
in December, 1780, under Capt. William Grayson, Lt. William 
Gooch, Ensign Francis Montgomery, Orderly Sergeant Taulton 
(Tarlton) Woodson. Given arms at Richmond. Received into army 
at Yorktown by Gen. Nelson. Discharged next March. The com- 
panies of Capt. James Barnett and Capt. Tucker marched from Am- 

ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

herst at same time. The field officers were, Col. Dabney and Maj. 
Campbell. He served between Yorktown and Hampton. One night 
the British sailed up York River, landed at Halfway House, and 
destroyed some property. The Americans had left there the night 
before. Col, Mallory gave them battle, himself and several men 
being killed. In May, 1781, when it was rumored that the British 
were on their way to Richmond, there was a call for a great many 
men from Albemarle, and the following companies went into service : 
Capt. Daniel White's, Capt. Mark Leake's, Capt. Benjamin Harris', 
Capt. John Burke's, and Capt. Laney's. By a proclamation it was 
announced that if men who had served the winter before would now 
volunteer for six weeks, it should stand as a tour (of three months?). 
Applicant and many others so volunteered. His company officers 
were, Capt. Daniel White, Lt. Nathaniel Garland, Ensign Francis 
Montgomery, the whole force marching under Col. Reuben Linsday, 
and joining Gen. Lafayette on his retreat from Richmond. When 
Col. Linsday made return of his men he made no discrimination in 
favor of the volunteers, and all served three months. The army 
marched and countermarched until it fell back to Fauquier County. 
It then moved southwesterly to the Rapidan where it was joined by 
Wayne and Steuben. Col. Toles (Toler?), then took command 
of declarant's regiment. A Maj. IMcIlhany of the regular army, was 
also attached to the regiment. About this time the British cavalry 
got into Charlottesville, ran out the Assembh', and then retreated. 
Our army followed the British, but there was no fighting until the 
vicinity of Williamsburg was reached. There were then skirmishes 
at Hot Water and Hickorynut Church, and a considerable battle 
at Jamestown when the British went on board their ships. Appli- 
cant himself was in no battle. After the British took ship his com- 
pany lay in camp at jMalvern Hills until its discharge in August. 

Section No. 101 

CUNNINGHAM, JOHN.— Rockbridge, Sept. 3, 1832. Born, 
1756. Marched under Capt. Bird in 1776, from Lancaster County, 
to Philadelphia, there transferred to Capt. Patton, and marched on 
to Amboy to join Gen. Robideau. Went out in 1777, also for two 
months, under Capt. White, marching to White Marsh, the British 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 107 

being in Philadelphia. Was under Gen. Irvine, who was Captured 
at Chestnut Hill. Was himself in several skirmishes. In 1781 
served another two months guarding prisoners in Lancaster County, 
Capt, Patton again being his commander. 

Section No. 102 

CARTMILL, HENRY.— Botetourt, Sept. 7, 1832. Born in 
Chester County, Pa., 1754. Removed to Augusta, 1761. Feb. 26, 
1779, commissioned ensign in Botetourt. Upon a requisition for 
troops to go against the Indians in the southwest of Virginia, he 
marched under Capt. James Smith to Nolachucky river, being joined 
on the way by Capt. James Barnett's Company from Roanoke. At 
Nolachucky about 400 men were found under command of Col. 
William Campbell. By a council of war it was determined not to 
pursue any farther. Returned after an absence of over three months, 
the distance to the Nolachucky being about 350 miles. Commissioned 
lieutenant April 14, 1781. Called into service and was at Yorktown 
during the whole siege, being under the command of Capt. James 
Smith. After the surrender he guarded prisoners for some distance 
beyond Williamsburg, when there being more force than was thought 
necessary he was permitted to return home. At the report that 
Donally's Fort in Greenbrier was attacked, he went as ensign under 
Capt. Hugh Logan to the relief of the settlers, but they were met 
by Capt. Hall, who told them the Indians had retired. At another 
time he ranged the mountains between Fincastle and Sweet Springs 
in search of Indians. Himself and many others assembled at the lead 
mines in Wythe to meet Col. Fergerson who was said to be advanc- 
ing from the Carolinas with a large force of tories. After going 
as far as Stone House in Botetourt, they were stopped by Col. Skill- 
ern, commanding the Botetourt militia, until more men could be 
collected. News reaching them that the tories were dispersed, they 
returned home. 

Section No. 103 

CAMPER, JOHN.— Botetourt, Aug. 14, 1832. Born in Fau- 
quier, 1749. Drafted in Shenandoah in 1781 (?). Rendezvoused 

Virginia Militia i\ the Revolution' 

at Steventown (New Market?). Marched under Capt. Nevill, and 
Col. Richard Campbell. Marched to Ft. Mcintosh, then 74 miles 
farther to Yellow Creek. No encounter. Three months' service. 
Went out from Woodstock under Capt. Jacob Wrinker to Cheraw 
Hills, in South Carolina, where the troops went into winter quarters 
under Gen. Stevens. Was sent from there to guard the prisoners 
taken at Cowpens. Discharged at Albemarle Barracks after five 

months' service. 

Section No. 104 

COLVIN, BENJAMIN.— Boone County, Mo., June, 1832. 
Born in Culpeper, 1758. Entered service in April, 1778 (1781?), 
under Capt. Elijah Kirtley, of Culpepper, Col. John Willis, of 
Hanover, commanding the regiment. At first the expectation was 
to join Washington in the North, but news came the British were 
coming up the Potomac. Joined Gen. Morgan at Bird's Ordinary, 
Amelia County. At Bacon's Branch were joined by Gen. Muhlen- 
berg. Moved toward Roanoke, where it was understood Tarleton 
was doing mischief, but he had left. Crossed James twenty miles 
above Richmond and about fifteen miles beyond met Gen. Wayne. 
A few days later a battle at Jamestown lasting two hours by the 
sun. At Hot Water there was a skirmish with a party of British who 
were robbing the country of cattle. They had a great many shut 
up in Gen. Lawson's field, but we got them all away. After James- 
town he was on scout duty and in some light skirmishes. Time was 
out Oct. 20, when the American army was at Bacon's Branch above 
Richmond. A day or two later, without going home he joined 
Capt. Samuel Ferguson's company just arrived from Culpeper and 
raised in affiant's neighborhood. Discharged in January, 1782, 
after service of nine months and ten days. Allowed $31.11 a year. 

Section No. 105 

DAVIDSON, JOHN.— Rockbridge, Aug. 8, 1832. Born in 
Rockbridge, Oct. 29, 1757. Was willing to go out in spring of 
1778, being liable as unmarried man, but was induced bv mother 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

to hire substitute, who served twelve months. Drafted -about June 1, 
1778, serving in Greenbrier. Early in July, 1778 (1779?), served 
fifteen days under Capt. William Lyle driving packhorses loaded 
with flour and bacon to the troops on the frontier. Went out in 
January, 1781, under Capt. Andrew Moore, Lt. John McClung, 
Ensign James McDowell, the regiment being under Col. Bowyer. 
Rendezvous at Red House and marched to Portsmouth, where the 
regiment lay, except a month at Great Bridge. The Nansemond at 
Suffolk was crossed on a floating bridge. At Great Bridge were 
captured two twelve-pounder howitzers and about twelve prisoners. 
At Gum Bridge, near Dismal Swamp, there was a skirmish. Dis- 
charged about April 11th. Marched Aug. 7, 1781, under Capt. 
David Gay, who tried to induce him to be Orderly Sergeant. At 
Richmond the company formed with those of Augusta a battalion. 
Line officers were. Colonels Parker and Willis, and Gen. Muhlenberg. 
Proceeded to RuflSn's Ferry, thence to a point opposite Jamestown, 
5,500 French being camped on north side. Their boats ferried the 
militia across. Then under Col. Samuel Lewis the companies march- 
ed to Yorktown, remaining there till Sept. 14, 1781. 

Section No. 106 

DAVIS, WILLIAM.— Alleghany, , 1833. Born about 

1756. Substituted in Amherst for John Tinsley, serving three 
months under Capt. Pamplin at Albemarle Barracks. Was again 
one month at same place under Capt. Ballinger, and as substitute 
for a young Tinsley. Next served three months for John McDaniel 
under Capt. Tucker, and was discharged at Williamsburg, Was 
detailed as a guard to take some British prisoners to Newport News. 
Next time was drafted three months, and served under Capt. Diliard 
as guard at Amherst C. H. Then volunteered under Capt. Stuart, 
serving eleven days. Colonels Taylor and Bland were in command 
■at Albemarle Barracks. 

Section No. 107 

FULTON, ROBERT.— Augusta, Oct. 28, 1833. Born in 
Augusta, Nov. 18, 1760. Drafted, October, 1780, for three months, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

rendezvous at Waynesboro, and served at Richmond under Capt. 
Samuel McCutcheon, Lt. John McKenn}', and Ensign David Gibson. 
Capt. Francis Long commanded until the arrival at Richmond. 
Drafted next February under Capt. James Tate, Lt. James Mitchell, 
and Ensign John Young, and M^as in battle of Guilford where 
Capt. Tate was killed and declarant taken prisoner. He was put 
into a prison ship in Cape Fear river and there confined till the 
middle of July. It was about Aug. 10th when he reached home, 
being unable to travel faster because of the feebleness produced by 
his confinement and treatment. 

Section No. 108 

GILLIAND, JAMES.— Bath, April 29, 1845. Declaration 
by Sheppard Gilliand, aged 59, son of Susannah Gilliand, widow 
of James. James came from Lancaster County, Pa., before the 
Revolution and settled in Rockingham, from which he went out on 
three tours of duty. One under Capt. George Houston, who gave 
him a discharge, Nov. 9, 1781. Was in a campaign under Gen. 
Mcintosh, James died in 1810. Susanna in 1842, aged 92. 
Children: 1. John, born Nov. 11, 1768; 2. William, Oct. 7, 177-; 
3. Jane, Jan. 3, 177-, married Jacob Lemon; 4. Samuel, April 28, 
1775; 5. Henry, April 6, 1777; 6. Nancy, March 20, 1779, married 
Conrad Lemon; 7. Susanna, May 3, 1781, married John Shanklin; 
8. James, Aug. 10, 1783; 9. Shepherd, Feb. 13, 1786; 10. Sarah, 
May 12, 1788, married Edward Wood; 11. Joseph, Dec. 23, 1790; 
12. Elizabeth, March 6 (?), 1792, married John Cams; 13. Polly, 
June 20, 1796. 

Section No. 109 

HICKMAN, ADAM.— Rockbridge, Sept. 3, 1832. Born in 
Germany, 1762. Came to Rockbridge, 1768. Drafted about Oct. 
1, 1780, under Capt. James (or William) Hall. Marched from 
rendezvous a mile below Lexington to Richmond and Petersburg. 
The company of Capt. Gray, also of Rockbridge, marched at same 
time. Tour was three months. Again drafted, Maj', 1781, marched 
to Sandy Point, where he crossed the James, then to Petersburg, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 111 

where his recollection is that the Appomattox was crossed on a 
flatboat, the bridge having been burned by the enemy. After 
much further marching in this part of the State was discharged in 
August. William Miller, a comrade, certified that declarant was 
in the battle of Hot Water; that when the flat-boat on the Appo- 
mattox was upset by the horses in it, Hickman clung to a rope; 
and that he went by night to Williamsburg with a scouting party 
to surprise the British guard. 

Section No. 110 

HINKLE, HENRY.— Rockbridge, Aug. 5, 1833. Born in 
Pennsylvania, 1750. In 1779, went out from Frederick for three 
months under Capt. George Ball, served two other tours, the last 
extending till after the surrender of Cornwallis. Col. Darke com- 
manded his regiment. Guarded prisoners to Winchester, and was 
discharged about two weeks later. 

Section No. Ill 

HAMILTON, ALEXANDER.— Augusta, Aug. 29, 1833. 
Born in Augusta, Sept. — , 1759. Drafted for the protection of the 
frontier. Marched under Capt. James Trimble through Tygart's 
Valley to Fort Buchanan on West Fork of Monongahela. While 
there was in scouting parties but no battle. He thinks this service 
was in 1779. The discharge was in June, after at least two months 
service. Drafted for same purpose in spring of 1780, marching 
under Capt. John McKittrick from Jennings Gap, remaining a 
while at Fort Dinwiddie and serving the rest of the three months 
at Fort Warwick, from which he was sometimes out on scout duty. 
Third tour was from Waynesboro late in May, 178L Marched 
under Capt. Patrick Buchanan of Col, Thomas Hughart's regiment 
to Richmond and below. Was in battle of Hot Water, June 26th, 
where his brother, James, was severely wounded. Was then detailed 
to attend his brother in a hospital in New Kent, the wound being con- 
sidered dangerous. So remained till his time was out, when his 

Virginia Militia i\- the Revolution' 

brother, John, took his place as nurse. Col. (or Maj.?) Willis com- 
manding their troops at Hot Water under Col. Butler, both being 
of the regular service. 

Section No. 112 

HARRISON, JA:\ I ES.— Rockbridge, Sept. 3, 1832. Born in 
Culpeper, Sept. 4, 1755. In fall of 1777, marched under Capt. 
John Paxton to Point Pleasant by way of Fort Donally. Gen. 
Hand soon arrived from Pittsburgh. Applicant witnessed the death 
of Cornstalk, his son EUinipsico, and two other warriors. Red 
Hawk and Petalla. Returned shortly before Christmas. Gen. 
Hand disbanded the troops because of the lateness of the season and 
short supply of provisions. Applicant was drafted from Amherst in 
the Spring or summer of 1779 to serve under Capt. Shelton in 
guarding the British prisoners at Albemarle Barracks. Col. Taylor, 
of Orange, was in charge of them. The next term, also three months, 
he served there again, under Capt. Ambrose Rucker and Col. Taylor. 
This was the winter of 1780-'81. Next season, while Tarleton was 
above Richmond, he was called out by Col. Hugh Rose, of Amherst, 
to exchange British prisoners at Jamestown and deliver deserters 
from the American ranks (these being at New London, Bedford 
County), to American recruiting officers. Was thus engaged six 
months, and six months longer in patrolling his county twice a 
week to thwart any effort by the tories to disaffect the negroes. 

Section No. 113 

HIGHT, GEORGE.— Rockbridge, Dec. 3, 1832. Born in 
King and Queen, 1755. Removed while young to Amherst. In 
January, 1776, volunteered in Botetourt against the Cherokees, and 
marched under Capt. Gilmore to Crowd's Ferry, now Pattonsburg, 
thence to Long Island on Holston, where he remained till about 
3,000 men had assembled under Col. Christian. They marched for 
four weeks into the Indian country, destroyed five towns, and were 
discharged at Long Island. Enlisted in Rockbridge, Aug. 14, 1777, 
in Col. George Baylor's Light Dragoons to serve during the war. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

In October, joined the regiment at Fredericksburg, remaining there 
five or six weeks, then marching to Reading, Pa., where he was inocu- 
lated for the smallpox. In Februar}^ 1778, the troop marched to 
the Raritan, and next month to Valley Forge. Here the Fourth 
Troop, to which he belonged, commanded by Capt. Cadwallader 
Jones, was employed by Gen. Morgan in preventing the people of the 
county from furnishing supplies to the enemy and in watching the 
movements of the latter. In the action at Monmouth, affiant was 
under the immediate command of Maj. Clough, of Lee's division. 
The regiment then proceeded to Hackensack, remaining there five 
or six weeks, then moving up the river. Sept. 23, it was surprised 
by Gen. Gray while asleep in barns. No quarter was given except 
to the Fourth Troop, all of whom were made prisoners, except 
affiant and John Walker, who escaped by getting in among the 
enemy. Col. Baylor was wounded and Maj. Clough was killed. 
Next day affiant joined the remnant of the regiment and wintered 
at Frederick, Md. In the spring they were joined by the Fourth 
Troop, now exchanged, and by some new recruits. Col. William 
Washington now took command, and they returned to New Jersey, 
again being employed in watching the enemy and preventing trading 
with him. Near the close of 1780, they marched south, arriving 
near Charleston, S. C, in March, 1780. Shortly after, learning 
that Tarleton was on his way from Savannah to Charleston, Wash- 
ington whipped him, taking sixteen prisoners, including a colonel 
and a doctor. But later, Washington was surprised and defeated 
at Alonk's Corner. The attack was so sudden that although the 
horses were saddled and bridled, there was not time to mount. 
Affiant was captured and after being dragged about with the army 
of Cornwallis some ten daj's, was put into a prison ship till after the 
surrender of Charleston. He was then placed in the barracks, there, 
but this being inconvenient to the British, he was again put on 
board a prison ship and confined till about August, when he was 
exchanged at Jamestown, Va. At Malvern Hills he found Capt. 
Cadwallader Jones, and was sent on to Maj. Call of Washington's 
regiment, who was recruiting in Orange, Albemarle, and Goochland. 
After the surrender of Cornwallis he was discharged in South Caro- 
lina, in the fall of 1-782. Bartlett Fitzgerald, a comrade, certifies 
that in Grey's surprise Hight was cut down and left as dead. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 114 

HEWITT, JOHN.— Botetourt, Sept. 5, 1833. Born Nov. 14, 
1763, in Botetourt. Volunteered in Continental Line, Sept. 8, 1780, 
for six months, but order to march did not come till Oct. 27. Went 
out under Capt. James Robinson, Nov. 5, were joined by Capt. 
Alexander Handly's company, and marching under Maj. David 
Campbell joined Morgan two days after the battle of the Cowpens. 
There took the place of the Augusta and Rockbridge militia, who 
were about to be discharged. They acted bravely in the battle and 
guarded the prisoners to Virginia. Affiant's command was sent 
down the Catawba to act in concert with Gen. Davidson at Mc- 
Cowan's Ford, and by felling timber along the bank to prevent the 
enemy from crossing. A few hours after this preparation had been 
made a detachment of the enemy appeared on the opposite bank. 
As we were about to fire on them they retired. Before daylight next 
morning the British opened a heavy artillery fire on Gen. Davidson, 
who commanded lower down the river. After daylight they forced 
the passage and Davidson was killed. Meanwhile in a cold dark 
dash with heavy rain, the affiant's command got into the road on which 
Gen. Morgan was retreating and came up with it on the Yadkin, 
which was very much swollen by the rains. It was daybreak before 
the North Carolina militia got over, and took position a half mile up 
the river from the direct road to Salisbury. Next night they were 
attacked by a strong detachment of infantry supported by cavalry, 
and compelled to retreat. The army got over with the exception of 
a small part of the baggage. The last boat had put off when the 
British cavalry reached the river and fired on it with pistols, but 
without effect. In our skirmish, Capt. Hanley and John Allen 
were taken prisoners and a few men killed. The most of those 
who escaped had to cross the river in canoes. When the scattered 
troops assembled they marched to Guilford C. H., where they were 
permitted to rest a while, the enemy being detained by the flood in 
the Yadkin. Then they marched to Bruce's crossroad on the way 

where Col. was cut to pieces by the British cavalry. The 

retreat continued till the Dan was crossed. After the Yadkin was 
crossed the army was commanded by Col. Williams. From the day 
after the battle of Cowpens they were employed night and day in 
throwing every possible difficulty in the enemy's path. The men 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

were without tents and often without provisions. The fatigue, pri- 
vation, and loss of sleep brought on sickness and death in that in- 
clement season. When the two rifle companies crossed the Dan the 
111 men were reduced to 17, and there were no officers but the 
major, who gave the remnant a verbal discharge, affiant being one 
of the 17. He volunteered Aug. 6, 1781, and marched to the siege 
of Yorktown under Maj. Patrick Locke, and after the surrender 
guarded prisoners to four miles beyond Winchester, where he was 
discharged the middle of November. 

Section No. 115 

JONES, JOHN.— Kanawha, (W. Va.), Jan. 15, 1833. Born 
Feb. 2, 1756, In 1773 he and two others settled on Great Kanawha, 
and next spring driven back to Muddy Creek by Indians. Built 
fort there under orders from Capt. Mathew Arbuckle. Was 
in the battle of Point Pleasant. In the middle of September, 
1776, enlisted as regular soldier under Capt. Arbuckle. First 
Lt. Andrew Wallace, Second Lt. William Wood, Ensign 
John Gallagher. Served at Point Pleasant to close of 1777. 
The command was re-enforced by Botetourt men under Capt. Mc- 
Kee, Lieutenants William and John Moore, and Ensign James 
Gilmer. An attack by the Indians was repulsed and the savages 
then turned to Donally's Fort in Greenbrier. Two bold and daring 
soldiers, dressed in Indian costume, made their way thither and 
apprised the settlers of their danger in time to save them from 
extermination. Was employed as Indian scout in 1778-9 over a 
distance of 60 to 70 miles west of the inhabited section of country. 
William and Leonard Morris and John Patterson were scouts with 
him. Applicant mentions William Arbuckle, then at Ft. Mason. 

Section No. 116 

KELSO, JAMES.— Rockbridge, December 31, 1832. Born 
in Rockbridge, 1761. Drafted into militia service January 10, 
1781, under Capt. James Buchanan, of Col. John Bowyer's regi- 
ment. ^Marched to Fredericksburg, Cabin Point, Smithfield, Ports- 

ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

mouth, and Williamsburg. Was in skirmishes near Portsmouth 
with British scouting parties. Volunteered when Tarleton made 
his raid on Charlottesville, marching to that place from Waynesboro, 
and serving one month. Drafted, September, 1781, under Capt. 
Charles Campbell, and was at Siege of Yorktown, after which 
was detailed to guard the prisoners to Winchester. 

Section No. 117 

KENNERLY, WILLIAM.— Augusta, July 22, 1833. Born 
in Culpeper, Feb. 4, 1752. Volunteered in Augusta, June, 1774, 
to serve against the Indians. Went out under Capt. George Mathews, 
W^illiam Robertson, being First Lieutenant and George Gibson, 
Second. Marched to Warwick's fort, where they joined Capt. 
George Moffett, whose men were building the fort. Declarant was 
left here in command of sixteen men, the rest of the company march- 
ing on to Point Pleasant, and returning after the battle. Discharged 
about Nov. 1st, after serving about four and one-half months. 
About June 1, 1778, was drafted into the Augusta militia. Owing 
to the domestic situation in his own and his father's family, his 
brother being also in service, declarant was asked by Col. Sampson 
Mathews to take charge of a brigade of pack horses to convey pro- 
visions to Fort Mcintosh. He continued in this service till about 
the middle of November. In June, 1781, volunteered with 108 
others as mounted infantry to go to lower Virginia. William Bow- 
yer was captain and Samuel Bell and Charles Cameron were lieu- 
tenants. They joined Gen. Campbell at Richmond, and had a 
skirmish at New Kent C. H., and later at Hot Water. The troops 
marched and countermarched in the vicinity of Williamsburg. 
At the Siege of Yorktown, declarant was furloughed because of 
fever brought on by fatigue and exposure. Discharged late in 
October. Gen. Campbell served under Gen. Wayne. 

Section No. 118 
LEMON, JACOB.— Botetourt, June 7. 1832. Born about 
1762. Enlisted in October, 1780, under Capt. John Tate, and join- 
ed the Southern army in South Carolina, serving in Col. Howard's 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Maryland regiment. Was slightly wounded at Cowpens and dis- 
charged late in Februar}-, 1781, at Salisbury, N. C. Next May was 
drafted, and went out under Capt. John Dickey, marching to Wil- 
liamsburg. Was in the action at Jamestown. Discharged at Camp 
Holly (Bottom's Bridge), sixteen miles below Richmond. Acted 
as sergeant in both tours. Drafted in 1782 under Col. John Moffett 
to guard the frontier at Tygart's Valley. IVIarched under Capt. 
John McKittrick and served full tour of duty. 

Section No. 119 

LEWIS, THOMAS.— Rockingham, Aug. 20, 1832. Born Jan. 
26, 1760. Served in different tours under Captains Nail, Rush, 
and Houston, the last one a service of twenty days against the tories 
on the South Branch in 1781, doing at least ten days' guard duty 
■on prisoners taken at Woodstock, from King's IVIountain. Some of 
them were sick and one died on the road. Served under Capt. 
Houston at Yorktown in 1781, twenty days as lieutenant and adju- 
tant. Drafted in 1781, for eighteen months in regular service Substi- 
tute hired without his knowledge. The tour under Nail, October, 
1776, was against the Indians, who had done mischief that spring and 
summer, and was stationed at Westfall's fort and in Tygart's Val- 
ley. Second tour, under Rush, of Col. Sampson Mathew's com- 
mand. Tour under Capt. George Houston was against Claypole's 
headquarters at Cape Capon. The establishment was entirely broken 
up. Was in battle of Hot Water. 

Section No. 120 

MOORE, WILLIAM.— Rockbridge, Aug. 7, 1832. Served 
three months and fifteen days, including going and returning, under 
Capt. Samuel Wallace, of Rockbridge, and Lt. Edmundson, being 
discharged about April 15, 1781, at Portsmouth. The company 
was in Col. John Bowyer's regiment of Gen. Muhlenberg's brigade. 
As captain of a volunteer company he later marched to Richmond 
soon after Tarleton's incursion to Charleston (?). Was gone about 
three weeks. Marched again about the middle of September, 1781, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

to Yorktown as captain of militia, being under Col. Samuel Lewis 
and Majors Long and Mcllhany. From Yorktown, marched with 
the prisoners to Winchester, and was discharged there in December, 
returning to Rockbridge with not over twenty of the men he had 
taken out. Served also three other short tours. 

Section No. 121 

MILLER, WILLIA^L— Rockbridge, Sept. 3, 1832. Born in 
Pennsylvania, March 1, 1757. Drafted in Rockbridge. Marched 
October 9, 1780, under Capt. James Gilmore, Lt. John Carrothers, 
and Ensign John McCorkle. The last named was wounded in the 
wrist at Cowpens and died of lockjaw. At Hillsboro, N. C, the 
command joined Gen. Greene, was reviewed, and drew muskets. 
It then received orders to join Gen. Smallwood, then between 
Charlotte and Camden. At Salisbury, w^hile on the march, appli- 
cant was taken from his company and ordered to the Catawba to 
guard Garrison's Ferry, being thus engaged for four weeks. When 
applicant was on his way to Smallwood, he heard that Morgan had 
gone to Charlotte and had sent the sick and disabled to the hospital. 
Capt. Gilmer advised applicant to go to hospital, but he preferred 
going on next day with the army. Was prevailed on to remain a 
short while with William Gilmer, a relative to the Captain and 
sick, and then to meet the army as soon as possible. But applicant 
was delayed and when he met his company it was returning from 
the Cowpens with prisoners. Served about seven months. Holds a 
certificate from Auditor of Public Accounts, showing he is entitled 
for his militia service to four pounds, eight shillings ($14.67). 
Came to Rockbridge about 1770. 

Section No. 122 

MASON, JOHN.— Rockbridge, Sept. 3, 1832. Born in Penn- 
sylvania, 1740. Drafted fall of 1777, in Berkeley and marched un- 
der Capt. Evans, of Col. Campbell's regiment. Was in battle of 
Brandywine. Returned home next spring, being in service about 
six months, although the draft was for three. Later, marched from 
Augusta under Capt. Tate and was in battle of Guilford. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 119 

Section No. 123 

McCLAIN, JOHN.— Rockbridge; Aug. 7, 1832. Served one tour 
of three months in Greenbrier under Capt. David Gray, of Rock- 
bridge, in 1778. In 1781 served a tour of three months under 
Capt. Andrew Moore, Lt. John McClung, and Ensign James Mc- 
Dowell. Rendezvoused Jan. 10th at Red House, and served at 
Portsmouth and at Great Bridge near Norfolk under Col. Parker. 
Discharged April 11th. It took about fifteen days to get home. 
The certificate for said services was taken by the sheriff for tax. 
Born in north of Ireland, 1756. 

Section No. 124 

McCUTCHEON, WILLIAM.— Augusta, June 20, 1833. 
Born Nov. 27, 1758. Went into service in 1778, every tenth man 
among the militia who had not families being required to enter 
the regular service for one year. Took the oath June 3, and was 
ordered by Col. Sampson Mathews to drive a wagon from Staunton 
to Valley Forge. The wagon brigade to which he was attached 
was under Wagonmaster David Steele. They crossed the Blue 
Ridge by Rockfish Gap and took up a supply of bacon at Orange 
and Culpeper. Washington's army was met betw^een Morristown, 
N. J., and the Hudson at King's Ferry. Soon after the battle of 
Monmouth they proceeded to White Plains. Declarant then pre- 
sented to Gen. Greene a certificate from Col. Mathews, and asked 
to be returned to the ranks, his duties as wagoner being very 
tiresome. The request w^as refused. Discharged at Raritan River, 
June 1, 1779. Col. Thompson was wagonmaster general. Drafted, 
1780, under Capt. Samuel McCutcheon," and Lt. John McCamie. 
Marched from Widow Tee's (Waynesboro), Sept. 1st, with the com- 
panies of Captains Smith, Long, Dickey and Given, and served three 
months at Richmond as guard, and were in no engagement. Long, the 
senior captain, acted as major. Declarant was Sergeant. Drafted 
in June, 1781, again under McCutchen, George Craig being lieu- 
tenant. The colonel was William Bowyer, the adjutant, Thomas 
Bell. Declarant served twenty days as Orderly Sergeant. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 125 

McKEE, JAMES.— Rockbridge, Jan. 5, 1835. Born in Penn- 
sylvania, March 14, 1752, died in Rockbridge, Aug. 14, 1832. 
Drafted from Rockbridge in Summer of 1776, for a tour of three 
months against the Cherokees, serving under Col. William Christian. 
Served a tour of three months in Greenbrier when the Shawnees 
attacked Donally's Fort. Third tour in fall of 1777, at Point 
Pleasant under Col. John Dickenson, Capt. Charles Campbell, 
and Lt. Samuel Davidson. Fourth tour as Ensign, Jan. 10, 1781, 
to April 25, 1781, and marched to Portsmouth. Was out two 
weeks the following June for two weeks when Tarleton plundered 
Charlottesville. Drafted three months in July and marched to head- 
quarters at Westham near Richmond. Last draft of two months 
in October to march to Yorktown. Total service, seventeen months, 
twenty-nine days. Declaration by Nancy McKee, widow. Left 
a son, John T. 

Section No. 126 

MILAM, RUSH.— Kanawha, (W. Va.), Aug. 21, 1832. Born 
Oct. — , 1759. Entered Bedford County militia, 1780, under Capt. 
Alexander Cummins, Col. ]\Ieriweather's regiment, Gen. Lawson's 

Section No. 127 

O'ROARKE, DAVID,— Shenandoah, Oct. — , 1832. Born 
March 1, 1754. Volunteered three months in 1777, under Capt. 
John Hopkins, and Lt. Richard Regan, and served at Point Pleasant, 
when Colonels Dickenson and Skillern were there. Was not engaged 
with Indians. Went out again, May, 1778, in place of his brother, 
Philemon, who was drafted and had a family. Marched to Tygart's 
Valley under Capt. Robert Craven, Lt. Josiah Harrison, and Ensign 
Joseph Dictum. Served three months. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 128 

PERSINGER, JACOB.— Alleghany, April 15, 1833. Born, 
1749. Enlisted, 1774 ( ?), serving as corporal under Capt. Matthew 

Arbuckle, First Lt. Andrew Wallace, Second Lt. Wood, John 

Galloway, Third Lt., Ensign Samuel Walker, Maj. Nevis com- 
manding the regiment. Left the service, October, 1778. Marched 
from Muddy Creek, Greenbrier, to Pittsburgh, and thence to Point 
Pleasant, where he was discharged. Was in no action. The as- 
sault on the fort at Point Pleasant took place during his absence. 

Section No. 129 

POWERS, WILLIAM.— Shenandoah (?), Oct. 1, 1833. 
Born in Frederick, 1765. Went out in 1781 with Capt. Joseph 
Gregory's company of Indian scouts. Stationed at Power's fort on 
Simpson Creek while spying the country. Went thence to Ohio 
river. Service, nine months. Volunteered as Indian scout, March, 
1782, again serving under Gregory nine months. Went out again 
next march as spy. Was at mouth of Bingaman creek and where 
there had been an old Indian town. Discharged in December. 
During first tour Indians came into the neighborhood and killed 
John Tommis and six of his children and took one prisoner. Another 
time they killed John Owens. In second tour they killed James 
Owens and took Gilbert prisoner. 

Section No. 130 

ROBERTSON, JAMES.— Augusta, Aug. 28, 1833. Born in 
Augusta Nov. 16, 1751. Went out on a draft about Sept. 1, 1777, 
under Capt. George Moffett, marching to Point Pleasant and there re- 
maining until discharged. The field officers were Gen. Hand, Col. 
Smithers, of Augusta, and Maj. Samuel McDowell, of Rockbridge. 
Was in no battle, but saw Cornstalk killed. Marched also to Rich- 
mond under Capt. Thomas Smith, but does not remember the year. 
Last tour, summer of 1781, immediately after Tarleton's raid to 
Charlottesville in an attempt to capture the legislature. Marched 

122 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

under Capt. John Given to near Jamestown, where he was in a 
skirmish. Capt. Given then w^ent home and Capt. Charles -Cameron 
was put in command. Discharged at Bottom's Bridge after a tour 
of three months, which was the common term of service. 

Section No. 131 

SHEPHERDSON, DAVID.— Rockbridge, Dec. 3, 1832. Born 
in Louisa, Aug. 3, 1763. Drafted in fall of 1779 for six months 
under Capt. John Bias, of Louisa. About June 19, 1780, having 
been transferred to Second Virginia Regiment, marched to Hills- 
borough, N. C, where he joined the Southern army under Col, 
Spencer and Gen. Stevens. His lieutenant was Thomas Shelton, 
his ensign, Anthonj' Winston. At Deep River himself and comrades 
nearly perished, having nothing but green crabapples to eat. 200 men 
were sent out to thrash some grain. Was in battle between Gates and 
Cornwallis, Aug. 16th. Affiant and his company retreated to Hills- 
borough and made rendezvous. Provisions soon became so scarce 
there that the captain advised the men to go home and get provisions 
and clothing, their clothing having been lost in the battle near Cam- 
den. So they went home, got suplies, and returned, but were advised 
to go home again, which they did and were honorably acquitted by 
a court martial. Was in active service three months. Drafted three 
months next spring under Capt. Harris. Marched to Williamsburg 
and back to Richmond, where he saw the British burning tobacco, 
etc., in Manchester. This expedition was called the "Wild Goose 
Chase." The company was relieved by another from Louisa. Later, 
was drafted three months under Capt. James Watson, who was 
succeeded by Capt. Samuel Pettis. Was attached to Gen. Weedon's 
brigade and stationed at Glouceester during the siege of Yorktown. 
Moved to Rockbridge, 1815. 

Section No. 132 

SIZER, JOHN.— Botetourt, Jan. 19, 1833. Born in Baltimore 
County, Md., 1759. Moved to Prince William, 1770, Rockingham, 
1777. Volunteered, 1777, under Capt. (afterwards major) Ewell. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 123 

Volunteered for 18 months under Capt. Daniel Smith, marched to 
Fredericksburg, where he was under command of Capt. Adam Wal- 
lace. Enlisted for three years under Capt. Beverly and Col. Heath, 
and marched to Charleston, S. C, where he was transferred to Capt. 
Parker's Company, captured at the surrender of that city, and held 
as prisoner eighteen months. He was exchanged at Jamestown, 
Va., and at Richmond provided with money to get home. Col. 
Heath, Lt. Col. Wallace, and Maj. Stevenson were exchanged at 
same time. Col. Parker, who commanded a half-moon battery at 
Stono, was killed at the taking of Charleston within twenty steps 
of deponent. Volunteered in 1781 to drive a wagon loaded with 
flour from Rockingham to Yorktown, where he was detained during 
the siege to haul ammunition. After the surrender gave up the 
team he had impressed and went home. In service three years. 

Section No. 133 

TATE, JOHN.— Botetourt, Sept. 7, 1832. Born in Augusta, 
Aug. 6, 1761. In 1777, volunteered under Captains Patrick Buc- 
hanan and Thomas Smith, against a body of tories, who had assembled 
near Peaked Mountain. The leaders were put in jail and the fol- 
lowers dispersed. In May, 1778, information came of the Indian 
raid upon Donally's Fort, and the companies of Captains James Tate, 
P. Buchanan, and Francis Long were ordered to the rescue. Decla- 
rant marched under Tate. The companies remained at Fort Savannah 
(Lewisburg) about one month and were then discharged. Lord 
Cornwallis having tried hard to retake the prisoners captured at 
Cowpens, a requisition was made in January, 1781, on Botetourt, 
and Captains Mays, John Cartmill, Matthew Wilson, Holston, and 
Bollar were ordered into service. There was a heavy draft and ap- 
plicant volunteered under Mays. Each man was ordered to provide 
himself with a horse and six days' provisions. The detachment 
marched under Maj. Thomas Rowland. After the Dan was crossed, 
the horses were sent back and the detachment soon joined the army 
under Gen. Greene, on the Haw. In a skirmish several of Mays' 
company were killed, applicant's detachment and the cavalry under 
Col. Lee being sent to bring on an action. A few days later Gen. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Campbell with the militia from Washington County came in. Next 
morning there was a battle on Reedy Fork, when Capt. Mays and 
all his men except applicant and thirteen others left the battlefield 
and went home. A day later, Captains Tate and Smith, from Au- 
gusta, joined the army at Speedwell Iron Works. They wanted ap- 
plicant to join them, but he declined and went home after three 
months' service. About Aug. 1st, he volunteered under Capt. David 
Maj's and marched from Boyd's Ferry near Pattonsburg and march- 
ed to Yorktown, being present during the whole siege. He was then 
sent with prisoners to Winchester, w^here he was discharged after 
three months' service. Discharge was signed by Lt. Wallace Estill. 
Henry Cartmill and John Hewitt were comrades at Yorktown. 

Section No. 134 

VINES, THOMAS.— Rockbridge, Nov. 6, 1832. Born in Am- 
herst, 1756. Drafted to Albemarle Bararcks to guard Burgoyne's 
men. Marched under Capt. Loving and served four months. Colonels 
Burnley and Taylor commanded at the barracks at different times. 
Second tour under Capt. Josiah Martin to guard the prisoners taken 
in Carolina at Winchester, etc. Went out three months as substitute 
for John Campbell, of Augusta, marching under Capt. Given and Lt. 
William Robinson, Col. Robertson commanding the regiment. This 
was when Tarleton plundered Charlottesville. Joined Lafayette's 
army. Was in the battles of Hot Water and Jamestown. Was dis- 
missed at the latter place, and when he reached home found orders 
to march again. Went back in July, under Capt. Christian, Lt. 
William Barnett, Ensign James Bell. Was at the Siege of York- 
town. Prior to this he volunteered under Capt. John Morrison, of 
Amherst, Lt. Thomas Yores, Ensign James Bell. The company was 
to go south, Capt. Morrison having served there. But as Arnold 
had come to Richmond, the command marched there remaining seven 
weeks. The enemy had gone after plundering, burning the rope 
walks, etc. Discharged at Petersburg after three months' service. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 135 

VINEYARD, GEORGE.— Rockbridge, , 18—. Adam 

Hickman certifies that he was reared in the same neighborhood with 
Vineyard and served with him in 1780, and knew him to be in a 
militia company at Richmond, 1781. 

Section No. 136 

V\^ILSON, WILLIAM.— Augusta, Sept. 25, 1832. Born in 
Augusta, Nov. 7, 1745. Volunteered late in August, 1774, under 
Capt. Alexander McClenahan, Lt. William McCutchen, and Ensign 
Joseph Long, and marched to Point Pleasant together with the com- 
panies of Captains John Morrison, Samuel Wilson, George Mathews, 
and John Lewis. Captains McClenahan, Morrison, and Wilson were 
killed, the total loss being about 160. The army then advanced about 
eighty miles toward the Indian towns, returning to Point Pleasant, 
and waited there a week for provisions before resuming the return. 
In second tour volunteered in July, 1776, under Capt. John Lyle, 
Lt. William McCutcheon, and Ensign Joseph Long. From the 
rendezvous at Lexington the troops marched under Col. William 
Christian to the Holston river to protect the frontier against the 
Indians. There were only some light skirmishes. Disbanded in 
December. Drafted in 1781, serving under Capt. Thomas Rankin, 
Lt. Alexander Scott, and Ensign William Buchanan, his colonels 
being Sampson Mathews and William Bowyer. Rendezvous at 
Waynesboro, Jan. 11th, marching to Richmond, then Fredericksburg, 
then Portsmouth, where they joined Gen. Steuben's army. Was in 
two slight skirmishes. Disbanded at Portsmouth. Next volunteered 
in cavalry company under Capt. Zachariah Johnson, Lt. Charles 
Rankin, and Ensign Richard Madison. Marched about June 1st 
for Richmond, the British then retiring toward Williamsburg and 
the Americans pursuing. After the battle of Jamestown the troop 
returned, in August. His colonel was William Christian. Total 
service, about fifteen months. 

126 ViRGiKiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Section No. 137 

WILEY, ANDREW.— Rockbridge. , 1832. Born in 

Rockbridge, July — , 1756. Drafted by Thomas Vance in 1777 
to drive cattle to Point Pleasant. Went as far as mouth of Elk, 
where the company met a detachment from the fort to receive the 
cattle. Discharged after forty-two days. About March 1, 1778, 
entered the Continental service in the Virginia Line. Marched 
under Capt. Robert Sawyers to White Plains, N. Y., where the 
command joined Gen. ^Morgan, and applicant remained with him 
during the remainder of his term of twelve months, being discharged 
at Noland Ferry on the Potomac about May 10, 1779. Capt. 
Sawyer soon returned home and Capt, Andrew Wallace was killed 
in battle at Hanging Rock in the Carolinas. For this service he 
received about $6.00. In 1780-'81, he served as substitute under 
Capt. James Hall, and marched with two other companies under 
Captains Campbell and David Gray, and at Deep Run Church 
near Richmond joined Gen. Muhlenberg. Thence they marched 
down the north side of James above a battery near a British en- 
campment opposite Norfolk, thence by Portsmouth, to Richmond, 
where he was discharged. Was in no skirmish. Again drafted three 
months about April 1, 1781, under Capt. Hoyd (Lloyd?), then of 
Botetourt, and joined Greene's army at Guilford. Was in the battle 
there, the Carolina militia forming the first line, the Virginia 
militia the second, and the Continentals the third. The Carolina 
men broke and ran at the outset. The riflemen to which applicant 
belonged were on the left, and when the Carolina men retreated, 
the British forces came down upon a ridge between the riflemen of 
the left wing and the command of Col. Campbell, who as applicant 
believes brought on the action. The enemy were swept off by the 
Virginia riflemen, but formed again and again, until finally they 
came down upon the ridge in columns, twelve and sixteen men 
deep, and were compelled (which party?) to ground their arms. 
Gen. Stevens was wounded and Capt. Tilford killed. 

John Wiley certified that Andrew Wiley marched against the 
Whiskey boys (1794). 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 127 

Section No. 138 

WYSONG, FIATT.— Botetourt, Sept. 6, 1832. Born in York 
Co., Pa. Removed to Shepherdstown, (W. Va.) Drafted into militia 
service under Col. Morrison, remaining about five months. Com- 
pany officers, Capt. Josiah Swearingen, Lt. Isaac Johns. Marched 
to Ft. Mcintosh, thence under Gen. Mcintosh to the Muskingum, 
where a fort was built. Discharged at Ft. Mcintosh. While there 
saw Col. Richard Campbell, who was killed at Eutaw. In July, 1781, 
drafted and marched under Capt. Joseph Looney, Lt. Tosh, and 
Ensign William McClenahan to Battalion (Bottom's) Bridge below 
Richmond, and then to Yorktown, being present at the siege. Dis- 
charged in October. 

Note: — There was a Capt. Looney in Botetourt and this was 

probably a company from that County. 

Section No. 139 

WILTSHIRE, JOHN.— Prince Edward, Jan. 21, 1833. Born 
in Lancaster County, Pa., Aug. — , 1760. Came to Augusta in 
childhood. Entered militia service in September, 1775 (1777?), 
under Capt. William All and Lt. Jacob Pence, who raised a company 
to repel the Indians. The command marched by South Branch of 
Potomac to Hackett's Creek, which it garrisoned three months. 
Early in May, 1778, he went 'out under Capt. William (Robert?) 
Craven to succor Tygart's Valley, where several murders had taken 
place the preceding fall. The company marched across the Calf- 
pasture and Bullpasture to the head of the Greenbrier, thence to 
the head of Tygart's Valley. Next September he went under Capt. 
Robert Cravens, of Col. Benjamin Harrison's regiment, to 
Ft. Mcintosh. Just two years later, served again under Craven in 
Morgan's army in the South. In March, 1783, moved to Point 
Pleasant. Served as scout from 1782 to 1793 under Capt. William 
Clendennin and Col. George Clendennin. David Roberts was also 

a scout in 1789. In August, 1790, fort was captured by 


128 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 140 

ANSON, CHRISTOPHER.— Rockingham, Sept. 17, 1832. 
Born in Culpeper, 1759. Served first in 1778, under Capt. Robert 
Cravens at Koontz' Fort, Tygart's Valley. Next year served under 
Cravens as substitute for Peter Conrad. Served four years in all. 
In the south was under Col. Stubblefield, of Greene's army. At 
the Yorktown siege was orderly sergeant under Capt. ^lichael 

Section No. 141 

ALLEE, DAVID.— Cooper County, IVIo., :May 6, 1833. Born 
in Pittsylvania, Va., April 25, 1762. Served in Henry, Spring of 
1777 (1778?), under Capt. Peter Herston, Lt. William Ferguson. 
Joined seven other companies under Colonels Shelby and Christie, 
and on the French Broad the companies divided and went in differ- 
ent directions in pursuit of the Cherokees. They marched to the 
towns of Choto, Chilhowie, and Tuckaluckee. On the return they 
remained at Long Island on the Holston until Christie's treaty 
with the Cherokees was concluded. This service was six months. 
July, 1778, went out from Botetourt under Capt. Thomas Cum- 
mings, and Col. Charles Lynch. Had a fight with tories at the 
head of Little River in Botetourt, where they took Job Hale and Wil- 
liam Terry, two tory captains. At Sinking Creek, in Montgomery, 
they disarmed a good many tories, and at Tom's Creek in Wythe, 
they disarmed others. Here they were discharged. Then volun- 
teered under Capt. Joshua Martin, of Col. Abraham Penn's regi- 
ment, marched to the Dan River, and as the British were not in 
Virginia as reported, they were discharged, just after the battle of 
Guilford. Volunteered six months in the rangers under Capt. 
Arbuckle, who scouted the country from Daniel Rand's bottom on 
New River to Point Pleasant. Served another six months under 
Capt. Arbuckle and Col. Floyd, being stationed at Point Pleasant 
to watch the frontiers. 

Virginia Militia in- the Revolution 

Section No. 142 

ANDERSOxN, JACOB.— Montgomery, Sept. 3, 1832. Born 
July 3, 1758. Volunteered in Frederick under Capt. Charles 
Thurston and marched into New Jersey to join Lord Sterling. Was 
in skirmishes at Piscataway and Quibbletown, and discharged in 
April. 1777. Then drafted for three months under Capt. Helms, 
of Gen. Potter's brigade. Discharged at Chestnut Ridge near 
Philadelphia. In fall of 1778 enlisted under Capt. Gilkeson for 
one year to guard the prisoners at Frederick, Col. Smith being in 
command there. Joined a troop of horse in Baltimore, and march- 
ed to Philadelphia, where he was discharged. Drafted for eighteen 
months in 1781, and hired a substitute, but declarant had to give 
his obligation to Col. Darke to fill the place if it came to his 
term, but he did not go into service again. 

Section No. 143 

BOLLING, ROBERT.— From letter by same in 1835. Born 
1762. Volunteered in spring of 1778, in Hanover, in a troop of 
100 cavalry under Capt. Thomas Nelson, of Yorktown, First Lt. 
George Nicholas, of Albemarle, Second Lt. Hugh Nelson, brother 
to Thomas. Troop raised for twelve months in pursuance of act 
of Congress. After being well disciplined, proceeded to Philadelphia, 
where command was told its services were not then necessary and 
was discharged Aug. 8th, with thanks of Congress in printed resolu- 
tions. Himself, early in 1780, as captain, raised a troop south of 
the James, Col. Bannister, of Dinwiddle, commanding the militia. 
Marched the troop into actual service under Col. Parker, of Gen. 
Muhlenberg's brigade, and held possession some time of Norfolk 
and Portsmouth. Early next spring resumed duty, new recruits 
having joined the troop, and remained in service till after the sur- 
render of Cornwallis. In ]\Iay a British force under Benedict 
Arnold captured Petersburg after a gallant resistance by the militia 
under Gen. Steuben. Was present in the action. Gen. Philips, 
who succeeded Arnold died at Petersburg a few days later in the 
home of writer's mother, Mrs. Mary M. Boiling. She with four 
single daughters were made prisoners. Cornwallis took command a 


ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

few days later. Previous to the juncture of his force with Arnold's, 
writer went into North Carolina with a part of his troop to get 
information of the movements of Cornwallis. Two members, John 
Butts and Thomas Walker, were here captured. Writer was also 
in a skirmish seven miles below Petersburg. 

Roster of Capt. Robert Boiling's Troop. 

Boiling, Robert, Captain Scott, John, First Lt. 

Broadnax, William, Second Lt. Briggs, John H., Ensign. 

Atkinson, John 
Atkinson, Roger 
Avery, Edward 
Bland, Richard 
Boiling, Thomas T. 
Bonner, Jeremiah 
Barton, William 
Butts, John 
George, Frederick 
Goodwin, Esau 
Hodges, Robert 
Howell, John 
Hudson, Tuttle 
Hudson, Irby 
Kate, John 
Kirkland, Benjamin 


Lanier, Thomas 
Morrison, John 
Nicholas, John 
North, John 
Parkham, Nicholas 
Randolph, Bret 
Randolph, Henry 
Scott, William 
Shore, William 
Smith, John 
Starke, John 
Stewart, Francis 
Walker, Thomas 
Walker, Robert 
Walker, David 
Watkins, John 
Woodliff, Peter. 

John Butts married Mary Anne, daughter of Daniel P. Clair- 
borne and Mary A. (Maury) Claiborne. 

Section No. 144 

BOTT, FREDERICK.— Montgomery, Nov. 6, 1832. Born 
Oct. — , 1737. Volunteered in Dinwiddie, 1779, under Col. John 
Bannister to form one of a guard of twelve men and orderly sergeant 
to guard munitions of war at Petersburg. Was to serve eighteen 
months with privilege of hiring a substitute in case he did not 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

retain his health. Fell sick after six months and hired substitute. 
Volunteered from Halifax under Capt. John Falkner and was at 
siege of Yorktown. Officers were, Capt. Fleming Bates, Col. 
Richardson, Gen. Samson (?). 

Section No. 145 

BELL, ROBERT.— Montgomery, Aug. 5, 1833. Born, 1759. 
Resident of County since 1762. Drafted 1776 (?), and served one 
month under Sergeant Aaron Scaggs on the Bluestone to guard 
Mares' ( ?) and McGuire's stations from the Indians, with whom 
there was frequent fighting. Three months later called out there 
again under Col. Preston and Sergeant Mace Tacy. Third tour 
was under Capt. Burnes against the tories at Buffalo Pond, Collin's 
mill, and the Wythe lead mine. Under Capt. Abraham Trigg 
marched into North Carolina and had a battle with the tories at 
Shallow Ford on the Yadkin. The wounded were left at Salem 
under ph^'sicians. Col. Preston and Maj. Joseph Cloyd were in 

Section No. 146 

CHARLTON, FRANCIS.— Montgomery, Feb. 4, 1833. Born 
Feb. 3, 1759. Went out in 1777 under Capt. Joseph Cloyd, Lt. 
Henry Patton, and Lt. Isaac Lorton, serving in April and July 
against the Indians on the Greenbrier and Giles frontiers. Second 
tour at same place under Capt. Daniel Trigg and Lt. McGee. 
Third tour, under Col. William Preston, was to disperse the tories 
in Montgomery who had turned out to meet the British advancing 
from the Carolinas. Col. Skillern was ordered from Botetourt for 
the same purpose. Fourth term under Capt. Daniel Trigg and Maj. 
Thomas Quirk was to guard the lead mines in Wythe from the 
British and tories. Volunteered from latter place under Capt. Isaac 
Taylor and went with the U. S. troops. Fifth term on Bluestone 
and in Abb's Valley, under Capt. John Preston, The ordeV was 
because of the murder of the Moore family by the Indians. Total 
service, seven months. 

132 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 147 

CLARK, MATTHEW.— Anderson, S. C, Oct. 5, 1832. Born 
in Goochland, Feb. 7, 1763. Before he was sixteen and therefore 
under age, he was permitted to join Capt. Hatcher's company, line 
officers being Col. Fleming and Maj. Morris. Was at siege of 
Yorktown, and then on detached service under Capt. Pier to con- 
vey away the prisoners. Before arriving at the military prison, he 
was left to take care of some who were sick. 

Section No. 148 

GRAVES, THOMAS.— Lincoln County, Mo., Sept. 17, 1832. 
Born in Culpeper, 1747. In 1775 went out under Capt. John 
Thorn and six other officers against Gov. Dunmore, who was trying 
to lock the wheels of government and stir up the Indians, and we 
drove him on board his vessels. We were governed by a body of 
wise men, like Patrick Henry and Edmund Pendleton, who found 
is in provisions and supported us upwards of six weeks, dismissing 
us with thanks. In 1776, the men were organized into divisions. 
Applicant was orderly sergeant under Capt. Bohannon, and march- 
ed to Norfolk and Long Bridge, being out three months. In 1777 
ordered out when the British landed at Head of Elk and steered 
for Philadelphia. Went as orderh' under Capt. Hill, Maj. William 
Roberts commanding the four Culpeper companies. We joined 
Washington above Philadelphia and were in the battle of German- 
town. Soon after, we were put under regular officers, and sent 
down against the enemy's position at Philadelphia, where we felt 
some of the horrors of w^ir. We marched and maneuvered day 
and night, sometimes in full view of the enemy's main army. Sel- 
dom an hour passed but we were shedding blood. We continued in 
perils of cold, hunger, and fatigue, our bed on the cold ground and 
our covering the canopy of the heavens. After six months we re- 
turned for winter quarters, without clothes and barefooted. In 
1778, applicant was sergeant at the barracks guarding Burgoj^ne's 
troops until promoted by Maj. Roberts to be quartermaster vice 
James Straughton, also promoted. Was out four months. In 
1781, called out in June, when the British took Richmond and 

Virginia Militia im the Revolution 133 

made a raid to Charlottesville. Went as orderly under Capt. 
Ferguson. Joined the army under Lafayette and marched to York- 
town, where applicant was discharged. Two brothers were in the 
command, and one, Lewis Graves, being sick, substituted for him. 
After the surrender, applicant serving in a Berkeley company under 
Col. Hopkins (Clopham?) and Maj. Welch, helped to secure the 
prisoners. Was out about nine months. In the northern service 
was under Maj. William Roberts. Hired Lewis Prince as sub- 
stitute eighteen months, paying him $250 and a good suit. Moved 
to Missouri, 1824. Died, March 14, 1834. Thomas N., the 
onlv son. 

Section No. 149 

HATTON, REUBEN.— Boone County, Mo., June 26, 1833. 
Born, 1762. Volunteered from Amelia, Oct. 1, 1780, under Capt. 
John ( ?) Ward, of Col. Mason's regiment and Gen. Lawson's 
brigade. Served as sergeant three months. Marched to Smithfield. 
Volunteered next February under Capt. Ford, and joined army at 
Westham above Richmond. Served three months as orderly ser- 
geant around Richmond and Malvern Hills. From this point 
moved back, the enemy close upon us, but no battle. Gen. Wayne 
joined us at Culpepper, where declarant was discharged, in June. 
Then rejoined army in Orange under Capt. Edward Booker. Dis- 
charged in September and before he reached home heard that Corn- 

wallis was taken. Married Joanne , Sept. 20, 1782. Died 

Aug. 16, 1841. Moved to Kentucky, 1794, and lodged in David 
Crevis' stillhouse until he could build. 

Section No. 150 

HOWE, DANIEL.— Montgomery, June 3, 1833. Born, 1758. 
Served seven tours of one month each, twice as lieutenant. Also 
one month in the Cherokee war under Capt. James McCorkle. 

134 ViRGiMA Militia in the Revolution' 

Section No. 151 

HARRIS, JOHN.— Pittsylvania, 1832. Born, 1755. Marched 
from said County, June 11, 1780, under Capt. Isaac Clement and 
Benjamin Duncan to Hillsboro, N. C, joining the Third Virginia 
under Col. Glenn, of Stevens' brigade. At Massey's Ferry, Pedee 
river, declarant was left in a guard of 200 under Maj. Conoway to 
guard ferry and secure the boats, the main army moving on. After 
Gates' defeat many Virginia militia and others rendezvoused with the 
guard, and then all retired northward. Declarant discharged at Guil- 
ford C. H., in September at end of a three months' tour. Drafted 
next month and marched under Capt. James Brewer to Hillsboro. 
Transferred to Capt. Peter Mays, of Col. Stubblefield's regiment, and 
marched to Salisbury. Taken sick there. September, 1781, drafted 
under Capt. Charles Hutchings to march to siege of Yorktown, 
but being unable to travel was furloughed with orders to rejoin 
command as soon as possible. Was on the way to the front, 
when several of company were met telling of the surrender. Was 
out on other brief tours. Thomas Williams was a comrade at 
]\Iassey's Ferrv. 

Section No. 152 

JONES, DAVID.— Cooper County, ^VIo., IVIay 6, 1833. Born 
in Pittsylvania, 1761. Enlisted from Henry, Spring of 1777, un- 
der Capt. Peter Herston and Lt. Ferguson. Marched to Long 
Island of Holston River, joined the army under Colonels Shelby 
and Christy. There a treaty was made. Service, three months. 
Next served under Capt. Ruble and Maj. Walker as Second Ser- 
geant, and marched to Yorktown, where he joined Gen. Lawson's 
brigade. Discharged after surrender of Cornwallis. John Ross was 
a comrade. 

Section No. 153 

KING, WILLIAM.— Montgomery, Jan. 7, 1833. Born about 
1755. Enlisted in Bedford, 1778, for two months as guard at the 
lead mines in Wythe under Capt. Robert Adams, Lt. M. Reynolds, 

V^iRGiN'iA Militia in the Revolution 135 

and Col. Charles Lynch. Next spring his father, Avra King, being 
drafted by Capt. Charles Watkins, and Lt. Thomas Logwood, he 
went as substitute. They started for Jamestown, but were met 
by an express with the information that as the enemy had left their 
aid was not necessary. About fifteen days later, went as substitute 
for James Mays ,serving under Capt. Nathaniel Tate, Lt. Stephen 
Goggin, and Ensign Richard Edmondson, and marched to join Gen. 
Gates at Charlotte, N. C. Went into winter quarters at Cheraw 
Hills, S. C. During this march Gen. Greene assumed command 
and ordered Gates to Philadelphia under guard. Declarant march- 
ed under Capt. Isaac Webb, Lt. Charles Webb, and Ensign Wil- 
liam Triplett to Mecklenberg, Va., as guard over baggage wagons 
and live hogs. Discharged at Bannister's Bridge. Following August, 
declarant volunteered under Col. Benjamin Logan to guard the 
Kentucky frontier, serving as minute man and scout. Logan joined 
Gen. Clarke at Bryant Station and marched to mouth of Licking 
River, where the regular troops were met. Marched to the Indian 
town at Standing Stone on the Great Miami, which with six others 
the declarant helped to burn. Army disbanded at mouth of Licking. 

Section No. 154 

LUCAS, BASIL.— Frederick, Va. , 1835. Listed in pen- 
sion list as sergeant in Virginia militia. Born Aug. 12, 1757. En- 
listed for four years in ^Maryland Line, Continental service, Capt. 
Resin Ball's Company of Col. Thomas Price's regiment. Died in 
Winchester, Sept. — , 1841, leaving a widow, Elizabeth. 

Section No. 155 

LUCAS, JOHN.— Montgomery, Aug. 8, 1832. Born July 15, 
1749. Went out as captain about 1780 under Col. William Pres- 
ton, and Lt. Col. Walter Crockett, and served at least six months. 
Was out twice afterwards under same officers. Resigned at end of 
war. Went into the Carolinas under Crockett to convey some 
British and tories from South Carolina to Moravian Tow^n (Salem), 
N. C. Was engaged frequently in Alontgomery, and under Preston 
surprised and captured some tories under Capt. McDonald. Was 
then detailed to guard them. 

136 Virginia Militia in the Revolution" 

Section No. 156 

LEWIS, ANDREW.— Montgomery, Nov. 7, 1832. Born Oct. 
— , 1758. Volunteered from Botetourt in February-, 1779, under 
Capt. Joseph Crockett and Lt, Robert Savers. Was stationed with 
other forces at Williamsburg till discharged in ^lav. Gen. Andrew 
Lewis, his father, was commandant. No enemy appeared on land. 
Later in same year volunteered under Capt. William McClenahan 
and went into Montgomery against some tories who had organized 
for active service. The forces w^ere under Col. William Preston 
and were engaged a month. Went again in same year against them 
as volunteer under Capt. James Barnett and Col. Hugh Crockett. 
Marched w-ith other forces from Ft. Chiswell to Ramseur's Mill, 
N. C, where the British and tories had just been defeated, this fact 
determining the officers to return, the war lasting two months. 
Went out in February, 1781, under Capt. William McClenahan 
and Col. Hugh Crockett, and joined Greene's army in North 
Carolina. Declarant was in the engagement at Alamance and Reedy 
Fork. At Guilford was on outpost duty, under Colonels Williams 
and Howard. Total service one year. Was mounted on his own 
horse except in first tour. Never received a cent for his services, 
being then in affluence and only interested in sustaining his country. 

• Section No. 157 

MURPHY, WILLIAM.— St. Francois County, Mo., May 
7, 1833. Born March 12, 1759. Volunteered for three months, 
about Aug. 1, 1776, from Bedford under Capt. William Leftridge, 
Lt. Calloway, Ensign Joseph Bond. Guarded Chisw^old lead mines 
till relieved by other troops. In April, 1777, was substitute three 
months for Lewis Dusee ( ?), who w^as drafted from Thomas Jones' 
Company in Henry. Served under Capt. Peter Herston, Lt. William 
Ferguson, Ensign Edward Tatum in Col. Christie's regiment. 
Marched 200 miles to Long Island in the Holston to stand guard 
during a treaty with the Cherokees. August, 1777, was substitute 
three months for Gwin Dudley, who was drafted into John Wil- 
kerson's Company in Bedford. Served as Second Sergeant under 
Capt. Thomas Doley, Lt. Harry Talbott. and Ensign Callowav, 

ViRGiMA Militia im the Revolution 137 

and marched to Williamsburg. In 1778, substituted for William 
Cannon, drafted for five months into Robert Sevier's Company, 
Washington County, N. C. Joined Gen. Regulars in South 
Carolina about Dec. 1st, was appointed First Sergeant of a company 
organized, and served till March, 1779, under Capt. R. Sevier, 
Lt. Christopher Connaught, Ensign Charles Young,in Col. Peasley's 
battalion. Gen. Rutherford's regiment. In March, Sevier resigned and 
applicant became ensign. Detained till April 10th to await South 
Carolina recruits. Was in a battle on the Savannah and in some light 
skirmishes in Georgia. Volunteered in April, 1780, to serve three 
months against the Cherokees. Went as sergeant under Capt. Jno. 
Clark and Lt. John Bond, Gen. John Sevier being in general com- 
mand. Marched to the headwaters of the Tennessee and killed a 
number of Indians, with the loss of Capt. Davis and Lt. Bond 
killed, and Jasper Terry wounded. Some horses were killed. In 
July, 1780, volunteered three months as private under Capt. John 
Renfro, Lt. Chatton Doggett, and Ensign Lewis Davis, in Col. 
Lincoln's so-called Light Horse of Bedford. Fought some tories 
on New River, taking their captain, William Terry, and getting 
his commission, which was from a British officer, and also a 
list of his men, all of whom w^e took and disarmed, excepting one, 
who got away. In June, 1781, a Thomas Runnels was killed by 
Indians, and Capt. Neely McGuire ordered our men in pursuit. 
Applicant volunteered and was one month in frontier service. In 
February, 1782, volunteered three months under Capt. John Clark, 
and Lt. John Murphy, of Washington County, N. C. (now Tenn.), 
Col. J. Brown commanding the regiment, and marched across Nola- 
chucky and French Broad in pursuit of the Indians who had attack- 
ed Sherrill's Station on the frontier, losing one of their number in 
the attack. We overtook a band, supposed to number 60 to 100, 
and killed, as was said, thirteen of them. In August, 1782, drafted 
against the Indians again and hired George Doggett as substitute, 
but Gen. Sevier insisted that I go. Served under him in company 
of Capt. Thomas Wood and Lt. Vathan Breed, all the officers being 
of Greene Co. (Tenn.) We destroyed several Cherokee towns, killed 
a number of Indians, and took some prisoners. John Watts, a 
half-breed gave up a white woman named Jennie Ivey, who was 
taken from Roane's Creek a year before. Discharged in Greene 

138 ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution: 

County (Tenn.) married Rachel . (born Nov. 15, 1764), 

Jan. 26, 1782. Husband died Nov. 2. 1833. John, oldest son, born 
in September. 1782. David ^lurphy. born. 1769. was half brother to 

Section No. 158 

LEWIS. THOMAS.— Vevay, Ind., Aug. 18, 1832. Born in 
Caroline, Dec. — , 1764. Went out in spring of 1781 under Capt. 
Coleman Sutton (Taylor?), of Col. Anthony Thornton's regiment. 
Again in June, 1781, under same captain and Col. Thomas Mathews. 
Again in September, 1781, same captain and Maj. Carey. Was 
drafted each time. Served in lower Virginia. At siege of Yorktown 
was second sergeant. After the surrender guarded prisoners to Win- 
chester. Went to New York, 1798; to Indiana, 1818= 

Section No. 159 

MITCHELL, JOHN.— Montgomery, Sept. 3, 1832. Born 
about 1760. Drafted from Amelia in 1776 for no definite term. 
Served as fife major six weeks under Capt. Rowland Ward and Ensign 
Roberts. Only two companies were out on this service, the other 
being under Capt. Wilson. ^Marched to Hampton to prevent the 
British from landing, their fleet lying in the Chesapeake in full view. 
Drafted in fall of 1777, under Capt. William Craddock and Lt. 
Richard Craddock. The major in command was Dr. Cluman, a 
Frenchman. Marched to Cabin Point and Williamsburg. Was 
out six wTeks. Served again in 1780 under Capt. William Craddock 
and Col. Richardson, Assembled at Hillsborough, N. C, and 
marched under Gen. Stevens, joining Gen. Gates the day before 
the battle of Camden. Next morning the action became general, 
and in the defeat, each man had to look out for himself. At Hills- 
borough remained about two weeks until the stragglers had pretty 
well come in. The forces to which applicant belonged were re- 
duced to a regiment and placed under Col. Faulkner, Capt. Price 
commanding the company. They marched to New Garden to pro- 
tect the Whigs from the tories, and finally applicant was discharged 

ViRGiMA Militia im the Revolution 

at Guilford C. H., after five months' service. Later, he was em- 
ployed a month in Amelia collecting beeves for the army, this being 
in lieu of service in the ranks. 

Section No. 160 

RUTLEDGE, EDWARD.— IVlontgomery, Sept. 3, 1832. 
Born March 10, 1762. Volunteered in Augusta, January, 1781, 
and marched into North Carolina to receive the prisoners taken at 
Cowpens, and guarded them to the eastern border of Rockingham^ 
where declarant's company was relieved by another, the service 
lasting three weeks. His captain was Francis Long. In April, 
volunteered for three months under Capt. F. Long, Col. Hughart, 
and Maj. Andrew Hamilton. Pursued Tarleton on his retreat 
from Charlottesville, and in vicinity of Richmond scouted to pre- 
vent depredations from raiding parties. Then marched to James- 
town, where a fight took place. At Burnt Ordinary was another 
skirmish. Near Williamsburg Hughart went home and Hamilton 
took command. Volunteered again under Long and was in Col. 
Vance's regiment at siege of Yorktown. 

Section No. 161 

RATLIFF, NATHAN.— Montgomery, July 1, 1833. Born, 
1762. Entered service about June 1, 1778, serving one month 
against the Indians under Capt. Joshua Wilson and Lt. William 
Hungate. Went out again about July 1, 1780, under Capt. Abram 
Trigg, afterward a general. Marched to the Yadkin in North 
Carolina and defeated the tories in a skirmish. Eight months' service 
in all. 

Section No. 162 

THOMPSON, WILLIAM.— Boone County, Mo., July 2, 
1833. Born in Augusta, 1749. Went out from said county in 
April, 1777, under Capt. Bohannan. Marched to Portsmouth, but 
the British had left after doing much damage in the vicinity, especially 

140 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

by fire. Drafted about April 1, 1781, under Capt. John Brown and 
Col. BowTer, serving below Richmond. Was in the actions at Hot 
Water and Jamestown. In the latter his colonel was taken prisoner, 
but paroled after a few days. Discharged below Williamsburg, 
returning home in three or four days ( ?). In September his wagon 
was impressed with the team of a neighbor to haul forage and 
provisions to the army, and he went out with the wagon rather than 
trust it to another. The militia were discharged shortly after 
arriving at Richmond, but himself and wagon were impressed by 
Col. Sampson Mathews to make a trip from Petersburg to Taylor's 
Ferry on Roanoke. When near Petersburg on the return was again 
impressed to haul forage for the Light Horse. Reached his home 
in February. Allowed $23.33 per year. 

Section No. 163 

TEANEY, DANIEL.— Montgomery, Sept. 29, 1832. Born, 
April — , 1757. Drafted for two months in summer of 1776 from 
New Providence township, Philadelphia County, Pa. Constructed 
breastworks at Amboy, N. J., under Capt. John Edwards and Col. 
John Bull. Drafted again, 1777, for two months guarding the Dela- 
ware at Bristol, Pa., under Capt. Arnold Francis, Lt. Samuel Skein 
(Stein?), Col. Daniel Heister. Substituted same year two months 
for his brother, Henry Teaney, going out under Capt, William 
Davis and Col. John Bull, and marching to Head of Elk. Applicant 
was not in battle of Brandywine, having been sent off with baggage 
wagons the day before, and taking them twenty miles above Valley 
Forge. In 1779, settled in Augusta, and in October, 1780, was 
drafted under Capt. James Tate and Lt. John Blain and joined the 
Southern army beyond Salisbury, N. C. Was in battle of Cowpens 
and helped to bring back the prisoners. Was retained a month and 
six days beyond his three months' term, a battle having been ex- 
pected with Tarleton. Drafted three months in summer of 1781, 
under Capt. John Dickey and Lt. John Campbell, and joined Gen. 
Muhlenberg. Was in battle at Jamestown and discharged at Bot- 
tom's Bridge. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 164 

WYSOR, HENRY (Weizer).— IVIontgomery, Sept. 3, 1832. 
Born, 1754. Enlisted in February, 1776, under Capt. Berry in 
Frederick. Served in Eighth Virginia, Continental Line, com- 
manded by Col. Muhlenberg and Col. Barsman. Joined it at 
Jamestown and marched by Halifax, N. C, to Charleston, and 
was there when Ft. Moultrie was attacked by the British fleet. 
Then marched to Savannah and Sunbury. At latter place was taken 
sick, remaining so three months, then was furloughed and went 
home. Three weeks later joined the army in New Jersey, and 
was attached to Morgan's Riflemen (serving therein under Captains 
Long and Knox, Lt. Craig, and Ensign Lovely (Lively?). Was 
at the capture of Burgoyne and the battle at Valley Forge (?), 
where my Major (Morris) was killed. Was also in other skir- 
mishes. Discharged, February, 1778, at White House (White 
]\Larsh?), Pa. Drafted, 1781, under Capt. Bell, and was at the 
Siege of Yorktown. Furloughed about seven weeks later and not 
again called upon. Was sergeant while in service. Few of his com- 
pany lived to return from the South. Gen. Morgan was a neighbor. 
Married in Frederick, about 1778. 

Section No. 165 
WOMACK, RICHARD.— Montgomery, Feb. 3, 1834. Born, 
1753. Served under Captains Richard Allen, Cabell, and Benja- 
min Allen, Col. Shipwith, Lt. Col. Benjamin Allen, and Maj. Eppes. 
Volunteered in August, 1777, for several months, drafted in April, 
1778, for six months, went out next November for six months. 
Fourth tour of six months, June, 1778. Fifth tour, spring of 1780. 
In all 28 months. Was in the battles of Long Island and Guil- 
ford, and in a skirmish. Served also under Captains Cox and 
Shelton. Lived in Pennsylvania w^hen he enlisted. 

Section No. 166 
WANICOTT, RICHARD.— ^Montgomery, Oct. 2, 1832. Born 
in Pennsylvania, 1752. Served under Captains Daugat (Douthat?), 
Perkins, and Richard Allen, and Col. Henry Skippish, Lt. Col. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

Benjamin Allen, and Alaj. Eppes. Lieutenants were Cabell and 
Benjamin Allen. Volunteered in four tours: 1775(?), 1776(?), 
1777(?), 1781, aggregating twenty-one months. Was in battles of 
Long Island and Guilford and a skirmish. Guarded prisoners at 
Old Cumberland C. H. Was also under Captains Evans, Cocke, 
and Shelton. 

Section No. 167 

BURNLEY, HENRY.— Columbia. Ga. Born, 1756. Removed 
to Georgia after the Revolution. Enlisted from Bedford, Va., 
March, 1776, in Fifth Virginia, Continental Line, under Capt. 
Harry Terrell, First Lt. John Goggins, Second Lt. Thomas AL 
Reynolds, Ensign Robert Watkins, Col. Josiah Parker commanding. 
Volunteered under Col. Daniel ^Morgan and went with him. Col. 
Butler and Alaj. Morris to Saratoga, in 1777. Was also in the 
battles of Germantown and Guilford. In the latter he was a 
volunteer under Capt. William Jones. Discharged at Valley Forge. 

Section No. 168 

BALLARD, JOHN.— Augusta, June 26, 1820. Born about 
1760. Enlisted in Loudoun, in Continental Line, under Capt. 
Adam Wallace, of Col. Buford's regiment. In camp at Petersburg 
the following winter. Marched with Buford into South Carolina 
and taken prisoner at Waxhaw, where he was badly wounded. He 
received three cuts on the head, a stab in the side with a bayonet, 
and one finger was nearly slashed off. At Petersburg he suffered 
severely from exposure and because of his wounds he cannot dress 
or undress himself without assistance. 

Section No. 169 

CUNNINGHAM, ANSEL.^Jackson, Ga., Nov. 6, 1832. 
Born in Mecklenburg, Va., July 27, 1763. Substituted in 1779 
for John Stephens, serving six months under Capt. Reuben Vaughan. 
Joined Gen. Lincoln in South Carolina. Was in the battle of Stono. 

ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 143 

In a scouting party the day before took two small vessels in Stono 
river. Drafted under Capt. Richard Whitton, marched to James- 
town, was in a skirmish on the James, and retreated to Coles' Ferry, 
Soon after, joined Lafayette's army below Richmond, was in the 
battle at Jamestown, and was discharged at Yorktown. Died about 

Section No. 170 

FLOWERS, ABSALOAL— Sussex, IVLny 2, 1833. Born, 1758. 
Enlisted Jan. 1, 1781, under Capt. John Powell, Lt. Edward 
Powell, and Ensign Rochelle, in Col. IMeriweather's militia. 
Rendezvoused at Ball's Ordinary, Sussex, and served mostly about 
Cabin Point until discharged in April. Called out in April, 1781, 
serving under same officers, except Capt. John Massenburg (Mas- 
singbird?), who was wounded in the hip in a fight at Petersburg. 
Four other comrades were also wounded. The call was to relieve 
some militia at Petersburg, but next morning they were attacked 
and compelled to retreat. Lt. Powell marched the command to the 
Chesterfield coal mine, where they remained about ten days. The 
enemy moving toward Richmond to burn that city, the troop marched 
there and joined a strong force under Lafayette. Arnold then made 
a sudden retreat to Petersburg and the American army lay at Rich- 
mond some time. Discharged after eight weeks. Called out next 
October under Capt. Nathaniel Newson, who resigned at Surry 
C. H., and was succeeded by Lt. Thomas Newson. Served at siege 
of Yorktown. 

Section No. 171 

HOPKINS, JA:MES.— Pittsylvania, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
Feb. 22, 1765. Substituted for James Hopkins, Sr., spring of 1780, 
.and marched under Capt. Azariah ^lartin, Lt. William Holt, Ensign 
Leroy to Hillsboro, N. C. There transferred to Fourth Virginia 
militia imder Col. Lucas, of Gen. Stevens' brigade, and after having 
some drill were sent on to join the army under Gates. From Ruge- 
ley's mill marched at 10 p. m., Aug. 15th to surprise the enemy, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

who however, marched at the same hour. The armies met in the 
night, there was a sharp skirmish between the advanced guards, a 
line was formed, and the men stood under arms till- da3break, w^hen 
there was a shameful defeat. No rendezvous had been designated 
and the men lost all their baggage, including all clothing but what 
they had on. Under these circumstances a considerable part of the 
company went home, but a court of inquiry ordered them back to 
serve eight months under regular officers. Under Capt. Paulin we 
marched back to Hillsboro, and there transferred to Capt. Graves, 
of Culpeper, assigned to take command of men from a few other 
counties, who had committed the same offense. Under Gen. Greene 
the army went into winter quarters on the Cheraw Hills, S. C. 
In February there was a general order releasing the married men 
belonging to the eight months company, and Capt. Graves returned 
with the discharged men. Capt. Webb and Lt. Webb took com- 
mand of those still in the army. Shortly after this. Gen. Morgan 
defeated Tarleton at Cowpens and had to make a rapid retreat 
with his prisoners. Gen. Greene marched to cover Morgan's move- 
ment, leaving the small eight months company to guard the camp' 
and the mills that were supplying flour and meal. At length Capt. 
Webb received orders to follow with about ten wagons loaded 
with flour and meal and a drove of 400 hogs. We were in the 
rear of both armies, and had to change our course because of 
Cornwallis' march. In Mecklenburg we delivered the supplies to a 
commissary, having safely brought them through a region infested, 
with British and tories. Our time being nearly up, we were per- 
mitted to petition Gen. Greene that he discharge us, we being worn 
out with fatigue and nearly naked. He did so. 

Section No. 172 

KIDD, JAMES H.— Gwinnett, Ga., Aug. 13, 1833. Born, 
1765. Drafted in Virginia into Capt. Reuben Vaughan's company, 
January, 1779. Joined Gen. Lincoln at Bacon's Bridge near Char- 
leston, S. C. Was in battle at Stono. Discharged in Virginia in 
July. Was under 15 when he went out, but from his desire to 
enter the army he reported himself old enough to go on the militia 
roll. Served two months in 1780 under Capt. John Kendrick,, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 145 

and three in 1781, under Capt. John Brown. Was at battle of 
Guilford. From Ramsey's Mill was sent' to Albemarle with prisoners 
and discharged there. After this the companj' were required to 
present their discharges in order to draw some salt, and applicant 
never saw his again. Born in Mecklenburg, 

Section No. 173 

NANCE, JAMES.— Pittsylvania, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Nottoway, Feb. 2, 1762. Drafted Feb. 9, 1779, under Capt. 
William Fitzgerald, Lt. Charles Irby, Ensign Bowling Hall, joined 
Col. David Mason at Halifax, N. C, and Gen. Lincoln at Stono, 
S. C. Was in the battle at Stono, June 20, from beginning to 
end. Discharged at Camden, S. C, in August, having acted as 
fifer. In 1780 was out under Capt. Gray and Col. White. In 
fall of same year was drafted under Capt. Irby and marched 
by Cabin Point to Nansemond. Was to go into the cavalry 
under Charles Irby on condition that he could get a horse, and 
if he could not, his absence in search of one was to count 
as furlough. Not finding one in his home neighborhood, and Elisha 
Gunn being called out to join Gen. Greene, he and Gunn changed 
tours. Marched under Capt. Overstreet to Troublesome Creek, 
N. C, and was in the battle at Guilford. Was discharged at Ram- 
sey's Mill, Chatham County. Moved to Wake County, N. C, 1801. 

Section No. 174 

NANCE, WILLIAM M.— Pittsylvania, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
Jan. 18, 1760, in Nottoway. Substituted for William Mitchell in 
1777, entering service under Capt. Gabriel Folks, Lt. John Knight, 
and Ensign William Brookin. At Williamsburg Joined Col. Vivian 
Brookin's regiment. Served under Gen. Nelson and discharged at 
Hampton. Drafted February, 1779, serving in same company with 
James Nance (§173). Was orderly sergeant during this six 
months tour. In 1781, drafted from Pittsylvania and served at 
siege of Yorktown, under Capt. Charles Williams, and Lt. Dix 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution- 

Section No. 175 

PITTMAN, JAMES.— Madison County, Ga., Oct. 2, 1832. 
Born in Amelia. March 4, 1756. Enlisted from Columbus County, 
Ga., in 1776, served two months under Capt. German in Col. ]\Iar- 
bury's regiment, and four as lieutenant, guardiiig the Georgfa 
frontier. Went into Florida to take St. Augustine, but the expe- 
dition failed. Was in a fight with the British. Served again six 
months on the frontier, and another tour under Col. Few. during 
which there was a fight with the enemy between Savannah and 
Augusta, and Few retreated. Served four months under Capt. 
Sinkfield and Col. Williamson, while the tories were troublesome in 
South Carolina. After the surrender of Charleston he thought 
South Carolina and Georgia entirely in the hands of the enemy, and 
went as refugee into Virginia, where he served two weeks guarding 
the prisoners taken at Cowpens. Returned to Georgia after peace. 
Died Dec. 25. 1850. Children: 1. John G; 2. Noah W; 3. Tim- 
othy; 4. Teresa (married Wilson Strickland); 5. Martha (married 
Abner Wells) ; 6. America (married Benjamin W. Cash) ; 7. Sarah 
(married Samson Lay) ; 8. Lucinda (married Henry Harris) ; 
9. Pleasant O. ; 10. Martin H.; 11 Sir James; 12. Nancy (married 
Silas Smith); 13. Elizabeth. 9. 10, 11, 12. 13 died prior to 1850, 
leaving children, except, ( ?) Elizabeth. 

Section No. 176 

PERKINS, SAMUEL.— Madison County, Ky., Aug. 13, 1832. 
Born about 1761. Went out from Louisa in 1781 under Capt. 
Philips. Served under General Demarcus* and Wayne. Also 
other tours under Captains White and Johnson. ^Married Susanna 
Pass in Louisa, 1798. Died Sept. 27, 1839, leaving seven children. 

Section No. 177 

PERKINS. ANTHONY.— :\Ladison County Ky. Born about 
1757. Brother to Samuel Perkins. Enlisted under Capt. Philips, of 
Gen. Wayne's army. Marched from Louisa in pursuit of the British 
but never came to an engagement. Served other tours under Cap- 
tains White and Johnson. Total service fourteen months. 

*Lafayette. Some of the soldiers knew him only as DeMarquis or 

ViRGiN-iA Militia in the Revolution 1+7^ 

Section No. 178 

PERKINS JOHN.— Franklin, Tenn. Born in Halifax, May 
11 1765. Enlisted as Thomas Carson, April, 1781, as substitute for 
Alexander Moore, under Capt. James Turner. Was at the siege 
of Ninety-six and discharged in Mecklenburg, N. C. Moved m 
178^ to Caswell County, N. C, and was there drafted for eighteen 
months under Capt. Elijah Moore and Capt. Rhodes. D^charg- 
ed at Ten Mile House near Charleston. He used the name Thomas 
Carson because while he was an infant his mother, Mrs Mary 
Perkins, married Thomas Carson, a widower, one of whose children 
was John. After his stepfather died in 1783, his mother told him 
his real name and he used it thence forward. Married Fra"<^^^ 
. Died in Hardin County, Tenn., June 16, 184U. 


Section No. 179 

DAVIS THOMAS.-Woodford County, Ky., Aug. IS, 1818. 
Born in Sp;..svlvania, 176,. Enlisted April 25, 1779. for ^hteen 
months. Served under Capt. Alexander Parker „, Col. R^ha.d 
Parker's reginrent. Substituted for his brother, Benjam.n Dav.s^ 
under Cap. William Mills and James Cunningham Discharged 
at Williamsburg. Drafted the day after his return home and was 
at siege of Yorktown : Total service 18 (22?) months, for 
applicant received $60. r^ ■. r.f 

A supporting affidavit adds these P-^'^'^f ^ " J"\^, ^;:'"' ;; 
Prince William, was private, Jan. 1, 1777, to Jan. 6 1778; Lieuten- 
ant thence forward to October, 1778, when he became captam. 
Died Februarv, 1782. His brother, Pressley Davis, was killed in 
battle of Long Island, 1776. John, another brother, died in hospital 

''^cfpf Davis married Nancy Melton, of Prince William, about 
1775. Children: 1. William M., of Frankfort, Ky; 2. Nancy 
(married Reynolds), Frankfort. 

Section No. 180 

HULL. PETER.-Captain. 1779. and as such ^commanded^^a 

troop of cavalry in Yorktown campaign. 

Married Barbara Keith. 

Virginia Militia ik the Revolution 

Children: Henry, Peter, Susanna, Barbara, Adam, Jacob, Elizabeth. 
Muster roll of his company Second Battalion, Augusta militia, 
1779. Taken from the list written by Lt. Seybert, and given in 
Morton's History of Highland County (Va.). 

Peter Hull, Captain 
Nicholas Sevbert, First Lt. 

Henry Fisher, Second Lt. 
Jacob Hoover, Ensign. 


Arbogast, Adam 
Arbogast, David 
Arbogast, John 
Arbogast, Michael 
Bennett, Jacob 
Bennett, John 
Bennett, William 
Blizzard, Thomas 
Bodkin, Hugh 
Bowman, John 
Burner, Abraham 
Conrad, Ulrich, Jr. 
Crummett, Frederick 
Duffield, Abraham* 
Eckard, Abraham 
Eckard, Philip 
Ellsworth, Jacob 
Eye, Christopher 
Fleisher, Conrad 
Graham, Francis 
Gum, Isaac 
Gum, Jacob 
Gum. William 
Hammer, Balsor 
Harper, Nicholas 
Hoff, James 
Hogg, John* 
Hoover, Michael 
Hoffman, George 

*Under 18 j'ears of age. 

Lantz, Conrad 
Lantz, Joseph 
McQuain, Alexander 
Mullenax, John 
Mullen ax, James* 
Null, Henry 
Peninger, John 
Pickle, Christian 
Puffenberger, George 
Rexrode, George 
Sheets, George 
Simmons, George 
Simmons, John 
Simmons, Leonard 
Simmons, Mark 
Simmons, Michael 
Simmons, Peter 
Smith, Mark 
Smith, Sebastian 
Snider, John 
Stone, Sebastian 
Stout, George 
Summers, Paul 
Summerfield, Thomas 
Wagoner, Adam 
Wamsley, John 
Wamsley, William 
Wamsley, James* 
Whiteman, Henrv 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 149 

Hull, Adam Wilfong, Jacob 

Ingram, Uriah Wimer, Philip 

Jordan, Andrew Yeager, John 

Section No. 181 

MOORE, DAVID.— Cole County, Ky., Nov. 13, 1832. Born 
in Amelia, Nov. 20, 1763. Enlisted in Lunenburg, fall of 1780, 
as substitute for his father, Robert. Served under Capt. William 
Hays, Lt. Hays, Ensign Gill. Marched to rendezvous at Jamestown, 
then to Portsmouth, which Lord Dunmore ( ?) had garrisoned. There 
w^as a skirmish between scouting parties. Col. Daniel Morgan (?) 
with his riflemen attacked a fort, causing a loss to the enemy of 
18 to 20 men, as stated by a deserter. Dunsmore abandoned the fort 
during the night. Later, marched under Colonels Morgan and 
Dowbman ( ?) through Dismal Swamp to Elizabeth, a small place 
destroyed by the British. Returned home next spring soon afer battle 
of Guilford. A week or so later substituted for John Mathews, of 
Brunswick, under Capt. House. Marched to Point of Fork, finding 
an engagement going on. Then retreated about two days before the 
British. When his three months expired, permission to return home 
was refused. Next night the orderly sergeant w^ent off with muster 
rolls together with several men, and the following day there was no 
one to call the roll and permission to go home was given. Went to 
Missouri, 1819. Allowed $30, a year, March 4, 1831. 

Note: — Arnold, not Dunmore, had a British force at Portsmouth about 
the time applicant first enlisted. Morgan was at that time camping in the 
Carolinas, not in Virginia. 

Section No. 182 

POTTERF, CASPER.— Preble County, O., March 23, 1833. 
Born in Lancaster County, Pa., Dec. 19, 1759. Moved to Virginia 
about 1778; to Ohio, about 1800. Drafted, winter of 1777-8, in 
Frederick, Md., under Capt. John Bannerd. Enlisted again, January, 
1781, under Capt. James Buchanan, of Rockbridge. Discharged in 

150 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

April at Gregory's Camp, N. C. Enlisted next August under Capt. 
Charles Campbell, of same county. Discharged at Winchester Bar- 
racks. Total service, nine months. 

Section No. 183 

BUCK, JOHN.— Greenup County, Ky., October — , 1820. 
Born Dec. 20, 1752. Drafted from Culpeper, July 4, 1776, for 18 
months, under Capt. Kilpatrick and Col. Chambers Begger. Served 
out his time. 

Section No. 184 

MOORE, GEORGE.— Boone County, Mo., Feb. 6, 1833. Born 
1761. Enlisted in Charlotte, Dec. 25. 1780, under Capt. Richard 
Givens for three months. One month later reached headquarters of 
Gen. Muhlenberg near Dismal Swamp. The traitor, Arnold, with 
1,600 British was fortifying himself in Portsmouth. Affiant volun- 
teered in a company of 50 under Capt. Jesse Saunders, Lt. David 
Caldwell, and Ensign Carter, of Col. Dick's and Maj. Thomas' regi- 
ments. Two companies of infantry were in two miles in front of the 
main army toward Arnold's line. We often skirmished, killed some of 
the eneni}- and taking some prisoners. Capt. Armand, a Frenchman 
who commanded a company of light horse, charged on the enemy's 
guard and took them all, without a gun being fired on either side. 
The enemy at one time came out of their works and fired on us,' but 
on our advance they retired. Our only damage was one man wounded 
in the thigh. We marched against a fort on the Blackwater held 
by the British, who fired on us with cannon, but for want of artillery 
we made no attack. After dark they sent a boat down the river 
for reinforcements. We took the boat with an officer, eight men, 
and some clothing. We also took some horses around the fort. 
Arnold evacuated Portsmouth in March. We were discharged in 
April. Middle of next August called out under Capt. Andrew 
Wallace and marched for Yorktown to join Washington's army. 
When within two miles we laid out our camp and went to digging 
trenches. Affiant and three others of company were employed in 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution' 151 

iirtillery service. We began firing Oct. 9th, and after a few days 
moved our guns nearer. Generals Lafeyette, Wayne, and Lincoln 
I saw frequently with the men in the entrenchments. Gen Knox, 
the commander of the artillery, was one day at one of the batteries 
looking through his spyglass, when a cannon ball struck the top of 
the post by which he was standing. A splinter struck his ear and 
made it bleed freely. After the surrender. Sergeant Elijah Clark, 
Samuel Marshall, John Paulet and affiant had orders to take some 
Carolina tories from Williamsburg to Richmond, where we drew 
provisions to last us home. Moved to Missouri, 1810, 

Section No. 185 

KINCAID, JAMES.— Lafayette County, Mo., Nov. 5, 1833. 
Entered service while living at Castlewood on Clinch, 25 miles from 
Abingdon. The settlers in Powell's Valley had been driven out by 
Indians, and manj- of them hid their "plunder," not being able to 
bring it to a place of safety. Capt. John Duncan and company 
were ordered out to guard the people so that they might bring their 
goods into the settlements. Applicant was one year with him. 
Capt. Joseph Martin was at this time stationed at Rye Cave on 
Clinch to guard the frontier. The brothers, John and James, 
Bunnil ( ?) w^ere scouts under him. We met these spies and went 
with them to Martin's Station in said valley, but all had fled. 
One refugee, Capt. (Robert?) Davis met us. He had lived at 
Ovven's Station, ten miles below ALirtin's. Duncan sent five men 
to go with him to Owen's to collect his "plunder." On the way 
back Indians in ambush fired on them, killing Bowman and woun- 

ing James Bunnill and Johnson. Bunnill, Davis, and another 

man got in that night. Next day Duncan went down with all his 
force, including affiant, save a few left- to guard the wounded. 
Davis took us to where an Indian stood that he shot at. We 
found a good deal of blood and followed the trail, but after a 
while it seemed that the party scattered. We buried Bowman and 
returned to Owen's. Bunnill grew very sick and we took him to 
Rye Cave. All were dismissed in about a month. The above took 
place 1776 (?) in summer time. Next went to Kentucky under 
Col. John Bowman, of Bedford, Henry Rolling ( ?) being captain. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

and made for Station. Near Abingdon one William Bush 

told our captain he would raise a lieutenant's quoto (24 men), if 
he could command it under Rollins. He secured the men, affiant 
and brother Joseph enlisting by consent of father. Overtook Bow- 
man at ford of Cumberland River and joined company of Capt. 
Paulin ( ?). Arrived at Boonesboro about August, 1777. The only 
other stations in Kentucky were Logan's and Harrod's. Staged 
16 to 20 days to let the people get in their corn, which they could 
not do the year before, because of the Indians. Col. Calloway, 
who lived with his family in the fort, expected to return wira 
Bowman, but failed to catch up. When he came back to the fort 
reported a man killed on the trail we had come by, and that the 
Indians had massacred seven or eight families around Castlewood. 
Affiant and brother and several others became uneasy about the home 
folks, and the colonel granted a discharge. On the way back we 
met the Clinch scouts, who confirmed the report and said the 
families not killed had fled. We had been gone about 50 days. 
Next expedition w^as to Illinois under Col. John Montgomery. 
About 130 men and recruits were sent to Clarke and Montgomery, 
and it was understood by us that the army would go to Detroit. 
Affiant and brother, Joseph, enlisted. At Long Island in Holston 
we were met by Col. Evan Shelby and 40 militia, and went by 
canoes to Chicamauga, where in a skirmish we killed a few, took 
some prisoners, stayed two months, and collected a good deal of 
Indian plunder. Shelby returned and Montgomery went to join 

Section No. 186 

BELL, SAMUEL.— Augusta, April 28, 1823. Certificate by 
Joseph and Sarah Bell. Entered Sixteenth Regiment, Virginia 
Continentals, as ensign, March 8, 1777. Served under Captains 
^IcGuire and Thomas Bell and Col. William Grayson. Was in the 
battles at Brandy wine, Germantown, Guilford, and Hot Water. 
In last fight was wounded in eight or nine places and captured. 
Parolled by the enemy and continued to the end of the war a> a 
supernumerary officer. Died in Staunton, 1788, leaving as legatees,, 
Joseph, Sarah, Thomas, and John Bell. 

Virginia Militia i\ the Revolution' 

Section No. 187 

. ROUNTREE, WILLIAM.— Henrico, Sept. 3, 1832. Born 
in Goochland, Jan. 3, 1763. Went out in March, 1779, with 
Capt. Holman Rice, Lt. Edward Herndon, of the regiment of guards 
under Col. Francis Taylor and ^lorgan Roberts. Served at Albe- 
marle Barracks two months. 

Section No. 188 
MURPHY, JOHN.— Fauquier, Aug. 31„ 1832. Born at 
Dublin, Ireland, Jan. 1, 1733. Went out Sept. 4, 1780, under 
Capt. James Winn. Was a comrade with Thomas Obannon. 
(See his declaration). 

Section No. 189 
BURFOOT, TANDY.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. Born in 
Goochland, 1761. Drafted from Amherst about 1778 and marched 
under Capt. John Trent against the Indians on Holston. Took 
fever after eight w^eks and was furloughed. Drafted from Amherst 
and served about Richmond under Capt. Nicholas Cabell. Total 
service, six months. 

Section No. 190 

COLLINS, JOHN.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. Enlisted in 
Carolina about 1778 under Capt. Elisha White and Col. Charles 
Porterfield, serving two years in state defense. Discharged at 
Richmond. Guarded prisoners at Winchester, was six months at 
Hobb's Hole on Rappahannock under Lt. Littlebury Harrod, and 
three months on a vessel at Warwick in care of prisoners. Born about 

Section No. 191 

HALL, JA:VIES.— Powhatan, Sept. 19, 1832. Born in Chester- 
field, 1761. Was at Gates' defeat. Next spring (1781) returned 
to North Carolina under Capt. Stephen Pankey. Being in Class 

154 ViRGixiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Two, of the militia, was not called out so early as some others. 
Was also in battle at Guilford. Served about two years, both as 
volunteer and drafted man. Memorv defective. 

Section No. 192 

HATCHER, SETH.— Powhatan, Nov. 21, 1832. Born in 
Goochland, Jan. 13, 1760. Went out in September, 1777, under 
Capt. Thomas Harris, and served two months at Williamsburg and 
Yorktown. Next tour under Capt. George Williamson. At Hood's 
Landing they fired in the night on a landing party of the enemy, 
and afterwards marched to Suffolk. Under Williamson he crossed 
the Roanoke at Taylor's Ferry and was wounded at Guilford. Eight 
months' service. 

Section No. 193 

HUTCHINSON, JAMES.— Powhatan, Sept. 19, 1832. Born 
in Amelia, 1762. Went out first in 1779 under Capt. John Knight 
as substitute for Mackness Goode, of Amelia, and served three months 
about Richmond and Norfolk. Second tour was in same year and 
locality, and under Capt. William Royall, Lt. John Royall, and 
En. William Robertson. The third began in April, 1781, when 
he joined the army at Malvern Hills, and was in the retreat to 
Rapidan. This time he was under Capt. Paulin Anderson, Lt. Wil- 
liam Crowder, and En. William Wood. Fourth tour began Aug. 1, 
1781, and was at Yorktown under Capt. Lewis Ford. Total service, 
one year. 

Section No. 194 

JACKSON, HENRY.— Powhatan, Sept. 19, 1832. Born in 
Chesterfield in 1761. About 1780, the Chesterfield militia were 
called South. At least two companies started under Captain Booker 
and Archibald Walthall. Affiant was with latter. After waiting at 
Randolph's Mill for the Caroline, Hanover, and Henrico militia 
to come up. Col. Faulkner led the regiment across the Roanoke 

\'iRGi\"iA Militia i\ the Revolution' 

at Taylor's f'erry and on to Hillsboro, where Gen. Stevens was 
in command until Gen. Gates arrived. In the battle at Camden 
he was wounded in the leg b\- a bullet. There was a rall\- at Hills- 
boro. He reached home in December. In February. 1781, he went 
out under Capt. David Patterson, but after lying at Dinwiddie C. H. 
three weeks they were discharged by Capt. ( ?) Col. ( ?) Robert 
Goode, though told to be ready at call. After the battle of Guilford 
he was again called out and served in Virginia, Total service, 
nine months. 

Section No. 195 

MAXEY, JOHN, SR.— Powhatan, March 21, 1833. Born in 
Prince Edward in June, 1764. First tour was early in 1781, guard- 
ing stores at Prince Edward C. H. The only officer there was Serg't 
Alexander McClardy. Next substituted for Benjamin Hart, the com- 
pany with another from Buckingham marching under Maj. John 
Overstreet, of Prince Edward, to Malvern Hill, crossing the James 
at Carter's Ferry. Under Col. Towles the command was constantly 
in motion. A week or two after his discharge he substituted for 
his brother, Shadrach Maxey (married), and marched to Yorktow n 
under Capt. Nathaniel Cunningham. After the surrender he guarded 
prisoners to Winchester. 

Section No. 196 

MOSBY, HEZEKIAH.— Powhatan, Oct. 18, 1832. Born in 
Powhatan, Jan. 12, 1760. First called out in 1781, under Capt. 
Robert Hughes. Crossed Roanoke at Boyd's Ferry and joined Gen. 
Law'son at Hillsboro. Was in battle of Guilford and discharged at 
Ramsay's Mill. Second tour began almost immediately after. Half 
of the three months spent at Cabin Point, the other half w^as in 
marching up and down the James. The last tour was under Capt. 
Hughes Woodson, at siege of Yorktow^n, after which he guarded 
prisoners as far as Williamsburg. Nine months' service. 

156 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 197 

MOSBY, WADE.— Powhatan, Sept. 19, 1832. Born in 
Powhatan in 1761. About 1777 affiant joined a number of his 
fellow students at Hampden-Sidney Academy (later a college), 
in forming a volunteer company. Luke B. Smith, a professor, was 
captain. Subalterns were, Lt. Samuel Venable and En. Samuel 
Hackley. Served six weeks at Williamsburg. Was then sixteen 
years old. A year later the company again went out for six weeks 
under the same officers, serving at Petersburg. Affiant then quit 
college, and in fall of 1779 or spring of 1780, was Second Lieutenant 
under his brother, Capt. Littlebury Mosby (later a General). At 
Petersburg they joined the cavalry under Col. Banister, of Gen. 
Lawson's command. The call was because hostile vessels came near 
on the James. After the defeat of Gates there was a heavy call, 
and affiant went out under his brother-in-law, Capt. Robert Hughes, 
serving as adjutant of the regiment. At Moore's Ordinary in Prince 
Edward, Capt. Cameron, of Buckingham took ill, and affiant was 
appointed in his place. Was in battle of Guilford under Col. B. 
Randolph. Col. Carrington, quarter-master-general, laid off the 
battleground. A fifth tour quickly followed, because Gov. Jefferson 
wrote Littlebury Mosby to raise all the cavalry he could and go to 
the aid of Lafayette. L. Mosby called on his subalterns, affiant 
raising a company and Horatio Turpin another, L. Mosby leading 
the battalion as major. It lay at Petersburg until the British, under 
Gen. Phillips arrived, and then the cavalry covered the retreat, taking 
up the bridge over the Appomattox after the army had crossed. 
Affiant was then much on vidette service under Col. Call, his own 
father, militia commandant of county, keeping him to watch Corn- 
wallis while the latter was about Richmond, which was four or five 

weeks. Married Susanna . April 13, 1785. Died June 1, 

1834. Widow made application, Oct. 1, 1838. 

Section No. 198 

MOSELEY, ARTHUR.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. Born 
about 1762 in Powhatan. Drafted in 1780. Went into North Caro- 
lina under Capt. Robert Hughes, crossing Roanoke at Peyton's Ferry. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 157 

Was in battle at Guilford. Later, served at Bermuda Hundred, etc., 
under Capt. Porter, and was at Westham, when Gen. Wayne's army 
was set over the James. All the boats were taken up to Jude's Ferry, 
seventeen miles above Richmond, and all the boats at Micham Ferry 
were brought down, and were guarded the whole summer. Served 
almost continuously till end of war. 

Section No. 199 

ROSS, WILLIAM.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. Born in Ches- 
terfield May 10, 1763. Drafted April 15, 1779, in Ches- 
terfield under Capt. Creede Haskins and En. Archer. Served at 
Hood's Fort in Surry under Capt. Richard Hill, of the Artillery. 
Went out again in February, 1781, under Capt. Paul Patterson and 
Col, Robert Goode, and started for the Carolinas, but at Dinwiddle 
C. H. the command was countermarched to Petersburg. Third 
tour began a week or so after second ended and under same officers. 
Joined in the retreat from Petersburg, crossed the James at Tucka- 
hoe, and marched to Richmond to join Lafayette's army. With 
several others was taken prisoner in Chesterfield by British cavalry 
and kept till September. Was in a skirmish at Sudbury in Chester- 
field. Discharged at Portsmouth. 

Section No. 200 

SHORT, ARCHIBALD.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. Born in 
Chesterfield, in December, 1758. Took oath in 1776. About 1777 
enlisted as regular for three years under Capt. Francis Smith, a 
recruiting officer of the First Regiment. After a few weeks pro- 
cured a substitute. About June, 1780, substituted for Samuel Short, 
of Chesterfield, under Capt. Archibald Walthall. Waited at Ran- 
dolph's Mill till the militia from Caroline, Hanover, and Henrico 
came up. Col. Faulkner led the regiment to Hillsboro, where it 
lay till the Virginia and North Carolina militia assembled. After 
Gen. Gates arrived, the army proceeded to near Camden, where it 
was defeated, but rallied at Salisbury. Affiant was in hospital there 
about a month and discharged for ill health, not reaching home for 

158 Virginia Militia ix the Revolutiox 

about two months more. A third tour was to guard the ferries at 
Westham and Tuckahoe. A fourth tour of about five weeks was 
under Capt. David Patterson. Was discharged before the battle of 
Guilford under same captain he served at siege of Yorktown, and 
then guarded prisoners, under Capt. Spencer, of Charlotte. Total 
service, about two vears. 

Section No. 201 

SLEDD, JOHN.— Powhatan, Sept. 19, 1832. Born in Han- 
over, 1760. Enlisted in 1779, under Capt. Benjamin Timberlake. 
of the garrison regiment. Served two years and three months 
guarding prisoners. Discharged at Winchester, May, 1781, by Col. 
Tavlor. Was not outside of State. 

Section No. 202 

STOVALL, LITTLEBERRY.— Powhatan. Oct. 18, 1832. 
Born, 1765. First tour in 1780, when fifteen years old. Substituted 
for his father, who was drafted, and marched under Capt. Richard 
Crump, to Cabin Point. After his discharge was put at once on 
muster list. Later in same ^ear was drafted to join Gen. Gates, 
but was discharged as too feeble. Next year he served under Col. 
Goode in Chesterfield. Another tour was as volunteer for his 
relative, William Hobson. of Cumberland, who was drafted. Under 
Capt. Meredith he joined Lafayette at Richmond and was discharg- 
ed at Raccoon Ford. The last tour began a few days later, when 
he guarded Manokin Town Ferry till surrender of Cornwallis. 
Total service, about eight months. 

Section No. 203 

TONEY (TORREY?), JOHN.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. 
Born in Powhatan (then Cumberland) about 1755. First tour, three 
months, about 1777. under Capt. Robert Hughes, serving about 
Hampton in the fall. Second tour in Chesterfield, under Capt. 
Wm. Mavs and Col. Goode. Third tour under Mavs and Hubbard, 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 159 

serving at Richmond, Petersburg, and Suffolk, and being in a 
skirmish at Hood's Landing on the James. Fourth and fifth tours 
in 1781, under Capt. Geo. Williamson. Last tour at Yorktown, 
under Capt. Hughes Woodson, who had been a regular officer. 
Total service about fifteen months. 

Section No. 204 

TUCKER, THOMAS.— Powhatan, March 21, 1833. Born in 
Powhatan, 1755. First tour early in 1781 when he marched to 
Guilford C. H., under Capt. Robert Hughes and Col. B. Randolph. 
Discharged at Ramsey's Mill. Second tour, soon afterward, was 
under Col. Holcombe at Cabin Point and Smithfield. 

Section No. 205 

WATKINS, EDWARD.— Powhatan, Aug. 15, 1832. Born in 
Powhatan, 1747. After 1778, in almost constant service under Capt. 
Williamson. Taken prisoner in battle at Guilford, but escaped after 
three da3's. There served under Maj. Tucker and Colonels Randolph 
and Holcomb. Was called out for Yorktown, but got a substitute. 

Section No. 206 

WATKINS, EDWARD, SR.— Powhatan, Feb. 20, 1833. Took 
oath Sept. 20, 1777. Himself and Edmund Wooldridge furnished 
William Edwards as a substitute for two years. First three tours 
were as drafted man under Capt. George Williamson, at Williams- 
burg, and Cabin Point. At the latter place Gen. Lawson was in 
command, and there was a skirmish. In third tour crossed Roanoke 
at Peyton's Ferry. Was taken prisoner at Guilford, but escaped 
after three days. His papers were then taken from him. Williamson 
resigned after reaching Guilford and was succeeded by Hubbard. 
Affiant was called on far the Yorktown campaign, but furnished 
Daniel Langsden as substitute. 

160 Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

Section No. 207 

:\IcLAURINE, WILLIAM.— Cumberland, June 5, 1832. 
Volunteered Ma}^ 1780, under Capt. Richard Crump, Lt. Vincent 
Markham, and En. James Smith, the latter being a Baptist preacher. 
Col. Robert Goode commanded the regiment, which served around 
Hampton. The second tour was under Capt. William Mayo, and 
began in January, 1781, the command marching to Suffolk. On one 
occasion the company being surprised in the night, the captain tried 
to make the men fight, but they ran, although being in larger num- 
ber they could have taken the opposing force. The command was 
always on the move and did much night duty, once taking five 
or six British loaded with jewelry and other plunder. Third 
tour began next March, and was in the cavalry under Capt. Little- 
bury IMosby. The service was in detachments. Affiant witnessed 
the fight at Petersburg. The American army retired to the Mid- 
lothian Coalpits, twelve miles away. Affiant went home for a fresh 
horse, and rejoined the army at Malvern, where he was always on 
scout duty by night. At one time he could hear conversation on 
a British vessel. This service was for three months and the company 
was complimented by Jefferson in a letter to Capt. (afterward Gen.) 
IMosby. The last tour was in guarding prisoners, mostly seamen. 

Section No. 208 

BR.'\DLEY, DANIEL.— Pittsylvania, Aug. 22, 1832. Enlisted 
from Cumberland, July 1, 1780, in First Virginia for eighteen months. 
Was under Capt. White and enlisted by En. Belew. Was in the 
battles of Guilford and Eutaw, the siege of Ninety-Six, and at the 
capturing of Scotch Lake a blockhouse at Camden, and the forts at 
Friday's, Thompson's, and Augusta. Was in camp on High Hills 
of Santee. Capt. Morgan was wounded at Eutaw. 

Section No. 209 

CHANEY, ABRAHA:M.— Pittsylvania. Aug. 22, 1832. Born 
in 1760. Volunteered under Capt. John Donaldson, Jr., Lt. Moses 
Hutchings, and En. Joseph Williams, and marched to Holston River. 

\'iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution 

Capt. Donaldson with affiant and fourteen other men ranged after 
the Cherokees for two weeks. Second tour (1778) was to Hatfield 
Fort on New River, and under Capt. Donaldson and Lt. John Gwinn. 
In winter of 1780-'81 was drafted under Capt. Clements and marched 
to Hillsboro, where he was ill ten weeks and hired his brother, John 
Chane_v, as substitute. Total service, one vear. 

Section No. 210 

FERGUSON, ROBERT.— Pittsylvania. Aug. 22, 1832. Born 
in Halifax in 1761. In 1779 substituted for Bezaliel Wier, and 
served under Capt. Witcher, marching to join Gen. Lincoln in South 
Carolina. Next spring as a volunteer under Capt. William and 
and Col. John Cleveland, affiant served against the tories, and also 
drove cattle for Joseph Terry to Wilkes C. H., N. C. Next Decem- 
ber he went out as substitute for William Bennett, serving under 
Capt. John Winn. On this tour he was in the battle at Guilford 
and \vas discharged at Ramsey's Mill. In April, 1781, was drafted 
under Capt. Henry Burnett, serving later under Captains John 
Beckley and William Clark. Joined Gen. Lawson at Charlotte C. 
H., was several weeks at Malvern Hill and was in the battle of James- 
town. Just after his return home in August he enlisted as wagoner 
with William McGraw and served one year. Total service, thirty 

Section No. 211 

ANDERSON, JACOB.— Pittsylvania, Aug. 22, 1832. Born 
in Caroline in 1760. First tour was under Capt. John Marshall and 
at Williamsburg. Second, in 1779, around Malvern Hill, was under 
Col. Richard Allen, Lt. Glenn, and En. John Daniel, of Col. Henry 
Skipwith's regiment. The third was under Capt. Creed Haskins, 
in the Yorktown campaign. Total service, seven months. Drafted 
in each instance. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 212 

SMITH, JOHxN.— Pittsylvania County, Sept. 17, 1832. Born, 
1744. Drafted under Capt, James Brewer and afterward William 
Dix. Was in battle of Guilford and discharged at Haw River, 
March 30, 1781. Under Dix served in Yorktown campaign, and 
discharged at Noland's Ferry on Potomac, by Capt. Charles Wil- 
liams, while guarding prisoners to Winchester. 

Section No. 213 

JEFFRIES, WILLIAM.— Pittsylvania, Sept. 17, 1832. Born 
in Richmond County, 1758. Enlisted in Virginia Line at same time 
with Samuel Colston, and under Capt. Jeffries. Was inoculated 
for smallpox. At Valley Forge joined the Fifteenth Regiment and 
served two years. In 1780 volunteered under Capt. Joshua Stone 
and was discharged at High Rock, N. C. About Aug. 1, 1781, 
was drafted under Capt. William Dix, Lt. David Hunt, and En. 
Clement McDaniel, and served under Col. Meriwether in siege of 
Yorktown. Discharged at Noland's Ferry, while guarding prisoners 
to Winchester. 

Section No. 214 

WRAY, DAVID.— Pittsylvania, Sept. 17, 1832. Born in 
Brunswick, 1751. Volunteered in April or ^lay, 1778, against the 
Indians on New River, serving under Capt. John Donaldson. Was 
at Lucas Fort, etc. In 1780 volunteered under Capt. William 
Witcher to join Gen. Lincoln in South Carolina, and served five 
months. Was sick at the time of the battle of Stono. Guarded to 
Virginia the prisoners taken at Cowpens, then was ordered back to 
North Carolina and at Guilford guarded wagon train. Served about 
ten months, and was in no battle. 

Section No. 215 

DIXON, WILLIAM.— Pittsylvania, Aug. 22, 1832. Born, 
1762. Enlisted for three vears in the fall of 1780, under one 

Virginia Mihtia in the Revolution 163 

Wheatley, a recruiting officer for the Continental cavalry regiment 
of Col. Litterell, who was killed at Lindley's Mill. Other officers 
were Col. Read, Maj. Douglas, Capt. Richeson, Capt. Trowton. The 
command was often out to suppress tories. Just before battle of Guil- 
ford, affiant was detached to guard ammunition to Hillsboro. 

Section No. 216 

DOVE, WILLIAM.— Pittsylvania, Aug. 22, 1832. Born in 
Charles County, Md., Nov. 27, 1758, and moved to Fairfax in 
boyhood. On arrival of express saying the British had landed at 
Head of Elk in August, 1777, he volunteered under Capt. Thomas 
Pollard and Col. Rumley, and marched by way of Frederick and 
York to join Washington's army. While ill with smallpox at 
Lancaster he heard the cannon at Germantown. Discharged in 
November. Next September was a marine on the "General Wash- 
ington" to carry dispatches to France. The officers were Capt. 
Francis Speake, and Lt. Samuel Walker. The Captain and Lieu- 
tenant of the Marines were William Sanford and William Pearson. 
The surgeon was William Ramsey. The voyage of eighteen days 
was said to have been the fastest known. On leaving Brest, ninety 
vessels were convoyed out by French warships. Near Cape Henry 
the "General Washington" took a British privateer and brought her 
to Alexandria. In March, 1780, affiant sailed again on same ship, 
which convoyed some merchantmen out of the Chesapeake. On the 
way to Amsterdam a large British merchantman was taken. Affiant 
and seven other men were detailed as crew for same, and brought 
the ship and four prisoners to Philadelphia, but never received a 
cent of prize money. In July, 1781, volunteered as corporal under 
Capt. Thomas Pollard, whose company was attached at Malvern 
Hill to the regiment under Col. Meriwether and Maj. Hardy. Its 
duty was guarding Burwell's warehouse on York River. 

Section No. 217 

SMITH, JOSEPH.— Pittsylvania, Sept. 17, 1832. Substituted 
in January, 1781, for Harmon ^liller. Served under Capt. Charles 
Wall, Lt. Bates, En. Daniel Wilson. Was at Cabin Point six weeks, 

Virginia Militia in" the Revolution 

then joined Gen. Muhlenberg at Portsmouth. In a second tour 
substituted for his father, James Smith, in April. Served at Poiiit of 
Fork, under Col. St. George Tucker. Discharged at Malvern Hill, 
July 28, 1781. Born in Maryland in 1763 and came to Halifax 
before the war. 

Section No. 218 

PETTIS, JOHN.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Drafted in 
Caroline about 1779, under Capt. Philip Johnson and served at 
Williamsburg. Later was with Samuel Coleman in First Virginia, 
Continental Line, and was under Capt. Francis Cowherd and Col. 
Samuel Hawes. Was in the battles at Guilford and Eutaw, and 
was discharged at Salisbury about January, 1782. Total service, 
about eighteen months. Died July 1, 1833. 

Section No. 219 

SORRELL, JOHN.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born in 
Caroline about 1760. Volunteered, 1775, under Capt. Philip Buck- 
ner. Second tour, under Capt. Robert Ware, began in April, 1776, 
service being around Williamsburg. Third tour began May 1, 1781, 
under a draft in Spottsylvania. Was sent with eleven other men 
under Sergt. Benjamin Robinson to guard prisoners from the South 
to Staunton and Winchester. At Fredericksburg, was employed to 
roll back to the warehouses some tobacco that had been concealed. 
Drafted for Yorktown campaign under Capt. Coleman and was 
ill some time. Two redoubts were stormed Sunday evening and 
next morning he asked Dr. Tankard to allow him to report for duty. 
The captain and others having gone home sick he gave the papers 
to Reuben Plunkett. orderly sergeant, and reported fit for duty. 
Witnessed the British prisoners stack their arms and marched back 
further orders. Volunteered in first and second tours. Confined 
to house and lot for eleven jears. 

\iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution 165 

Section No. 220 

STEARS. RICHARD.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born, 
Sept. — , 1762. Drafted in June, 1779, and served under Captains 
John White, Tankersley, and Holladay. Was at the surrender of 

Section No. 221 

STEARS. JOHN.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born in 1755. 
Enlisted in Seventh Regiment, Virginia Line, under Capt. Oliver 
Towles, and Lt. Benj. Alsop. Served at Fredericksburg and Wil- 
liamsburg. Was discharged for ill health in August, 1776. Died, 
Jan. 18, 1837. 

Section No. 222 

TURNLEY, FRANCIS.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born, 
1762. In first tour, drafted under Capt. Croucher, October, 1780, 
and discharged at Petersburg. In second, drafted under Capt. Frank 
Coleman and served at Fredericksburg. In third, under Capt. 
Tankersley, he was in the fight at Osbornes and at the surrender of 
Cornwallis. Total service, ten months. Died Dec. 18, 1836. 

Section No. 223 

CHEW, HARRY.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born Sept. 
23, 1758. First tour of duty was at the first of the Revolution under 
Capt. Brock, John Brock being a comrade. The second was under 
Capt. Beverley Winslow, whose company with that of Capt. John 
Craig was under Maj. George Thornton, and later, Col. Sampson 
^lathews. This tour was also to Williamsburg, which Gen. Scott 
abandoned at Arnold's approach. Col. Mathews retreated to Rich- 
mond and was there joined by Col. Samuel Temple, of Caroline. 
After Arnold's retreat, the command was ordered forward to Wil- 
liamsburg, but was dismissed at Dincastle's Tavern, twelve miles 
west of that town, by Col. Innes, who succeeded Mathews. Third 
tour was under Winston, quartermaster of regiment under Mathews. 

166 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Fourth tour, under Capt. William Mills, was to Williamsburg to 
join Mathews. Last tour was as ensign under Capt. Francis 
Taliaferro, First Lt. Henry Bartlett, Second Lt. John Wigglesworth, 
and Thomas Towles, quartermaster. From rendezvous at Fredericks- 
burg to Hampton the minute men were under Maj. Andrew Buch- 
anan. Affiant was always a volunteer. (Note. — The tours were 
given as remembered and not in order of time.) 

Section No. 224 

TRIBBLE, GEORGE.— Spottsylvania, Sept. 3, 1832. Enlisted 
for nine months as minute man in Virginia Line, serving under 
Capt. Vivian Minor, of Caroline, and Col. Richard Johnson. Joined 
Maj. Andrew Buchanan at Williamsburg. Was out in six other 
tours under Capt. William Taliaferro and others. Joined Lafayette's 
army in Culpeper and was at siege of Yorktown. In one fight at 
Gloucester. Born in Caroline in 1757. 

Section No. 225 

VASS, PHILIP v.— Spottsylvania, March 3, 1833. Born in 
County, Feb. 17, 1763. Served three tours in 1781, under Captains 
Thomas Towles and Francis Coleman. In the last was substitute 
for Harry Chew. Served in the defense of Fredericksburg, in 
Lafayette's retreat, and in siege of Yorktown. 

Section No. 226 

STANARD, LARKIN.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 6, 1833. Born in 
County, May — , 1760. Cadet in U. S. service under Col. Mordecai 
Buckner, Lt. Col. Thomas Aylett, and Maj. James Hendricks. 
Later was private under Captains Joseph Brock, Thomas Bartlett, 

Winslow, and Craig. Under Richard Young was 

purchasing commissary. Enlisted Jan. 1, 1776, and served in New 
Jersey. Being oldest cadet was entitled to preference in case of 
vacancy, but Col. Buckner appointed his nephew, a junior cadet. 
Therefore affiant and several others went home at the close of the 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 167 

year, having ranked and messed as an officer. Was subsequently a 
volunteer private in four tours, campaigning about Williamsburg. 
Total service, twentv-three months. 

Section No. 227 

MOORE, ALEXANDER.— Spottsylvania, June 3, 1833. Born 
in County in 1760. Drafted about 1780, under Capt. Coleman and 
guarded Governor's palace at Williamsburg. Then enlisted under 
Serg't Major Thomas Hood and guarded Gen. Greene's baggage 
wagons. Ordered back from North Carolina with same wagons. 
Last tour was in Yorktown campaign. Total service, about thirteen 

Section No. 228 

FALCONER, SAMUEL.— Spottsylvania, Feb. 4, 1833. Born 
in Orange about 1757. Volunteered once, drafted twice. Served 
under Captains McWilliams, John Scott, and Francis Coleman. 
Last tour was at siege of Yorktown and in guarding prisoners to 

Section No. 229 

ALSOP, BENJAMIN.— Spottsylvania, Nov. 6, 1832. Born in 
County, March 17, 1758. Marched about June 1, 1780, to Hills- 
boro, N. C, and made quartermaster there. Was under Capt. 
Thomas Minor, Lt. John Holladay, Second Lt. Lewis Holladay, 
En. Robert Durrett; regimental officers being Col. George Stubble- 
field, Lt. Col. Joseph Spencer, Maj. William Moseley. Was in 
battle at Camden, after which the army partially rallied at Hillsboro. 
In May, 1781, was nominated Lieutenant under Capt. Thomas 
Bartlett, and was transferred to the company of Capt. James Taylor. 
Joined Lafayette's army at Raccoon Ford, the regimental officers 
being Col. James Meriwether, and Majors Hardiman and McWil- 
liams. Total service, nine months. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution* 

Section No. 230 

SMITH. PHILIP.— Spottsylvania, Oct. 1, 1832. First tour 
from King and Queen in Seventh Division of Militia under Capt. 
IMunstall Banks. The six other short tours were also in the York- 
town peninsula and under Captains Christopher Howard, William 
Courtney, John Lines, and John Haskins. Was drafted in every 
instance. Born in King and Queen in 1757. ]\Ioved to Spottsyl- 
vania in 1799. 

Section No. 231 

CASON, EDWARD.— Spottsylvania, Oct. 1, 1832. Born in 
County, 1752, died March 13, 1834. Was six months in Conti- 
nental Line from Hanover, serving in Seventh Division under Capt. 
Price and Col. Holt Richardson. Was at battle of Camden. Next 
year was drafted from Spottsylvania and marched to Williamsburg 
under Capt. Legg and Col. Thomas Meriwether. Third tour was 
in guarding prisoners from Yorktown to Noland's Ferry, serving 
under Captain Croucher and Lt. Branham. 

Section No. 232 

CASON. WILLIAM.— Spottsylvania. Oct. 1, 1832. Served, 
l776-'9, in Second Regiment, State Line, serving under Capt. 
Quarles. Lt. Benj. Edmundson, and Col. Thomas Minor. Was 

at ]\Ionmouth and Stonv Point. 

Section No. 233 

POWELL, PTOLEMY.— Born, 1767. Just before the sur- 
render of Cornwallis was accepted as substitute for a brother in 
the army at Gloucester, while the brother was home two weeks on 
furlough. Served under ]\Iaj. Campbell in same company with 
Enoch Breeden. 

(Note: — This information is given by Breeden.) 

Virginia Militia in the Revollition 

Section No. 234 

BREEDExN, ENOCH.— Spottsylvania, Oct. 1, 1832. Born in 
Maryland, Jan. — , 1759. Came to Charles City County, 1766. 
His father went into the army and never came back. Himself and 
mother then went to King William, where two brothers lived. Served 
several short tours from the summer of 1776, till October, 1781. 
being under Col. Hickman and Captains Mordecai Abraham, 
Christopher Thompson, Mordecai Booth, and Harry Quarles. Both 
volunteered and was drafted. Substituted for his married brothers, 
Moody and Caleb. King William County was very liable to depre- 
dation by British ships. The last service began in January, 1781, 
when he was under Captains Drury, Booth, and Abraham, of Col. 
Charles Dabney's First Regiment. Joined Gen. Stevens at Four 
Mile Creek in Henrico, retreated into Culpeper, crossing the Rappa- 
hannock at Ely's Ford and recrossing at Raccoon Ford. Then 
marching by Pogue's Mill, the army took the Marquis road to 
Mechunk Creek in Albemarle. In the advance to Richmond Steuben 
joined Lafayette. Affiant was then some time in camp at Sim's 
Neck, on Pamunky, and joined Gen. Weedon at White House Ferry. 
At siege of Yorktown was stationed at Ware Church near Gloucester. 
The three King William Companies discharged a few days before 
the surrender. 

Section No. 235 

PENDLETON, PHILIP.— Spottsylvania, Oct. 1, 1832. Born 
in County, April 6, 1758. Served twelve months in Continental Line 
as minute man. Capt. George Stubblefield going into the regular 
army, he was then under Capt. Francis Taliaferro. Next volunteered 
under Capt. J. Craig, and served fifty days, also at Williamsburg. 
The last tour was under Captains Harry Stubblefield and Francis 
Coleman, they being under Majors McWilliams and Hardyman. 
After surrender of Cornwallis, went with prisoners as far as Nolan's 
Ferry, serving under Capt. Thomas Croucher. 

Section No. 236 

PIERCE, JOHN.— Spottsylvania Sept. 3, 1832. Volunteered in 
August, 1775, under Capt. (later Col.) Joseph Brock. Guarded the 

170 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

public buildings at Williamsburg under Gen. Charles Scott. Dis- 
charged two years later. Second tour of two months also at Wil- 
liamsburg and under Capt. Thomas Bartlett and Col. Thomas Nelson. 
Third tour began Jan. 10, 1781, when he served under Capt. John 
Carter as orderly at Fredericksburg and Hanover C. H. The fourth 
was next fall and under Capt. Nicholas Payne, he collected beeves 
and drove them to Williamsburg. 

Section No. 237 

JONES, THOMAS.— Spottsylvania, Sept. 3, 1832. Born, 
1757. Enlisted for twelve months, serving under Captains Charles 
Bibbing ( ?) and Samuel Harris. The company was not to be 
attached to a regiment, but to be ready for any call. After discharge 
was ordered for duty and hired George Hampton as substitute. 

Section No. 238 

OBANNON, THOMAS.— Fauquier, Aug. 31, 1832. Born in 
1757. Drafted Sept 4, 1780, under Capt. James Winn and marched 
into the Carolinas to join Smallwood and Morgan. Was at the 
taking of Rugely, but not in the battle of Cowpens because detailed 
to collect the sick and take them to Salisbury, N. C, after which 
he was ordered to take them on to Virginia. Was quartermaster 

Section No. 239 

MOFFETT, JESSE.— Fauquier, Aug. 31, 1832. Born 1759. 
Served under Capt. Benjamin Harrison during fall of 1777, and 
a second tour of three months beginning in July, 1781. 

Section No. 240 

PAYNE, AUGUSTINE.— Fauquier, Aug. 31, 1832. Born, 
1762. Tour of six months beginning in November, 1780, and under 
Capt. John Obannon at Williamsburg. Called out next fall, but 
excused because of injured foot. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section No. 241 

MONROE, GEORGE.— Fauquier, Aug. 31, 1832. First tour 
of six months began in November, 1780. Service was at Williams- 
burg and Richmond under Capt. John L. Chunn. Second of three 
months; was at siege of Yorktown and guarding prisoners to Win- 
chester. Born in County, 1762. 

Section No. 242 

PAYNE, WILLIAM.— Fauquier, Aug. 31, 1832. Lived at 
Falmouth in 1776, and was captain of militia. Was often called 
out, usually four or five times each year, for an aggregate of three 
or four months annually. The enemy were making havoc in the 
slaves and tobacco, keeping the whole country in alarm, and burning 
in every direction, so that desperate exertions had to be made against 
them. H'is service was usually at various points on the Potomac 
and Rappahannock, the last tour being at the siege of Yorktown. 
In 1780, moved to Westmoreland and was made captain there. 

Section No. 243 

WITHERS, SPENCER.— Fauquier, Aug. 30, 1832. Born, 
1756. Went out from Warrenton, summer of 1780, under Capt. 
Francis Triplett, to Hillsboro, N. C. Served in Morgan's brigade 
against the tories. Tarleton pursued Morgan forty miles to the 
Cowpens. Affiant was then sick. Next June was in Col. Edmund's 
regiment and stationed at Ruffin's Ferry, on the Pamunky. Was in 
the retreat to. Raccoon Ford, where Gen. Wayne joined the army. 
Was at siege of Yorktown. Guarded prisoners to Winchester. 
Discharged at Ashby's Gap about Christmas. 

Section No. 244 

MURRAY, REUBEN.— Fauquier, Aug. 29, 1832. Born, 1762. 
First tour in spring of 1781, under Capt. Turner Morehead, and 
Colonels Armistead, Churchill and Dabney. Was at Williamsburg 
till the British advanced. Second tour at siege of Yorktown under 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Captains James Winn and Linn Sharp and Col. Elias Edmond.>. 
Was made sergeant. Guarded prisoners to Winchester and there 

Section No. 245 

ETHALL, ANTHONY.— Fauquier, Aug. 29, 1832. Born in 
Loudoun, Feb. — , 1757. Went out in September, 1775, serving six 
months under Capt. Simon Triplett. Witnessed the burning of 
Norfolk. Did guard duty at the old lighthouse near Hampton, 
which burned before he left the vicinity. Col. William Grayson and 
Maj. Lever Powell were regimental officers. From June till Christ- 
mas, same year, excepting about 10 days in harvest time, affiant 
was in same company guarding battery and breastworks. Drafted 
early in 1777, to guard Hessian prisoners on their way to Charlottes- 
ville. Company commander was Capt. Daniel Teagans. In summer 
of 1781, was drafted under Capt.' Thomas Connor and Col. Meri- 
wether and campaigned around New Kent C. H. 

Section No. 246 

WELCH, SYLVESTER, SR.— Fauquier, July 23, 1832. Born 
1762. Enlisted in Northumberland, 1777, under Samuel Denny, 
in First Virginia Artillery, serving three years. Regimental officers, 
Col. Charles Harrison, Lt. Col. Edward Carrington, Maj. Christo- 
pher Holman. Company commander, Capt. Jonathan Dandridge. 
Was at Valley Forge and Monmouth. 

Section No. 247 

OWEN, ELISHA.— Powhatan, Aug. 6, 1838. Served about 

twelve months in 1780-'81. ALirried Elizabeth , in 1779. 

Died, 1832. Declaration bv widow. 

Section No. 248 

AMMONETT, CHARLES.— Powhatan, Nov. 12, 1832. Born 
in Powhatan, Oct. 13, 1758. Served four tours under Captains 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 173 

Thomas Harris and Edward Moselej'. Was in a skirmish below 
Petersburg, where several of the enemy were killed. Guarded boats 
at Tudes Ferrv. Both volunteered and was drafted. 

Section No. 249 

STEWART, JOHN.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born, 
1761. Enlisted in 1778, from Culpeper under Capt. James Purvis, 
Col. Francis Taylor, and Maj. John Roberts, and served till June, 
1781, guarding prisoners. Later was drafted under Capt. Nicholas 
Payne and Col. Meriw^ether, served at Yorktown, and guarded 
prisoners to Winchester, about Dec. 1st. Declaration by widow. 

Section No. 250 

WILSON, ABRAHA:\I.— Spottsylvania, Aug. 7, 1832. Born 
in SpottsA'lvania, 1759. Drafted from Culpeper in February, 1779, 
under Capt. Joseph Strother, serving at Albemarle Barracks and on 
the seaboard. A second tour, under Capt. Frank Coleman, was at 
Yorktown. Service, eighteen months. 

Officers of the Virginia Militia 
in the Revolution 


The lists here given for the counties of Albemarle, Amelia, Bed- 
ford, Berkley, Botetourt, Caroline, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Fau- 
quier, Fluvanna, Frederick, Goochland, Greenbrier, Henrico, 
Loudoun, Louisa, Orange, Powhatan, Rockbridge, and Spottsyl- 
vania, were compiled directly from the County Order Book, ex- 
cepting Albemarle (in part), and Spottsylvania. The records of 
Fluvanna and Greenbrier were found somewhat deficient, and those 
of Henrico were very much wanting. Nothing was found in Buck- 
ingham, Culpeper, Dinwiddie, Fairfax, Hampshire, Nottoway, Prince 
George, Prince William, or Stafford. 

These lists give the date of nomination or commission, and 
wherever possible, the captains under whom the lieutenants and en- 
signs served. It is evident that the record was not always complete. 
In some instances an officer was undoubtedly sworn in, although only 
the date of recommendation can be found on the Order Book. 

Where a name, as of "John Smith," appears tw^fce, it is because 
it is not clear that in each instance the same person is designated. 
And as a higher rank usually means that the officer has previously 
served in one or more lower grades, only the highest rank found is 
given in the lists. 

Where a date is given without any explanatory mark, it means 
that the person is known to have held the indicated rank in the year 

The special abbreviations used are the following: 
Co. Lt. — County Lieutenant. 
Cp. — Captain. 

Lt. — Lieutenant (when there is nothing to show whether 
first or second.) 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


F. L. — First Lieutenant. 

S. L. — Second Lieutenant. 

En. — Ensign. 

S. — Sworn into office. 

A. — Appointed by county court. 

R. — Recommended by county court. 

N. — Nominated by county court. 

The three last expressions were all in use, but seem as a 
rule, to have the same force. 
Com'd — Date of Commission by governor; bearer subse- 
quently sworn in. 
P'ner — Prisoner of war in hands of the enemy. 
Res. — Resigned. 

Section 251 — Albemarle 

A — (From Wood's History of Albemarle') 

Allen, David, Cp, 
Ball, Erasmus 
Chiles, Micajah 
Davis, Isaac 

, John Lowery 

Durrett, Richard 
Flait, William 
Foulk, Matthew 
Frazier, Falzy 
Garland, Edward 
Gilliam, George, Lt. 
Gilmer, Gteorge, Lt. 
Harper, Richard 
Harris, Richard 
Henderson, John 
Henderson, John 
Henderson, Bennett 
Henderson, William 
Johnson, William 
Lewis, Charles, Cp. 
Lewis, Charles L. 
Lewis, William, T, Sergt. 

(Note: — The dates of comm 
11, 1775.) 

Lewis, Isham 
Lewis, William 
Lewis, Micajah 
Lindsay, Reuben 
Marks, John, Lt. 
Marks, Hastings 
Martin, John, Sergt. 
Martin, Thomas, Jr., Corp. 
Martin, Hudson 
Martin, Thomas, Cp. 
Mills, Frederick William, Cp. 
Mills, Bernard 
Mitchell, Thomas 
Quarles, James, Cp. 
Strachan, Thomas. 
Thompson, Nelson 
Walker, Thomas 
Wood, William, Sergt. 
Wood, William 
Wood, Isaac 
Wood, John 
Wood, John 
ission for the above are May 2, and July 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

B — {Frojii Papers of George Gilmer.) 

Barksdale, Samuel 
Bowen, Micajah 
Boyd, William 
Burke, Henrj^, Cp. 
Burke, John, Cp. 
Butler, Cp. 

Carr, Makins 
Collins, John 
Do well, Major 
Dunn, James 
Garland, Nathaniel, Lt. 
Gentry, George 
Gentry, James 
Going, Sherod 
Gooch, William, Lt. 
Gra^-son, William, Cp. 
Hall, Nathan 
Hall, John 
Hardin, George 
Harris, Benjamin, Cp. 
Harris Robert, Cp. 
Harris, William 
Hawkins, Reuben, Cp. 
Hill, Richard 
Huckstep, Charles 
Hudson, John, Cp. 
Johnston, Richard 
Jordan, William 


Keblinger, Adam 
Leake, Mark, Cp. 
Lewis, Nichols, Cp. 
Lindsay, Reuben, Col. 
Martin, John, Cp. 
Maupin, Cornelius 
Maupin, Daniel 
Maupin, William 
McCardle, Samuel 
Meriwether, James 
Meriwether, Thomas 
Munday, Jonathan 
Peper, John, Lt, 
Leamond, Ephriam 
Southerlin, Kenneth 
Snow, Richard 
Spradling, John 
Spinner, Richard 
Strange, David 
Taylor, John 
Thacker, Nathaniel 
Thomas, Absolam 
Thomas, John 
Thompson, Leonard, Lt. 
Thompson, Roger 
Thompson, George, Lt. 
Wheeler, Micajah 
White, Daniel, Cp. 
Wood, John 
Tarleton, Sergt. 

C—{Fro,n Order-Book of 1783.) 

Brisco, William, Cp.— S. May 8, 1783— vice James Wood. 
Henderson, John, Lt. — 1783. 

James, Thomas, Cp. — S. May 8, 1783 — vice John Henderson. 
Moore, James, En. — S. Alay 8, 1783 — under T. Jones. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 177 

Mosley, Daniel, En.— R. Nov. 13, 1783. 

Nicholas, William, Col.— 1783. 

Reid, John, P]n. — R. May 8, 1783 — under Brisco. 

Thomas, Ralph, Cp.— R. Nov. 13, 1783— vice Benj. Harris. 
Thomas, Joseph, Lt.— R. Nov. 13, 1783, under R. Thomas. 

Wingfield, Charles, Lt.— R. May 8, 1783 — under Jones. 

Wood, James, Cp.— 1783. 

Woodson, William, Lt.— R. Mav 8, 1783— under Brisco. 

Section 252— AMELIA 

Anderson, Paulin, Cp., 1777. 

Anderson, Henry, F. L., S. April 23, 1778— of Nottoway County. 

Anderson, Francis, Jr., F. L, January 22, 1778 — under Jones 

Bagley, George, F. L., S. May 25, 1780. 

Bass, William, En., S. April 23, 1778. 

Beadle, John, S. L., N. June 22, 1780. 

Boiling, Robert, Lt. (?), S. June 22, 1780. 

Booker, Edmund, Lt. Col., S. May 25, 1780. 

Booker, George, S. L., R. August 28, 1777— under E. Booker. 

Booth, John, S. L., October, 26, 1780. 

Bowling, Robert, Cp. S. October, 26, 1780 — vice W. Jones. 

Bridgforth, Thomas, S. L., S. June 22, 1780: 

Brooking, Robert E., Cp., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Brown, Thomas, En.? June 22, 1780. 

Chaffin, Joshua, F. L., S. Oct. 26, 1780— under L. Ford. 
Chappell, John, En., S. Oct. 26, 1780. 

Cobbs, John C„ S. L., R. June 22, 1780— under W. Craddock. 
Cocke, Chastain, Cp., S. Sept. 20, 1777— of 19th Co. 
Craddock, Henry, S. L., S. April 23, 1778. 
Craddock, Richard, S. L., S. Jan. 22, 1778. 
Craddock, Richard, ?, S. June 22, 1780. 

Craddock, William Crass, Cp., S. June 22, 1778 — vice Ward. 
Craddock, Charles, En., S. June 26, 1776 — (probably same as 
William C.) 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Crowley, William, ?, S. June 22, 1780. 

Dennis, John. Cp., S. April 23, 1778 — vice Munford. 

Durham, Joshua, F. L., R. Nov. 23, 1780— under R. Bowling. 

Edward, Robert, En., S. Oct. 24, 1776. 

Elliot, John, S. L., R. Sept. 20, 1777— under R. Graves. 

Finney, William, Cp., S. Oct. 20, 1777. 

Finney, John, En., S. Oct. 20, 1777. 

Fitzgerald, Francis, F. L., S. May 25, 1780. 

Ford, Lewis, Cp., S. March 25, 1779. 

Ford, William, Cp., S. March 25, 1779— vice Brooks. 

Fowlkes, Gabriel, Cp., S. April 22, 1779. 

Fowlkes, Gabriel, Lt. Col., S. April 23, 1778. 

Gibbs, William, S. L., S. March 25, 1779. 

Giles, , Col., S. April 23, 1778. 

Goode, Mack, En., R. October 26, 1880. 

Gray, John, F. L., S. August 28, 1777— under T. Short. 

Green, Abraham, Cp., S. June 22, 1780. 

Green, Samuel, S. L., R. April 23, 1778. 

Greenhill, William, Cp., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Grigg, James, En., S. May 25, 1780. 

Hall, Bowler, F. L., S. June 22, 1780. 

Harrison, William, S. L., R. April 23, 1778— under Capt. Walker. 

Holloway, William, En., R. Nov. 23, 1780. 

Howson, John, En., S, Aug. 28, 1777 — under W. Watson. 

Hudson, Robert, Cp., R. Oct 26, 1780. 

Irby, Charles, S. L., S. Aug 28, 1777— under N. Winn. 

Jenkins, James, Col. S., July 27, 1780— 2d Battalion. 

Jennings, Joseph, Cp., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Jeter, Presly, En., S. May 25, 1780. 

Johnson, Arthur, En., S. Sept. 20, 1777 — under P. Jones. 

Jones, Richard, F. L., S. Oct. 26, 1780. 

Jones, Batt, Lt., S. June 22, 1780. 

Jones, Daniel, Cp., S. April 22, 1779. 

Jones, Thomas, En., S. Sept. 20, 1777 — under R. Ward. 

Jones, William, Cp., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Jones, Philip, Cp., R., June 22, 1780. 

Jordan, Thomas, En., R. Nov. 27, 1777 — under R. Winn. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Knight, John, ?, S. June 22, 1780. 

Lewis, Griffin, S. L., S. Oct. 20, 1777. 
Locke, Richard, En., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

IVIanere, John, S. L., S. Jan. 22, 1778— under W. Jones. 

Marshall, Abraham, F. L., S. May 25, 1780. 

Marshall, John, En., R. April 23, 1778. 

IVLirshall, Alexander, S. L., R. Aug. 28, 1777— under B. Ward. 

McNabb, Alexander, S. L., S. Aug. 28, 1777. 

Mitchell, Thomas, En., R. Jan. 22, 1778— under R. Jones. 

Mitchell, Thomas, — ?— S. June 22, 1780. 

Mitchell, Evans, En., S. Sept. 20, 1777— under A. Green. 

Munford, Edward, Cp., May 25, 1780— of 20th Company. 

Newman, Rice, En., R. Aug. 28, 1777— under A. Green. 
Noble, Joseph, En., R. June 22, 1780. 

Oglisby, Richard, Cp., S. May 25, 1780. 
Osborne, Abner, ?, S. June 22, 1780. 
Osborne, William, Jr., Cp., S. May 25, 1780. 
Overton, Thomas Perkins, S. L., S. Oct. 26, 1780. 

Randolph, Peter, F. L., S. Oct. 20, 1777. 

Roberts, Jacob, En., S. May 25, 1780. 

Roberts, Pleasant, Cp., S. June 22, 1780— vice P. Jones. 

Roberts, Alexander, F. L., S. May 25, 1780. 

Robertson, William, S. L., R. May 25, 1780— under R. Ogilsby. 

Royall,' John, F. L., S. June 22, 1780. 

Royall, Littlebury, F. L., S. June 22, 1780. 

Royall, William, F. L., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Royall, John, S. L., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Royall, John, F. L., S. ?, June 22, 1780. 

Sherwin, Samuel, Col., A. April 23, 1778. 
Short, Thomas, Lt. Col., S. May 25, 1780. 

Tabb, Edward, Cp., R. April 23, 1778— under J. Jenkins. 
Tabb, John, Col., R. Aug. 28, 1777. 
Towers, John, Jr., En., S. May 25, 1780. 
Tucker, Daniel, En., S. Aug. 28, 1777. 

ISO A'iRGixiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Vaughan, James, F. L., N. Oct, 26, 1780. 

Vaughan, Robert, F. L., R. June 22, 1780 — under E. Booker. 

Vaughan, Robert, Cp.. S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Walker, , Cp., 1777. 

Walthall, John, F. L., S. April 22, 1779— under Capt. Finney. 

Ward, Rowland, Jr., Cp.. S. May 25, 1780— vice D. Jones. 

Ward, Rowland. Sr., Maj., S. April 23, 1778. 

Ward, John, En., R. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Ward, Benjamin, Capt., 1777. 

Watkins, Samuel, S. L.. R. Nov. 23, 1780. 

Watson, Luke, S. L., S. Oct. 20, 1777. 

Watson, William, Cp., 1777. 

Wells, William, En., S. Oct 20, 1777. 

Wells, Thomas T., S. L., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Williams, Philip, F. L., S. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Winn, Richard, Cp., 1777. 

Wilson, Charles, F. L., R. April 23, 1778. 

Wilson, , Lt. Col., A. April 23, 1778. 

Willson, Thomas Branch, Maj., S. Oct. 20, 1777 — probably same 

as above. 
Wood, William, Jr., S. L., S. Jan. 22, 1778— under P. Anderson. 
Worsham, William, En., S. ^Vlarch 25, 1779. 

Section 253 — Augusta 

Note: — See also Rockingham for Robert Craven, Robert Davis, Reuben 
Harrison, John Hopkins, Abraham Lincoln, William Nail, John Skidmore, 
and Daniel Smith. 

Allen, William, Lt., S. April 17, 1782— under J. Campbell. 
Anderson, William, Lt., R. April 17, 1782 — under J. ]\IcKittrick. 
Anderson, William, Cp., 1777. 

Anderson, Robert, En, R. April 17, 1782— under J. McKittrick. 
Anderson, Andrew, Cp., R. Aug. 18, 1781 — vice Joseph Bell. 
Anderson, George, S. L., R. May 18, 1779— under T. Rankin. 
Anderson, George, En., S. Feb 20, 1781. 

Baskins. Charles. Cp.. R. Feb. 20, 1782 — vice Zachary Johnson. 
Baskins. Tames. F. L.. S. Oct. 20, 1780. 

X'iRGiNiA Militia i\" the Revolution 

Bell Joseph, En., S. Aug. 15, 1780— under J. Dickey. 

Bell, James, Cp. S. Aug. 15, 1780. 

Bell Joseph, Cp., S. Aug. 15, 1780— vice David Bell, res. Aug. 

15, 1781. 
Bell David, Cp., 1777— died 1780. 

Black, Samuel, S. L., S. Oct. 20, 1778— under R. McCreery. 
Blair, Joseph, En,, R, Feb. 17, 1778 — under J. Cunningham. 
Bogart, Cornelius, En., R. Sept. 19, 1780 — under B. Wilson. 
Boggs, Thomas, Cp. R. Aug. 19, 1778— vice M. Humble. 
Bowyer, William, Lt. Col, S. Feb. 16, 1779— 2d Batallion. 
Boyd, John, En., R. May 20, 1777. 
Bratton, George, Lt. S. :\Iay 22, 1782. 
Brattpn, James, Cp. R. Aug. 21, 1781— vice W. Kinkead. 
Brown, John, Cp., S. ^lay 15, 1781 — vice J. Cartmill 
Brownlee, Alexander, En., R. May 19, 1778 — refused to serve. 
Buchanan, David, Lt., R. Aug. 18, 1781 — under P. Buchanan. 
Buchanan, William, En., S. Dec. 20, 1780— under S. McCutchen. 
Buchanan, Patrick, Cp., 1777. 

Calbraith, William, En., S. Mar. 22, 1782. 

Cameron, Charles, Col, S. Feb. 20, 1782. 

Campbell, John, Cp., S. April 17, 1782— vice J. Patterson. 

Campbell, Charles Cp., 1777. 

Campbell, Robert, F. L., S. March 17, 1778. 

Carpenter, Michael, F. L., S. Aug. 19, 1778— under W. Lowther. 

Cartmill, John, Cp., S. Nov. 21, 1780— vice R. McCreery. 

Christian, Robert, Jr., S. L., S. Aug. 15, 1780 — vmder F. Long. 

Clark, Robert, Lt., S. Aug. 19, 1777. 

Clemons, Casper, F. L., R. May 18, 1779— under T. Rankin. 

Coger, Michael, Cp., S. Nov. 23, 1777— vice W. Naile. 

Colbraith, William, En., S. March 22, 1782. 

Connerly, Arthur, En., S. April 17, 1782. 

Coulter, Michael, Lt., S. Feb. 20, 1781— 2d Battalion. 

Craven, Robert, Cp., 1777. 

Crawford, Alexander, En., S. Nov. 11, 1780 — under J. Cartmill 

Crawford, James. S. L., R. Aug. 19, 1777. 

Crouch, Joseph, Cp., S. March 16, 1779. 

Cunningham, John, Cp.. S. Aug. 19, 1777. 

Davis, Robert. Cp., 1777. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Day, Joseph, En., R. Aug 21, 1781 — under G. Poage. 
Dfckey, John, Cp., S. Aug. 15, 1780— vice W. Henderson. 

Ewing, James, En., R. 1777. 

Finley, William, Cp., S. Aug. 15, 1780 — vice R. Thompson. 

Fleisher, Henry, En., S. June 20, 1781. 

Fleisher, Henry, S. L., Oct. 22, 1778— under J. McCoy. 

Frazier, James, S. L., S. Oct. 20, 1778. 

Frazier, James, Cp., 1777. 

Garner, John, S. L., R. Aug. 19, 1778. 

Gibson, David, En., S. May 18, 1779 — under J. Patterson. 

Gibson, James, S. L., S. Oct. 20, 1778. 

Gilmer, John, Cp., 1777. 

Given (Gwin?), David, Cp., S. June 20, 1781 — vice Oliver. 

Given, John, Cp., S. Feb. 17, 1778 — vice Laird. 

Graham, James, En., S. Oct. 20, 1778. 

Graham, Christopher, Lt., S. May 11, 1777. 

Gray, David, Cp., 1777. 

Gwin, Joseph, F. L., R. Aug. 21, 1781— under T. Hicklin. 

Gwin, David, S. L., S. Feb. 16, 1777 — became Cp. 

Hamilton, Patrick, En., R. March 16, 1779. 

Hamilton, Charles, Cp., S. June 18, 1782 — vice D. Gwin. 

Hamilton, Andrew, Jr., En., S. Sept. 15, 1778 — under W. Kinkead. 

Hamilton, John, Cp., R., Aug. 20, 1777— (Tygart's Valley). 

Harper, Nicholas, F. L. (?), 1778. 

Harris, Robert, S. L., S. Sept. 17, 1777— under S. McCutchen. 

Harrison, Reuben, Cp., 1777. 

Hempenstall, Abraham, En., S. April 20, 1778. 

Henderson, William, Cp., 1777. .went to Kentucky about 1780. 

Hewitt, Thomas, Cp., 1777. 

Hicklin, Thomas, Cp., S. March 17, 1778. 

Hogshead, James, Jr., En., R. Aug. 19, 1778 — under J. Trimble. 

Hopkins, John, Cp., 1777. 

Hughart, Thomas, Col., S. Sept. 19, 1780— 2d Battalion. 

Hull, Peter, Cp., S. June 20, 1781— vice J. McCoy. 

Humphreys, Jonathan, Lt., S. Nov. 21, 1780, 

Johnson, James, Lt., S. March 22, 1782 — under C. Baskins. 
Johnson, Zachary, Cp., S. Aug. 20, 1777— res. Feb. 20, 1782. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 183 

Kenny, Robert, Cp., S. Oct. 21, 1778— vice A. Robertson. 
Kinkead, William, Cp., S.- Sept. 15, 1778— vice A. Lockridge— res. 
Aug. 21, 1781. 

Lincoln, Abraham, Cp., 1777. 

Lockridge, Andrew, Maj., S. Sept. 15, 1779. 

Logan, William, En., A. March 19, 1782— under S. McCutchen. 

Long, Joseph, Lt., S. Nov. 22, 1780 — under F. Long. 

Long, Francis, Cp., 1777. 

Lowderson (Robertson?), William, Cp., R. Aug. 19, 1777— (West 

Lowther, William, Cp., R. Sept. 17, 1777— (West Fork). 
Lyle, John, Cp., 1777. 

IVLidison, Richard, S. L., R. May 19, 1778. 

Mathews, Richard, En. R., Oct. 21, 1778— under J. Trimble. 

Mathews, Sampson, Lt. Col., S. May 19, 1778. 

Maxwell, Alexander, F. L., S. March 16, 1779. 

McClenahan, William, En., R. Dec. 16, 1777— under A. Robertson. 

McCoy, John, Cp., 1777. 

McCreery, John, Lt. Col., S. Aug. 15, 1780. 

McCreery, William, Lt., S. June 20, 1781 — under C. Cameron. 

McCreery, Robert, Cp., 1777. 

McCune, John, F. L., S. Oct. 21, 1778— under R. Kenny. 

McCutchen, Samuel, Cp., S. Sept. 17, 1777— under S. McCutchen. 

McKenny, John, F. L., S. Sept. 17, 1777. 

McKittrick, John, Cp., S. April 17, 1782— vice J. Trimble. 

McKittrick, John, En., R. Aug. 21, 1781 — vice Gardner. 

McMahon, John, S. L., S. June, 16, 1778— under W. Anderson. 

Meteer, Thomas, En., R. Aug. 19, 1778. 

Mitchell, James, S. L., R. May, 19, 1778. 

Moffett, George, Col., S. June 16, 1778. . 

Moore, Andrew, Cp., 1777. 

Nail, William, Cp., 1777. 

Oliver, John, Cp., R. Nov. 21, 1780— vice S. Vance. 

Patterson, Joseph, Cp., S. May 18, 1779 — vice W, Anderson. 
Peebles, John, Cp., 1777. 
Pence, George, Cp., 1777. 

184 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Perry, Joshua, En., S. May 22, 1782. 

Poage, James, Lt., S. Mar. 20, 1782. 

Poage, John, Jr., En., S. Mar. 20. 1782. 

Poage, George, Cp., S. June 20, 1781 — vice Oliver — 2d Battalion. 

Pringle, Samuel, Cp., 1777. 

Rankin, James, En., R. May 18, 1779. 

Rankin, Thomas, Cp., S. IVIay 18, 1779— vice R. Kenny. 

Reader, Anthony, Cp., R. Aug. 19, 1777 — vice Adam Reader. 

Reader, Adam, Cp., 1777. 

Robertson, William, Cp., S. March 16, 1779. 

Robertson, Alexander, S. L., R. Aug. 19, 1778— under R. Kenny. 

Robertson, Alexander, Maj., S. Oct. 21, 1778. 

Rucker, Samuel, Lt., S. May 15, 1781— under J. Oliver. 

Scott, Alexander, S. L., R. Dec. 16, 1777 — under A. Robertson, 

res. 1781. 
Seybert, Nicholas, F. L., S. :\Iarch 16, 1778— under J. McCoy. 
Shaw, Robert, S. L., R. Aug. 19, 1777— under T. Smith. 
Shirley, Valentine, En., R. Aug. 19, 1777. 
Simpson, Alexander, Cp., S. Nov. 18, 1778. 
Skidmore, John, Cp., 1777. 
Smith, Daniel, Cp., 1777. 
Smith, Thomas, Cp., 1777. 

Smith, John, En., S. Sept. 17, 1777— under R. McCutchen. 
Steel, James, En., S. Oct. 20, 1778— under R. Thompson. 
Stephenson, John, Cp., 1777. 
Stewart, Ralph, Cp., 1777. 
Stewart, Alexander, Cp., 1777. 

Tate, William, Cp., S. Aug. 21, 1781. 

Tate, James, Cp., 1777— killed at Guilford. 

Teter, Paul, Cp., 1777. 

Thomas, James, En., S. Aug. 19, 1778. 

Thompson, Robt., Lt., S. Nov. 21, 1781. 

Thompson, Robert, Cp., 1777. 

Thompson. Alexander, Col., R. 'Mux 19, 1778 — refused to serve. 

Trimble, James, Cp., S. Sept. 15, 1778— vice G. Moffett. 

Vance, Samuel, Col., R. Aug. 21, 1781. 

Virginia Militia in' the Revolution 

Waddell, Joseph, Lt., S. Aug. 15, 1780— under W. Henderson. 

Warwick, Jacob, F. L., S. March 16, 1779 — under S. Vance. 

Warwick, Jacob, Cp., R. March 20, 1777. 

Wauchub, John, S. L., S. Sept. 19, 1780. 

Westfall, Jacob, Jr., F. L., R. Sept. 19, 1780— under B. Wilson. 

White, John, Lt., S. April 20, 1779. 

Wier, Samuel, En., R. IVIay 20, 1777. 

Wilson, John, Maj., S. March 20, 1781— 2d Battalion. 

Wilson, David, En., S. Aug. 15, 1780 — vice Brownlee. 

Wilson, Benjamin, Cp., S. March 17, 1778— (Tygart's Valley). 

Wilson, Matthew, Cp., S. Nov. 23, 1777. 

Young, Patrick, En., S. May 15, 1781 — under C. Cameron. 
Young, James, S. L., R. Oct. 21, 1778 — under J. Young. 
Young, John, Cp., 1777— res. Nov. 18, 1778. 

Section 254— BEDFORD 

Adams. Robert, Cp.. R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Adams, James, S. L., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Adams, James, Cp., R.,May 29, 1781. 
Alexander, Robert, Cp., S. June 27, 1779. 
Anderson, Jacob, S. L., R. June 29, 1779. 
Anthony, Joseph, S. L., A. Oct. 26, 1778. 
Arthur, Benjamin, Cp., R. Sept. 29, 1781. 

Beard, David, Cp., S. Sept. 23, 1780. 
Beard, Samuel, Cp., S. Sept. 23, 1780. 
Brown, Shildrake, En., S. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Bryan William, En., S. Dec. 28, 1778. 
Bullock, Josias, Cp., S. April 24, 1781. 
Bullock, James, Cp., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Burnley, Harry, En., S. May 28, 1781. 
Burnley, Henry, F. L.,R. April 24, 1781. 
Burns, James, S. L., R. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Butler, Alexander, F. L.. S. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Butterworth, Benjamin, Lt., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Callaway, James. Jr.. Cp., R. Oct. 22, 1781. 
Callaway. John, Maj.. R. Sept. 24, 1781. 

186 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Callaway, Charles, Cp., S. April 24, 1781. 

Callaway, James, Co. Lt., S. Dec. 28, 1778. 

Callaway, Chesley Dudley, F. L., S. Sept. 28, 1778 — removed from 

County, 1779. 
Callaway, William, Lt. Col, S. March 23, 1778. 
Campbell, John, En., R. May 23, 1780. 
Charter, Thomas, Cp., R. May 28, 1781. 
Cheetwood, Jace, En., S. May 24, 1779. 
Chiles, John, Cp., S. Nov. 24, 1778— res. Sept. 24, 1781. 
Clark, Micajah, En., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 
Clark, Robert, Cp., S. Sept. 28, 1778. 
Clayton, En., S. March 27, 1780. 
Clayton, John, Cp., S. April 24, 1781. 
Cobb, Charles, Cp., R. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Cobb, Robert, F. L., R. Nov. 22, 1779. 
Cobb, Edward, S. L., R. Nov. 22, 1779. 

Doggett, Chatton, Cp., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 

Davis, Joseph, S. L., R. Nov. 23, 1778— under T. Arthur. 

Daris, Samuel, F. L., R. Nov. 23, 1778— under T. Arthur. 

Davis, Henry, F. L., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 

Demoss, Thomas, F. L., S. May 24, 1779. 

Divers, John, F. L., R. May 28, 1781. 

Dooley, George, F. L.. R. May 24, 1779. 

Early, Jacobus, F. L., R. May 28, 1781. 
Early, Jacob, Cp., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Early, Jeremiah, Col., S. Dec. 28, 1778. 
Eidson, Henry, En., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 
Ewing, William, F. L., S. Sept. 23, 1780. 

Farley, Francis, En., S. Sept. 23, 1780. 
French, Daniel, En., S. June 26, 1780. 
Franklin, Edmund, En., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Franklin, Owen, En., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Fuqua, Moses, S. L., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 

Gilbert, Samuel, F. L., R. May 28, 1781. 
Gilbert, John W., Cp., S. Nov. 22, 1779. 
Gilbert, Daniel, S. L., S. Nov. 22, 1779. 
Gilbert, Preston, Lt., res. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 187 

Gilliam, Zachariah, En., S. Sept. 28, 1778. 

Gilliam, Zachariah, S. L., R. Nov. 22, 1779. 

Green, James, S. L., S. July 25, 1780. 

Green, Moses, F. L., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 

Greer, James, F. L., R. Sept. 24, 1781— (Green?). 

Griffith, Benjamin, En., R. Nov. 23, 1778. 

Gwatlcins, Charles, Cp., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Haile, Richard, En,. R. April 26, 1779. 
Haynes, Parmenas, Cp., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 
Hayth, Thomas, F. L., S. April 24, 1781 — ( Heath?). 
Helm, John, S. L., S. March 27, 1780. 
Helm, Thomas, F. L., S. Feb. 22, 1779. 
Henderson, William Gent, En., R. May 28, 1781. 
Hudnall, William, F. L., S. May 25, 1778. 
Hunter, John, Jr., En., S. Nov. 22, 1779. 

Innes, Harry, En., Oct. 22, 1781. 
Irvine, Andrew, F. L., S. May 28, 1781. 
Irvine, John, S. L., S. March 27, 1780. 
Irvine, Robert, F. L., S. June 29, 1779. 

James, William, F. L., R. Oct 25, 1779. 
Jeter, Henry, F. L., R. May 28, 1781. 
Johnson, Thomas, En., S. Dec. 28, 1778. 
Jones, Thomas, En., R. April 24, 1781 
Jones, William, F. L., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Jordan, William, Cp., S. April 24, 1781. 

Leftwich, Augustine, F. L., S. May 28, 1781. 
Leftwich, William, Lt. Col., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Leftwich, Uriah, En., S. May 24, 1779. 
Logwood, Thomas, Cp., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 
Lumpkin, Thomas, En., R. April 24, 1781. 
Lynch, Anselm, F. L., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 
Lynch, Charles, Esq., Col, R. Feb. 24, 1778. 

Martin, David, S. L., S. March 22, 1779. 

Mclroy, Hugh, F. L., S. March 27, 1780— (McElroy?). 

McReynolds, Thomas, Cp., S. Nov. 12, 1779. 

Milam, William, S. L., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 

ViRGiKiA Militia in the Revolution 

Miller, Simon, Jr., En., R. July 26, 1779. 
Mitchell, Daniel, En., S. May 24, 1779. 
Moon, Jacob, Jr., En., R. June 29, 1779. 
Moore, Jacob, S. L., S. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Moseley, Arthur, S. L., R. June 29, 1779. 
Murray, Thomas, Lt., R. Oct. 22, 1781. 

Namee, Cornelius, S. L., R. July 26, 1779. 
Nance, Thomas, En., S. May 24, 1779. 

Otley, John, Cp., R. Mar. 23, 1778— (Ottey?) 

Parrow, Daniel, En., S. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Pate, Matthew, F. L., R. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Pate, Anthony, Cp., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Pate, Thomas, En., S.' Nov. 23, 1778. 
Patrick, John F., gent., En., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Phelps. John, F. L., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Poindexter, Joseph, Cp., S. Sept. 28, 1778. 
Price, Bowen, Cp., R. May 28, 1781. 
Price, Brown, F. L., S. June 29, 1779. 

Quarles. John, Col., res. Dec. 28, 1778. 

Rentfree, Isaac, F. L., S. Nov. 23, 1778. 
Rentfree, William, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 
Rentfro, Isaac, En., R. May 28, 1781. 
Rentfro, Mark, En., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 
Rice, Benjamin, F. L., R. April 24, 1781. 
Richeson, Jonathan, Cp. R. Feb. 24, 1778. 
Russell, James, S. L., R. Feb. 28, 1780. 

Slaughter, John. En., R. Feb. 26, 1781. 
Smith, Jonathan, S. L., R. April 26, 1779. 
Steel. Alexander, F. L., S. Nov. 22, 1779. 
Stith, Joseph, -En., S. Aug. 28, 1780. 

Talbott, Haile, Cp.. S. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Tate. Jesse. F. L.. S. May 25, 1778. 
Tate, Edmund, S. L.. R. IVIay 26, 1778. 
Taylor, Skelton, F. L., S. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Terrill, Harry, Maj., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 

Virginia Militia im the Revolution 

Terrill, Peter, Cp., S. Feb. 28, 1780. 

Terry, William, Cp., S. May 28, 1781. 

Thornhill, William, En., R. May 24, 1779— under Capt. Ottey. 

Trigg, William, Lt. Col., S. Dec. 28, 1778. 

Trigg, John, Cp., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 

Turnbull, George, F. L., S. Aug. 28, 1780. 

Vardiman, William, F. L., S. May 24, 1779. 

Walden, Richard, En., S. Aug. 29, 1780. 

Ward, John, Jr., En., R. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Ward, John, gent., Maj., S. March 22, 1779— res. Sept. 24, 1781, 

Watkins, Robert, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Watts, Thomas, Cp., R. Feb. 24, 1778. 

Wood, Peter, F. L., R. April 26, 1779. 

Wooten, Hinman, En., S. Nov. 24, 1778. 

Wright, David, Cp., R. May 24, 1779. 

Section 255 — Berkeley 

Baldwin, John, Cp., 1780. 

Bameslee, F. L., R. May 15, 1781— under E. Lucas. 

Buckles, Robert, Jr., S. L., S. May 15, 1781— under W. Lucas. 

Buchannon, Alexander, En., May 15, 1781 — under Porterfield. 

Clarke, George, Cp., 1781. 

Collitt, Isaac, Lt., R. ALiy 15, 1781. 

Cook, Giles, Jr., Lt., R. May 15, 1781— under R. Ransom. 

Crane, James, En., A. Nov. 19. 1776. 

Downe, John, En., R. May 15, 1781 — .under J. McCormick. 
Druggett, James, En., R. Nov. 21, 1780 — under C. Morrow. 
Dundane, James, Cp., 1780. 

Fink, Jacob, En., R. Sept. 18, 1781— under A. Noble. 

Hart, John, Cp., R. April 17, 1781. 

Hunter, David, Jr., Lt., R. April 17, 1781— under J. Hart. 

Jones, John, En., R. IVIay 15, 1781— under J. Richardson. 

Lucas, William, Cp., R. May 15, 1781— vice E. Lucas . 
Lucas, Edward, Cp., res. ^Lirch 20, 1781. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

IVIcCormick, John, Cp., S. May 15, 1781. 

Aletcalf, Allen, En., R. May 15, 1781— under J. Swearingen. 

Miller. Zachariah, En., R. April 17, 1781. 

Morrow. Charles, Cp., 1780. 

Noble, Anthony, Cp., 1781. 

Pendleton, Philip, gent., Col., A. April 15, 1777 — vice V. Swearin- 

Ransom, Richard, Cp., R. :\Iay 15, 1781 — vice E. Worthington. 
Richeson, James. Cp., R. May 15, 1781. 


Shirley, David, En.. R. May 15, 1781— under G. Clark. 

Snider, Jacob, Lt., R. Sept. 18, 1781. 

Snider, Jacob, Jr., Cp., S. May 15, 1781. 

Snider. Nathaniel, Lt., R. Aug. 15, 1780. 

Stephens, Robert, Cp. — res. Dec. 17, 1776. 

Sturgis, William, En., R. ^lay 15, 1781 — under R. Ransom. 

Swearingen, Josiah, Cp., 1781. 

Swearingen, Van, gent.. Co. Lt., A. Feb. 15, 1777. 

Thornberry, Thomas, Lt., R. May 15, 1781 — under J. Swearingen. 

Veal (?). David. En., R. Sept. 18, 1781— under A. Noble. 

Washington, Samuel, Co. Lt., res. Feb. 15, 1777 — brother to Gen. 

Willis. Robert Carter, gent., Lt. Col.. A. Feb. 15, 1777— vice P. 

Worthington, Ephriam, Cp., 1781. 

Section 256 — Botetourt 

Allen, Hugh ("Big IVIouth"), S. L., R. ^Lny 10, 1781— under Pryor. 
Anderson, John, Cp., 1777. 

Armstrong, Andrew, F. L., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Neely, Jr. 
Armstrong, John, Cp., 1778. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 191 

Baird, John, Cp., A. July 12, 1781 — vice Hanley. 

Barnett, Cp., 1781. 

Bollar, John, Cp., S. April 8, 1779. 

Brown, , Cp., 1777. 

Cartmill, Thomas, Cp., S. May 11, 1780. 
Cartmill, Henry, Lt., R. April 13, 1780— under J. Cartmill. 
Cartmill, John, Cp., R. April 13, 1780— in Logan's old company. 
Collin, Moses, En., S. May 13, 1777. 

Cook, , Cp., 1777. 

Crockett, Hugh, Maj., S. March 10, 1778. 

Donally, Andrew, Maj., R. March 10, 1778. 
Dean, , Cp., 1778. 

Earn, , Cp., 1781. 

Eavons, , Cp., 1781. 

Eddins, David, En., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Martin. 
Estill, Wallace, F. L., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Galloway. 

Fleming, James, En., R. April 12, 1781 — under Hanley. 
Frazier, George, F. L., A. July 12, 1781— under J. Baird. 

Galloway, John, Cp., R. April 12, 1781. 

Gillis, Thomas, En., A. April 13, 1781— under J. Wood. 

Gilmore, , Cp., 1777. 

Ginn (?), , Cp., 1778. 

Givens, , Cp., 1777. 

Gordon, William. S. L., R. April 12, 1781 — under Eavons. 

Hall, James, Cp., 1777. 

Hamilton, William, Cp., 1777. 

Hamilton, Andrew, Cp., 1777. 

Hampkins, Uriah, En., R. May 10, 1781— under Pryor. 

Hanly, , Cp., 1781. 

Harley, , Cp., 1778. 

Henderson, James, Lt. Col., R. March 10, 1778. 

Holstin, , Cp., 1781. 

Holster, , Cp., 1780. 

Hull, Peter, Cp., 1780. 

Hutcheson, James, S. L., A. April 13, 1781 — under Smith. 

192 ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Lewis, John, En., R. April 12, 1781 — under J. Lewis. 
Lewis, John, Cp., R. April 12, 1781 — of New Company. 
Lewis, Andrew, F. L., R. April 12, 1781 — under J. Lewis. 
Lewis, Samuel, Col.. R. ALirch 10, 1778. 
Lockhart, Patrick, Maj., A. July 12, 1781. 
Logan, John (?), Cp., 1778. 
Loony, , Cp., 1781. 

Martin, Josiah, Cp., 1781. 

May, David, Cp., 1781. 

McArnold, William, S. L., R. April 13, 1780. 

McClenahan, William, Lt. Col., A. July 12, 1781— vice T. Rowland. 

McFarran, Samuel, En., A. April 13, 1781 — under Smith. 

McFarran, Rowland, Cp., 1777. 

McGeorge, Thomas, En., R. April 12, 1781 — under Eavons. 

McMurtry, , Cp., 1778. 

McNeely, William, S. L., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Barnett. 
McRoberts, John, S. L., A. Jan. 12, 1781— under P. Lockhart. 
Mills, , Cp., 1781. 

Neely, , Cp., 1781. 

Neely, Robert, S. L., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Neely. 
Neely, James, Jr., Cp., R. April 12, 1781— vice W. McClenahan. 

Neely, William, En., S. April 15, 1778. 

Pauling, , Cp., 1778. 

Paxton, John. Cp., 1777. 

Paxton, William, Cp.,' 1777. 

Peck, Adam, En., A. Jan. 12, 1781— under P. Lockhart. 

Poage, George, Col., S. Sept. 3, 1778. 

Pryor, , Cp., 1780. 

Reaburn, Joseph, S. L., A. July 12, 1781 — under H. Watterson. 
Reaburn, James, En., R. April 12, 1781 — under Barnett. 
Robinson, Isaac, S. L., A. July 12, 1781 — under Pawlings. 

Robinson, , Cp., 1778. 

Robinson, John, Cp., before 1777. 

Robinson, Hercules, Cp., 1777. 

Robinson, William, Lt. Col., res. April 12, 1781. 

Rowland, Thomas, Lt. Col., R. April 12, 1781. 

Rutledge, John, F. L., A. July 12, 1781— under H. Watterson. 

Rutledge, George, Cp., A. July 12. 1781 — vice J. Woods. 

ViRGiviA Militia in: the Revolution' 193 

Scott, William, En., A. Sept. 13, 1781— under J. Baird. 

Semley, Alexander, En., R. April 13, 1780. 

Skillern, George, Co. Lt., R. July 13, 1780. 

Smith, James, Cp., 1778. 

Smith, Henry, Cp., 1778. 

Stewart, John, Co. Lt., R. March 10, 1778. 

Tosh, James, En., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Neely. 

Vimands, Elijah, En., A. July 12, 1781 — under Smith. 

Section 257 — Caroline 

Alcock, Thomas, Lt., S. Dec. 1777. 

Baynham, Gregory, F. L., S. March, 1778 — under R. Graham. 

Beazley, Thomas, En., R. May, 1781. 

Boutwell, John, Lt., S. May, 1778. 

Brame, John, En., R. Feb., 1778 — set aside by court. 

Broaddus, Thomas, F. L., Nov., 1779 — under Fletcher. 

Buckner, Richard, Maj., S. Feb., 1778. 

Buckner, Philip, Cp., S. Dec, 1777. 

Buckner, William, Cp., S. Nov., 1777. 

Coleman, Daniel, F. L., R. May, 1779 — under G. Madison. 
Coleman, Julius, S. L., R. May, 1779 — under G. Madison, 
Coleman, Samuel, Cp., S. Jan. 1779 — vice P. Johnson. 
Collins, William, Lt., S. June 12, 1779. 
Connor, William, S. L., R. May, 1779. 
Connor, Francis, En., S. Nov., 1777. 

Daniel, James, En., R. Nov., 1779 — under Fletcher. 
Dejarnet, Joseph, F. L., R. May, 1781 — under J. Sutton. 
Downer, John, Lt:, S. Nov., 1777. 

Durritt, William, Cp., S. June 12, 1778— vice W. Marshall. 
Durritt, Richard, F. L., S. June 12, 1778. 

Ellis, Thomas, En., S. March, 1779 — under R. Graham. 

Faulkner, Johnson, F. L., R, Nov., 1777. 
Fitzhugh, John, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 
Fletcher. , Cp., 1779. 

ViRGixiA Militia in" the Revolution 

Graham, Duncan, Jr., S. L., S. March, 1779 — under R. Graham. 

Graham, William, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

Graham, Robert, Cp., S. ]\Iarch, 1778. 

Gravatt, John, En., R. Jan., 1779 — under S, Coleman. 

Gra}-, William F., F. L., R. May, 1781 — under Jameson. 

Guy, Thomas, F., S. L., R. May, 1781 — under J. Sutton. 

Guy, George, Cp., S. Nov., 1777. 

Hall, John, En., R. Jan., 1779— under P. Stern. 

Hawes, Thomas, En., R. May, 1779. 

Higgen, Joel, En., R. May, 1779. 

Hord, Thomas, F. L., S. Aug., 1778— under W. Streshly. 

Hord, James, F. L., Aug., 1778. 

Hord, John, Lt., S. May, 1778. 

Jameson, David, En., S. Dec, 1777. 

Jeter, Ambrose, En., R. May, 1778. 

Johnson, Philip, Maj., S. Jan., 1779— vice J. Minor. . 

Jones, Thomas, F. L., R. Nov., 1778 — under E. Jones. 

Jones, John, Cp., res. Nov., 1777. 

Kay, James, En., S. Jan., 1778. 

Long, William, F. L., R. Jan., 1779. 

Long, John, Cp., S. Feb., 1778. 

Lowry, Thomas, Col., S. June 12, 1778. 

ALidison, George, Cp., R. May, 1779 — vice J. ^Marshall. 
^Lnrshall, John, Cp., S. Dec, 1777. 
Mitchell, William, En., R. Nov., 1779. 

New, Anthony, Cp., S. Dec, 1777. 
Norment, Samuel, En., S. Dec, 1777. 
Norment, John, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

Quarles, Roger, Cp., res. ^Liy, 1779. 

Rawlins, Samuel, En., R. Feb., 1778. 

Rennolds, James, S. L., R. Nov., 1779. 

Richeson, Joseph, Cp., S. Jan., 1779 — res. \Lay, 1781. 

Roy, Mungo, En., R. Nov., 1777. 

Virginia Militia iv the Revolution- 

Sale, Samuel, S. L., R. Nov., 1779. 

Samuel, William, En., R. May, 1779. 

Samuel, Reuben, Lt., S. Jan., 1778. 

Streshly, William, Cp., 1779. 

Sterns, Peyton, Cp., 1778. 

Sutton, James, Cp., R. May, 1781. 

Temple, Samuel, Cp., S. Nov., 1777. 

Terrell, George, En., S. Dec, 1777. 

Thilman, John, Cp., res. Nov., 1777. 

Thompson, John, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

Thornton, Anthony, Jr., Lt. Col., S. Nov., 1777. 

Thornton, George, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

Timberlake, Lewis, S. L., S. Dec, 1777 — under P. Johnson. 

Tompkins, Francis, Cp., R. May, 1779 — vice W. Durrett. 

Tompkins, Robert, Cp., R. May, 1779. 

Turner, Daniel, Lt., S. Feb., 1778. 

Twiner, Daniel, S. L., R. Nov., 1777. 

Tyler, Richard, S. L., R. Oct., 1779— under F. Tompkins. 

Tyler, John, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

Tyler, George, S. L., R. May, 1779 — under R. Tompkins, 

Upshur, Jeremiah, F. L., R. Nov., 1779 — under Streshly. 

Upshur, James, gent., Lt. Col., S. March, 1778. 

White, Ambrose, En., R. Nov., 1778. 

White, Chilion, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

W^inn, Benjamin, F. L., S. July, 1779. 

Woolfolk, John, Lt., S. Jan., 1779. 

Woolfolk, Charles, Lt., S. May, 1778. 

Wvatt, Richard, En., S. Feb., 1778. 

Section 258 — Charlotte 

Bacon, , Cp., 1777. 

Brown, Langston, Lt., S. Dec, 1777. 

Friend, , Cp., 1777. 

Goode, , Cp., 1777. 

Harvey, , Cp.. 1777. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Hubbard, Cp., 1777. 

Hubbard, William, Maj., S. June, 1780 — (same as preceding), 

Jameson, William, gent., Cp., S. November, 1779. 

Morton, Jacob, Cp., S. July, 1779. 

Morton, Josiah, Lt. Col., S. June, 1780. 

Morton, Joseph, S. L., S. Nov., 1777. 

Morton, William, Cp., 1777. 

Read, Edmund, Lt., S. Nov., 1777. 

Read, Jonathan, Lt., S. Nov., 1779. 

Thornton, Francis, S. L., S. March, 1780. 

Watkins, Joel, Col.. S. August, 1780. 

Watson, William, En., S. November, 1777. 

Section 259— Chesterfield 

Archer, Field, En., A. IMarch 2, 1781. 

Archer, Henry, S. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— res. March 2, 1781. 

Archer, John, F. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— under A. Walthall. 

Armistead, Robert, S. L., R. Oct. 3, 1777— under R. Booker. 

Barker, John, Cp., A. June 6, 1777. 

Barker, Richard, Cp., A. June 6, 1777 — vice T. Boiling. 

Bass, Joseph, En., A. April 6, 1781 — under B. Branch. 

Bass, Joseph, Lt. Col., S. Jan. 4, 1777. 

Bass, Archibald, Cp., A. May 5, 1780. 

Black, William, Cp., R. Jan. 3, 1777. 

Boiling, Thomas, Maj., S. Jan. 4, 1777. 

Booker, Richard, Cp., S. Aug. 1, 1777. 

Botte, John, Co. Lt., S. Jan. 4, 1777. 

Bough, , Cp., 1777. 

Bragg, William, F. L., A. Mar. 6, 1778. 
Branch, Edward, F. L., A. April 6, 1781. 
Branch, Benjamin, gent., Cp., res. May 5, 1780. 
Branch, James, En.. R. Oct. 3, 1777. 
Brooking, Robert, En., A. Aug. 6. 1779. 
Cheatham, Matthew, S. L., A. April 6, 1781. 
Cheatham, Samuel, S. L., S. Dec. 5, 1777. 
Cheatham, Henry, Cp.. S. Aug. 1, 1777. 

Virginia Militia iv the Revolution 

Clark, Sallyson, En., R. Oct. 3, 1777. 
Cogbill, George, F. L., A. Nov. 3, 1780. 

Cogbill, , Cp., res. Nov. 3, 1780. 

Covington, Thomas, S. L., A. March 6, 1778. 

Covington, Richard, En., R. Nov. 7, 1777. 

Covington, Thomas, F. L., S. Dec. 5, 1777 — under R. Booker. 

Dance, Ezekiel, S. L., A. April 6, 1781— under B. Ward. 

Elam, Bartilot, En., A. March 2, 1781 — under H. Cheatham 

Elam, Samuel, S. L., A. Nov. 7, 1777. 

Elam, Richard, S. L., S. Nov. 7, 1777. 

Elam, Branch, En., S. Nov. 7, 1777— res. March 2, 1781. 

Ellyson, Onan, En., S. Oct. 3, 1777. 

Farmer, John, Jr., F. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777 — under H. Cheatham. 

Farrar, John, S. L., R. Oct. 3, 1777— under T. Wooldridge. 

Fowler, Luke, S. L., S. Aug. 4, 1780— under R. Wooldridge. 

Fowler, John, S. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— under R. Goode. 

Gibbs, William, En., R. Oct. 3, 1777. 

Goode, Thomas, F. L., A. May 5, 1780. 

Goode, Francis, gent., Cp., R. Oct. 3, 1777— res. Dec. 5, 1777. 

Graves, King, Cp., A. Nov. 3, 1780-^vice Cogbill. 

Harris, , Cp., 1777. 

Haskins, Robert, Col., S. Aug. 1, 1777. 

Hill, William, En., S. July 7, 1780— under G. Markham. 

Hill, John, F. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— under R. Booker. 

Hylton, John, En., R. Oct. 3, 1777— under B. Moseley. 

Logwood, Archibald, F. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777 — under T. Wooldridge. 

Markham, George, Cp., S. Dec. 5, 1777. 

IVIoodie, James, F. L., S. Dec. 5, 1777 — under F. Goode. 

Moseley, William, En., S. Nov. 7, 1777. 

IVIoseley, Blackman, F. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— under Bough. 

Newberry, Joseph, S. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— under B. Moseley. 

Osborne, Edward, En., R. Sept. 6, 1776. 

Pankey, Stephen, F. L., Oct. 3, 1777 — under G. Markham. 

Patterson, David, F. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777— under R. Goode. 

Polard, Thomas, S. L., A. March 2, 1781— under Bough. 

Randolph, William, Cp., S. Dec. 5, 1777— res, Aug. 6, 1779. 

Robertson, John, F. L., A. Aug. 6, 1779— under R. Haskins. 

Robertson, George, Lt. Col., A. June 4, 1779. 

Rowlett, John, En., R. Dec. 5, 1777. 

\'iRGiNiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Rowlett, William, En., A. April 6, 1781. 

Royall, John, F. L., A. Aug. 6, 1779— under J. Archer. 

Scott, Walter, S. L., S. Oct. 3, 1777. 

Taylor, Joseph, En., S. Dec. 5, 1777. 

Walthall, William, En., A. Nov. 3, 1780. 

Walthall, Archibald, Cp., S. Oct. 3, 1777— vice G. Robertson. 

Ward, Benjamin, Cp., A. Aug. 6, 1779 — vice W. Randolph. 

Wells, Isham, Lt., S. July 7, 1780— under B. Ward. 

Wells, Joseph, En., A. March 6, 1778. 

Winfrey, Henry, S. L., A. Nov. 3, 1780. 

Wooldridge, Robert, En., S. Aug. 4, 1780. 

Wooldridge, Thomas, Cp., S. Oct. 3, 1777 — vice Harris. 

Section 260 — Cumberland 

Allen, Richard, Cp., 1777. 

Allen, Samuel, En., S. Aug. 25, 1777. 

Allen, Archer, Cp., 1777. 

Allen, Benjamin, S. L., S. Aug. 25, 1777— under R. Allen. 

Anderson, William, S. L., S. Aug. 25, 1777— under Scott. 

Anderson, Robert, Cp., S. March 26, 1781. 

Baine (?), John, En., S. Aug. 25, 1777. 

Ballon (?), Charles, Cp., S. Sept. 28, 1778— vice W. Hobson. 

Ballon, William, S. L., S. May 22, 1780. 

Booker, Richard, F. L., S. July 28, 1777. 

Burton, John, S. L., S. Aug. 25, 1777. 

Burton, John, En., S. March 26, 1781. 

Carrington, Joseph, gent., Cp., S. July 28, 1777. 

Carrington, George, Jr., gent., Maj., S. July 28, 1777 — res. Feb. 

26, 1781. 
Clarke, William, F. L., R. Sept. 28, 1778. 
Daniel, William, F. L., S. April 23, 1781— under A Allen. 
Gilliam, James, En., S. April 23, 1781. 

Glen, James, S. L., S. Aug. 24, 1778— under M. Woodson. 
Guttery, Bernard, F. L., S. Aug. 24, 1778— under M. Woodson. 
Guttery Alexander, Cp., S. April 23, 1781. 
Harrison, Benjamin, En., S. April 23, 1781. 
Haskins, Creede, Cp., S. Aug. 25, 177 vice J. Burton. 

^'IRGI^•IA Militia in the Revolutiov 

Hatcher, John, F. L., R. March 27, 1780. 

Hatcher, John, En., S. March 27, 1780. 

Hobson, Benjamin, S. L., S. April 26, 1779. 

Hobson, William, gent., Cp., S. Juh 28, 1777— res. Sept. 28, 1778. 

Hobson, John, En., S. May 22, 1780. 

Hudgens, William, F. L., S. Aug. 25, 1777. 

Keeling, George, F. L., S. March 26, 1781 — under Wilson. 

Meredith, William, En.. S. Aug. 24, 1778— under M. Woodson. 

Noel, John, En., R. Aug. 25, 1777— under R. Allen. 

Parker, Charles, En., R. May 26, 1781. 

Randolph, Beverley, Col., S. July 28. 1777. 

Richardson, Martin, S. L., S. March 26, 1781. 

Scott, , Cp., 1777. 

Skipwith, Henry, Lt. Col., S. July 28, 1777. 

Taylor, Samuel, S. L., S. Aug. 26, 1777. 

Thompson, Bartlet, F. L., R. May 26, 1781 — under Haskins. 

Townes, William, S. L., S. April 23, 1781. 

Turpin, William, En., S. Aug. 26, 1777. 

Williams, Samuel, En., com'd, Feb. 26, 1781. 

Wilson, , Cp., 1777. 

Woodson, Miller, Cp., 1777. 

Section 261 — Fauquier 

Ash, Francis, S. L., S. April 26, 1779. 

Ashby, Lewis, En., R. March 24, 1778. 

Atwell, Francis, gent., Cp., S. Sept. 28, 1778. 

Ball, William, S. L., R. Nov. 27, 1780. 

Ball, William, Cp., S. Aug. 25, 1777— vice J. Webb. 

Ball, John, En., R. March 22, 1779— under F. Atwell. 

Ball, Benjamin, F. L., R. March 22, 1779. 

Baker, John, F. L., R. Oct. 25, 1779— under Kincheloe. 

Barnett, Ambrose, En., S. March 27, 1780. 

Bayles, William, Cp., R. July 23, 1781. 

Ball, John., Cp., R. Oct. 25, 1779. 

Ball, Charles, Cp., res. Nov. 24, 1777. 

Blackwell, Samuel, gent., Lt. Col., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Blackwell, James, F. L., S. June 28, 1779 — under T. Weaver. 

200 ViRGixiA Militia in- the Revolution" 

Blackwell, William, Cp.. S. July 26, 1779. 

Blackwell, John, gent., Lt. Col., S. Sept. 28, 1778— 1st Battalion. 

Boggers, Jeremiah, En., R. Sept. 25, 1780. 

Bradford, John, En., S. July 23, 1781. 

Bradford, Alexander, F. L., R. March 22, 1779. 

Bronaugh, Samuel, En., R. May 22, 1780. 

Bronaugh, Thomas, gent., Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Buckner, Aylett, Maj., S. May 25, 1778. 

Chilton, Charles, gent., Cp., S. April 27, 1778. 

Chunn, John Thomas, Maj., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Churchill, Armistead, gent.. Col, S. May 25, 1778— 2d Battalion. 

Combes, John, En., S. May 25, 1778. 

Conway, Thomas, Jr., Cp., R. .Alay 22, 1780. 

Craven, John, En., R. Nov. 27, 1780. 

Deering, John, Lt., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Digges, Edward, gent., Maj., R. Nov. 24, 1777 — 2d Battalion. 

Donaldson, William, En., S. June 22, 1778. 

Edmonds, William, gent., Co. Lt., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Edwards, Thomas, S. L., R. March 22, 1779— under F. Atwell. 

Eustace, William, Jr., F. L., R. July 23, 1781. 

Fletcher, John, Lt., S. May 22, 1780. 

Flowers, Daniel, Cp., 1780. 

Foley, James, Jr., Cp., R. Oct. 25, 1779. 

French, John. S. L., S. Aug. 24, 1778. 

Fuller, Rodham, En., S. Sept. 28, 1778— under W. Blackwell. 

Fuller, Joshua, Lt., S. Aug. 25. 1777. 

Garrington, John, F. L., Sept. 26, 1780. 

George, , Cp., 1777. 

Grigsby, William, Cp., R. March 24, 1778. 

Harris, Thomas, F. L., S. May 25, 1778. 

Harrison, Bevor, F. L., R. March 24, 1778— under W. Grigsby. 

Hathaway, John, Cp., S. March 27, 1780. 

Hathaway, James, F. L., S. April 27, 1779. 

Heale, William, S. L., S. March 27, 1780. 

Helm, Thomas, Cp., S. May 28, 1781. 

Hogan, John, S. L., R. Oct. 23, 1780. 

Hunt, William, S. L., Oct. 25, 1779. 

James, John, En., R. July 23, 1781. 

James, Thomas. S. L., R. ^Lnrch 22, 1779. 

ViRGiMA Militia in the Revolution 

James, Joseph, Cp., S. Sept, 28, 1778. 

Jennings, Baylor, En., S. May 22, 1780. 

Jennings, Augustine, F. L., S, March 27, 1780. 

Jennings, William, Cp,, S. June 22, 1778. 

Jennings, Berryman, En., S. May 25, 1778 — under T. Bronaugh. 

Kemper, Peter, Jr., En„ S. March 27, 1780. 

Keith, Alexander, Cp., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Keith, Thomas, S. L., R. March 24, 1778— under T. Morehead. 

Kenton, William, Lt., S. May 25, 1778. 


Layton, Robert, F. L., S. May 25, 1778. 

Martin, John, S. L., S. July 26, 1779— under T. Weaver. 

Mauzy John, S. L., R. May 22, 1780. 

Metcalf, John, En., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Moffett, John, gent., Maj., R. March 24, 1778— 2d Battalion. 

Morehead, Turner, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Nash, William, S. L., R. March 24, 1778— under W. Grigsby. 

Neale, Matthew, En., R. March 22, 1779— under F. Triplett. 

Nelson, Thomas, En., S. March 27, 1780. 

Nelson, Joseph, En., S. May 22, 1780. 

Norris, William, F. L., R. March 24, 1778— under F. Atwell. 

Obanon, Samuel, S. L., R. Sept. 25, 1780. 

Payne, Francis, En., S. Feb. 22, 1779. 

Pearle, Samuel, S. L., R. Nov. 27, 1780. 

Peyton, Henry, F. L., R. Oct. 25, 1779. 

Pitckett, Martin, gent.. Col., R. Aug. 27, 1781— 2d Battalion. 

Pope, William, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Prince, Hubbard, S. L., R. March 24, 1778. 

Ransdell, Wharton, En., S. Sept. 28, 1778, 

Ransdell, William, En., S. May 25, 1778— under T. Morehead. 

Rixie, Richard, Cp., R. May 22, 1780. 

Rogers, George, S. L., S. June 28, 1779. 

Seaton, William, En., R. March 24, 1778— under F. Triplett. 

Settle, William, Cp., 1777. 

Sharpe, Sinsfield, Cp., R. July 23, 1781. 

Smith, Joseph, Lt., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Smith, Roily, F. L., S. March 26, 1781. 

Smith, William, En., R. March 22, 1779. 

Smith, Augustine, En., S. July 26, 1779. 

^■IRGI^■IA Militia ix the Revolution' 

Smith, Thomas, Lt., S. June 22, 1778. 

Shumate, Daniel, S. L., S. Nov. 23, 1778— res. July 23, 1781. 

Sutherfer (?), Richard, En., R. Oct. 23, 1780. 

Taylor, Joseph, F. L., S. July 26, 1779— under F. Atwell. 

Timberlake, Epapproditus, S. L., R. Sept. 26, 1780. 

Toley, James, Cp., R. Aug. 27, 1781— (Foley?). 

Triplett, Francis, Cp., S. Sept. 28, 1778— vice Bell. 

Warren, William, En., R. Sept. 2, 1778. 

Weaver, Tilman, Cp., R. March 24, 1778. 

Webb, John, Cp., 1777— died about March. 1777. 

Wheatley, Joseph, Cp., S. May 22, 1780. 

Wickliffe, William, En., R. Sept. 2, 1778. 

Williams, Charles. Cp., S. Aug. 25, 1777. 

Winn, Minor, Lt., S. March 27, 1780. 

Withers, James of Jas., Cp., R. Aug. 27. 1781. 

Withers, James of Thos., S. L., R. March 24, 1778. 

Withers, William of Jno., S. L.. R. Nov. 24, 1777. 

Section 262 — Fluvanna 

Adams, James, Jr.. S. L., R. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Anderson, Benjamin, F. L., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Beckley, John, F. L., S. Sept. 4. 1777. 

Duncan, George, Cp., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Haden, Anthony, En., com'd, Sept .4, 1777 — res. April 2. 1779. 

Haden, Anthony, gent., Cp., R. April 2, 1779 — vice J. Napier. 

Haden, Joseph, Cp.. S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Haden, John Mozeley, F. L., S. Sept. 4." 1777, 

Haden, John M., En., S. April 2, 1779 — under L. Thompson. 

Haden, William, gent.. En., S. April 2, 1779 — under J. Napier. 

Hall, Richard, F. L., R. April 2, 1779— under D. Tilman. 

Hancock, Benj., En., R. April 2, 1779— under A. Haden. 

Haslip, Henry, S. L., S. Sept. 4. 1777. 

Henry, William, gent., Lt., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Johnson, William, En., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Lee, Benjamin, En., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Martin, Benjamin, En., S. Sept. 4. 1777 — (Benj. Moss?). 

ALirtin. Henry, F. L.. A. Sept. 4. 1777 — under L. Thompson. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 203 

iVIartin, John, S. L., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Martin, William, S. L., R. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Mays (Mayo?), Joseph, S. L., N. May 6, 1779— under D. Tilman 

and in place of T. Tinsdale. 
Moore, Jesse, S. L., R. Sept. 4, 1777 — refused to qualify. 
Moss, Alexander, F. L., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Napier, John, gent., Cp., S. Sept. 4, 1777— res. April 4, 1779. 
Napier, Richard, Cp., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 
Napier, Thomas, gent., Col., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 
Omohundro, Richard, En., S. June 4, 1778 — under R. Napier. 
Thompson, George, gent., Maj., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 
Thompson, Leonard, gent., Cp., S. Nov. 6, 1777. 
Thompson, Roger, gent., Lt. Col., S. Nov. 6, 1777, 
Thurmond, Thomas, Cp., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 
Tilman, Daniel, F. L., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 
Tilman, Daniel, Cp., S. Dec. 3, 1778 — vice G, Duncan. 
Tinsdale, Thomas, S. L., com'd Sept. 4, 1777 — under G. Duncan. 
Williamson, John, S. L., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 
Woody, William, S. L., R. April 2, 1779. 
Wynne, Thomas, En., S. Sept. 4, 1777. 

Note: — No record later than xA.pril 2, 1779. 

Section 263 — Frederick 

Abernathy, William, Lt., S. June 3, 1777. 
Bobb, Peter, Cp., S. Nov. 6, 'l776. 
Baldwin, Thomas, Cp., S. Nov. 6, 1776. 
Barnett, George, En., S. March 7, 1780. 
Barrow, John, En., S. May 2, 1780. 
Bell, George, gent., Lt., S. Aug. 5, 1777. 
Bell, George, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Berry, Francis, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Branson, Amos, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Brinker, Henry, En., S. May 2, 1780. 
Brown, James, Lt. R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Burk, James, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Bush, Vance, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Byerly, Robert, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Cockley, Jacob, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Calmes, Marquis, Lt. Col., R. Feb. 4, 1777— res. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Calvert, Samuel, gent., Lt., S. Oct. 5, 1779. 

Camp, John, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Carter, Joseph, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Catlett, John, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Catlett, John, Cp., S. Oct. 7, 1777. 

Catlett, Henry, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Cochran, James, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Combs, Benjamin, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Crim, Jacob, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Daniel, Hugh, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Denny, Samuel, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Denn.y, Robert, Lt., S. March 7, 1780. 

Dobbins, Edward, En., S. May 2, 1780. 

Dorsey, Joshua, Lt., 1777. 

Eastin, Johnston, En., S. May 2, 1780. 

Elkins, Benjamin, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Evans, William, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Frost, William, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Gilham, Peter, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Gilkerson, Samuel, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Hampton, Thomas, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Hancher, William, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Harrell, John, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Heaton, James", Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Helphingston, Philip, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Hill, John, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Hisewanger, John, Maj., S. Sept. 7, 1779— vice R. White. 

Hiskill, Peter, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Hiskill, Adam, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Horseley, Richard, En., S. May 2, 1780. 

Kemp, John, En., S. May 2, 1780. 

Kindrick, Christly, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Kendrick, Abraham, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Kennedy, David, Col., S. April 1, 1777— vice J. Smith. 

Larrich, John, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Laurence, James, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Lindsay, Abraham, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 205 

McCormick, Francis, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Merser, Aaron, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Myers, Jacob, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
O'Brien, John, En., S. Nov. 6, 1776. 
Pyles, Joshua, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Redman, Jeremiah, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Rice, John, Cp., S. March 8, 1780. 

Rinherbo, Casper, Cp., R. Feb. 4, 1777— vice R. White. • 
Simerall, James, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Smith, Samuel, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Smith, John, gent., Co. Lt., res. Feb. 4, 1777. 
Stribling, William, Lt., R. Aug. 4, 1779. ' 
Ta3lor, Richard, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Taylor, William, Cp., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 
Vance, William, En., R. Aug. 4, 1779. 

White, Robert, Lt. Col., R. Aug. 4, 1779— vice M. Calmes. 
Wilson, Hugh, En., S. Aug. 7, 1781. 
Wolfe, Henry, En., R. Oct. 7, 1777. 
Wolfe, John, En., R. Oct. 7, 1777. 

Wood, James, gent., Co. Lt., res. Feb. 4, 1777, to become colonel in 
Continental Line. 

Section 264 — Goochland 

Allen, Richard, S. L., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Allen, James, F. L., A. April 21, 1778. 

Bennett, James, En., S. March 27, 1779. 

Bibb, Richard, Maj., S. May 17, 1778. 

Blackwell, John, S. L., S. Aug. 17, 1778. 

Bradshavv, Robert, En., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Britt, John, En., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Britt, Obadiah ,En., S. May 18, 1778. 

Cole, William, S. L., S. May 17, 1780— under S. Richardson. 

Cox, Edward, En., S. Dec. 15, 1777. 

Curd, John, Jr., Maj., S. May 17, 1780. 

Curd, Edmund, Cp., A. April 21, 1778— vice W. George. 

Duke, Edward, Cp., 1780. 

Ellis, Stephen, S. L., A. July 21, 1777 — under £ ^^^j^ 

Virginia Militia in" the Revolution 

George, James, Jr., S. L, S. Feb. 16, 1778. 

George, William, Cp., 1777. 

Guerrant, John, Ma]., A. Aug. 20, 1781. 

Guerrant, John, Jr., En., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Hancock, Major, En., S. May 17, 1780. 

Hanley, Hezekiah, En., A. July 21, 1777. 

Harding, Thomas, En., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Harris, Nathaniel, En., A. July 21, 1777. 

Hatcher, Thomas, Cp., S. May 17, 1780. 

Henley, Hezekiah, En., A. July 21, 1777. 

Herndon, John, S. L., S. May 17, 1780. 

Holman, Tandy, Cp., R. Nov. 19, 1781. 

Hopkins, John, gent.. Col., S. May 17, 1780— res. Aug. 20, 1781. 

Johnson, Peter, F. L., S. Feb. 16, 1778. 

Johnson, Walter, Lt., A. July 21, 1777 — under J. Ware. 

Lacy, Matthew, En., S. May 17, 1780. 

Lacy, Elliott, En., S. May 17, 1779. 

Leak, Josiah, Cp., 1777. 

Leak, Elisha, Cp., 1777. 

Lewis, Nicholas, En., S. May 17, 1780 — under E. Duke. 

Lewis, Joseph, S. L., S. May 17, 1780— under E. Duke. 

Lewis, Robert, gent.. Col., S. Nov. 15, 1779. 

Massie, Thomas, En., A. April 21, 1778. 

Massie, Nathaniel, Cp., 1777. 

McCaul, William, En.. S. Dec. 15, 1777. 

Miller, Thomas, F. L., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Miller, William, Cp., A. Sept. 15, 1777— in lOth Division — res. 

Nov. -19, 1781. 
:\Iorris, Nathaniel G., Co. Lt., A. Aug. 20, 1781. 
Overstreet, James, F. L., A. April 21, 1778. 
Parrish, Sherwood, S. L., S. May 17, 1780. 
Parrish, Tolley, gent.. Col., S. May 17, 1780. 
Payne, George, Lt. Col., A. Aug. 20, 1781. 
Payne, Josias, Jr., S. L., S. May 17, 1779. 
Peers, Anderson, Lt., S. Dec. 15, 1777 — under E. Leak. 
Perkins, Francis, En., S. May 17, 1779. 
Perkins, John, S. L., S. Feb. 16, 1778. 
Pledge, Francis, En., S. May 17, 1779. 
Price, Charles, F. L.. A. April 21. 1778— vice S. Williams. 

Virginia Mii.itia ix the Revolution- 

Price, Meredith, Lt., S. June 16, 1777. 

Paine, Nathaniel, S. L., S.Feb. 15, 1781. 

Redford, Edward, F. L., S. Feb. 15, 1781. 

Redford, Alilner, F. L., S. May 17, 1780— under E. Smith. 

Richardson, Samuel, Cp., S. May 18, 1778— vice J. Ware. 

Robards, Lewis, En., S. May 17, 1779. 

Royster, Thomas, S. L., A. Sept. 15, 1777. 

Rutherford, David, F. L., S. May 17, 1780— under H. Parrish. 

Sampson, Stephen, Cp., 1777. 

Smith, Edward, Cp., S. May 17, 1780. 

Smith, Obadiah, S. L., A. April 21, 1778. 

Towles, Stockley, Cp., A. Sept. 15, 1777 — in 9th Division. 

Wade, Dabney, F. L., S. May 17, 1780— under E. Smith. 

Ware, James, S. L., S. Dec. 15, 1777. 

Ware, John, Cp., 1777. 

Webber, Philip, F. L., S. May 17, 1779. 

Williams, Soloman, Lt., S. July 21, 1777. 

Woodson, John, gent., Co. Lt., S. Sept. 27, 1779 — res. Aug. 20, 

Woodson, Isham, S. L., R. March 15, 1779. 
Woodson, Josiah, En., S. Dec. 15, 1777. 
Woodson, John Stephen, S. L., A. July 21, 1777 — under S. Sampson. 

Section 265— Greenbrier (W. Va.) 

(Note: — The commissions indicated below were dated 1780 and 1781, 
the first Order Book appearing to have been lost.) 

Anderson, John, Cp. 
Clendenning, George, Cp. 
Clendenning, William, Lt. 
Davidson, George, Lt. 
Davis, William, En. 
Donally, Andrew-, Col. 
Glass, Samuel, Cp. 
Graham, Cp. 

Gregory, , Cp. 

Hamilton, Samuel, Cp. 
Hamilton, William, Cp. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Henderson, John, Cp. 
Johnson, James, Cp. 
Kelly, Alexander, Cp. 

McCoy, , Cp. 

Miller, Hugh, Cp. 
Richard, Elijah, Cp. 
Renick, William, Cp. 
Shelton, Thomas, Cp. 

Thompson, , Cp. 

Ward, William, Cp. 
Williams, Samuel, En. 
Wood, Archibald, Cp. 
Wright, , Cp. 

Section 267 — Henrico 

Note: — The Revolutionary records prior to near the date given below 
were burned by the British. 

Recommendations of Oct. 1, 1781. 

Adams, Richard, F. L. 
Giles, William, En. 
Hollman, Nathaniel, F. L. 
Hondle, Hezekiah, En. 
Johnson, Benjamin, S. L. 
Price, John, Cp. 
Turpin, John, Cp. 
Turpin, Sugly, S. L. 

Section 268 — Henry 

Adams, William, S. L., A. March, 1780— under H. Critz. 

Barksdale, John, F. L., A. April, 1781— under B. Martin. 

Barton, David, S. L., A. June, 1780— under O. Rubell. 

Barton, Joshua, F. L., S. June, 1780. 

Bedford, Thomas, F. L., S. June, 1780— under B. IMartin. 

Carlan, Daniel, Cp., S. April 20, 1778. 

Choice, Tully, Cp., A. Aug., 1780 — vice F. Reeves. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Choice, William, S. L., A. Aug., 1780— under T. Choice. 

Convva}-, John, En., A. Aug., 1780 — under P. Hairston. 

Cowden, James, Cp., S. June, 1780. 

Critz, Haman, Jr., Cp., 1780. 

Davis, John, S. L., com'd, March, 1779 — under T. Smith. 

Dillard, John, Cp., A. July, 1780— vice J. Shelton. 

Fontaine, John, Esq., Cp., S. June, 1780 — vice J. Salmon. 

Haile, Thomas, Cp., S. June, 1780— vice P. Vardaman. 

Hairston, George, Cp., S. June, 1780 — vice G. Waller. 

Hairston, John, Cp., res. June, 1780. 

Hairston, George, Cp., S. June, 1780 — vice G. Waller. 

Hairston, Peter, Cp., A. July, 1780. 

Halbert, William, S. L.; A. March, 1780— under E. Shelton. 

Harris, Peter, En., com'd ]\Iarch, 1779 — under T. Henderson — 

vice J. Wells. 
Henderson, T., Cp., 1779. 

Hill, Swinfield, Cp., A. March, 1779— vice E. Short. 
Hill, Thomas, En., com'd, June, 1781 — under T. Haile. 
Hughes, Archilaus, Esq., Co. Lt., A. March, 1780— res. July, 1780. 
Jones, Joseph, F. L., com'd June, 1871 — under T. Haile. 
Jones, Thomas, F. L., A. July, 1780 — under J. Rentfro. 
Lyne, Edmund, Lt. Col., res. April 20, 1778. 
Lyne, Henry, Esq., Cp., res. June, 1780. 
Lyon, James, Esq., Lt. Col., A. March, 1780. 
Lyon, Stephen, F. L., A. ALirch, 1779 — under E. Shelton. 
Martin, Brice, Cp., 1780. 

Menifee, William, En., A. July, 1780— under T. Haile. 
Miller, John, En., A. March, 1780— under H. Critz. 
Murphy, John, En., A. March, 1779— under T. Haile. 
Nance, Reuben, En., A. October, 1779— under J. Wells. 
Owen, Christopher, En., A. April, 1781 — under B. Martin, 
Penn, Abraham, Col., R, March, 1780. 
Petect, James, Cp., S. June, 1780 — vice J. Hariston. 
Prunty, Thomas, En., A. August, 1780 — under T. Choice. 
Redd, John, S. L., A. April, 1780— under B. Martin. 
Reev£s, Frederick, Cp., res. August, 1780. 
Rentfro, William, S. L., com'd June, 1781 — under Petect. 
Rentfro, John, Cp., A. July, 1780. 
Rentfro, Joshua, S. L., A. July, 1780 — under J. Rentfro. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolutiox 

Reynolds, George, F. L., A. August, 1780 — under P. Hairston. 

Rogers, David, En., A. March, 1779 — under E. Shelton. 

Ross, Daniel, S. L., A. June, 1780— under O. Rubell. 

Rubell, Owen, Cp., S. June, 1780. 

Ryan, William, F. L., A. August, 1780— under T. Choice. 

Salmon, John, Esq., Cp., res. June, 1780. 

Shelton, James, Cp., res. July, 1780. 

Shelton, Eliphaz, Cp., A. March, 1779— vice J. Lyon. 

Short, Edward, Cp., 1779. 

Small, Matthew, Co. Lt., R. July, 1780. 

Small, Matthew, S. L., S. April 20, 1778— under T. Henderson. 

Smith, Gideon, En., A. June, 1780— under O. Rubell. 

Smith, Thomas, F. L., A. March, 1780— under H. Critz. 

Smith, Thomas, Cp., com'd March, 1779. 

Spencer, James, En., A. July, 1780 — under J. Dillard. 

Standifor, Luke, S. L., com'd June, 1781 — under T. Haile. 

Standifor, William, En., A. July, 1780— under J. Rentfro. 

Taylor, George, F. L., A. July, 1780— under J. Dillard. 

Taylor, William, S. L., A. July, 1780— under J. Dillard. 

Thomas, Austin, En., res. September, 1780. 

Tunstall, William, Esq., Co. Lt., res. March, 1780. 

Turner, John, F. L., S. June, 1780. 

Vardaman, Peter, Cp., 1780. 

Waller, George, Esq., Maj., A. June, 1780 — vice J. Lyon. 

Wells, John, Cp., A. October, 1779— res. August, 1780. 

Wells, Matthew, S. L., A. October, 1779— under J. Wells. 

Section 269 — Loudoun 

Adams, Francis, En., S. March 12, 1781. 
Alexander, John, gent., Lt. Col. S. April 9, 1781. 
Ball, Farling, Cp., S. May 13, 1777— vice G. Shaffer. 

Beaver, , Cp., 1777. 

Benham, John, En., S. June. 12, 1780. 
Binns, John, gent., F. L., S. March 13, 1781. 
Binns, Charles, Jr., S. L., S. March 13, 1781. 
Boggess, Henry, En., S. Oct. 11, 1779. 
Boggs, Vincent, En., R. Sept. 9, 1777. 


Bullskin, , Cp., 1777. 

Butler, Joseph, Cp., S. Oct. 13, 1782. 
Cleveland, James, Cp., S. Jan. 11, 1780. 
Coleman, James, gent., Maj., S. March 10, 1777. 
Cox, Samuel, Cp., 1777. 

Davis, , Cp., 1777. 

Debell, William, Lt., S. May 12, 1781. 
Dehaven, Abraham, F. L., S. June 11, 1781. 
Douglas, Hugh, gent., Cp., S. Maj- 12, 1781. 
Douglas, William, gent., Cp., S. Aug. 11, 1777. 
Elgin, Gustavus, Cp., S. Oct. 13, 1782. 
Elgin, Francis, Jr., En., S. Aug. 9, 1779. 
Elliott, William, En., S. April 12, 1779. 
Eskridge, Charles, Lt. Col., S. April 13, 1779. 
Feagan, Daniel, Cp., S. May 11, 1778. 
George, William, Cp., S. Alarch 11, 1782. 

Greenup, , Cp., 1777. 

Hancock, Simon, Cp., R. Sept. 9, 1777— vice W. Smith. 
Hixon, Timothy, gent., Cp., S. Oct. 13, 1782. 

Humphrey, , Cp., 1777. 

Irey, Philip, Cp., R. March 9, 1778— refused to qualify. 

Jones, , Cp., 1777. 

Katon, Jacob, En., S. June 14, 1779. 

Kennon, Thomas, gent., Cp., S. May 12, 1781. 

Kilgore, George, F. L., S. Aug. 9, 1779. 

King, Smith, gent, Lt., S. May 12, 1781. 

Lewis, Thomas, gent., Cp., S. Aug. 11, 1777 — vice W. Smith. 

Lewis, Joseph, Cp., 1777. 

Lewis, John, gent., Cp., S. May 13, 1777. 

Linton, John, gent., Cp., S. April 10, 1781. 

Luckett, John, Cp., S. June 8, 1778. 

Marks, Elisha, Cp., R. March 9, 1778— vice P. Irey. 

McGeach, John, Cp., S. March 13, 1781. 

McMaken, Alexander, gent., Maj., S. April 9, 1781. 

McMichen, , Cp., 1777. 

Miles, Josias, En., R. ALay 13, 1777 — under T. Respess. 
Minor, John, Cp., 1777. 

Moffett, Josiah, gent., Cp., S. ALarch 13, 1781. 
Moss, John, gent., Cp., R. Jan. 13, 1777. 

A'iRGiKiA Militia ix the Revolution' 

Nolard, Samuel, gent., Cp., S. May 12, 1781. 
Nolard, Philip, Cp., S. May 13, 1777. 

Ousley, , Cp., 1777. 

Owley, William, F. L., R. Sept. 9, 1777. 
Payne, Henry, F. L., S. June 14, 1779. 
Pierce, Thomas, Cp., S. March 12, 1781. 
Reed Jacob, Maj., R. June 11, 1781 — held up to await a decision as 

to procedure between Reed and A. Maken. 
Respess, Thomas, Cp., S. March 10, 1777. 
Saunders, Gunnell, Lt., R. Jan. 13, 1777. 
Saunders, John, En., R. Jan. 13, 1777. 

Shaffer, , Cp., 1777. 

Shores, Thomas, Cp., S. March 12, 1781. 

Sinclair, John, Lt., R. May 13, 1777 — under T. Respess. 

Slater , , Cp., 1777. 

Smith, Nathan, Cp., 1777. 

Spurr, , Cp., 1777. 

Stanhope, William, Cp., S. Aug. 11, 1778. 
Stover, Cp., 1777. 

Summers, George, gent., Cp., R. May 13, 1777. 
Tarflinger, Henry, gent., Lt., res. Oct. 13, 1782. 
Taylor, John, gent., F. L., S. Feb. 11, 1782. 

Taylor, , Cp., 1777. 

Thomas, Enoch, gent., Cp., S. Oct. 13, 1782. 

Thomas, Moses, Cp., res. Aug. 11, 1777. 

Triplett, Simon, Esq., Col. S. Oct. 8, 1781. 

Vandevender, Isaac, En., S. Sept. 15, 1778 — under J. Lewis. 

Vanover, , Cp., 1777. 

Vincell, Adam, Cp.. S. Oct. 13, 1777. 
West, George, Maj., S. May 11, 1778. 
VVhaley, James, Jr., S. L., S. Aug. 9, 1779. 

White, , Cp., 1777. 

Wildman, Joseph, Lt., S. Aug. 9, 1779. 
Wycoff, , Cp., 1777. 

Additional Recommexdatioxs 

Adams, Nathan, Lt., ALiy, 1778. 
Asbury, George, En., Aug. 1778. 
Barklev, Scarlet, Lt., ALiy, 1778. 

ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Benham, Peter, En., May, 1778. 
Botts, Joshua, Lt., May, 1778. 
Butcher, Samuel, Lt., May, 1778. 
Carnan, William, En., March, 1778. 
Cleveland, James, Cp., Nov. 8, 1779. 
Cox, Samuel, Maj., May, 1778. 
Debell, John, Lt., July 12, 1779. 
Dodd, John, En., March, 1778. 
Farnsworth, Henry, Lt., May, 1778. 
Grant, Isaac, En., May, 1778. 
Henry, John, Cp., May, 1778. 
Hutchison, William, En., July 12, 1779. 
King, Thomas, S. L., March, 1778. 
Lewis, Daniel, S. L., March, 1778. 
Marks, Thomas, Lt., Aug., 1778. 
Mason, George, Lt., May, 1778. 
McClain, Robert, Cp., May, 1778. 
McClellan, William, Cp., xMay, 1778. 
Millam, Thomas, En., Nov. 8, 1779. 
Robinson, William, Lt., Aug., 1778. 
Russell, Francis, Lt., May, 1778. 
Russell, John, Lt., May, 1778. 
Russell, Robert, En., Aug. 1780. 
Shore, Richard, En., May, 1778. 
Shrieve, John, En., A. 1779. 
Smith, Nathan, S. L., June, 1780. 
Taylor, George, Lt., May, 1778. 
Thatcher, John, En., May, 1778. 
Thomas, Thomas, S. L., Aug. 1780. 
Walter, John, Lt., May, 1778. 
White, Joel, En., June, 1780. 
Williams, John, Lt., May, 1778. 
Williams, Thomas, En., Feb. 14, 1780. 

Section 270 — Louisa 

Anderson, Turner, Lt., S. April 9, 1781. 
Anderson, David, Cp., 1777. 
Anderson. Richard, Col., 1777. 

ViRGixiA Militia in' the Revolution' 

Bagby, William, En., S. July 10, 1780. 

Bagby, , Cp., 1777. 

Bias, John, Cp., S. June 8, 1778— died, 1781. 

Bigger, David, F. L., S. Jan. 11, 1779. 

Bradburn, Butler, S. L., S. March 12, 1781. 

Brown, John ,En., R. June 12, 1780. 

Clark, William, En., S. Oct. 12, 1779— under Mosby. 

Cole, Samuel, Lt., S. Oct. 12, 1779. 

Cosby, John, gent., S. L., S. Oct. 9, 1780. 

Crutchfield, John, F. L., R. 1782. 

Dabney, Samuel, En., S. June 9, 1777. 

Fontaine, Aaron, En., R. April 13, 1779. 

Fox, John, Cp., 1776. 

Garland, Nathaniel, Cp., 1777. 

Garrett, Harvey (Henry?), Cp., S. March 12, 1781. 

Glenn, Beverley, En., S. Aug. 11, 1777 — under R. Phillips. 

Green, Forrest, En., R. April 10, 1779. 

Harris, William, F. L., S. March 12, 1781. 

Harris, Frederick, F. L., R. April 10, 1779. 

Henson, Samuel, S. L., R. April 14, 1778 — under S. Richardson. 

Hughes, William, Cp., S. Jan. 11, 1779. 

Hughes, Joshua, En., S. April 13, 1779. 

Jackson, William, S. L., S. Aug. 11, 1777. 

Johnson, Richard, S. L., S. March 12, 1781. 

Johnson, George, Lt., S. June 12, 1780. 

Johnson, Henry Ashton, S. L., R. April 10, 1779 — under J. Watson. 

Johnson, Christopher, En., S. Oct. 13, 1777. 

Johnson, Thomas, gent., Cp., A. Sept. 9, 1776. 

Lumsden, George, Cp., S. April 13, 1779. 

:VIerivvether, William, En., R. Oct. 12, 1781. 

.Meriwether, David Wood, F. L., S. June 14, 1779. 

Michie, George, S. L., R. Dec. 10, 1781. 

:\Iichie, Robert, S. L., R. June 12, 1780. 

Michie, James, S. L., S. Sept. 8, 1777 — under S. Richardson. 

•Minor, Garrett, Cp., 1777. 

Moorman, James, En., S. ]\Iarch 12. 1781. 

Mosby, , Cp., 1777. 

Nelson, John, gent., Maj., S. June 8, 1778. 
Overton, Walter, S. L., S. June 13, 1779. 


Paulet, Richard, Cp., S. Dec. 10, 1781— vice J. Bias. 

Petis, Samuel, En., R. Aug. 13, 1781. 

Phillips, Richard, Cp.. 1777. 

Poindexter, John, Cp., 1777. 

Price, Hezekiah. F. L., R. April 14, 1778. 

Ragland, Samuel, Cp., 1777. 

Richardson, Samuel, Cp., S. June 9, 1777. 

Roberts, James, S. L., S. Sept. 8, 1777— under IMosby. 

Ross, John, En., S. Sept. 8, 1777. 

Sanders, John, Cp., S. Oct. 12, 1778 — vice D. Anderson. 

Seay, John, Lt., S. June 8, 1778. 

Shelton, Thomas, F. L., R. Oct. 12, 1781. 

Shelton, Samuel, En., R. April 14, 1778. 

Shelton, Peter, En., S. Aug. 11, 1777 — under J. Fox. 

Smith, William, Lt., S. Nov. 11, 1776. 

Street, Joseph, S. L., R. April 14, 1778. 

Terrill, Thomas, S. L., R. Oct. 12, 1781. 

Thompson, Joseph, En., R. April 10, 1779. 

Thompson, William, S. L., S. Sept. 8, 1777. 

Thompson, , Cp., 1777. 

Timberlake, John, S. L., R. April 14, 1778. 

Truman, Obadiah, En., S. March 12, 1781. 

Waddy, Samuel, En., R. June 12 ,1780. 

Walden, Lewis, En., S. Sept. 8, 1777. 

Wasley, Robert, S. L., S. Jan. 11, 1779. 

Watson, James, Cp., S. Jan. 11, 1779. 

White, John, Cp., R. Sept. 9, 1776. 

White, William, Cp., A. Aug. 11, 1777. 

White, William, Co. Lt., S. June 8, 1778. 


Winston, James, gent., F. L., S. March 12, 1781. 

Winston, Anthony, S. L., R. June 12, 1780. 

Yancy, St. Charles, Cp., R. Oct. 12, 1781— vice W. Hughes. 

Section 271a — Monongalia 

Pay roll of Capt. William Raymond's Company, of Monongalia 
County Militia on duty at Pickett's Fort, near Morgantown from 
the 15th of April until the 12th of June, 1777. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

William Haymond, Capt. Frederick Ice 

Morgan Morgan, Lieut. Henry Hank 

James Johnston, Ensign Peter Popens 

Zarah Ozban, Sergt. Levy Carter 

Amos Ashcraft John Carter 

John Doherty Fredk. Huklebery 

Edmond Chaney Jarvis Brumagen 

Jereh. Chaney Jeremiah Simson 

David Morgan * Valentine Kennett 

Thos. Haymond Evan Morgan 

Willm. Pettyjohn Ruben Boner 

Amos Pettyjohn James Morgan, Sr. 

Robt. Campbell John Lemaster 

John Ice James Morgan, Jr. 

Note: — For above list I am indebted to Mr. Henry Haymond, of 
Clarksburg, W. Va., who has in his possession the original pay roll. 

Section 271 — Montgomery 

Adams, John, F. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — under Montgomery. 
Alcorn, John, S. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — under Montgomery. 

Note: — Robert Alcorn was in S. C. in 1782. 

Bailey, Benjamin, F. L., S. May 13, 1778— under W. Bobbet. 

Bobbet, William, Cp., R. March 4, 1778— over part of Trigg's 

Bright, Albertus, En., A. April 5, 1781 — under Trigg. 

Brown, Peter, En., R. Sept. 7, 1779— under H. Patton. 

Bryson, John, S. L., R. June 2, 1779 — under J. Henderson. 

Buchanan, William, Cp., 1777 — absent in Kentucky service, Sep- 
tember, '77. 

Buchanan, Robert, Cp., 1777. 

Burk, , Cp., 1777. 

Burns, James, Cp., R. Sept. 7, 1779— vice J. Cloyd. 

Calhoun, William, En., A. April 5, 1781 — under Buchanan. 

Campbell, Charles, En., S. April 6, 1779— under Buchanan. 

Campbell, William, S. L., R. Jan. 6, 1778— under R. Buchanan. 

Campbell, Samuel, Lt., S. May 6, 1777— com'd Oct. 21, 1775. 

\'iRGiNi.\ Militia ix the Revolution 217 

Cavanaugh, William, Lt., A. April 5, 1781 — under G. Pearis. 

Cavanaugh, Charles, En., A. April 5, 1781 — under G. Pearis, 

Chapman, John, S. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781. 

Cline, Nicholas, En., S. March 4, 1778— sold land to IVIitchael 
Cline, 1785. 

Clo.vd, Joseph, En., S. Sept. 8, 1779— died, 1833. 

Cloyd, , Cp., 1777. 

Cock, James, F. L., R. Sept. 8, 1779. 

Cox, , Cp., 1777. 

Crawford, James, F. L., R. June 2, 1779. 

Crawford, John, Lt., S. March 3, 1778. 

Crockett, Walter, Lt. Col., S. Oct. 5, 1779. 

Crockett, John, F. L., R. Sept. 3, 1777 — under J. ^Montgomery. 

Crockett, Andrew, S. L., R. Sept. 3, 1777 — under Drapier. 

Dack (Doak?), Joseph, S. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under W. Ward. 

Davis, William, S. L., R. Sept. 7, 1779— under J. Burns. 

Davis, Robert, F. L., S. Jan. 6, 1779 — under R. Buchanan. 

Dean, William, S. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under W. Glavis. 

Doak, Samuel, En., R. Sept. 8, 1779. 

Doak, William, Cp., 1779— res. Nov. 6, 1781. 

Downing, James, F. L., S. May 5, 1778. 

Drapier, , Cp., 1777. 

Edwards, Frederick, Cp., com'd Aug. 16, 1780. 

Estis, Richard, F. L., S. Sept. 8, 1779— under H. Gardiner. 

Evans, Jesse, Lt., S. March 4, 1778. 

Ewing, Samuel, Cp., A. April 5, 1781 — vice Pierre. 

Ferguson, Samuel, En., A, April 5, 1781 — under J. Moore. 

Finley, James, Cp., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — vice J. Stephens. 

Foster, Thomas, F. L., R. June 2, 1779 — under Pierce. 

Francis, Henry, Cp., S. March 3, 1778. 

Gardiner, Henson, Cp., S, Sept. 8, 1779 — for part of Cloyd's Com- 
pany, on Walker Creek. 

Glavis, William, F. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under J. Newell. 

Hatfield, Andrew, Cp., R. Nov. 6, 1781— vice J. Lucas. 

Hays, John, Cp., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — head north fork of Holston. 

Henderson, John, Cp., R. March 4, 1778 — for part of Cox's Com- 
pany — died, 1813 — wife, ]\Iary. Children: 1 Joseph, 2 John, 
3 Jonas, 4 Robert, 5 Samuel, 6 Thomas, 7 William, 8 Sarah 

218 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

(married Mitchell), 9 Polly (married Bean); had much 

How, Daniel, S. L., R. Sept. 7, 1779— under H. Patton; sold land 

to James Hoge, 1783. 
Inglis, David, En., R. Sept. 1, 1778. 
Inglis, William, Col., S. Jan. 4, 1777. 
Johnson, Benjamin, F. L., S. June 2, 1779. 
Justice, Moses, S. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under J. Hays. 
Kettering, Laurence, En., R. Jan. 6, 1778 — under R. Buchanan. 
Kincannon, Francis, S. L., R. June 2, 1779 — under W. Love, 
Love, Robert, F. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under J. Finley. 
Love, William, S. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under J. Finley. 
Love, William, Cp., S. June 2, 1779. 
Lovel, William, F. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— vice J. Hays. 
Lovel, Markel, En., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under J. Hays. 
Lucas, John, Cp., A. :Mar. 3, 1778— vice T. Burk. 
Mageehe (McGee), Samuel, S. L., R. March 4, 1778 — under Trigg. 
Maguire, William, En., R. March 3, 1779 — under J. Moore. 
Maxwell, James, Cp., 1779. 
McCorkle, James, Cp., 1777. 

McDonald, Magnus, En., R. Sept. 3, 1777 — under J. Montgomery. 
McFarlane, John, En., A. April 5, 1781 — vice N. Cline. 
McMullen, William, F. L., R. Sept. 7, 1779— under J. Burns. 
Moffett, Robert, F. L., S. May 13, 1778. 
Montgomery, Joseph, Cp., A. Nov. 6, 1781 — vice A. Trigg, 
^lontgomery, ^Michael, Cp., 1778. 

Montgomery, James, Cp., S. Sept. 3, 1777 — vice W. Buchanan. 
Moore, James, Cp., S. May 13, 1778 — on Bluestone river. 
Mure (:Muir), Alexander, F. L., R. Sept 7, 1779— under H. Patton. 
Mure, Richard, En., S. March 3, 1778— under Pearce (or Pierce). 
Neely, Alexander, S. L., R. June 2, 1779 — under Pearce. 
Newell, James, Cp., A. April 5, 1781 — vice H. Francis (Frazier?). 
Owens, Richardson, Cp., R. June 2, 1779. 

Osborn, , Cp., 1777. 

Parks, William, En., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — under Montgomery. 
Patton, Henry, Cp., R. Sept. 7, 1779 — vice J. Cloyd ; bought land 

of Henrv Gardner, 1780. 

(Note: — Robert, William, Thomas and James Montgomery were grand 
jurors in Fincastle County, 1774, the first being foreman). 


Pearce,* , Cp., 1777— abroad in 1781. 

Peary (Pearis), George, F. L., R. Marcli 3, 1779— under J. Moore. 

Preston.t William, Co. Lt., S. Jan. 4, 1777. 

Robertson, James, gent., Lt. Col., S. April 2, 1777. 

Saunders, Stephen, Cp., A. Nov. 6, 1781 — vice J. Pearce. 

Savers, Robert, En., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — under J. Newell. 

Savers, Thompson, En., S. Jan. 6, 1778 — under Drapier. 

Scurry, Eli, S. L., R. Sept. 8, 1779. 

Shaw, Joseph, En., R. Nov. 6, 1781 — under J. Finley. 

Smith, Jarvis, En., R. June 2, 1779 — under W. Love. 

Snide, Christian, F. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under A. Hatfield. 

Stephens, , Cp., 1777. 

Swift, Flour, Cp., R. Sept. 8, 1779. 

Taylor, , Cp., 1777. 

Thompson, Henry, F. L., S. Jan. 6, 1778 — under Cloyd. 

Trigg, Abram, Cp., A. April 5, 1781— com'd. May, 1780. 

Trigg, Daniel, Cp., R. April 2, 1777. 

\^ancel, Edmund, En., R. March 4, 1778 — under D. Trigg, died, 

Wall, Adam, En., S. Sept. 8, 1779. 
Ward, William, Cp^ R. Nov. 6, 1781— vice W. Doak. 
Ward, John, F. L., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under W. Ward. 
Ward, Alexander, En., R. Nov. 6, 1781— under W. Ward. 
White, James, En., A. April 5. 1781— under W. Love. 
Wood, , Cp., 1777. 

Section 272 — Orange 

Barbour, Thomas, Esq., I\Lij., S. July 23, 1778. 

Biddle, Lewis, F. L., S. May 25, 1780— under E. Shackleford. 

Brookman, Samuel, Lt., R. Feb. 27, 1777. 

*(Note: — Perhaps Richard, who died in 1822, leaving widow, Peggv, 
and children: Samuel, Thomas, Jonathan, Richard, William, Sarah 
(Garlich), Phoebe (Thompson), Abagail). 

t(N0TE: — William Preston, of Jefferson County, Ky., died in 1821, and 
will was recorded in Botetourt. Married Caroline Hancock. 
Children: Henrietta, Maria, Caroline, Josephine, Hancock, William 
C, Susanna. He had a brother, Francis. He provided that $6,000 
be expended on the education of his two sons.) 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Bruce, -, Cp., 1777. 

Buckner, William, Cp., A. IVIa}' 28, 1778. 

Burnley, Zachariah, J., Co. Lt., S. July 23, 1778. 

Burton, May, F. L., S. May 27, 1779. 

Cave, Belfieid, S. L., S. May 27, 1779. 

Chambers, Thomas, F. L., A. May 25, 1780— under R. Graves. 

Coleman, James, En., S. May 25, 1780 — under Z. Herndon. 

Connor, Timothy, F. L., A. May 25, 1780— under R. C. Webb. 

Conway, Catlett, Cp., res. May 25, 1780. 

Craig, Toliver, Cp., S. July 24, 1777. 

Daniel, Robert, Cp., S. May 25, 1780 — vice C. Conway. 

Daniel, Vivian, Cp., res. May 23, 1776. 

Graves, Richard, Cp., S. Aug. 27, 1778— vice C. Bruce. 

Hansford, Benoni, F. L., S. Aug. 27, 1778. 

Hawkins, James, Cp., S. March 25, 1779. 

Head, Benjamin, Cp., R. May 28, 1778. 

Head, James, En., S. Sept. 25, 1777. 

Herndon, John, En., A. May 25, 1780. 

Herndon, Zachariah, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Hubblefield, George (Stubblefield?), F. L., S. Nov. 27, 1777— under 

Ingram, William, En., A. May 25, 1780— under J.' Hawkins. 
Jameson, James, S. L., A. May 25, 1780 — under G. Waugh. 
Jameson, William, En., S. April 1, 1779. 
Johnson, Robert, F. L., A. April 1, 1779. 

Johnson, , Cp., 1777. 

Kenton, Ambrose, En., A. Sept. 25, 1777. 

Lindsay, Caleb, F. L., S. Oct 23, 1777— under R. Thomas. 

Madison, James, gent., Co. Lt., res. May 28, 1778. 

.ALallory, Uriel, Cp., 1777. 

Martin, Robert, En., S. Aug. 27, 1778— under W. Buckner. 

Miller, Lewis, S. L., S. May 25, 1780— under Z. Herndon. 

Miller, Robert, Cp., S. May 27, 1779— vice B. Head. 

Mills, Nathaniel, Cp., R. Feb. 27, 1777. 

Moore, Reuben, F. L., A. ALay 25, 1780— under G. Waugh. 

Moore, Francis, Jr., Cp., 1777. 

Mpore, William, Maj., res. May 28, 1778. 

Newman, Alexander, En., S. May 25, 1780. 

Pannill, John, S. L., S. Nov. 23, 1780— under R. Graves. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Price, Richard Moore, Lt., S. May 27, 1779. 

Porter, Abraham, Lt., N. March 25, 1779. 

Porter, Charles, Jr., Lt., S. April 1, 1779. 

Proctor, John, S. L., S. May 28, 1778. 

Robinson, John, En., S. May 25, 1780— under R. C. Webb. 

Rowland, Thomas, S. L., A. May 25, 1780. 

Saunders, James, S. L., S. May 25, 1780— under R. C. Webb. 

Scott, John, Jr., F. L., S. May 25, 1780— under Z. Herndon. 

Scott, James, En., A. April 1, 1779 — under Z. Herndon. 

Scott, John, gent., Cp., res. May 28, 1778. 

Shackleford, Edmund, Cp., S. May 25, 1780 — vice C. Conway. 

Shackelford, Zachary, S. L., S. Oct. 23, 1777. 

Singleton, Manoah, S. L., S. Aug. 28, 1777. 

Sisson, Caleb, En., S. April 1, 1779. 

Smith, William, S. L., S. Nov. 27, 1779— under C. Conway. 

Smith, George, Cp., res. May 28, 1778. 

Taliaferro, George, Lt. Col., A. Map 28, 1778. 

Thomas, Robert, Cp., S. Oct. 23, 1777— vice N. Mills. 

Thomas, Rowland, S. L., A. May 25, 1780. 

Waugh, George, Cp., S. May 25, 1780. 

Webb, Richard C, Cp., A. May 25, 1780— vice Craig. 

White, Richard, En., S. May 27, 1779. 

White, Jeremiah, Cp., res. May 28, 1778. 

Willis, Moses, S. L., A. May 25, 1780— under J. Hawkins. 

Wright, William, F. L., S. May 25, 1780. 

Young, William, S. L., S. Aug. 27, 1778— under W. Buckner. 

Section 274 — Powhatan 

demons, William, En., A. June 20, 1781— under E. Munford. 
Cox. Edward, S. L., S. July 16, 1778— under R. Crump. 
Cox, Edward, F. L., A. June 20, 1781— under E. Vaughan. 
Crump, Richard, gent., Cp., S. Oct. 16, 1777 — vice Wm. Gay. 
Crump, Richard, Maj., R. June 20, 1781— vice Thos. Harris, 

prisoner of war. 
Drake, James, S. L., R. Aug. 21, 1777 — under R. Crump. 
Eggleston, John, S. L., A. June 20, 1781— under W. Mays. 
Fleming, William, gent., Co. Lt., S. Aug. 21, 1777. 

Virginia Militia in" the Revolution 

Gay, William, Cp., res. Aug. 21, 1777. 

Harris, John, Esq., Lt. Col., S. Aug. 21, 1777. 

Harris, John, gent., Co. Lt., R. June 20, 1781 — vice L. Mosby. 

Harris, John, Jr., gent., En., S. July 20, 1780— under I. Porter. 

Harris, Thomas, gent., Cp., S. Aug. 21, 1777. 

Harris, Thomas, Maj., R. May 18, 1780. 

Harris, Francis, E., En., A. May 21, 1778— under E. ^lunford. 

Haskins, Edward, Esq., Maj., S. Aug. 21, 1777. 

Haskins, Edward, gent., Lt. Col., S. July 20, 1780. 

Haskins, Edward, gent., Col., R. June 20, 1781. 

Haskins, Thomas, Esq., Cp., S. Aug. 21, 1777. 

Hubbard, Thomas, F. L., S. May 18, 1780— vice Thos. Stegar. 

Hughes, Robert, Cp., S. Oct. 16, 1777. 

Hughes, David, En., S. May 18, 1780. 

Hughes, David, F. L., R. June 20, 1781— under W. :\Iosby. 

Lescur, Marshall, S. L., S. May 18, 1780. 

Ligon, John, En., A. June 20, 1781. 

Lockett, Gideon, En., N. Nov. 19, 1778 — under G. Williamson. 

Logwood, Edmund, S. L., R. Aug. 21, 1777 — under R. Hughes. 

]\Iarkham, Vincent, gent., F. L., S. June 18, 1778 — under E. Mun- 

Markham, Vincent, gent. Cp., A, June 20, 1781. 
May, Joseph, S. L., R. Aug. 21, 1777. 
Mays, William, gent. Cp., S. Aug. 21, 1777. 
Mays, William, Lt., R. June 20, 1781— vice E. Haskins. 
Merriott, Triplett, En., R. Aug. 21, 1777— under T. Harris. 
IMerriott, Tapley, En., A. Dec. 21, 1780— under E. Munford. 
Merriott, Tapley, S. L., R. June 20, 1781— under E. IVIunford. 
Mosby, Lyttleberry, Esq., Col. S. July 17, 1777. 
Mosby, Littleberry, Gent., Co. Lt., R. May 18, 1780— vice Wm. 

Mosby, Littleberry, Gent., Co. Lt., res. June 20, 1781. 
Mosby, Poindexter, Esq.. Cp., S. Aug. 21, 1777— res. May 21, 1778. 
Mosby, John, S. L., R. Aug. 21, 1777— under T. Haskins. 
Mosby, Benjamin, S. L., S. May 21, 1778— under E. Munford. 
Mosby, Benjamin, F. L., A. June 20, 1781— under E. IMunford. 
Mosby, Wade, Cp., A. June 20, 1781 — vice R. Hughes, p'ner of war. 
Moseley, John, Lt. S. March 19, 1778. 

Moseley, John, F. L., S. Dec. 17, 1778— vice G. Williamson. 
Moselev, Thomas, En., S. Feb. 18, 1779— under G. Williamson. 

Virginia Militia in" the Revolution' 

Munford, Edward, Cp., S. May 21, 1778— vice P. Mosby. 
Pleasants, Samuel, S. L., A. June 20, 1781 — under E. Vaughan. 
Poor, William, F. L., S. Dec. 18, 1777— under R. Hughes. 
Porter, Isaac, Cp., S. May 18, 1780. 
Povall, John, S. L., S. Nov. 19, 1778. 
Radford, George, En., S. May 18, 1780— vice R. Smith. 
Saunders, Samuel, Hyde, En., R. Aug. 21, 1777 — under R. Crump. 
Smith, George, S. L., S. May 21, 1778. 
Smith, George, F. L., R. May 18, 1780— under I. Porter. 
Smith, Robert, En., R. Aug. 21, 1777— res. May 18, 1780. 
Smith, William, F. L., A. June 20, 1781— under V. Markham. 
Stegar, Thomas, F. L., S. Oct. 16, 1777 — under W. Mays, res. May 

18, 1780. 
Stegar, Hans, S. L., S. May 18, 1780. 
Stovall, George, En., R. Aug. 21, 1777. 
Stratton, John, En., A. June 20, 1781— under W. Mosby. 
Swann, John, F. L., R. Aug. 21, 1777— under R. Hughes. 
Thompson, Josiah, F. L., R. Aug. 21, 1777 — under P. Mosby. 
Tucker, James, S. L., A. June 20, 1781— under W. Mosby. 
Vaughan, Edmund, F. L., S. May 18, 1780. 
Vaughan, Edmund, Cp., A. June 20, 1781 — vice R. Crump. 
Williamson, George, F. L., S. May 21, 1778. 
Williamson, George, Cp., S. Nov. 19, 1778 — vice T. Haskins. 

Section 275 — Prince Edward 

The list herein gi\en is from a list contributed by Alfred J. 
iVIorrison, in the Virginia Magazine of History, April, 1913, and 
taken by him from the records. The following officers were ap- 
pointed and commissioned in May, June and July, 1777. 

Josiah Chambers 

John Bibb 

David Walker 

Andrew Baker 
Lieutenants : 

Charles Allen 

Jacob Woodson 

John Dabney 

Sharpe Spencer 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Benjamin Allen 
James Carter 
Richard Holland 
William Rice 

Second Li 


Robert Goode 

William Wooton 

Henry Young 
It appeared from an order made in July, 1777, that the following 
were then Captains of Militia Companies: 

: — Clarke 




Thomas Flournoy 


William Bibb 
In 1778 the following Captains were appointed: 

John Bibb 

George Carrington 
In 1778 the following Lieutenants were appointed: 

John Dupuy 

Thomas Lawson 
In 1778 the following Ensigns were appointed: 

Bigger, Jr. 

Yancy Bailey 
In 1779 the following Captains were appointed: 

Williamson Bird (in place of Chas. Venable, resigned) 

Richard Holland 

Sharpe Spencer 

Thomas Moore 
And reference is made to the following persons as being, or having 
been Captains of companies : 

Geo. Booker 

Saml. Venable 

Henry Walker, Dec'd 

David Walker, Dec'd 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 225 

In 1779 the following Lieutenants were appointed: 

Nicholas Davis 
Robert Venable 
Geo. Booker 
Jesse Watson 
William McGehee 
Ambrose Nelson 
John Langhorn 

In 1779 the following Ensigns were appointed: 

James Parks 
Drury Watson 
Thomas Watkins 
In 1779 Thomas Haskins was recommended as Colonel of the 
Militia of the county and George Walker as Lieutenant Colonel. 

In 1780 the following were recommended or appointed as Cap- 

Thomas Law^ton 
Dick Holland 
Jacob Woodson 
In 1780 the following were recommended or appointed as Lieu- 
tenants : 

Jesse Watson 
Drury Watson 
William Price, Jr. 
Joseph Parks 
James Clark 
James Wright 

As Ensigns: 

Stephen Pettus 
John Bell 
William Booker 
In 1781: 

John Nash recommended as County Lieutenant 

Geo. Walker as Colonel 

Thomas Flournoy as Lieut. Colonel 

John Clark as Major 

ViRGiviA Militia ix the Revolution 

In 1781 the following were appointed as Captains: 
Stephen Neal 
James Clark 
Ambrose Nelson (in place of John Bibb) 

In 1781 the following were appointed as Lieutenants: 

Nathaniel Allen 
John Richards 
Geo. Pulliam 
George Foster 
William Wooten 
John Clarke, Jr. 
James Parks 
John Bell 

In 1781 the following w^ere appointed as Ensigns: 

Philip Mathew 
Robert Walton 
Peyton Glenn 
William Galespie 
Muster Roll of Capt. John Morton's Company, of Prince Edicard 
viiUtia, June 28, 1781. 

Captain John Morton* Sergeant Charles Stogg 

First Lt. John Holcomb Sergeant Charles Anderson 

Second Lt. Obadiah Woodson Corporal Robert Lawton 

En. Edward Wood Corporal Thomas Hastie 

Sergeant James Morton Corporal William Wright 

Sergeant Samuel Anderson Corporal William Chambers 

Anderson, Parsons Brown, Isham 

Ascul, William Byrk, Thomas 

Baldwin, Thomas Casey, William 

Bigger, William Chaffin, Isham 

Bird William Chaffin, Christopher 

Boas. Michael Cocke, Anderson 

'Note: — Capt Morton had eight sons in the service. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Boas, Meshack 
Cunningham, Nathaniel 
Cunningham, John 
Daniel, George 
Davidson, Edward 
Davidson, William 
Davidson, David 
Davis, Charles 
Durham, Nathaniel 
Edmunds, Jacob 
Fore, Francis 
Foster, Joshua 
Eraser, John 
Eraser, Thomas 
Fugue, William 
Garratt, Alexander 
Gillispie, William 
Hales, Peter 
Hampton, Nathan 
Holman, Alexander 
Hord, William 
Howerton, James 
Jennings, Isham 
Jennings, James 
Johnson, William 
King, Thomas 
Lee, John 
Lee, Archibald 
Leigh, Charles 
Martin, Samuel 
McGehee, William 

IVIorton, Thomas 
Newcomb, Julius 
Parker, Glover 
Peak, Aaron 
Pierce, Thomas 
Pillon, Jasper 
Rain, Nathaniel 
Robertson, David 
Rutledge, Dudlej^ 
Sharp, Moses 
Smith, Robert P. 
Smith, John 
Smith, Alexander 
Spaulding, John 
Sutherland, Philemon 
Southerland, William 
Taylor, George 
Thompson, John 
Tuggle, Benjamin 
Tuggle, Thomas 
Walker, Thomas 
Walker, William, 1 
Walker, William, 2 
Watkins, Abner 
Webster, John 
Whitlock, Josiah 
Wilburn, Thomas 
Woodson, Anderson 
Woodson, John 
Wright, Archibald 

Section 276 — Rockbridge 

Alexander, Joseph, F. L., S. Nov. 3, 1778. 
Brown, John, gent., Co. Lt., S. April 7, 1778. 
Buchanan, James, Cp., S. Aug. 3, 1779— vice S. Steel. 
Campbell, Charles, gent., Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

ViRGixiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Carruthers, John, F. L., S. Aug. 4, 1778. 

Cloyd, David, Cp., R. March 8, 1780. 

Cunningham, James, S. L., S. Nov. 3, 1778. 

Davis, James, S. L., S. July 7, 1778. 

Davison, Samuel, S. L., S. July 7, 1778. 

Elliott, James, Cp., S. Nov. 3, 1778 

Evans, Andrew, En., S. July 7, 1778. 

Gay, John, gent., En., S. May 4, 1779. 

Gilmore, John, gent., Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Gilmore, John, gent., Lt. Col., S. April 7, 1778. 

Gilmore, James, Jr., Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Gray, David, gent., Cp., S. :May 5, 1779. 

Hall, James, Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Harrison, Thomas, Cp., S. July 4, 1780. 

Hay, James, En., S. May 4, 1779. 

Hodge, James, Lt., S. Nov. 3, 1778. 

Huston, James, En., R. Nov. 2, 1779. 

Lyle, James, En., R. July 4, 1780— under S. Wallace. 

Lyle, John, Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Maxwell, Audley, En., R. March 8, 1780. 

McCampbell, James, En., R. Nov. 7, 1780. 

McClung, John, Lt., S. Nov. 7, 1780— under S. Wallace. 

McClung, William, Jr., En., R. Nov. 2, 1779. 

McDowell, Samuel, gent.. Col., S. April 7, 1778. 

McKee, Robert, F. L., S. Dec. 2, 1778. 

AIcKenny, John, Lt., R. Nov. 7, 1780. 

McMath, William, Lt., S. Sept. 5, 1780. 

Moore, Andrew, Cp., S. May 6, 1778. 

Patterson, Samuel, F. L., S. Sept. 1, 1778. 

Paxton, John, Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Paxton, William, Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Poage, Robert, S. L., S. July 7, 1778. 

Steel, Samuel, Cp., S. May 5, 1778— res. May 5, 1779. 

Steel, Thomas, S. L., R. Nov. 2, 1779. 

Stuart, Alexander, Maj., S. April 8, 1778. 

Taylor, William, Lt., R. March 8, 1780. 

Tedford, Alexander, Cp., S. Nov. 7, 1780. 

Tedford, John, En., S. :\Lay 4, 1779. 

Walker, Alexander, S. L., S. July 7, 1778. 

Virginia Mii.itia i\ the Revolutiom 

Wallace, John, En., S. Sept. 5, 1780. 

Wallace, Samuel, Cp., S. May 5, 1778. 

Weir, George, Lt., S. April 7, 1779. 

Wiley, Alexander, En., S. Sept. 5, 1780 — under T. Harrison. 

Wallace, David, En., S. May 11, 1780. 

Wallace, Samuel, Cp., 1777. 

Walter, William, S. L., R. April 12, 1781— under J. Lewis. 

Watman, Henry, Cp., 1871 — under J. Wood. 

Watterson, Henry, Cp., A. July 12, 1781— vice G. Rutledge. 

Wilson, , Cp., 1780. 

Wood, James, Cp., A. July 13, 1781 — vice W. Robinson. 
Wright, James, Cp., 1778. 

Section 277 — Rockingham 

Baker, Michael, Cp., R. May 29, 1781— vice J. Fitzwater. 

Baker, Nicholas, Cp., S. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Baxter, George, Cp., S. March 22, 1779. 

Beazley, Jeremiah, Cp., S. March 27, 1780. 

Bird, Andrew, Cp., S. May 24, 1779. 

Bogg (Hogg?), Thomas, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Bryant, Peter, Lt., S. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Cain, Cornelius, F. L., R. Oct. 25, 1780. 

Carn, Nicholas,' Lt., S. May 25, 1779. 

Chrisman, George, Cp., S. March 26, 1781. 

Coger, Michael, Cp., S. June 22, 1779. 

Conrad, Stephen, Cp., S. Aug. 27, 1781— vice J. Beazley. 

Craven, Robert, Cp., S. March 23, 1779. 

Davidson, Josiah, Cp., 1780. 

Davis, Robert, Cp., S. March 23, 1779— res. Nov. 24, 1781. 

Dictum, John, S. L., R. Nov. 23, 1779— under J. Harman. 

Dictum, Joseph, F. L., R. Oct. 23, 1780. 

Eberman, William, Lt., R. Sept. 24, 1781— vice R. Minnis. 

Erwin, Benjamin, En., R. Oct. 25, 1780 — under T. Bogg. 

Evans, Evan, Lt., S. Nov. 23, 1778. 

Fitzwater, John, Cp., S. March 28, 1780. 

Fitzwater, Thomas, S. L., R. March 28, 1780— under J. Fitzwater. 

Frazier, James, Cp., S. June 22, 1779. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution" 

Gordon, Thomas, S. L., S. March 22, 1779. 

Hamilton, Gawen, Maj., R. May 29. 1781 — was also Lt. Col. 

Hardman, John, F. L., S. March 22, 1779. 


Harrison. Benjamin, Lt. Col., S. May 25. 1778. 

Harrison, Josiah, Cp., S. March 27, 1780. 

Harrison, Josiah, En., R. March 26, 1781 — under R. Morris. 

Harrison, Robert, En., S. Sept. 24, 1781 — under J. Harrison. 

Harrison, Reuben, Cp., S. May 25. 1778. 

Harvie, John, S. L., S. April 24. 1780. 

Herring, William, Cp., R. Nov. 23, 1780. 

Hevener, Jacob, En., S. :March 27, 1780. 

Hewitt, Thomas. Cp., S. May 25. 1778. 

Hinkle, Isaac, Cp., S. Sept. 24, 1781 — vice A. Thompson. 

Hopkins, John, Cp., S. June 22, 1779. 

Huston, George, Cp., S. March 28, 1780. 

Huston, John. S. L., S. Nov. 28, 1780— under G. Huston. 

Johnson, Andrew, Cp.. S. March 22, 1779. 

Keister, Frederick, Lt., S. Sept. 28, 1778. 

Kyger, Christian, Lt., S. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Lewis, Thomas, gent.. En.. S. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Lincoln, Abraham, Cp., 1779. 

Lincoln, Jacob, Lt., S. March 26. 1781. 

Lingul, Paul, En., S. Nov. 23. 1778. 

Minnis, Robert, Lt., res. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Morris, Reuben, Cp., S. March 26. 1781. 

Morris, William, S. L., S. Nov. 23, 1778. 

Moyer, Philip, Lt., S. April 24, 1780. 

Nelson, Daniel, En., R. Nov. 23. 1779 — under G. Huston. 

Nolle (Nail?), William. Lt. Col.. S. ^Lirch 27. 1781. 

Painter, Christopher, En.. S. May 25, 1779. 

Patton, Benjamin, Cp.. R. Nov. 24. 1781. 

Pence, James, Cp., 1779. 

Pirkey, John, Lt., S. Aug. 27. 1781. 

Rader, Anthony. Cp.. S. May 25, 1778. 

Reagon, Richard, F. L., S. April 27. 1779— under D. Smith. 

Rice, John. S. L., S. ]May 25, 1778. 

Robinson. John, S. L., R. Aug. 27, 1781. 

Ruddle. George. Cp.. S. March 22. 1779. 

Virginia Militia i>j the Revolution 231 

Ruddle, John, Lt., S. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Rush, John, Cp., S. March 22, 1779. 

Rutherford, Joseph, S. L., S. March 27, 1780— under R. Reagan. 

Rutherford, Elliot, En., S. March 27, 1780— under R. Reagan. 

Shanklin, Andrew, F. L., R. Nov. 23, 1779— under G. Huston. 

Slcidmore, John, Maj., R. April 28, 1778. 

Smith, Abraham, Co. Lt., S. May 25, 1778— res. Nov. 24, 1781. 

Smith, Daniel, Col., S. May 25, 1778. 

Smith, Daniel, Cp., S. May 25, 1778. 

Smith, Joseph, F. L., S. IVIay 25, 1778. 

Smith, Joseph, S. L., S. April 27, 1779. 

Smith, Reynolds (Benjamin?), En., S. March 27, 1781. 

Smith, Robert, F. L., S. March 27, 1780— under R. Reagan. 

Smith, William, En., S. May 25, 1778. 

Smith, Benjamin, En., R. Aug. 27", 1781. 

Stratton, Seraiah, Cp., R. Oct. 25, 1780. 

Thompson, Andrew, Cp., res. Sept. 24, 1781. 

Section 278 — Shenandoah 

Crookshank, John, Cp., S. July 27. 1780. 
Galladay, David, En., S. Sept. 1, 1780. 
Lambert, Jacob, En., S. Aug. 26, 1779. 
Leath, John, Lt., S. June 29, 1780. 
Nitherson (?), John, :VIaj., S. June 29, 1780. 
Plumley, Matthew, Lt., S. Sept. 1, 1780. 
Price, Evan, Lt., S. Aug. 26, 1779. 
Reaner, Ulrich, Cp., S. July 27, 1780. 
Riggins, William (?), Cp., S. June 29, 1780. 
Riggins, Charles, En., S. June 29, 1780. 
Sehorn, John, Cp., S. July 27, 1780. 
Snapp, Philip, En., S. Aug. 26, 1779. 
Syler, William, En., S. Nov. 25, 1779. 
Windle, Philip, Lt., S. Aug. 26, 1779. 

Section 279 — Spottsylvania 

Bartlett, Thomas, Cp., 1781. 

Bartlett, Harry, gent., S. L., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Brock, Joseph, Jr., En., S. June 15, 1780. 
Carter, John, gent., Cp., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 
Chew, John, gent., S. L., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 
Chew, John, Jr., gent., S. L., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 
Clayton, Thomas, gent., En., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 
Coleman, Francis, Cp., R. July 19, 1781— vice W. Mills. 
Collins, Bartlett, F. L., S. Nov. 17, 1780. 
Dudley, Peter, En., S. Nov. 17, 1780. 

Durrett, Robert, S. L., S. Sept. 21, 1780— under T. :\Iinor. 
Hardin, John, En., S. Feb. 19, 1779. 

Holladay, James, En., S. Dec. 21, 1780— under Stubblefield. 
Johnson, Benjamin, gent., S. L., S. Feb. 19, 1779. 
Legg, John, gent., Cp., S. May 17, 1781— vice W. McWilliams. 
Lewis, John Z., En., S. Nov. 16, 1780. 
Mason, John, Lt., S. Oct. 19, 1780— under T. Towles. 
"McCalley, John, Cp., S. Nov. 17, 1780— died about 1782. 
McWilliams, William, Lt. Col., S. Aug. 16, 1781. 
Meals, John, gent., Cp., S. Feb. 19, 1779 — vice G. Thornton. 
Miller, Thomas, gent., F. L., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 
Mills, William, gent., Cp., S. Sept. 17, 1777— res. July 19, 1781. 
Minor, Thomas, Cp., 1782. 
Owens, James, S. L., S. Nov. 17, 1780. 
Page, Mann, Esq., Lt. Col., S. July 19, 1781. 
Sharpe, Thomas, Lt., S. Oct. 19, 1780— under White. 
Smith, Robert, gent., F. L., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 

Stubblefield, , Cp., 1780. 

Tankersley, John, Cp., R. July 19, 1781— vice T. Bartlett. 
Taylor, James, gent., Cp., S. Sept. 21, 1780. 
Thornton, George, gent., Maj., S. Nov. 16, 1780. 
Towles, Thomas, gent., Maj., S. Aug. 16, 1781. 
Tutt, James, gent., Cp., S. April 2, 1776. 
Washington, Charles, Lt. Col., S. Oct. 19, 1780. 

White, , Cp., 1780. 

Wiglesworth, James, S. L., S. Dec. 21, 1780— under Stubblefield. 
Winslow, Beverley., Co. Lt., S. July 19, 1781. 
Wright, William, En., S. Sept. 21, 1780. 
Yates, Robert, gent., S. L., S. Sept. 18, 1777. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Section 280— Washington 

Adams, Cp. Geo. 
Allison, Lt. Chas. 
Anderson, Cp. John, 
Anderson, Lt. John. 
Barnett, En. Alex. 
Beattie, Lt. David. 
Berry, Lt. John. 
Black, Lt. Joseph. 
Blackburn, Lt. Wm. 
Bowen, En. Arthur. 
Bowen, En. Rees. 
Bowen, Cp. Wm. 
Buchanan, Capt. Robt., Sr. 
Campbell, Lt. Col. Arthur. 
Campbell, Lt. Charles. 
Campbell, Cp. John. 
Campbell, Cp. John. 
Campbell, Lt. Col. William. 
Case}-, En. Wm. 
Christian, Cp. Gilbert. 
Colvill, Cp. Andr. 
Coulter, Lt. John, 
Crabtree, En. James. 
Craig, Cp. Robt. 
Davis, En. John. 
Davis, En. Robt. 
Dickenson, En. Henry. 
Duncan, Cp. John. 
Dysart, Cp. James. 
Edminston, Majr. Wm. 
Edmiston, Cp. Wm. 
Elliott, En. James. 

Frazier, Lt. John. 
Freeland, En. Geo. 
Fulkerson, Lt. James. 
Hays, Lt. Saml. 
Kinkead, Cp. John. 
Kincannon, Lt. Andr. 
Lewis, Cp. Aaron. 
Litton, En. Solomon. 
Looney, Ensign John. 
Lowny, Ensign John. 
McClelland, Ensign Abraham. 
Maxwell, Lt. Geo. 
Maxwell, Lt. James. 
ALirtin, Cp. Joseph. 
Mastin, Cp. Thomas. 
^Vlontgomery, Cp. James. 
Neal, En. Wm. 
Price, Lt. Thos, 
Ramsey, En. Josiah, 
Robertson, Cp, James. 
Rosebrough, En. Wm, 
Shaw, En. James. 
Shelby, Col. Evan. 
Shelby, Cp. James. 
Shelby, Cp. John, Sr. 
Smith, Maj. Daniel. 
Snodd}', Lt. John. 
Topp, Lt. Roger. 
Ward, Lt. David. 
Whitten, En. Thomas. 
Wilson, Ensign John, 
Wylie, Lt. Alex. 

Pensioners Residing in Virginia in 

1835 who Received Pensions 

as Virginia Militiamen 


(Embracing those residing in what is now W. Va.) 

Note: — This list is arranged alphabetically, but is so arranged as to 

give, in alphabetical order, the counties in which the pensioners lived. 

Owing to this arrangement the exact alphabetical arrangement of the 
names was not possible. 

Note: — The figures indicate age of person named. 
Note: — The initials I. S. stand for Indian Spy. 

Adams, Henr}', Bedford Co., 73. 
Andrew, Thos., Bedford Co., 72. 
Arthur, Wm., Bedford Co., 72. 
Alverson, Jno, Botetourt Co., 76. 
Agee, Jacob, Buckingham Co., 77. 
Anderson Jas., Cabell Co., W. Va. 

(Alias Asha Crockett). 
Arrington, Adler, Campbell Co., 73. 
Anderson, Nathan, Chesterfield Co., 70. 
Andrews, Isham, Chesterfield Co. 
Armstrong, Jno., Essex Co., 72. 
Abshire, Abraham, Franklin Co., 70. 
Adams, Elisha, Franklin Co., 71. 
Akers, John, Franklin Co., 76. 
Abbott, Wm., Halifax Co., 78. 
Ashcroft, Jno., Harrison Co., 97. 
Armstead, Wm., Mathews Co., 76. 
Andrews, Vorne}^ Mecklenburg Co., 80. 

Virginia Militia i\ the Revolution 235 

Arnot, Henry, Monroe Co., W. Va., 73. 

Argubute, Jacob, Monroe Co., W. Va., 74. 

Avers, Sergt. Elisha, Patrick Co., 74. 

Anderson, Jacob, Pittsylvania Co., 72. 

Arboghart, Adam (Arbogast), Pocahontas Co., W. Va., 74. 

Ammonet, Charles, Powhatan Co., 76. (Died April 14, 1833). 

Alley, Abraham, Prince George Co., 71. 

Allstock, Absalom (Ailstock), Rockbridge Co., 74. 

Ammon, Christopher, Sergt., Rockingham Co., 75. 

Augubright, Geo., Rockingham Co., 75. 

Alsop, Lt. Benj., Spottsylvania Co., 76. 

Alcock, Lt. Thomas, Stafford Co. 

Bull, Curtis, Accomack Co., 72. 

Bull, Danl., Accomack Co., 75. 

Bowden, Micajah, Albemarle Co., 81. 

Bell, Corp. Christopher, Amherst Co., 80. 

Blair, Allen, Amherst Co., 80. 

Bonner, Wm., Bath Co., 74. 

Bailey, Philip, Bedford Co., 86. 

Barton, Corp. Elisha, Bedford Co., 76. 

Blankenship, Abraham, Bedford Co., 74. 

Bond, Sergt Wright, Bedford Co., 74. 

Brown, Henry, Bedford Co., 74. 

Brown, Thos., Bedford Co., 86. 

Banks, Jacob, Buckingham Co., 77. 

Branch, Olive, Buckingham Co., 74. 

Bloss, Valentine, Cabell Co., W. Va., 77. 

Brooks, Jas., Campbell Co., 74. 

Brooks, Nelson, Campbell Co., 75. 

Browne, Henry, Campbell Co., 74. 

Beadles, Edmund, Caroline Co., — . 

Bass, Edward, Jr., Chesterfield Co., 80. 

Bass, Jno., Chesterfield Co., 73. 

Bernard, Benj., Chesterfield Co., 77. 

Barton, Richard, Chesterfield Co., 82. 

Blankenship, Josiah, Chesterfield Co., 76. (Died March 26, 1833). 

Bradley, Sergt. Austin, Culpeper Co., 87. (Died Dec. 15, 1832). 

Brown, Danl., Sergt., Culpeper Co., 85. (Died July 14, 1833). 

236 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Brown, Jno, Culpeper Co., 74. 

Brown, Wm., Culpeper Co., 76. 

Bass, Jno, Dinwiddie Co., 74, 

Boiling, Capt. Ro., Dinwiddie Co., 75. 

Ball, Stephen, Essex Co., 72. 

Beazley, Ephriam, Essex Co., 72, 

Beale, Richd, E,, Fauquier Co., 74, 

Blackwell, David, Fauquier Co., 84, 

Brizendine, Wm., Sr., Franklin Co., 91. 

Barr, Jas., Frederick Co., 81, 

Beatty, Henry, Frederick Co., 94, 

Blakeman, Ensign Geo., Frederick Co., — . 

Buckner, Sergt. Philip B., Frederick Co., 83. 

Bishop, Hy., Floyd Co., 77. 

Brooks, Thos,, Goochland Co., 90, 

Bailey, Thos., Halifax Co., 73, 

Bates, Ensign Jas,, Halifax Co., 74, 

Bunton, Wm., Halifax Co., 70. 

Berry, Wm., Hampshire Co., W. Va., 90. 

Brinkley, Lt. Henry, Hampshire Co., 73, 

Bills, Jno E., Hardy Co., W, Va„ 71, 

Bolener, Adam, Hardy Co,, 67, 

Bailey, Jos., Harrison Co., W, Va., — . 

Bell, Rich'd, I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., — . (Va. Cont. Line.) 

Brake, Jno., I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., — . 

Burns, Michael, Henry Co., 83. 

Bailey, Isham, Kanawha Co., W. Va., 79. 

Bailey, Wm., Kanawha Co., W. Va., 80, 

Beadless, Joel., King William Co., 73. 

Butler, Jno., King William Co., 70. 

Bibb, Thos., Lewis Co., W. Va., 80. 

Bonnett, Peter, L S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 70. 

Brown, Isacher, Loudoun Co., 73. 

Butler, Jacob, Loudoun Co., 76. (Died June 9, 1833.) 

Badger, Thomas, Louisa Co., 73, 

Bullock, David, Louisa Co., 73. (Died Feb. 16, 1833.) 

Bragg, Wm., Luenburg Co., 73. 

Brandon, Thos., Mecklenburg Co., 88. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 237 

Butler, Jos., Mecklenburg Co., 76. 

Bertrug, Peter, ]VIonongalia Co., W. Va,, 84. 

Boon, John, Monroe Co., W. Va., 79. 

Bell, Sr., Robt., Montgomery Co., 75. 

Byrd, Wm., Nansemond Co., 71. 

Breeding, John, New Kent Co., 76. 

Boaz, Sergt. James, Patrick Co., 85. 

Boman, John, Patrick Co., 75. 

Boyd, James, Patrick Co., 71. 

Blechhynden, Charles, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 76. 

Blizzard, Burton, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 77. 

Borer, Charles, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 74. 

Blankenship, Jno, Pittsylvania Co., 74. (Died Oct. 28, 1832.) 

Bradshaw, John, I. S., Pocahontas Co., W. Va., 75. 

Bass, Sr., Wm., Powhatan Co., 71. 

Boatwright, John, Prince Edward Co., 71. 

Brightwell, Charles, Prince Edward Co., 78. 

Bell, John, Prince William Co., 71. 

Brown, Thos., Preston Co., W. Va., 74. 

Bartleys, James, Rockingham Co., 74. 

Berry, Benj., Rockingham Co., 76. 

Bryan, Wm., Rockingham Co., 72. 

Beal, Shadrach (of Ben), Southampton Co., 71. 

Beall, John, Southampton Co., 76. 

Bullock, Sergt. James, Spottsylvania Co., 73. 

Bishop, Wm., Surrey Co., 37. 

Booth, Beverley, Surrey Co., 82. 

Buckhart, Henry, Smythe Co., 73. 

Bowling, Jarrett, Tazewell Co., 72. 

Brickey, Wm., Westmoreland Co., 78. 

Brookover, John, Wood Co., W. Va., 74. 

Blackard, Will-you-be, Wythe Co., 76. 

Biggs, Jno., Bedford Co., 69. 

Chase, Robt., Accomack Co., 73. 
Carr, Mickens, Albemarle Co., 72. 
Collins, Jno., Albemarle Co., 86. 
■Campbell, Jno., Amherst Co., 83. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Campbell, Anthony, Bedford Co., 74. 

City, Jacob, Bedford Co., 73. 

Cartmill, Lieut. Hy., Botetourt Co., 80. 

Congleton, Moses, Brooke Co., W. Va., 70. 

Criswell, Richd., Brooke Co., W. Va., 86. 

Cummins, Ro., Brooke Co., W. Va., 82. 

Clairborne, Leonard, Buckingham Co., 73. 

Campbell, Wm., Campbell Co., 85. 

Candler, Wm., Campbell Co., 82. 

Carson, Wm., Campbell Co., 85. 

Cobbs, Jno., Campbell Co., 75. 

Corneyle, Jacob, Campbell Co., 83. 

Clark, Jas., Chesterfield Co., 84. 

Condrey, Jno., Chesterfield Co., 74. 

Cox, Bartlett, Cumberland Co., 82. 

Cole, Francis, Dinwiddie Co., 83. 

Cogghill, Thos., Essex Co., 71. 

Croxton, Carter, Essex Co., 72. 

Coeper, Barnabas, Fayette Co., W. Va., 74. (Died Jan. 6, 1833.) 

Cooper, Files, Franklin Co., 86. 

Cooper, Sterling, Franklin Co., 74. 

Campbell, Jno., Frederick Co., 74. 

Crutchfield, Stapleton, Goochland Co., 75. (Died June 29, 1833.) 

Chandoin, Lewis, Goochland Co., 80. 

Comer, Jno., Grayson Co., 81. 

Childrey, Wm., Halifax Co., 74. 

Crump, Henry, Hampshire Co., W. Va., 77. 

Chrisholme, Ensign Walter, Hanover Co., 102. 

Carn, Jno., Harrison Co., W. Va., 92. 

Coplin, Benj., Harrison Co., W. Va., 84. 

Crimm, Harman, Harrison Co., 84. 

Cunningham, Walter, Harrison Co., W. Va., 85. 

Christian, Ro., Kanawha Co., W. Va., 70. 

Carlton, Benoni, King George Co., 71. 

Carlton, Humphrey, King George Co., 81. 

Cain, Sergt. Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 76. 

Cartington, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 70. 

Coteral, Thos., Lewis Co., W. Va., 72. 

Virginia Militia iv the Revolution: 239 

Cox, Philip, Lewis Co., W. Va., 71. 
Cuthright, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 80. 
Coombs, Jno., Loudoun Co., 80. 
Copeland, Jas., Loudoun Co., 75. 
Cooksey, Chas., Lunenburg Co., 72. 
Caned}-, Leroy, Madison Co., 77. 
Clutterbuck, Jas., Madison Co., 74. 
Callis, Geo., Mathews Co., 74. 
Christian, Jno., Mathews Co., 73. 
Clibourn, Wm., Mecklenburg Co., 68. 
Cunningham, James, Mecklenburg Co., 70. 
Chalflin, Solomon, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 82. 
Clayton, Elisha, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 77. 
Chambers, Sergt. Robt., Monroe Co., W. Va., 80. 
Charlton, Francis, Montgomery Co., 75. 
Clarke, Samuel, Monroe Co., W. Va., 70. 
Canafax, Wm., Monroe Co., W. Va., 75. 
Campbell, Henry, Nelson Co., 71. 
Carpenter, Jesse, Nicholas Co., W. Va., 74. 
Chapman, Jacob, Nicholas Co., W. Va., 81. 
Crenshaw, Wm. (Creushaw), Nottoway Co., 74. 
Cardwell, John, Ohio Co., W. Va., 81. 
Carter, Wm., Patrick Co., 76. 
Carter, Sergt. Wm., Patrick Co., 72. 
Cloud, Lt. Wm., Patrick Co., 84. 
Chancy, Abraham, Pittsylvania Co., 74. 

CoUey, Charles, Pitts34vania Co., 76. 

CuUins, John, Powhatan Co., 75. 

Carter, Poval, Prince Edward Co., 72. 

Chievers, Joel, Prince George Co., 76. 

Casey, Nicholas, Preston Co., W. Va., 80. 

Colvin, Geo., Rappahannock Co., 71. 

Colvin, Mason, Rappahannock Co., 74. 

Croddy, John, Rockbridge Co., 79. 

Custer, Richard, Rockingham Co., 77. 

Collins, Jeffrey, Shenandoah Co., 78. 

Council, Jesse, Southampton Co., 73. 

Corbitt, Sr., Samuel, Southampton Co., 75. 

240 ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Corckett, James, Southampton Co., 71. 
Cason, Edward, Spottsylvania Co., 82. (Dead.) 
Cason, Wm., Spottsylvania Co., 74. 
Chappell, Wm., Sussex Co., 72. 
Cecil, Wm., I. S., Tazewell Co., 85. 
Chaffin, Christopher, Tazewell Co., 77, 
Cline, Andrew, Washington Co., 85. 
Cunningham, Wm., Wood Co., W. Va., 71. 

Drumheller, Leonard, Albermarle Co., 72, 

Davis, Wm., Alleghany Co., 77. 

Davidson, Giles, Amherst Co., 72, 

Davidson, Stephen, Buckingham Co., 77, 

Duvall, Capt. Wm., Buckingham Co., 86. 

Davis, Danl., Cabell Co., W, Va., 76, 

Dinguid, Geo., Campbell Co., 72. 

Dyson, Jno., Chesterfield Co., 71. 

Dale, Richd., Franklin Co., 74. 

Davis, Lewis, Franklin Co., 78. 

Dixon, Nath., Franklin Co., 91. 

Dickerson, Elijah, Floyd Co., 79. 

Dunkley, Jno., Halifax Co., 75. 

Dunkley, Moses, Halifax Co., 75, 

Davis, Spencer Hampshire Co., W. Va., 73. 

Davis, Samuel, Hampshire Co., W. Va., 73. 

Davidson, Jonah, Hampshire Co., W. Va., — . 

Davidson, Josiah, Hampshire Co., 70. 

Davis, Wm., Lewis Co., W. Va, 

Dailey, Jesse, Loudoun Co., 73. 

Davis, Thos., Mathews Co., 71. 

Diggs, Wm., Mathews Co., 74. 

Devers, James, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 79. 

Dobson, Richard, New Kent Co., 71. 

Duffield, Abraham, Nicholas Co., W. Va,, 71. 

Dunbar, Jonathan, Nicholas Co., W. Va., 72. 

Davis, Isaac, Sr., Orange Co., 81. 

Devericks, John, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 79. 

Dove, Sergt. Wm., Pittsylvania Co., 76. 

Dickenson, Corp. Griffith, Pittsylvania Co., 77. 

\iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution 

Dawson, Henr}-, Prince Edward Co., 82. 

Dupuy, Lt. John, Prince Edward Co., 79. (Died Oct 1, 1832). 

Davis, Wm., Prince William Co., 74. 

Davis, Leonard, Rockingham Co., 72. 

Drake, Ridley, Southampton Co., 72. 

Dolsbury, Lyles, Tazewell Co., 74. 

Dotson, Richard, I. S., Tyler Co., W. Va., 82. 

Ellis, Stephen, Brunswick Co., 70. 

Evers, Sergt. Sampson, Campbell Co., 81. 

Edwards, Benj., Floyd Co., 77. 

Emmons, Jas., Giles Co., 76. 

Estes, Geo., Halifax Co., 71. 

Elgin, Gustavus, Capt., Loudoun Co., 80. (Died Jan. 24, 1834.) 

Elgin, Sergt. Walter, Loudoun Co., 78. 

Estes, Jno., Lunenburg Co., 78. 

Evans, Wm., Mathews Co., 86. (Died April 24, 1833.) 

Evans, Col. John, Monongalia Co., 95. 

Everley, Simon, I. S., Monongalia Co., W. Va., 71. 

Ellison, James, L S., Monroe Co., W. Va., 77. 

Easter, John, Morgan Co., W. Va., 74. 

East, Isham, Patrick Co., 77. 

Elliott, John, Pittsylvania Co., 86. 

Evans, Wm., Sussex Co., 77. 

Elder, John, Wythe Co., 78. 

Flo^d, Mathew, Accomack Co., 71. 

Fauber, Peter, Augusta Co., 77. 

Fulton, Robt., Augusta Co., 74. 

Fletcher, Richd., Brunswick Co., 71. 

Forbes, Alex., Buckingham Co., 72. 

Franklin, Thos., Campbell Co., 75. 

Franklin, Thos. P., Campbell Co., 71. 

Foushee, Geo., Culpeper Co., 74. (Died Aug. 13, 1833.) 

Farris, Jacob, Cumberland Co., 82. 

Fugate, Jeremiah, Fairfax Co., 80. 

Fleshman, Moses, Fayette Co., W. Va., 74. 

Foster, Jas., Frederick Co., 72. 

Faudre, Thos., Goochland Co., — . 

242 ViRGixiA Militia in" the Revolution 

Fielder, Dennis, Grayson Co., 78. 

Foggerson, Francis, Greenville Co., 72, 

Ferrell, Wm., Halifax Co., 82. 

Fletcher, Thos., Halifax Co., 73. 

Fisher, Jacob, Hardy Co., W. Va., 77. 

Flemming, Lt. Jas., Harrison Co., W. Va., 90. (Died May 14, 1833.) 

Franklin, Lewis, Henry Co., 76. 

Flesher, Adam, Lewis Co., W. Va., — . 

Fowles, Hy., Madison Co., 78. 

Fitz, Robt. W., Mecklenburg Co., 78. 

Farbee, Caleb, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 82. 

Fisher, Jacob, Nicholas Co., W. Va., 71. 

Fitzgerald, Harvey, Patrick Co., 72. 

Fowlkes, Sergt. James, Pittsylvania Co., 74. (Dead). 

Fenn, John, Prince George Co., 74. 

Finch, James, Prince George Co., 75. 

Fainter, Martin, Rockbridge Co., 95. 

Fletcher, Thos., Scott Co., 85. 

Fletcher, Geo., Shenandoah Co., 90. 

Feltz, Frederick, Sussex Co., 72. 

Flowers, Abraham, Sussex Co., 76. 

Fleenor, Michael, Washington Co., 77. 

Gaines, Richd., Albemarle Co., 82. 

Gentry, Geo., Albemarle Co., 68. 

Grant, Robt, Amherst Co., 73. 

Gillispie, Wm., Bath Co., 79. 

Greene, Wm., Bath Co., 78. 

Graham, Michael, Bedford Co., 76. 

Groom, Jonathan, Bedford Co., 78. 

Graddy, Jos., Campbell Co., 77. 

Glass, Chas., Bedford Co., 75. 

Gatewood, Wm., Caroline Co., 70. 

Goode, Wm., Sr., Chesterfield Co., 73. 

Greggory, Thos., Chesterfield Co., 83. 

Griffin, Sergt. Zach., Culpeper Co., 74. 

Grove, Philip, Fauquier Co., 78. 

Gibson, Sergt. John, Franklin Co., 82. 

Graves, David, Franklin Co., 75. (Died Aug. 20, 1833.) 

Virginia Militia im the Revolutiov 

Grier, Capt. Moses, Franklin Co., 90. 
Grim, Jno., Frederick Co., 80. 
Grinstead, Wm., Goochland Co., 72. 
Gray, Jas., Goochland Co., 70. 
Guiil, Wm., Halifax Co., 73. 
Guthrey, Jno., Halifax Co., 74. 
Gilmon, Ensign Edmond, Hanover Co., 71. 
Green, Sergt. Fortunatus, Hanover Co., 80, 
George, Jos., Hardy Co., W. Va., 73. 
Goodnight, Christo'r, Hardy Co., W. Va., 72. 
Goodwin, Jno, Harrison Co., W. Va., 72. 
Goff, Job., Harrison Co., W. Va., 74. 
Griffith, Obadiah, Sergt., Henrico Co., 78. 
Grass, Peter, Kanawha Co., W. Va., 79. 
Gardner, Wm., I. S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 74. 
Gibson, Nicholas, Lewis Co., W. Va., — . 
Gideon, Peter, Loudoun Co., 82. 
Griffith, Thos., Loudoun Co., 77. 
Gibson, John, Louisa Co., 84. 
Gibbs, Luman, ^VLison Co., W. Va., 69. 
Green, Simon, Alathews Co., 75. (Dead) 
Garter, Nathaniel, Monroe Co., W. Va., 74. 
Gaulden, Wm., Pittsylvania Co., 81. 
Giles, Geo., Pittsylvania Co., 72. 
Giles, Josiah, Prince Edward Co., 78. 
Gillespie, Geo., Prince Edward Co., 82. 
Grubbs, Nathan, Prince Edward Co., 76. 
Gill, Sergt. John, Prince William Co., 71. 
Gollyhorn, Thos., Stafford Co., 91. 
Gilliland, Lt. James, Washington Co., 89. 

Harman, John, Accomack Co., 70. 
Hickman, Jno. B., Accomack Co., 71. 
Hall, Jno., Albemarle Co., 86. 
Hall, Nathan, Albemarle Co., 87. 
Harrison, Richd. Albemarle Co., 77. 
Harris, Wm., Albemarle Co., 80. 
Herring, Jas., Albemarle Co., 80. 
Huckstep, Chas., Albemarle Co., 72. 

244 Virginia Militia ix the Revolution" 

Hutcherson, Jno., Amelia Co., 70. 

Hamilton, Alex., Augusta Co., 75. 

Hackworth, Thos., Bedford Co., 71. 

Hancock, Sergt. Sam'l, Bedford Co., 74. 

Ha\nes, Jno., Bedford Co., 81. 

Holly, Jno., Bedford Co., 73. 

Hudwell, Jno., Bedford Co., 70. 

Henr,v, Wm., Botetourt Co., 79. 

Hewitt, Jno., Botetourt Co., 70. 

Hunter, Francis, Botetourt Co., 72. 

Hall, Isam, Campbell Co., 71. 

Harvey, Thos., Campbell Co., 72. 

Hervard, Jas., Campbell Co., 71'. 

Hughes, Benj., Campbell Co., 69. 

Hunter, Jno., Campbell Co., — . 

Hendricks, Daniel, Charlotte Co., 73. 

Hill, Wm., Chesterfield Co., 75. 

Hall, Jno., Culpeper Co., 73. 

Hatcher, Seth., Cumberland Co., 74. 

Huff, Jno., Franklin Co., 71. 

Hensell, Geo., Frederick Co., 75. 

Heard, Jno., Floyd Co., 74. 

Howell, Danl., Sr., Floyd Co., 75. 

Hull, Hy., Giles Co., 72. 

Hogg, Thomas., Gloucester Co., 70. 

Hull, Geo., Greenbrier Co., W. Va., 76. 

Hancock, Jas., Halifax Co., 82, 

Henderson, Edward, Halifax Co., 88. (Dead) 

Hamrick, Sergt. Siras, Hampshire Co., W. Va., 81. 

Hawkins, Jno., Hampshire Co., W. Va., 84. 

Herrin, Sergt. Wm., Hampshire Co., W. Va., 72. 

Hook, Wm., Hampshire Co., W. Va., 75. 

Hall, Wm., Hanover Co., 75. 

Hill. Corp. Jno., Hanover Co., 84. 

Hope, Jno., Hanover Co., 73. 

Haddox, , I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., 76. 

Harbert, Edward, I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., 72. 
Harbert, Sam.,Va. Line, I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., 74. 
Harrow, Jacob, Spy, Harrison Co., W. Va., 79. 

Virginia Militia in" the Revolution 

Hickman, Sotha, I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., 86. 

Husstead, Moses, I. S., Harrison Co., W. Va., 86. 

Hamilton, Jas., Lee Co., 77. 

Hess, Hez., I. S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 78. 

Holbert, Aaron, Lewis Co., W. Va., 81. 

Hyde, Jacob, L S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 77. 

Harvin, Edward, Loudoun Co. 

Hogeland, James, Loudoun Co., 74. 

Harrison, Jno., Madison Co., 74. 

Hawkins, Wm., Mason Co., W. Va., 69. 

Hudgins, Anthy., ALathews Co., 75. 

Hudgins, Hugh, Mathews Co., 70. 

Hughes, Gabriel Mathews Co., 71. 

Houston, Purnell, Mathews Co., 80. 

Hull, Sergt. Wm., Mathews Co., 81. 

Hurst, Richd., Mathews Co., 72. 

Haught, Peter, IVIonongalia Co., W. Va., 78. 

Hand, Christopher, Monroe Co., W. Va., 75. 

Hall, Jesse, Montgomery Co., 74. 

Harley, Peter, ^Montgomery Co., 81. 

Howe, Daniel, Montgomery Co., 76. 

Henry, Nicholas, Morgan Co., W. Va., 74. 

Harrell, John, Nansemond Co., — . 

Harrison, Henrj^, Nansemond Co., 76. 

Howard, Miles, Nansmond Co., — . 

Hale, Leonard, Nelson Co., 78. 

Hargrave, Hezekiah, Nelson Co., 86. 

Harper, Henry, Nelson Co., 76. 

Harris, Wm., Nelson Co., 86. 

Hight, Mtthew, Nelson Co., 71. 

Hill, Richard, Orange Co., 79. 

Hicks, Farthings, Patrick Co., 74. 

Hoover, Jacob, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 83. 

Hoover, Michael, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 81. 

Huffman, Henry, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 77. 

Harris, John, Pittsylvania Co., 81. 

Hopkins, James, Pittsylvania Co., 69. 

Hubbard, Jos., Pittsylvania Co., 73. 

Hutchings, Moses. Pittsylvania Co., 81. 

ViRGixiA Militia ix the Revolution" 

Hawk, Isaac, Pocahontas Co., W. Va., 75, 
Hall, James, Powhatan Co., 73. 
Hill, Wm., Prince Edward Co., 76. 
Hines", Sr., Wm., Prince Edward Co., 80. 
Hair, Daniel, Prince George Co., 74. 
Hartzell, Jacob, Preston Co., W. Va., 83. 
Hopkins, Levi., Preston Co., W. Va., 80. 
Hanck, Geo. !M., Rappahannock Co., 75. 
Hughes, Sergt. Thomas., Rappahannock Co., 79. 
Harrison, Reuben, Rockbridge Co., 76. 
Hickman, Adam,. Rockbridge Co., 72. 
Hinkle, Henry, Rockbridge Co., 85. 
Huling, Andrew, Rockingham Co., 73. 
Howderskell, Law., Rockingham Co., 82. 
Helsley, Jacob, Shenandoah Co., 78. 
Holloway, Thos., Sussex Co., 71. 
Hennigan, John, Smythe Co., 64. 
Heysham, David, Tyler Co., W. Va. 
Harkerider, Capt. John, Wythe Co., 84. 
Helmick, John, Wythe Co., 75. 

Isbel, Benj., Goochland Co., 71. 
Isbel, Henry, Goochland Co., 73. 
Iden, John, Loudoun Co., 82. 

Johnson, Richd., Albemarle Co., 72. 

Jordan, Wm., Albemarle Co., 75. 

Johnson, Thos., Augusta Co., 73. 

Jones, Gray, Bedford Co., 74. 

Jordan, Freeman, Brunswick Co., 74. 

Jameson, Lt. David, Culpeper Co., 82. 

James, W. M., Gloucester Co., 76. 

Jenkins Cleb., Gloucester Co., 74. 

Johnson, Chas., Goochland Co., 85. 

Johnson, Wm., Goochland Co., 79. (Died June 3, 1833), 

Jones, Berryman, Greenbrier Co., W. Va., 77. 

Jones, Jno., Halifax Co., 76. 

Jenkins, Absalom, Hanover Co., 75. 

Jones, Taverner, Madison Co., 79. 

Virginia Militia in the Revoi.ltion" 

Jarvis, Field, Monroe Co., W. Va., 77. 
Johnson, John, Morgan Co., W. Va., 100. 
Jones, Elijah, Nansamond Co., — . 
Jarrell, Wm., Orange Co., 81. 
Jeffress, Wm., Pittsylvania Co., 75. 
Jones, Elisha, Pittsylvania Co., 79. 
Jones, Thos., Pittsylvania Co., 79. 
Jenkins, Richard, Page Co., 84. 
Jackson, Henry, Powhatan Co., 73. 
Jesse, Wm., Prince Edward Co., 74. 
Johnson, Andrew, Preston Co., W. Va. 
Jeffries, Reuben, Rappahannock Co., 72. 
Jordan, Wm., Rappahannock Co., 78. 
Joyner, Joshua, Southampton Co., 77. 
Jett, Lt. Wm. S., Westmoreland Co., — . 

Kellam, Honsten, Accomack Co., 78. 

Kincaid, Jno., Bath Co., 76. 

Kemper, Ensign Chas., Fauquier Co., 78. 

Kincaid, Jno., Fayette Co., W. Va. 

King, Stephen, Franklin Co., 82. 

Knipe, Sergt. Hy., Frederick Co., 82. (Died June 20, 1833), 

King, Jno., Floyd Co. 

King. Jacob, Hanover Co., 72. 

Keys, Wm., Harrison Co., W. Va., 76. 

Kester, Jos., Harrison Co., W. Va., 81. 

Knight, Peter, Harrison Co., W. Va., 74. 

King, Wm., Montgomery Co., 78. 

Kidd, James, Nelson Co., 68. 

Kearney, Edward, Ohio Co., W. Va., 81. 

Kepps, Jacob, Shenandoah Co., 71. 

Kendall. Aaron, Stafford Co., 69. 

Keys, Sergt. James, Washington Co., 79. 

Lohr, Peter, Augusta Co., 83. 
Lambert, Capt. Geo., Bedford Co., 86. 

248 ViRGiKiA Militia in the Revolution 

Lowry, Jno., Bedford Co., 71. 

Lemmon, Sergt. Jacob, Btoetourt Co., 72. 

Lewis, Ruel., Brunswick Co., 75. 

Laidley, Thos., Cabell Co., W. Va., 79. 

Lindsay, Lewis, Charlotte Co., 79. 

Lowry, Giles, Culpeper Co., 100. 

Law, Jno., Franklin Co., 87. 

Lumsden, Chas., Franklin Co., 73. 

Lucas, Sergt. Basil, Frederick Co., 77. 

Layne, Corp. Anthy., Goochland Co., 76. 

Lowry, Thornton, Goochland Co., 74. 

Littlepage, John C, Hanover Co., 85. (Private and Capt. of 

Virginia Troops. Died Feb. 2, 1834.) 
Long, Jacob, Loudoun Co., 80. 
Lee, Ludwell, Loudoun Co., 73. 
Love, Robt., Mason Co., W. Va., 71. 
Lucas, Capt. John, Montgomery Co., 85. 
Laird, Wm., New Kent Co., 74. 
Lain, Jos., Pittsylvania Co., 74. 
Lifford, Anthony P., Pittsylvania Co., 79. 
Lipscomb, Ambrose, Randolph Co., W. Va., 82. 
Lillard, John, Rappahannock Co., 71. 
Lewis, Lt. Thos., Rockingham Co., 74. 
Lawson, William, Scott Co., 70. 
Leneweaver, Jacob, Shenandoah Co., 71. 
Love, Henry, Southampton Co., 79. 
Lewis, Jacob, Tyler Co., W. Va., 78. 
Leckie, Wm., Washington Co., 69. 
Lloyd, John Washington Co., 71. 
Leach, Thos., Wood Co., W. Va., 70. 

Mears, Hilleary, Accomack Co., 75. 
Maupin, Danl., Albemarle Co., 78. 
Maupin, Wm., Albemarle Co., 75. 
McFall, Corneli., Albemarle Co., 100. 
ALnyse, Chas., Albemarle Co., 71. 
Miles, Thos., Albemarle Co., 74. 
McFadden, Jno., Augusta Co., 74. 
McCane, Sen. Samuel, Augusta Co., 79. 


McCutchen, Jno., Augusta Co., 84. 

McWilliams, Jno., Augusta Co., 74. 

Matheny, Wm., Augusta Co., 75. 

IMarkham, Jno., Bedford Co., 70. 

IMarkham, Tho., Jr., Bedford Co., 77. 

iMeadows, Benj., Bedford Co., 70. 

Mitchell, Saml., Bedford Co., 73. 

Miner, Wm., Bedford Co., 81. 

Moore, Sergt. Ro., Bedford Co., 83. 

McComas, Jno., Cabell Co., W. Va., 77. 

Mann, Jos., Campbell Co., 85. 

Mathews. Saml., Campbell Co., 71. 

Moore, Thos., Campbell Co., 85. 

Madison, Wm., Caroline Co., 71. 

McDearman, Sergt. Thomas., Charlotte Co., 76. 

Mann, Peter, Chesterfield Co., 78. 

Moseley, Peter, Chesterfield Co., 71. 

Montague, Thos., Cumberland Co., 81. 

Major, Saml., Dinwiddie Co., 74. 

Munroe, Wm. H., Fairfax Co., 74. 

Merry, Philip, Fauquier Co., 85. 

Melton, Pearce W., Fluvanna Co., 71. 

Mitchell, Henry, Franklin Co., 71. 

Meadows, Jacob, Giles Co., 71. 

Moore, Amos L., Goochland Co., 87. 

Mortimer, Jas., Grayson Co., 78. 

Mc:VIilliam, Jas., Greenbrier Co., W. Va., 71. 

Martin, Zach, Halifax Co., 72. (Dead.) 

Mallory, Jno., Hanover Co., 79. 

Mantlo, Jno., Hanover Co., 80. (Died April 30, 1833.) 

Meredith, Jas., Hanover Co., 71. 

Marshall, Benj., Hardy Co., W. Va., 79. 

Martin, Wm., Harrison Co., W. Va., 70. 

McRee, Wm., Harrison Co., 78. 

Millam, Rush, Kanawha Co., W. Va., 75. 

Mardis, Jno., King George Co., 74. 

Morris, Clairborne, King William Co., 80. 

Martin, Jno., Lee Co., 72. 

Mace, Isaac, Ind. Spy, Lewis Co., W. Va., 79. 

Virginia Militia i\ the Revolution' 

Mitchell, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 72. 

Muckelwaine, Tunnis, Ind. Spy, Lewis Co., W. Va., 75. 

McCann, Sergt. Patrick, Lewis Co., W. Va., 75. 

McVancy, Christopher, Lewis Co., W. Va., 77. 

Meade, Wm., Logan Co., W. Va., 72. 

Munday, Aaron, Loudoun Co., 72. 

Munroe, Spencer, Loudoun Co., 74. 

Morrison, Jno., Louisa Co., 69. 

]\Iajor, Humphrey, Madison Co., 76. 

Morgan, Wm., Mathews Co., 71. 

Morgan, John, Mecklenburg Co., 75. 

Miller, Peter, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 74. 

Morgan, Jackquil, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 76. 

Morgan, Evans, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 81. 

Morris, Amos, Monogalia Co., W. Va., 75. 

Morgan, Benj., Monroe Co., W. Va., 73. 

^Mitchell, John, Alontgomery Co., 74. 

Montague, Rice D., Montgomery Co., 69. 

Miller, John, Morgan Co., W. Va., 75. 

Mathews, Jos., Nelson Co., 80. 

Mass, Samuel, New Kent Co., 70. 

Mann, Wm., Nottoway Co., 74. 

McCullock, Abraham, Ohio Co., W. Va., 72. 

Millingham, John, Ohio Co., W. Va., 83. 

Mills, Thos., Ohio Co., W. Va., 70. 

Mansfield, Robt, Orange Co., 72. 

Mallows, Henry, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 75. 

Morton, Edward, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 70. 

Mosley, Arthur, Powhatan Co., 74. 

Mosley, Hezekiah, Powhatan Co., 74. 

Mathews, Phillip, Prince Edward Co., 78. 

Moss, James, Prince Edward Co., 74. 

Mathews, Isaac, Preston Co., W. Va., 73. 

Messenger, Abner, Preston Co., W. Va., 76. 

Manier, David, Randolph Co., W. Va., 79. 

Miller, Wm., Rockbridge Co., 77. 

Muterspaw, Phillip, Rockbridge Co., 88. 

McLaughlin, Wm., Rockbridge Co., 76. 

iVLiyer, Michael, Rockingham Co., 89. 

ViRGiMA Militia in- the Revolution 251 

Miller, Sergt. Christian, Shenandoah Co., 90. 

Mason, Smith, Spottsylvania Co., 71. 

Moore, Alexander, Spottsylvania Co., 74. (Died Feb. 4, 1834). 

Marks, Edward, Sr., Surry Co., 76. 

McGuire, Wm., Tazewell Co., 77. 

McKay, Wm., Tyler Co., W. Va., 74. 

Montgomery, Richard, Washington Co., 76. 

Niceley, Saml. K., Amherst Co., 82. 

Nicholas, Capt. Jno. and Col., Buckingham Co., 76. 

North, Sergt. Thos., Charlotte Co., 76. 

Newby, Levi, Chesterfield Co., 80. 

Niles, Ro., Chesterfield Co., 75. (Died April 1, 1834.) 

Nunally, Wm., Dinwiddie Co., 79. 

Nutter, Christopher, Harrison Co., W. Va., 74. 

Neely, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 76. 

Nicholas, Ind. Spy, Lewis Co., W. Va., 78. 

Nicholas, Zephaniah, L S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 78. 

Norris, Sergt. Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 73. 

Newell, Thos., Prince George Co., 78. (Died Jan. 19, 1833.) 

Nance, Sergt. Wm. M., Spottsylvania Co., 74. 

Osborne; Claibourne, Charlotte Co., 76. 

O'Bannon, Thos., Fauquier Co., 78. 

Oney, Jos., Giles Co., 81. 

Oliver, Alva, Halifax Co., 70. 

O'Neale, Constantis, Jackson Co., W. Va., 81. 

Oldham, Isaac, Lunenburg Co., 73. 

O'Rouke, Sergt. David, Shenandoah Co., 80. (Died Jan. 12, 1833.) 

Persinger, Jacob, Alleghany Co., 85. 
Pryor, Wm. Amherst Co., 81. 
Patrick, Wm., Augusta Co., 71. 
Pullen, Tho., Bedford Co., 71. 
Peterson, Thos., Brooke Co., W. Va., 77. 
Parrish, Jno., Brunswick Co., 84. 
Payton, Henry, Cabell Co., W. Va., 75. 
Prebble, Jno., Campbell Co., 75. 
Patterson, Poindexter, Campbell Co., 69. 
Puckitt, Nathl., Chesterfield Co., 77. 

Virginia Militia iv the Revolutiom 

Pulliam, Thos., Culpeper Co., 72. (Died Aug. 27, 1831). 

Parrish, Frederick, Dinwiddie Co., 72. 

Pa^ne, Augustine, Fauquier Co., 72. 

Prater, Jonathan, Franklin Co., 76. 

Pollard, Chatlen, Franklin Co., 71. 

Pittman, And., Frederick Co., 74. 

Perters, Ensign John, Giles Co., 79. 

Pleasants, Arch., Goochland Co., 87. 

Poor, Sergt. Thos., Goochland Co., 79. 

Parrott, Lewis, Halifax Co., 79. 

Parker, Jas., Hampshire Co., W. Va., 74. 

Peters, Jno., Hampshire Co., W. Va., 80. 

Powelson, Henry, Hampshire Co., W. Va., 76. • 

Purgett, Henry, Hampshire Co., W. Va., 81. 

Price, Capt. Thos,, Hanover Co., 80. 

Pepper, Wm., Harrison Co., 73. 

Pollard, Capt. Robt., Henrico Co., — . 

Pulleam, Mosby, Henrico Co., 70. 

Parsons, Joseph, Ind. Spy, Jackson Co., W. Va., 79. 

Persinger, Henry, Lewis Co., W. Va., 74. 

Powers, Wm., Ind Spy, Lewis Co., W. Va., 69. 

Peck, Peter, Mason Co., W. Va., 79. 

Pugh, Josiah, Mathews Co., 72. 

Piles, Zacharah, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 77. 

Parker, Elijah, Nansemond Co., 75. 

Pugh, John, Nelson Co., 71. 

Pledger, John, Northampton Co., 77. 

Pratt, Jonathan, Orange Co., 73. 

Partlow, Benj., Rappahannock Co., 70. 

Parson, John, Rockbridge Co., 76. 

Paxton, Samuel Rockbridge Co., 81. (Died July 29, 1833). 

Parmer, James, Rockingham Co., 70. 

Pence, Sr., John, Rockingham Co., 79. 

Pettis, John, Spottsylvania Co., 80. (Died July 1, 1833). 

Peacock, Richard, Spottsylvania Co., 73. (Died Aug. 3, 1832). 

Prewett, John, Tazewell Co., 74. 

Pippin, Robt., Washington Co., 82. 

Quicksnell, Adam, Alleghany Co., 79. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Read, Edmund, Accomack Co., 78. 

Reynolds, Alex., Bedford Co., 71. 

Runnels, Jesse, Bedford Co., 83. 

Rogers, Abraham, Brooke Co., W. Va., 73. 

Ragland, Jno., Buckingham Co., 73. 

Roberts, Isaac, Cabell Co., W. Va., 74. 

Roberts, Thos., Cabell Co., W. Va., 73. 

Raynolds, Wm., Caroline Co., 73. 

Rowlett, Wm., Chesterfield Co., 98. 

Robertson, Mitchell, Culpeper Co. 

Rossin, Reubin, Culpeper Co., 82. 

Rany, Nathl, Dinwiddle Co., 70. 

Rawles, Kenag, Fauquier Co., 70. 

Riddle Wm., Fauquier Co., 84. 

Roberts, Ambrose, Fluvanna Co., 82. 

Ray, Jas., Franklin Co., 78. 

Richardson, Richard, Franklin Co., 82. 

Reily, Jas., Frederick Co., 76. 

Rudd, Archer, Halifax Co., 71. 

Rudder, Jno., Halifax Co., 77. 

Randall, Ensign Jacob, Hardy Co., W. Va., 75. 

Randall, Jas., Harrison Co., 73. 

Rifee, Jacob, Ind. Spy, Harrison Co., 73. 

Read, Jno., Harrison Co., 89. 

Romine, Jno., Harrison Co., 73. 

Rogers, Rhodam, Harrison Co., 77. 

Reed, Jno., Henry Co., 79, 

Rader, Michael, Jackson Co., W. Va., 83. 

Radcliffe, Wm., Lewis Co., W. Va., 74. 

Regar, Phillip, Lewis Co., W. Va., 67. 

Richards, Geo., Lewis Co., W. Va., 75. 

Right, Bazel, Lewis Co., W. Va. 70. 

Richardson, Richd., Louisa Co., 78. 

Rouch, Jonas, Mason Co., W. Va., 71. 

Ripley, Richd., Mathews Co., 84. 

Robinson, John, Monroe Co., W. Va., 85. 

Roach, Jonathan, Monroe Co., W. Va., 73. 

Rutledge, Edward, ^Montgomery Co., 72. 

Virginia Militia ik the Revolution- 

Read, Abraham, Nansemond Co., — . 
Renolds, James, Nansemond Co., 77. 
Ross, Jos., Nansemond Co., — . 
Rossin, Jas., Nelson Co., 84. 
Rexrode, Zacharah, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 73. 
Rymer, Geo., Pendleton Co., W. Va., 81. 
Roach, James. Pittsylvania Co., 72. 
Radeer, Henry, Rockingham Co., 77. 
Raynes, Lawrence, Rockingham Co., 74. 
Rolstone, David, Rockingham Co., 73. 
Routhon, James, Rockingham Co., 72. 
Reynolds, Bernard, Russell Co., 71. 
Reagan, Wm., Smythe Co., 78. 
Rust, John, Washington Co., 71. 

Snow, Richd.. Albemarle Co.. 81. 

Strange, David, Albemarle Co., 70. 

Smith, Sergt. Henry, Amherst Co., 73. 

Shumaker, Zedekiah, Amherst Co.. 81. 

Sitlington, Ro., Bath Co., 86. 

Stewart, Ens. Edward, Bath Co., 75. 

Stewart, Jno., Bath Co., 73. 

Shepherd, Jacob, Bedford Co., 73. 

Stiff, Jas., Bedford Co., 77. 

Swain, Geo., Bedford Co., 75. 

Stevens, Jno., Berkeley Co., 76. 

Simpson, Jas., Botetourt Co., 77. 

Seaward, Jos., Brunswick Co., 74. 

Stephenson, Jno., Cabell Co., W. Va., 71. 

Story, Edwd., Carnpbell Co., 77. 

Satterwhite, Ro., Caroline Co., 79. 

Simmons, Jehu, Charlotte 'Co., 72. 

Smith, Benoni, Charlotte Co., 75. 

Smith, Isaac, Charlotte Co., 74. 

Simms, Edwd., Chesterfield Co., 72. (Died June 20, 1833) 

Smith, Thos., Chesterfield Co., 74. 

Smith, John, Chesterfield Co., 72. 

Spear, Jno., Chesterfield Co., 76. 

Sims, Reuben, Culpepper Co., 79. 

ViRGiMA Militia in' the Revolution 

Sisk, Timothy, Culpepper Co., 72. 

Sturdivant, Joel, Dinwiddie Co., 69. 

Smith, Lewis, Dinwiddie Co., 82. (Died Aug. 20, 1833), 

Seay, Sergt. Austin, Sr., Fluvanna Co., 76. 

Saunders, Philemon, Franklin Co., 70. 

Stewart, Wm., Franklin Co., 73. 

Sperry, Jacob, Frederick Co., 80. 

Shelor, Capt. Danl., Frederick Co., 84. 

Stokes, Lewi's, Gloucester Co., 71. 

Shelton, Jos., Goochland Co., 73. 

Southworth, Geo., Goochland Co., 72. 

Smith, Nathl., Goochland Co., 71. 

Sammons, Jno., Greenbrier Co., W. Va., 75. 

Scott, Wm.. Halifax Co., 71. 

Seamster, Jno., Halifax Co., 81. 

Snyder, Anthy., Halifax Co., 72. (Died Dec. 5, 1833). 

Saunders, Jno., Hanover Co., 74. 

Seay, Jas., Hanover Co., 94. 

Strong, Sergt. Jno,, Hanover Co., 77. 

Shinn, Isaac, Harrison Co., 74. 

Smith, Danl., Harrison Co., 78. 

Stout, Thos., Ind. Spy, Harrison Co., 83. 

Sweger, Jno., Harrison Co., 74. 

Smith, Chas., Jackson Co., W. Va., 70. 

Stroud, Sr., Wm., James City Co., 82. 

Staley, Peter, Jefferson Co., W. Va., 80. 

Strother, Geo., King George Co., 75. 

Shackelford, Alex., King and Queen Co., 75. 

Spencer, Hez., King William Co., 76. 

Schoolcraft, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 76. 

Shaver, Paul, Ind. Spy, Lewis Co., W. Va., 75. 

Sims, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 79. 

Sleeth, David W., Lewis Co., W. Va., 72. 

Smith, Geo. P., Lewis Co., W. Va., 77. 

Smith, ]\Iark, Ind. Spy, Lewis Co., W. Va., 76. 

Smith, Thos., Lewis Co., W. Va., 83. 

Stalmacker, Saml., I. S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 7L 

Stewart, Ralph, Logan Co., W. Va., 84. 

Saunders, Jas., Loudoun Co., 72. 

256 ViRGixiA Militia ix the Revolution- 

Saunders, Wm., Louisa Co., 74. 

Spicer, Jos., Louisa Co., 73. 

Spaulden, Jno., ]\Iadison Co., 74. 

Smith, Isaac, Mathews Co., 74. 

Smith, Sherwood, Mecklenburg Co., 73. 

Simpkins, Charles, Monongalia Co., W. Va,, 76. 

Stone, Henry, Monongalia Co., 72. 

Sams, Samuel, Monroe Co., W. Va., 75. 

Shank. Capt. Christian, Morgan Co., W. Va.. 83. 

Streater, New., Nansemond Co., 78. (Died Dec. 27, 1833). 

Slater, Edward, New Kent Co., 75. 

Sims, James, Nicholas Co., W. Va., 79. 

Self, Thos., Northumberland Co., 74. 

Sorrell, Edward, Northumberland Co., 81. 

Smith, John, Orange Co., 74. 

Sharp, Sr., John, Patrick Co., 81. 

Simmons, John, Pendleton Co., W. Va., 80. 

Seay, Capt. Mathew, Pittsylvania Co., 70. 

Smith, Jos., Pittsylvania Co., 71. 

Swepston, John, Pittsylvania Co., 73. 

Sampson, Jos., Page Co., 72. 

Scott, Wm., Prince Edward Co., 76. 

Shepherdson, David, Rockbridge Co., 72. 

Stepler, Geo., Rockingham Co., 75. 

Self, Thos., Russell Co., 76. 

Smith, James, Scott Co., 81. (Died Nov. 18. 1833). 

Stewart, Wm., Scott Co., — . 

Story, John, Southampton Co., 73. 

Sorrell, John, Spottsylvania Co., 73. 

Steers, Richard, Spottsylvania Co., 72. 

Stannard, Larkin, Spottsylvania Co., 74. 

Seaverge, Hartwell, Surrey Co., 78. 

Smith, Jonas., Washington Co., 85. 

Sorrell, Thos., Westmoreland Co., 76. 

Sennett, Patrick, Wood Co., W. Va., 81. 

Steffey, Peter, Wythe Co., 75. 

Steffey, John, Wythe Co., 88. 

Stephens, Corp. Lawrence, Wythe Co., 80. 

^'IRGI^IIA Militia in the Revolution 257 

Thompson, Lt. Robt., Bath Co., 77. 

Thomasson, Jno., Bedford Co., 91. 

Tracey, Wm., Bedford Co., 72. 

Taylor, Paul, Berkeley Co., 86. 

Trenor, Sergt. Jas., Botetourt Co., 77. 

Truit, Wm., Campbell Co., 74. 

Taylor, Bartholemew, Caroline Co., 72. 

Thomas, Catlett, Caroline Co., 70. 

Tucker, Wm., Caroline Co., 74. 

Tharpe, Thos., Charlotte Co., 76. 

Timmons, Geo., Dinwiddie Co., 72. 

Taleaferro, Wm., Fluvanna Co., 82. 

Trail, Thos., Floyd Co., 88. 

Tuck., Thos., Halifax Co., 71. 

Throckmorton, Rich., Halifax Co., 71. 

Tinsley, Nathl., Hanover Co., 77. 

Toombs, Geo., Hanover Co., 79. (Died Sept. 4, 1833). 

Tichnall, David, Harrison Co., W. Va., 70. 

Thomas, Evan, Harrison Co., W. Va., 81. 

Tucker, Henry, Harrison Co., W. Va., 90. 

Tucker, Jno., Harrison Co., W. Va., 91. 

Turner, Robin., Isle of Wight Co., 74. 

Thompson, Alex., Kanawha Co., W. Va., 71. 

Taliaferro, Jno., King William Co., 70. 

Thacker, Sackville, Louisa Co., 84. 

Thomasson, Jno. (Drummer), Louisa Co., 81. 

Tanner, Abraham, Madison Co., 75. 

Taylor, Wm., Madison Co., 80. 

Troyman, Sergt. Wm., Madison Co., 79. 

Towles, Hy., Madison Co., 79. 

Thomas, James, Mathews Co., 71. 

Tucker, Geo., Monongalia Co., W. Va., 72. 

Troy, Sergt. James, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 75. 

Teaney, Daniel T., Montgomery Co., 77. 

Taylor, Zacharah, Orange Co., 74. 

Terry, Jos., Patrick Co., 73. 

Thompson, Jennings, Pittsylvania Co., 72. 

Thorpe, Thos., Page Co., 72. 

Temple, Sergt. Eppes, Prince George Co., 76. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Triplett, Sergt. Daniel, Rappahannock Co., 71. 
Trumble, Lt. Isaac, Rockbridge Co., 77. 
Tate, Mathew, Rockingham Co., 73. 
Taylor, John, Rockingham Co., 77. 
Tribble, Geo., Spottsylvania Co., 78. 
Twinly, Francis, Spottsylvania Co., 72. 
Templeman, Lt. Samuel., Westmoreland Co., 76. 

Vandall, Abraham, Fayette Co., W. Va., 76. 

Vier, Jno., Franklin Co., 76. (Died March 4, 1834). 

Vaughan, Wm., Grayson Co., 73. 

Vanhook, Sergt. Jacob., Halifax Co., 73. 

Vanmeter, Sergt. Jos., Hardy Co., W. Va., 80. 

Vance, James, Washington Co., 74. 

Wood, Jno, Albemarle Co., 71. 

Wood, Solomon, Albemarle Co., 77. 

Weaver, Jno., Augusta Co., 74. (Died Dec. 13, 1832), 

Walker, Lieut. Wm. J., Bedford Co., 73. 

White, Jos., Bedford Co., 83. 

Wilkes, Saml., Bedford Co., 70. 

Wisong, Fiat., Botetourt Co., 79. 

Williams, Jno., Buckingham Co., 81. 

Wilkinson, Jas., Buckingham Co., 79. 

Walker, Chas., Campbell Co., 74. 

Walthall, Henry, Campbell Co., 72. 

Wray, Henry, Campbell Co., 71. 

White, Elijah, Caroline Co., 93. 

Walthall, Sr., Wm., Chesterfield Co., 76. 

Whitworth, Sergt. Allen, Chesterfield Co., 76. 

Williams, Jno., Chesterfield Co., 90. 

Williams, Thos., Chesterfield Co., 70. 

Welsh, Isaiah, Culpeper Co., 71. 

Wells, Solomon R., Dinw^iddie Co., 70. 

Withers, Sergt, Jesse, Fauquier Co., 74. 

Wright, Jno., Franklin Co., 86. 

Woody, Martin, Franklin Co., 76. 

White, Richd., Gloucester Co., 72. 

Watkins, Jos. D., Goochland Co., 72. 

Wright, Thos., Goochland Co., 75. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Wallace, Jas., Halifax Co., 73. 

Willis, Jas., Halifax Co., 70. 

Winn, Jno., Halifax Co., 71. 

Warren, Archd., Halifax Co., 78. 

Wimbish, Jas., Halifax Co., 72. 

Whitecotton, Ensign Axton., Henry Co., 92. 

Wallace, Jas., James City Co., 77. (Died Jan. 13, 1833), 

Whitlock, Jas., King William Co., 71. 

Winn, Wm., King William Co., 76. 

Waggoner, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 82. 

Wamsley, David, I. S., Lewis Co., W. Va., — . 

Wamsley, Jas., L S., Lewis Co., W. Va., 69. 

West, Alex., Lewis Co., W. Va., 74. 

Wingrove, Jno., Lewis Co., W. Va., 86. 

Walker, Oliver, Logan Co., W. Va., 89. 

Wade, Ro., Loudoun Co., 73. 

West, Jno., Loudoun Co., 80. 

Wigginton, Benj., Loudoun Co., 71. 

Wornell, Sergt. Jas., Loudoun Co., 70. 

Walton, Joel, Louisa Co., 74. 

Winston, Lt. Anthony, Louisa Co., 84. 

Watson, Larner, Madison Co., 72. 

Waddle, Sergt. Thos., Mason Co., W. Va., 75. 

White, Sergt. Jno., Mathews Co., 78. 

Wilson, Wallis, Mecklenburg Co., 78. 

Wade, Geo., Monongalia Co., W. Va., 73. 

Wilson, Henry, 2d, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 74. 

Walker, Thos., Monroe Co., W. Va., 69. 

Wilson, Robt., Monroe Co., W. Va., 74. 

Wharton, Zacharah, Morgan Co., W. Va., 75. 

Widmeyer, Michael, Morgan Co., W. Va., 74. 

Whitfield, Solomon, Nansemond Co., 71. 

Ware, Thos., Nelson Co., 71. 

Williams, James, New Kent Co., 70. 

Wyatt, Spivey, Norfolk Co., 75. 

Walker, Thos., Orange Co., 73. 

Wayt, Wm., Orange Co., 73. 

White, Lt. Richard, Orange Co., 78. 

Wilson, Eli B., Pendleton Co., W. Va., 79. 

260 Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

West, Sergt. John, Pittsylvania Co., 79. 

Williams, James M., Pittsylvania Co., 71. 

Woodell, Lt. Jos., Pocahontas Co., W. Va., 82. 

Watkins, Edward, Powhatan Co., 87. 

Worsham, Capt. Wm., Prince Edward Co., 82. 

Walker, Wm. T., Prince Edward Co., 77. (Dead). 

Wilshire, John, Prince Edward Co., 76. 

Woodson, Jos., Prince Edward, Co., 83. 

Wooldridge, James, Prince Edward Co., 74, 

Whitman, Mathew, Randolph Co., W. Va., 74. 

Wolford, John, Randolph Co., W. Va., 80. 

Whetzell, Henry, Rockingham Co., 76. 

Wilson, Abraham, Spottsylvania Co., 74. 

Williams, James, Spottsylvania Co., 72. 

Williams, John, Sr., Surry Co., 73. (Died Aug. 9, 1833). 

Wrenn, John, Sussex Co., 72. 

Welton, Ensign Thos., Tazewell Co., 82. 

Wade, Hezekiah, I. S., Tyler Co., W. Va., 80. 

Widener, Michael, Washington Co., 75. 

Williams, Wm., Westmoreland Co., 73. 

Young, Chas., Berkeley Co., W. Va., 77. 
Young, Jas., Franklin Co., W. Va., 79. 
Yarbrough, Elisha, Hanover Co., 77. 
Young, Jno., Kanawha Co., W. Va., 74. 
Youell, Wm., Madison Co., 72. 
Yoho, Henry, Monongalia Co., W. Va., 82. 
Young, John, Pocahontas Co., W. Va., 74. 

Alphabetical List of Pensioners Re- 
siding Outside of Virginia in 1835, 
whose Pensions were Granted 
for Services as Virginia 


This list was compiled from a report made by the Secretary of 

War in 1835. The ages are those given in that report, and are 
believed to be the ages of the pensioners in 1835. The names of the 

pensioners in what is now West Virginia are embraced under 
Part IV. 

Name Age County State 

Abbott, Jno 84 Green Indiana 

Adams, David Henry Kentucky 

Adams, James, 76 Elbert Georgia 

Adams, Mica j ah 75 Sullivan Tennessee 

Adkins, James Clarke Kentucky 

Alexander, James 85 Iredell North Carolina 

Allee, David 72 Cooper Missouri 

Allen, Phillip 74 Clarke Georgia 

Allen, Saml Pulaski Kentucky 

Allen, Vincent 78 Lincoln North Carolina 

Allen, Wm 74 Granville North Carolina 

Alley, Isaiah 85 Warren Kentucky 

Allgood, Jno Breckenridge Kentucky 

Alsop, James Mercer Kentucky 

Alverson, Jno. S Lincoln Kentucky 

Anderson, Alex 73 Stewart Tennessee 

Anderson, James 69 Bedford Tennessee 

Anderson, Peter 79 Hawkins Tennessee 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Anderson, Jno 77 

Andrews, Thos 

Arbuckle, Thos 75 

Archer, Edward 

Arnold, Arnold 75 

Arthur, James 70 

Arthur, Joel 83 

Ashbrook, Thos 78 

Ashcraft, Amos 77 

Ashley, Danl., Sr 

Ashley, Peter 

Ashlock, Wm 

Asherst, Wm 

Atkin, Jas. 75 

Atkins, James 75 

Atkinson, Ellis 

Ayers, Henry (Died Sept. 

22, 1833) 80 

Baber, James 72 

Bailey, Noah 84 

Baker, Thos 

Baker, Wm 

Banam, Danl 76 

Bandy, Thos 86 

Banks, Wm 74 

Barbee, Danl 

Barber, Wm 88 

Barley, Wm 74 

Barlow, Lewis 79 

Barnes, Benj 

Barnes, Jno 82 

Barnett, Ambrose 

Barnett, Chas 71 

Barren, Jno 

Bartlett, Edmund 74 

Basket, Wm. (Dead) 73 

Bashaw, Peter 71 

Bass, James 74 








































North Carolina 














North Carolina 


South Carolina 






North Carolina 




North Carolina 











Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age 

Bassett, Nathl 76 

Bean, Richd 

Beard, Jacob 72 

Beasley, Leonard 67 

Beatty, Jno 

Beatty, Wm 72 

Beavers, Jno 

Bell, Wm 

Benson, Enoch 78 

Bentley, Efford 74 

Berkley, Jno 74 

Berry, Thos 

Berry, Wm 81 

Berry, Benj 

Berry, Joel 

Berry Jno 

Bibb, Jas 

Bingham, Benj 78 

Birch, Jno 

Bishop, Wyatt 76 

Black, Ro 84 

Black Rudolph 

Blackburn, Wm 

Blackmore, Jno 72 

Blackwell, David 75 

Blackwell, Jno 72 

Blankenship, Reuben ... .69 

Blakely, AquiUa 94 

Blevans, Nathan 71 

Blevins, James 84 

Blomkenbaker, Nicholas. . .75 

Bond, Jno 

Bond, Wm. (Died June 20, 


Bootw^right, Saml 70 

Borders, Christopher ....71 

Boswell, Reuben 77 

Bottom, Miles 82 










South Carolina 


















































North Carolina 







Dist. of Columbia 
Mecklenburg North Carolina 
Dark Ohio 

Mecklenburg North Carolina 
Warren Tennessee 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age County State 

Bowen, Bracy 72 Rutherford North Carolina 

Bowen, Chas 84 Putnam Indiana 

Bowen, Jas Montgomery Kentucky 

Bower, Andr 75 Montgomery Indiana 

Bowers, Brattain 71 Orange North Carolina 

Bowles, Mathew Grayson Kentucky 

Bowling, Chas 70 Fairheld Ohio 

Bowling, Wm 75 Fairfield Ohio 

Bowman, Jno., Sr Hart Kentucky 

Bowman, Wm '.72 Washington Indiana 

Bowman, Wm 76 Knox Tennessee 

Boy, Jacob (Died May 20, 

1833) 83 Sullivan Tennessee 

Boyd, Hy 75 Todd Kentucky 

Boydston, Wm. 81 Cocke Tennessee 

Boyers, Wm 70 Dark Ohio 

Boyles, Hezekiah 77 Madison Alabama 

Bradley, Jno 77 Rutherford Tennessee 

Brady, Benj 73 Alleghany Maryland 

Bragg, Wm 69 Cocke Tennessee 

Brandenburg, Anthony . . 72 Warren Ohio 

Branham, Wm Bourbon Kentucky 

Bramblett, James Breckenridge Kentucky 

Brann, Jeremiah 72 Butler Ohio 

Breedlove, Jno Adams Ohio 

{Fram Madison County, Va., March 4, 1833). 

Brenton, James, 70 Perry Indiana 

Bruster, James Mercer Kentucky 

Brett, Obed 75 Perry Tennessee 

Brewer, Barnet 71 Montgomery Alabama 

Bridges, Jno Mercer Kentucky 

Briggs, Benj Lincoln Kentucky 

Briggs, David Logan Kentucky 

Bromigan, James Bath Kentucky 

Brooks, Hy 80 Orange Indiana 

Brooks, Middleton 75 Jackson Georgia 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age 

Brooks, Robt 72 

Brown, Arabia 

Brown, Patrick 74 

Brown, Stephen 78 

Brown, Thos 

Brown, Thos. C 

Brumford, Humphrey ... .82 

Brummell, Benj 

Bryant, Benj 82 

Bryant, Jesse 73 

Bryant Jno 

Burbridge, Geo 72 

Burch, Joseph 72 

Burk, Geo 75 

Burk, Saml 

Burke, Robt 

Burkett, Fredk 83 

Burns, Nathl 

Burton, Robt 70 

Bush, Chas 

Buskirk, Jno 69 

Butler, James 75 

Butler, Thos 

Butler, Wm 78 

Cabbage, Jno 76 

Caldwell, James 71 

Calmer, Wm 72 

Campbell, Jno 77 

Campbell, Lawrence .... 

Campbell, Robt 

Camper, Tilman 

Cannon, Hy 83 

Carlile, Jas. P 

Carney, Jno 68 

Carpenter, Wm 73 

Carr, Geo 87 

Carr, James 77 






















North Carolina 


















North Carolina 



Ripley • 










St, Francois 


Newbery Dist. 

South Carolina 










South Carolina 











Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Carr, Jno. F 69 

Carr, Moses 92 

Carr, Ro. (Died Juh^ 4, 

1833) 75 

Carry, Wm 

Carson, James 

Carson, Jno 74 

Carson, Ro 81 

Carson, Thos. (See Jno. 


Carter, James 78 

Carter, Jno 

Carter, Joseph 74 

Carter, Philip 

Carter, Robt 76 

Carter, Thomas 88 

Carter, Wm 75 

Carter, Wm 

Carver, Richd 70 

Casey, James 85 

Cash, Jno 77 

Cash, Wm 

Cashin, David 75 

Cashone, Thos 76 

Catron, Peter 80 

Chambers, Alex 70 

Chandler, Claiborne .... 

Chandler, Jno 

Chapin, Saml 82 

Chapman, Edmund 70 

Chapman, Jno 

Chappell, Abner 71 

Chappel, Wm 

Charlton, Jacob 92 

Charlton, Jno 73 

Chethaim, Wm 

Chick, James 

Childress, Hv 






North Carolina 






















North Carolina 





Pickens Dist. 

South Carolina 





Rock Castle 





North Carolina 





























Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Chinn, Peter 71 

Chrisham, Jno 66 

Christian, Allen 75 

Christian, Jno '. . . . 

Christie, James 85 

Chumbley, Jno 74 

Clark, James 

Clark, Joseph 

Clark, Patrick 

Clatterbuck, Reuben 79 

Clarke, Lee 78 

Clarke, Lewis 71 

Clay, Elijah 

Claycomb, Fredk 76 

Claywell, Shadrack 

Cleaver, Wm 

Clemant, Edmund 75 

Clements, Benj 72 

Cleveland, Wm 

Cobb, Saml 74 

Cock, Charles 72 

Cochran, Mathew 71 

Cochran, Wm 

Coffenberg, Geo 73 

Coloway, Micajah 76 

Collins, Elisha 75 

Colwell, Jno 83 

Coleman, Thos 

Colville, James 76 

Colvin, Benjamin .76 

Compton, Jere H 70 

Conine, Andr 

Conn, Saml 

Conn, Wm 

Connelly, Jno 74 

Conner, Maxmilliam ....71 

Conner, Phileman 71 

Conway, Richd 72 




North Carolina 




















North Carolina 












South Carolina 


North Carolina 






North Carolina 



































Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Conyers, Benj 74 

Cooksly, Zach 74 

Copelin. Wm 73 

Corbett, Jno 79 

Corbin, Jno, 

Corbin, Lewis 

Corden, Benj. D 

Corley, Wm 82 

Cornwall, Wm 82 

Corsage, Jno 70 

Cotterill, Thos 84 

Cotton, James 69 

Covington, Robt 72 

Cox, Andr 77 

Cox, James 71 

Cox, Thos 72 

Cox, Wm 

Coxe, Jno 76 

Craig, Jno 71 

Craig, Wm 76 

Craig, Wm 

Craig, Wm 

Crafton, Anthony 87 

Crane, Wm 85 

Crawford, James 

Crawford, Peter 70 

Creasy, Jno 

Crittenden, Richd 72 

Crockett, Ro 

Crook, Jeremiah 

Crook, Jno 

Crow, Wm 77 

Crowder, Sterling 

Crump, Joshua 

Culton, Joseph 70 

Cundiff, Jno 

Cunningham, Ansell . . . .2J- 
Cunningham, James ....78 










North Carolina 






















North Carolina 













Rock Castle 





North Carolina 




North Carolina 























St. Francois 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age County State 

Cunningham, Morrell .... Hickman Kentucky 

Curtis, Jno 75 Bledsoe Tennessee 

Custard, Jacob 84 Perry Ohio 

Cutright, Peter 74 Sangamon Illinois 

Dabney, George 74 Wayne Kentucky 

Dabney, Jno. O. 71 Scott Kentucky ■ 

Daird, Michael Mason Kentucky 

Dalton, Wm 80 Rutherford North Carolina 

Daniel, Beverly Montgomery North Carolina 

Daniel, Buckner 74 Dupline North Carolina 

Daniel, Christopher 75 Orange North Carolina 

Danks, Jno Logan Kentucky . 

Darnaby, Jno Fayette Kentucky 

Davenport, Anthony S 76 Pickaway Ohio 

Davenport, James Fayette Kentucky 

David, Hy 74 Rush Indiana 

Davidson, Abraham 79 Humphrej'S Tennessee 

Davidson, Isaac 75 Johnson Indiana 

Davis, Thomas 72 Woodford Kentucky 

Davis, Jno 80 Elbert Georgia 

Davis, Saml 78 Madison Alabama 

Davis, Saml 81 Burke North Carolina 

Davis, Saml Henry Kentucky 

Davis, Wm 70 Switzerland Indiana 

{From Kentucky, March 4, 1834). 

Davis, Wm., 2d 72 Cocke Tennessee 

Day, Edwd 73 Sangamon Illinois 

Day, Jno., Sr. (Died Dec. 

4,1833) 92 Jefferson Tennessee 

Deaver, Wm 70 Buncomb North Carolina 

Decker, Jno Grayson Kentucky 

Decker, Wm Grayson Kentucky 

Delap, Henry, Sr 96 Rockingam North Carolina 

Depoy, Christopher 84 Ross Ohio 

Depp, Wm Barren Kentucky 

Despan, Peter Greene Kentucky 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Dewitt, Peter 

Dibrell, Chas 77 

Dicken, Ephriam 

Dicken, Jno 

Dildoy, Joseph 79 

Dillen, Benj 79 

Diller, David 79 

Dixon, Geo 76 

Dodson, Wm 

Dollins, Presley 83 

Doner, Jacob 74 

Donnell, Danl 78 

Douthat, Silas 

Dougherty, Wm 

Downey, Saml 

Draper, James 74 

Drum, Phillip 74 

Dunaway, Saml 

Duke, Mathew 

Duncan, Geo 77 

Durham, Jno 

Earnes, Geo 71 

Earp, Josiah 

Easley, Danl 80 

Elam, Godfrey 

Elder, Ro 

Elgin, Saml 75 

Elkins, James 

Ellington, David 

Elliott, Reuben 72 

Elliott, Wm 81 

Ellis, Jno 98 

Ellison, Jno 72 

Ellison, Jno 72 

Emmerson, Reuben 

English, Wm 71 

Epperson, Francis 












North Carolina 


North Carolina 












North Carolina 










North Carolina 














North Carolina 




















North Carolina 







Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Epperson, John, 70 

Estes, Abraham 

Estes, Jno 82 

Evans, Jno 

Evins, David, 77 

Ewing, John 

EziU, Balaam 78 

Paris, Elijah 72 

Paris, Moses 

Parmer, Mathew 

Past, Christian 72 

Paucett, Jno 74 

Paudre, Vachel 

Perguson, Isaac 77 

Perguson, Jno 75 

Perguson, Moses 72 

Pinch, Wm 72 

Pink, David (Indian Spy) 

Pinnell, Chas 72 

Piscus, Adam 73 

Pixworthy, Jno 

Pletcher, Thos 74 

Plinn, Wm 79 

Plorence, Wm 84 

Ployd, Geo 

Ployd, Hy 73 

Ployd, Jno 87 

Ployd, Jno 

Pons, Jno 

Porce, James 92 

Porce, Jesse 

Porqueran, Peter 

Pordyce, James 72 

Poster, Natl 

Powler, Sherwood 74 

Prances, Powell 83 

Pranklin, Absolom 



















Rock Castle 


St. Charles 

























North Carolina 

Edgefield Dist. 

South Carolina 




























Virginia Militia int the Revolutio 

Name Age 

Franklin, Reuben 

Fraseur, Jno 

Freeman, Jno 

Freinch, Joseph 74 

French, Wm 73 

Fretwell, Richd 82 

Freshour, Jno 78 

Fritter, Moses 

Fritz, Jno 72 

Fry, Joshua 

Fugate, Randall F 

Furnish, Jas 

Gabbert, Michl 

Gage, Reuben 68 

Gaines, James, Sr 72 

Gaines, Robt 

Gaines, Wm 77 

Gale, Robt. F 68 

Gamble, David 82 

Gann, Saml., Sr 83 

Garth, Jno 72 

Garven, Isaac 

Gaswell, Benjr 73 

Gatelilif, Chas 

Gates, Jno 75 

Gatewood, Jno 69 

Gay, James, Sr 

George, Jordan 

George, Thos 

Gibson, Elisha 86 

Gibson, Erasmus 74 

Gibson, Jno 86 

Gibson, Jno 73 

Gibson, Saml 72 

Gilliam, Jno 

Gist, Thos 70 
































North Carolina 










North Carolina 






















South Carolina 

Union Dist. 

South Carolina 









Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age 

Glazebrook, Julius 

Godby, (Alias Godley) 

Geo 74 

Godsey, Wm 70 

Goggin, Richd 

Good, Wm 80 

Goodson, Wm 

Gordon, Jno 

Gore, Isaac 

Gorin, Jno 

Gragg, Wm 76 

Graham, Amos 74 

Graham, Thos 

Graney, Wm 76 

Graves, James 

Graves, Jno 

Graves, Thos 

Graves, Thos 87 

Gravatt, John 

Gray, Joseph 80 

Gregory, Jno 76 

Gregory, Richd 76 

Gregg, Samuel 77 

Green, Gerard 

Green, Thos 76 

Greening, James 

Greenway, Wm 78 

Greer, Walter 75 

Gresham, Jno 73 

Grimes, James 74 

Grimes, James 80 

Grooms, Abraham 94 

Haggard, Hy 

Hair, Jno. 77 

Haisten, Jno 71 

Haley, Pleasant 

Hall, Jno 






North Carolina 


North Carolina 














North Carolina 






North Carolina 






























South Carolina 







Rock Castle 











Virginia Militia in the Revolutioi 

Name Age 

Hall, Joseph 

Hall, Ro 81 

Hall, Wm 87 

Halloway, Taylor 63 

(D. Sept. 24, 1832). 

Hally, Benj 

Ham, Drewry 

Hamilton, Abner 

Hamilton, Jno 

Hammand, Saml 77 

Hansford, Chas 

Hankins, Abram 70 

Hankins James 81 

Hanks, Abram 74 

Hannaman, Wm 75 

Harbison, James 81 

Harding, Ede 77 

Harding, Hy., Jr 70 

Hardy, Jno 73 

Harlow, Jno 

Harper, Jno. W. . ., 74 

Harison, Danl 70 

Harison, John 74 

Harris, Feldman 75 

Harris, James 

Harris, Overton 73 

Harris, Wm 

Harris, Wm 

Harris Wm 

Harris, Wm 69 

Hartgrove, Howell 70 

Harvey, Chas 73 

Haskins, James 

Hastin, Absolom 73 

Hastings, Zach 83 

Hasty, James, Sr 82 

Hatton, Reuben 72 

Hawks, Frederick 82 








North Carolina 

New Hanover 

North Carolina 










South Carolina 
























North Carolina 




North Carolina 














North Carolina 






South Carolina 


North Carolina 


North Carolina 





Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age 

Hawkins, Giles 

Hawkins, Nathl 

Hawkins, Thos. (Died 

Nov. 8, 1832) 73 

Hay, Thomas, 71 

Hayden, Benj 

Hays, Wm 

Hazlewood, Luke 

Henderson, David 81 

Henderson, Jno 69 

Hendricks, Moses 

Hendricks, Wm 87 

Henny, James 74 

Hensel, Michl 80 

Herbert, Josiah, Sr 

Herring, Geo 76 

Hickman, James 73 

Hicks, Jno 72 

Hicks, Jno 73 

Higden, Joseph 

Higgins, Thos 73 

Hiles, Jno 72 

Hill, Clem 

Hill, Geo 80 

Hill, Ro 

Hill, Saml 71 

Hisle, Saml 

Hoffman, Ambrose 

Holbrook, Jesse 69 

Holland, James M 78 

Hombeck, Saml 

Hood, Thos: 76 

Hooper, Richd. B 75 

Hopkins, Archd 74 

Hopwood, Wm 70 

Horrell, Jos 

Horton, Joseph 75 

Hoskinson, Isaiah 83 




















































North Carolina 

























Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age County State 

Houchins, Edwd Mercer Kentucky 

House, Geo 71 Greene Tennessee 

Houslay, Robt. 75 Jefferson Tennessee 

Houston, James 77 Blount Tennessee 

Houston, Jno 71 Blount Tennessee 

Howard, Adam 70 Ross Ohio 

Howard, Claiborne 70 Iredell North Carolina 

Howe, James 72 Warren Ohio 

Howell, Wm 86 Athens Ohio 

Hubbs, Jacob Bullitt Kentucky 

Huddleston, Ro 75 Mecklenburg North Carolina 

Hufacre, Geo 76 Knox Tennessee 

Huff, James 74 Perry Alabama 

Hugelay, Chas Henry Kentucky 

Hughes, Jonathan 81 Gallea Ohio 

Hughes, Absalom Barren Kentucky 

Hughes, Wm Lincoln Kentucky 

Huling, Jonathan Campbell Kentucky 

Hull, Jno 83 Greene Tennessee 

Hunt, Berry 79 Caswell North Carolina 

Hunt, Littlebury 72 Franklin Missouri 

Hunt, Wilson . . . Fayette Kentucky 

Hunter, Henry 83 Mecklenburg North Carolina 

Hurst, Hy Perry Kentucky 

Hurt, Richd Lincoln Kentucky 

Hutchinson, Drury 72 Spartansburg South Carolina 

Hutcheson, Joseph Breckenridge Kentucky 

Hyden, Wm 73 Roane Tennessee 

Ice, Andr 75 Henry Indiana 

Inghan, Thos 72 Wilson Tennessee 

Irvine, Wm 75 Orange Indiana 

Ivy, David 72 Williamson Tennessee 

Jack, James 77 Greene Tennessee 

Jackson, Jno. C. Fayette Kentucky 

Jackson, Josiah Clarke Kentucky 

Jackson, Wm 70 Wilson Tennessee 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age 

Jamison, Robert 73 

Jeffries, Wm 

Jenkins, Jno 

Jenkins, Wm 72 

Jennings, Edmund 81 

Johns, Ro 75 

Johnson, Abraham 79 

(Died in 1834) 

Johnson, David 62 

Johnson, David 82 

Johnson, Dalmouth 

Johnson, Geo., Sr 85 

Johnson, Henson 70 

Johnson, Howell 72 

Johnson, Isaac 71 

Johnson, James 74 

Johnson, James, 

Johnson, Richd 74 

Johnson, Richd 74 

Johnson, Rowland 76 

Johnson, Saml 

Johnson, Thos 

Johnson, Wm 72 

Johnson, Wm 

Johnson, Wm 

Johnson, Wm., Sr 

Johnson, Wm., Sr 72 

Johnson, Wm 80 

Johnson, Zophr .72 

Johnston, Archd 83 

Johnston, Jno 82 

Jones, Cadwallen 89 

Jones, David 69 

Jones, David 74 

Jones, David . ^ 79 

Jones, David 72 

Jones, Edw 77 

Jones, Geo 










North Carolina 














North Carolina 




South Carolina 












South Carolina 



Rock Castle 



North Carolina 










North Carolina 





















ViRGiN-iA Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Jones, James 82 

Jones, Jno 

Jones, Jno 

Jones, Joshua 

Jones, Jno 85 

Jones, Martin 87 

Jones, Richd 

Jones, Richd 71 

Jones, Thos 

Jones, Thos 71 

Jones, Wm 

Jordan, Geo 

Keeton, David 78 

Keeton, Jno 

Kelley, Moses 84 

Kelley, Wm 75 

Keneda, Wm 78 

Kennedy, Joseph 

Kennerly, Thos 84 

Kersey, Jno 

Kesling, Peter 77 

Ketchan, Jno 76 

Key, Wm. (Died Jan. 18, 

1834) 73 

Key, Wm. B ....74 

Keys, Matthew 74 

Kidd, James H 69 

Kidd, Wm 72 

Kilgore, Chas 80 

Kelle\-, Wm 

Kincaid, James 71 

Kinchelve, Thos 

Kindle, Wm 74 

King, Cornelius 83 

King, Geo 

King, Wm 

Kiphart, Hy 






















North Carolina 





















































Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Kirkham, Michl 87 

Kirkpatrick, Robert 70 

Knight, iiy 74 

Lacey, Elijah 81 

Lacey, Moses 72 

Lackland, Jno 79 

Lackey, Wm 80 

Lain, Gisborn 81 

Lambert, Mathias 

Lancaster, Wm 87 

Land, Ephrain 102 

Lane, Drury 79 

Lane, Larkin 75 

Landrum, James 72 

Lancey, Wm 

Lanter, Jacob 

Lanter, Thos 

Lashley, Howell 73 

Latimer, Wm 

Laurence, James 74 

Laurence, Wm 

Lawrence, Rodham 

Law, Henry 

Lawson, Jas 

Lawson, Jacob (Died Sept. 

5, 1833) 74 

Layne, Ro 76 

Layne, Saml 75 

Lee, (Alias See), Jno 73 

Lee, Jno 

Lee, Saml 

Lee, Wm 

Leslie, Alxr 75 

Levi, Isaac 75 

Levisy, Geo 70 

Lewis, Jas 78 

Lewis, Herbert 75 








North Carolina 
















North Carolina 














North Carolina 




South Carolina 
































North Carolina 

\'iRGixiA Militia i.v the Revolution 

Name Age 

Lewis, Thos 70 

Lewis, Wm 72 

Light, Jno 67 

Light, Vachal 71 

Ligon, Wm 79 

Lippard, Wm 68 

Lipscomb, Archd 76 

Loch, Wm 89 

(Alias Starr) 

Lockridge, Jno 

Long, Anderson 72 

Lott, Jno 80 

Louts, Jacob 73 

Love, Robt 74 

Love, Thos 79 

Loveless, Geo 74 

Lowrj, Thos 

Luck, Jno 74 

Luckey, Ro 

Lumpkins, Peter 72 

Luttrell,Michael 82 

McAnnelly, Peter 78 

AlcCarty, Daniel 

McCabe, Hugh 77 

(Died Dec. 5, 1832). 

McCalister, David 

McCamish, Thos 75 

McCauley, Thos 

McClellan. Jas 75 

McClelland, Joseph 69 

McCockle, Saml 

McComb, Wm 84 

McCord, Wm 72 

McCormick, Francis .... 70 

McCormick, Jno 71 

McCoy, Robt 72 

McCreary, Jno 82 






North Carolina 










North Carolina 












North Carolina 








North Carolina 





































Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age County State 

McCroskey, James 74 Swift Kentucky 

McCuUum, James Hardin Kentucky 

McDade, Jno 86 G\\ innett Georgia 

McGee, Harman 74 Stokes North Carolina 

McGee, Saml 85 Woodford Kentucky 

McGuire, Alleghany 77 Maury Tennessee 

McGuire, Joseph Henry Kentucky 

McKay, Robt 81 Jefferson Indiana 

McKenzie, Isaac Morgan Kentucky 

McKinney, Chas 71 Limeston Alabama 

McKinney, Wm Adair Kentucky 

McKnight, Eli Belmont Ohio 

McKown, James 76 Knox Ohio 

McKittrick, Jno 75 Washington Kentucky 

McManus, Jno 74 Pike Indiana 

McMillin, Jno 73 Elbert Georgia 

McNeely, David 76 Madison Alabama 

McPherter, Andr 70 Putnam Indiana 

{Trans, from E. Tennessee, March 4, 1833). 

McPheeters, Jno 73 Washington Indiana 

McQueen, Alex 83 Muskingum Ohio 

McQuire, Wm 76 Pike Missouri 

McReynolds, Joseph .... 70 Perry Indiana 

McSpadden, Archd 84 Monroe Tennessee 

McVay, Hugh Caldwell Kentucky 

Madden, Wm 73 Harrison Indiana 

Maddox, Wilson 79 Shelby Kentucky 

Magruder, Norman B. ... 79 Switzerland Indiana 

Mahan, James 79 Whitely Kentucky 

Alallow, Geo 80 Greene Ohio 

Manker, Wm 69 Highland Ohio 

Manks, Andr 73 Tennessee 

Mann, Francis Harrison Kentucky 

IMannon, Hy 74 Laurence Ohio 

Marcum, Josiah Laurence Kentucky 

Markham, Lewis 71 Laurence Tennessee 

Marshall, Benj 74 Stokes North Carolina 


Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

Name Age 

Marshall, Ezekiel 77 

Marshall, Francis 84 

^Martin, Gideon 102 

Martin, Kinchean 72 

Martin, Wm 72 

Martin, Wm 

Mason, Joseph 

Masse}', Edmond 

Massie, Jno 69 

Mathews, Benj 70 

Mauppin, Danl 

Maury, Wm 73 

Mauzy, Peter 

Mauzy, Wm 81 

May, Abraham 70 

Mays, Benj 77 

Mayberry, Geo 74 

Mayhew, Jno 77 

Maynard, Richd 

Mead, Minor 71 

Meads, Thos 81 

Meader, Isham 73 

Meader, Joel 75 

Meeks, Basil 

Middleton, Jno 71 

Milburn, Wm 81 

Miller, Barney 

:\Iiller, Edward 81 

Miller, Edward 83 

Miller, Francis 

Miller, Frederick 74 

Miller, Fredk 82 

Miller, James 85 

Miller, Jno 

Miller, Jno 72 

Miller, Jno 73 

Miller, Jno. H 99 

Miller, Jno. A 69 










North Carolina 
























North Carolina 




North Carolina 


































North Carolina 







Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

MilkoUin, 70 

Mills, Jesse 

Mills, Menan 

Milstead, Zelus 78 

Milton, Elijah 78 

Minton, Jno 

Mitchell, Chas 75 

Mitchell, Geo 

Mitchell, Richd 

Mitchell, Wm 72 

xMitchell, Wm 70 

Monroe, Alex 79 

Monroe, Jno 

Montgomery, Jno 

Montgomery, Jno 68 

Montgomery, Jno 78 

Moore, Abraham 77 

Moore, David 71 

Moore, George 73 

Moore, James 81 

Moore, Thos 

Moody, Thos 72 

Moore, Saml 73 

Morehead, Jno 

Moreland, Chas 70 

Moreland, Dudley 73 

Morgan, Benj 72 

Morgan, Nathan 74 

Morgan, Thos 83 

Morrell, Adam 69 

Morring, Jno 70 

Morris, Benj 71 

Morris, Isaac 74 

Morris, James 77 

Morrison, Joseph 73 

Moses, Alex 

Morton, Josiah 73 

Morton, Oldin 70 


































North Carolina 






















North Carolina 








North Carolina 












North Carolina 



Virginia Militia in' the Revolution 

Name Age 

Morton, Saml 

Mosely, Thos 

Moss, Jno 

Miller, Geo 

Mullins, Gabriel 

Mullins, Joseph 95 

Mumy, Chris 80 

Murray, Thos 76 

Murphy, Joseph, Sr 73 

Murphy, Wm. Sr 75 

Murrell, Benj 74 

Murvin, Patrick 

Musgrave, Saml 69 

Neil, Lewis 

Netherton, Jno 

Nevil, Thos 73 

Nevill, James 

Nevis, Wm 83 

New, James L 70 

New, Jacob 

Newell, Saml., Sr 

Newson, Wm 73 

Nix, Geo 79 

Nichols, Wilibe 85 

Noel, Taylor 

Noel, Thos 

Noland, James 

Norshorn, Reuben 

Norton, Alex 75 

Norton, James 

Oaks, Isaac 74 

Oder, James 

Ogglesby, Elisha 75 

Ogglesby, Jesse 

O'Neal, Geo 

Orr, Joshua 73 



















St. Francois 


St. Francois 



























North Carolina 



























Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Osborn, Jonathan 82 

Osborne, Jno 72 

Osman, Chas 72 

Owen, Frk 83 

Owens, Jno 73 

Owens, Wm 

Owens, Wm 

Pace, Jno 

Packett, Jno 69 

Palmer, Isaac 

Palmer, Thos 73 

Pamphlin, Wm 72 

Parke, Jno 72 

Parker, Benjamin 

Parker, Thos 

Parks, Wm 

Parnell, Benj 79 

Parrot, Saml 77 

Parsons, Thos 

Patrick, James 

Paul, Geo 

Payne, Chas 76 

Payne, Thos 71 

Payton, Lewis 70 

Peake, Jno 

Peake, Wm 

Peek, Wm 

Pell, Wm 75 

Pemberton, Jno 83 

Pendleton, Benj 

Pendergrast, Edwd 70 

Pennington, Jas 

Peril, Jno 75 

Perryman, Wm 

Petty, Rodham 

Phillips, Geo 

Phillips, Irby 71 




North Carolina 


South Carolina 










































North Carolina 




























North Carolina 

Virginia Militia in' the Revolution 

Name Age 

Phillips, Jno 76 

Pickford, Danl 

Pierce, James 72 

Piercell, Richd 

Piles, Jeremiah 72 

Pilkington, Drura 72 

Pilkinton, Larkin 

Pool, James, Sr 87 

Pollard, Edmund 

Pollard; Wm 

Pollard. Wm 75 

Poller, Jno 

Pollock. Jno 69 

Polly, Jno 

Pope, Elisha 73 

Porter, Mitchell 75 

Portwood, Page 76 

Porter, Jno 

Potts, Thos 73 

Pour, Wm 

Powell, Ambrose 

Powers, Jeremiah 80 

Pratt, Stephens 70 

Preddy, John 76 

Prickard, Jno 76 

Prewitt, Joshua 

Price, Sampson 72 

Pride, Burton 77 

Priest, Jno 83 

Proctor. P-e^i 74 

Proctor, Geo 

Proctor, Littlepage 73 

Proctor, Micajah 74 

Proctor, Nicholas 78 

Pullen, Ro 78 

Pullins, Loftus 

Purcell, Edwd 71 

Purcell, Wm 73 


































Chester Dist. 







North Carolina 





South Carolina 


South Carolina 



South Carolina 




North Carolina 




North Carolina 














South Carolina 






Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Putnum, Howard 75 

Putty, Wm 84 

Rains, Wm 70 

Ralston, Jno 

Ramsey, James 

Ratliffe, Reuben 

Rhodes, Hezekiah 70 

Ream, Jesse 76 

Reasor, Michael 74 

Reaves, Arthur 77 

Reeves, Wm 78 

Reeves, Wm 69 

Reid, Alxr 

Reid, Joab 72 

Reiley, Jno 72 

Renfro, Jno 

Retherford, Wm. (Died 

Nov. 16, 1833) 85 

Reynolds, Hy 77 

Reynolds, Nathl 

Reynolds, Richd. D 

Rice, Jno 

Rice, Phillips 

Rice, Saml 

Richabaugh, Adam 73 

Richards, Joshua 

Richardson, Jno 72 

Richie, Jas 79 

Riley, Richd, 74 

Ringo, Cornelius 

Roach, James 74 

Robbard, Jesse 

Roberts, Abner 92 

Roberts, John 76 

Roberts, Mourning 

Roberts, Norman 

Roberts, Wm 72 
















North Carolina 







Abbeville Dist. 

South Carolina 


















































North Carolina 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Roberts, Wm 69 

Roberson, John 74 

Robertson, Benj 

Robinson, Francis 

Robinson, Jeremiah 75 

Robison, Joseph 72 

Robinson, Lewis 78 

Roebuck, Raleigh 77 

Rogers, Geo 70 

Rogers, Thos 

Rogers, Thos, 71 

Rogers, Wm., Sr 

Roper, Drury 70 

Rork, Michl 89 

Rosson, Archelaus 84 

Roundtree, Nathl 

Rouse, Jacob 

Rouse, Lewis 

Rouse, Saml 

Rouse}^ Edwd 71 

Rousk, Geo 73 

Rowe, Jessee 79 

Ruble, Jno 73 

Rucher, Wm 89 

Ruddell, Jasus 

Russell, Absalom 

Russell, Chas 75 

Russell, Enoc 73 

Russell, James G 67 

Russell, Robt S 

Sand, Wm 80 

Sanders, Jno 

Sanders, Reuben 71 

Sanders, Zachariah 75 

Sampson, Wm 75 

Sampson, Wm 

Scarborough, Saml., Sr. ..74 


















North Carolina 






North Carolina 






































North Carolina 












North Carolina 


Name Age 


Sheenhan, Wm 82 

Scott, Alxr 70 

Scott, Arthur 82 

Scott, Benj 71 

Scott, James 

Scott, Wm 72 

Scruggs, Wm 

Seaman, Hy 76 

Searcey, Richd 

Seaton, Geo 

Seay, Jacob 76 

Self, Jno 

Semore, Thos 70 

Serber, Jacob 90 

Sewell, James 76 

Shackelford, Hy 

Shadly, Danl 78 

Sharp, Jno 71 

Shelton, Saml 

Shelton, Wilson 

Shepherd, Thos 79 

Sheverdecker, Michl. (Died 

March 3, 1833) 71 

Shields, David 82 

Sharp, Archilles 79 

Sharp, Benjamin 73 

Shoun, Jno 

Short, Jno 78 

Shropshire, Abner 

Shreck, Mathew 

Shults, Mathais 

Silver, Aaron 76 

Simmon, Wm 

Simmes, James , .83 

Simmonds, Joel 76 

Sims, Rhodam 79 

Sims, Wm., Sr 70 













































































ViRGiMA Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Sinclair, Robt 80 

Singer, George 

Sizemore, Ephriam 86 

Skaggs, Wm 

Skinner, Isaac 

Slaughter, James 

Slaj^den, Jno 

Smallej-, David 78 

Smith, Alxr 75 

Smith, Hy 80 

Smith, Hy 81 

Smith, Jacob 85 

Smith, Jno. (Died April 4, 

1833) 72 

Smith, Jno 92 

Smith, Nicholas 

Smith, Obediah 71 

Smith, Redmond 

Smith, Skiltar 72 

Smith, Saml. 2d 

Smith, Thos 

Smith,. Wm 80 

Smith, Wm 73 

Smith, Wm 

Smith, Zebulon 76 

Smithers, Wm 

Smithers, Wm. (Died May 

14, 1834) 93 

Smithey, Reuben 75 

Smithey, Wm 85 

Smoot, Jno 

Sonner, Anthony 73 

Spaine, Claiborne 69 

Sparks, Hy 

Sparrow, Hy 

Spencer, Amasa 72 

Spencer, James 72 

Spencer, Jesse 73 








South Carolina 




















North Carolina 




































North Carolina 










North Carolina 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age 

Spencer, Wm 

Sperr^', Peter 74 

Spicer, Wm 79 

Spillman, James 

Spillman, James 

Springer, Benj 75 

Sprouse, David 74 

Staples, Isaac 

Steed, Thos 75 

Steel, Saml 74 

Steel, Francis, Sr 76 

Stephens, Jno., Sr 

Stephens, Josiah 72 

Stepp, Geo 77 

Stevens, Gilbert 

Stevens, Jacob 75 

Stevens, James (Died Sept. 

3, 1832) 75 

Stevens, Jos. L 

Stewart, Wm 71 

Stewart, Ezekiel 

Stilth, Joseph 

Stingle, Geo 73 

Stivers, Jno 69 

Stone, Nimrod H 71 

Stout, Elijah 91 

Stovell, Geo 

Strames, Nicholas 78 

Strange^ Jno 75 

Strange, Jno 

Street, Anthony 

Stringer, Jno 

Strong, Chas 71 

Strong, Johnson 75 

Stubblefield, Wm. S 70 

Sublett, Abraham 

Sudduth, Jared 71 

Suggett, Jno 83 








North Carolina 
















North Carolina 













































Edgefield Dist. 

South Carolina 







Virginia Militia i\ the Revolution 

Name Age 

Sulcer, Wm 79 

Summers, Jno 76 

Summers, Jno 

Sutherland, Travers 

Swanson, Levi 

Sweeny, Joseph 75 

Swindle, Jno 

Switzer, Philip 76 

Tait, Ro. L 68 

Tallman, Peter 80 

Tanner, Michael 74 

Tappscott, Wm 

Tate, Jno 71 

Tajdor, Hy 82 

Taylor, Leonard 

Taylor, Ro 

Taylor, Wm 

Telford, Alxr 74 

Theobold, James 

Thomas, Evan 78 

Thomas, Jno 70 

Thomas, Jno 80 

Thomas, Geo 

Thompson, Joseph 71 

Thompson, William 85 

Thornhill Wm 

Tinder, James 72 

Tinsley, Wm 71 

Todd, Saml 

Tomlin, Saml 79 

Tomlinson, Nathl 

Toney, Carey 71 

Torrens, Saml 88 

Townsend, James 75 

Townsend, Oswold 

Trabue, Danl 

Travis, James 















Gallia . 







North Carolina 





















































V'iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

Tribble, James 78 

Trower, Solomon 

True, Jno 

True, Robt 76 

Truox, David 78 

Trusler, James 79 

Trusler, Jno 76 

Turner, Saml 79 

Turley, James 72 

Turbyfill, Jno 93 

Turpin, Martin 

Twyman, James (Died 

Feb. 2, 1834) 

Twyman, Reuben 75 

Upshaw, Jno 79 

Ussery, Thos 75 

Urton, Peter 70 

Vallandigham, Geo 

Vamssdall, Cornelius ....75 

Vanbuskirk, Isaac 80 

Vandergrifif, Jacob 74 

Vandevander, Barnabus . . 73 

Vandever, Geo 70 

Vanmeter, Jacob 

Vaughan, 77 

Vaughan, Jno 74 

Vaughan, Thos 73 

Venard, Wm 

Vest, John 83 

Vest, Saml 75 

Viah, Gideon, 79 

Vincent, Jno 78 

Wade, Obediah 

Wagstaff, Wm 82 

Walden, Jno 






















North Carolina 










North Carolina 














South Carolina 






South Carolina 


South Carolina 


















ViRGiN'iA Militia in the Revolution 

Name Age 

^Valden, Jno 76 

Wale, Thos 71 

Wall, Wm 75 

Waller, Jesse 75 

Wallace, Edvv 79 

Wallace, James 82 

Walker, Jno 69 

Walker, Joshua 75 

Walker. Saml 76 

Walker, Wm 75 

Wanslan, Jno 95 

Ward, Jno 82 

Ward, Jno 78 

Ward, Saml 81 

Ware, Edw 72 

Warden, Elisha 

Warrington, Wm 79 

Waters, Jno 

Watkins, Jno 

Watson, Jno. 2d 

Watson, Wm 74 

Weaver, Wm 74 

Webster, Wm 70 

Webb, Littlebury 

Weeks, James 85 

Welch, Jno 77 

West, Jno. (Died Aug. 

14, 1833) 75 

Westfall, Jacob 80 

Wheeler, James 74 

Wheeler, James 75 

White, Chas 71 

White, David 79 

White, Joseph 74 

White, Thos 79 

Whitaker, Wm 

Whitecotton, James .... 
Whitman, Richd 













Charleston Dist. 

. South Carolina 














North Carolina 






































North Carolina 











ViRGiviA Militia in the Revolution 


Name Age County State 

Wickliffe, Chas Fayette Kentucky 

Wilhite, Jno Owen Kentucky 

Wilder, Geo 73 Shelby Alabama 

Wilkes, Thos., Sr 75 Laurens South Carolina 

Wilkinson, Elisha 69 Elbert Georgia 

{Transferred from Burke County, North Carolina, September, 1834) 

Wilkinson, James 71 Lincoln North Carolina 

Wilkinson, Jno 82 Wilcox Alabama 

Wilson, Jno 79 Greene Georgia 

Wilson, Robt 86 Hancock Indiana 

Wilson, Saml Logan Kentucky 

Williams, Elijah Garrard Kentucky 

Williams, Isaac Gra.yson Kentucky 

Williams, Isaac 81 Hendricks Indiana 

Williams, James, 2d Cumberland Kentucky 

Williams, James 78 Simpson Kentucky 

Williams, James 73 Vermillion Indiana 

Williams, Jno 83 Currituck Norfh Carolina 

Williams, Thos Cumberland Kentucky 

Williams, Thos 80 Fontaine Indiana 

Williams, Thos Lewis Kentucky 

Williams, Wm 74 Gallia Ohio 

Williams, Wm 73 Preble Ohio 

Williams, Wm 72 Rockingham North Carolina 

Williamson, Jno 74 Davidson Tennessee 

Willington, Jonathan (Died 

Feb. 26, 1834) 97 Columbiana Ohio 

Willoughby, Alxr Jessamine Kentucky 

Wills, Wm Montgomery Kentucky 

Wingfield, Enoch Woodford Kentucky 

Wingo, Wm 74 Spartansburg South Carolina 

Winn, Galamer 74 ^ladison Alabama 

Witham, Peter 74 Owen Indiana 

Witt, Elisha Estill Kentucky 

Wood, Ellett 82 DeKalb Georgia 

Wood, Jno 76 Spartansburg South Carolina 

Wood, Thos 91 Wilson Tennessee 


\'iRGixiA Militia i\ the Revolution 

Name Age 

Woodall, Chas 

Woodall, Saml 75 

Woodward, Saml 74 

Woodward, Geo 

Wooldridge, Thos 

Woollard, Jno 90 

Woods, Archd 

Woods, Caldwell 

Wright, Boiling 75 

Wright, Geo 

Wright, Geo 

Wright, Wm 72 

Wright, Wm 

Wyman, Harman 68 

Wyser, Geo 69 

Yeager, Elisha 

Yeargan, Thos 71 

Yelton, James 

Young, Jno 77 

Young, Mathew 69 

Young, Ralph 74 

"^I'oung, Wm 

Younger, Kanard 

Younglove, Saml 

Ziglar, Leonard 72 

:Zinn, Jno 






North Carolina 














South Carolina 
















North Carolina 
















North Carolina 



General Index 

This Index is sub-divided into three parts, viz: 

Index of Places. 

Index of Battles and Skirmishes, which includes services against 
Indians and at Albemarle Barracks. 

Index of Names. 

The references given are to sections and not to pages. 

This Index is made up from Parts II and III and does not em- 
brace the names of pensioners set out under Parts IV and V. 

Index to Places 

Abb's Valley, 146. Black Swamp, 62. 

Abingdon, 185. Blue Bell Tavern, 64. 
Albemarle Barracks, 78, 91, 94, 103, Bluestone, 34, 44, 145, 146. 

106, 112, 134, 172, 250. Bluestone River, 21. 

Albemarle Court House, 81. Boonesboro, Ky., 185. 

Alexandria, 56, 77, 216. Bottoms Bridge, 31, 54, 118, ISO, 

Amboy, 163. 138, 163. 

Amherst Court house, 8, 106. Bound Brook, N. J., 13, 46. 

Amsterdam, 216. Bowling Green, 5. 

Ashby's Gap, 243. Boyd's Ferry, 133, 196. 

Augusta, Georgia, 83, 175., Brandywine, 163. 

Bryants Station, 153. 

Bacon's Branch, 104. Brest, 216. 

Bacon's Bridge, 172. Bristol, Penn., 163. 

Baker's Hill, 82. Brock's Bridge, 37. 

Ball's Ordinary, 170. Bruce's Cross Road, 114. 

Baltimore, 46, 64. Buffalo Pond, 145. 

Banuioter's Bridge, 153. Bullpasture River, 139. 

Bermuda Hundred, 198. Burnt Ordinary, 159. 

Big Capon, 43. Burwell's Ware House, 216. 
Big Savannah, 97. 

Bingamon Creek, 129. Cabin Point, 30, 32, 50, 53, 80, 84, 

Bird's Ordinary, 82, 104. 116, 159, 170, 173, 196, 202, 204, 

Blackmore Station, 21. 206, 217. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Calf Pasture, 86. 

Calfpasture River, 139. 

Camden, 21, 64, 82, 121, 173, 200. 

Camp Carson, 12, 58, 71, 72. 

Camp Holly, 70, 118. 

Cape Capon, 119. 

Cape Fear River, 107. 

Cape Henry, 216. 

Carter's Ferry, 195. 

Cartersville, 81. 

Castlewood, 185. 

Catawba River, 114, 121. 

Charleston, 164, 172, 175, 178. 

Charleston, S. C, 64, 82, 113, 132. 

Charlotte Court House, 210. 

Charlotte N. C, 121, 153. 
Charlottesville, 13, 25, 27, 32, 37, 
38, 53, 63, 100, 116, 125, 130, 
134, 148, 159, 245. 
Cheravp Hills, S. C, 103, 153, 171. 
Cheraw Mills, 62. 
Chestnut Ridge, 142. 
Chesterfield Coal Mines, 170. 
Chesterfield Court House, 50, 64. 
Chickamagua, 185. 
Chickahominy, 31, 89. 
Chilicothe, 61. 
Chlswold Lead Mines, 157. 
Chuckatuck Mills, 6. 
Clarksburg, 57. 
Clinch River, 21. 
Colchester, 56, 11. 
Coles Ferrv, 169. 
Collins Mill, 145. 


Note: — For services of Militia 
arranged by Counties, see Part I. 

Albemarle, 9, 25, 37, 38, 42, 50, 
52, 53, 61, 64, 69, 78, 81, 84, 
99, 100, 113, 143, 172. 

Alleghany, 106, 128. 

Amelia, 24, 80, 81, 82, 104, 149, 159, 
175, 181, 193. 

Amherst, 6, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18, 19, 
26, 31, 32, 39, 40, 41, 46, 51, 
52, 56, 61, 68, 69, 77, 78, 85, 
100, 106, 112, 113, 134, 189. 
Augusta, 13, 20, 22, 44, 45, 46, 57, 
70, 71, 72, 75, 87, 92, 95, 96, 97, 
98, 100, 102, 107, 111, 114, 
117, 122, 124, 130, 133, 134, 
136, 139, 160, 162, 163, 168, 
180, 186. 
Bath, 11, 20, 33, 57, 58, 70, 71, 72, 

76, 79, 97, 108. 
Bedford, 47, 66, 112, 126, 153, 157, 

167, 185. 
Berkeley, 5, 59, 122, 148. 
Botetourt, 94, 102, 103, 113, 114, 
115, 118, 132, 133, 138, 141, 
Brunswick, 181, 214. 
Buckingham, 26, 195, 197. 
Campbell, 14. 

Caroline, 35, 40, 85, 158, 190, 194, 
200, 211, 218, 219, 223, 224. 
Charles City, 234. 
Charlotte, 66, 184. 
Chesterfield, 2, 3, 6, 15, 31, 50, 64, 
82, 170, 191, 194, 199, 200, 
202, 203. 
Culpepper, 85, 94, 104, 112, 117, 
124, 140, 148, 149, 171, 183, 
234, 249, 250. 
Cumberland, 2, 6, 14, 15, 50, 54, 

67, 202, 203, 207, 208. 
Dinwiddle, 15, 54, 143, 144, 194, 

Fairfax, 56, 77, 216. 
Fauquier, 59, 75, 100, 103, 188, 238, 
239, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 
245, 246. 
Fluvanna, 27, 32, 51. 
Frederick, 110, 129, 142, 154, 164. 
Giles, 44, 146. 
Gloucester, 32, 36. 
Goochland, 27, 30, 42, 113, 147, 
187, 189, 192. 

Virginia Mii.itia in the Revolution 

Greenbrier, 48, 60, 61, 65, 88, 98, 

102, 105, 115, 123, 125, 128, 146. 

Halifax, 23, 54, 144, 173, 178, 210. 

216, 217. 
Hampshire, 43. 

Hanover, 9, 30, 32, 35, 38, 50, 52, 
93, 104, 143, 194, 200, 201, 231, 
Henrico, 69, 187, 194, 200, 234. 
Henry, 26, 141, 152, 157. 
Highland, 70, 71, 72, 180. 
James City, 22. 
Kanawha, 99, 115, 126, 139. 
King and Queen, 36, 113, 230. 
King William, 23, 35, 234. 
Lancaster, 101. 
Loudoun, 28, 168, 245. 
Louisa, 25, 30, 38, 93, 131, 176, 

Lunenburg, 181. 

Mecklenburg, 153, 169, 171, 172. 
Monroe, 5, 12, 13, 21, 22, 34, 44, 
45, 47, 49, 53, 59, 60, 62, 63, 
65, 75, 88, 89, 90. 
Montgomery, 21, 141, 142, 144, 145, 
146, 150, 153, 155, 156, 159, 
160, 161, 163, 164, 165, 166. 
Nelson, 1, 46. 

New Kent, 94, 111, 117, 245. 
Northumberland, 246. 
Nottoway, 173, 174. 
Orange, 25, 32, 34, 38, 63, 112, 113, 

124, 149, 272. 
Pendleton, 57. 

Pittsylvania, 42, 56, 62, 141, 151, 

152, 171, 173, 174, 208, 209, 

210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215. 

216, 217. 

Pocahontas, 4, 12, 43, 48, 73, 74, 

86, 87, 91. 
Powhatan, 2, 15, 54, 189, 190, 191, 
192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 
199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 
205, 206, 247. 
Prince Edward, 2, 3, 6, 7, 14, 15, 
16, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 
54, 55, 66, 67, 80, 81, 82, 83, 
195, 197. 

Prince George IS, 31. 

Prince William, 21, 132, 179. 

Rockbridge, 12, 20, 22, 27, 28, 44, 69, 
93, 101, 105, 109, 110, 112, 
113, 114, 116, 120, 121, 122, 
123, 125, 130, 131, 134, 135, 
137, 182. 

Rockingham, 5, 20, 22, 34, 57, 62, 
63, 89, 108, 119, 132, 140, 160. 

Shenandoah, 49, 103, 127, 129. 
Spottsylvania, 52, 93, 179, 218, 219, 
220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 
226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 
232, 234, 235, 236, 237, 249, 
Surrey, 15, 170. 
Sussex, 170. 
Washington, 133. 
\\\stmoreland, 47, 242. 
Wythe, 47, 141, 146, 153. 
Cowpasture River, 11, 61. 
Cowpens, 103, 121, 133, 160, 171, 

175, 214, 243. 
Cross Creek, 42. 
Crow's Ferry, 113. 
Cumberland Court House, 9, 15, 50, 

Cumberland River, 185. 

Dan River, 26, 54, 114, 141. 
Deep River, 17, 19, 54, 131. 
Deep Run Church, 137. 
Deep Spring, 52. 
Detroit, 65, 97, 185. 
Dincastle Tavern, 223. 
Dinwiddle Court House, 194, 199. 
Dismal Swamp, 95, 105, 181, 184. 

Elk River, 48, 60, 61, 80, 137, 148. 
Ely's Ford, 234. 

Falls of the Ohio, 36. 

Falmouth, 242. 

Fauquier Court House, 59. 

Fayette County, Ky., 61. 

Fincastle, 102. 

French Broad River, 21, 141, 157. 

Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

Fluvanna, 27, 32, 51, 262. 

Fort Augusta, 208. 

Fort Blackburn, 184. 

Fort Blackwater, 184. 

Fort Buchannan, 111. 

Fort Burnside, 12. 

Fort Chiswell, 156. 

Fort Clover Lick, 58, 70, 72, 75, 76, 

88, 87, 92, 97. 
Fort Cook, 12, 44. 
Fort Coontle, 4. 
Fort Dinwiddle, 111. 
Fort Donally, 61, 102, 112, 115, 125, 

Fort Drennan, 48. 
Fort Frederick, 49. 
Fort Hatfield on New River, 209. 
Fort Hinkle, 57. 
Fort Hood, 31, 199. 
Fort Hutton, 5. 
Fort Jefferson, 61. 
Fort Koontz, 140. 
Fort Laverty, 34. 
Fort Laurence, 5, 59. 
Fort Lee, 1. 
Fort Louther, 4. 
Fort Macintosh, 5, 33, 59, 88, 103, 

117, 138, 139. 
Fort Moultrie, 164. 
Fort Muddy Creek, 115. 
Fort Ninety-Six, 42. 
Fort Nutter, 4. 
Fort Montgomer}-, 1. 
Fort Pickett, 271a. 
Fort Pitt, 5, 43, 88. 
Fort Powers, 129. 
Fort Powhatan, 61. 
Fort St. Lawrence, 88. 
Fort Savannah, 133. 
Fort Thompson, 208. 
Fort Triday, 208. 
Fort Vance, 58, 70, 92. 
Fort Warwick, 33, 34, 58, 72, 73, 

76, 79. 
Fort West, 4. 
Fort Westfall, 5. 
Fort Wheeling, 43, 88. 

Fort Wilson, 33. 

Fort Woods, 44. 

Four Mile Creek, 234. 

Frederick, Md., 3, 28, 59, 113, 216. 

Fredericksburg, 1, 3, 22, 38, 59, 64, 

113, 116, 132, 136, 219, 221, 223, 

225, 236. 
France, Messages sent to, 216. 

Garrison's Ferry, 121. 

Georgia, 42. 

Genito Bridge, 81. 

Georgetown, 62. 

Germantown, 28. 

Gloucester, 36, 85, 131, 233. 

Gloucester Town, 36. 

Goode's Bridge, 38, 81. 

Great Bridge, 82, 89, 105, 123. 

Great Island, 98. 

Great Miami River, 153. 

Greenbrier River, 4. 

Green Spring, 13. 

Gregory, Camp, 182. 

Gregory's Station, 6. 

Guilford, 76, 192, 214. 

Guilford Court House, 114, 151, 

159, 204. 
Gwinn's Island, 36, 66. 

Hackensack, 113. 

Hackets Creek, 139. 

Halfway House, 25, 38, 51, 100. 

Halifax Court House, 23, 54, 56. 

Halifax, N. C, 82, 164. 

Halifax Old Town, 2. 

Hampden-Sidney College, 197. 

Hampshire, 43. 

Hampton, 16, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 

55, 80, 100, 159, 174, 203, 207, 

Hanging Rock, 64, 137. 
Hanover Court House, ^3, 236. 
Harrodsburg, Ky., 36 
Harrods Station, 185. 
Hart's Store, 84. 

Hatfield Fort on New River, 209. 
Haw River, 211. 

\'iRGi\iA Militia im the Revolution' 

Hickorynut Church, 13, 33. 
Higgins Station, Ky., 36. 
High Rociv, N. C, 213. 
High Hills of Santee, 208. 
Hillsboro, 171, 194, 196, 200, 209, 

215, 229, 243. 
Hillsboro, N. C, 16, 35, 42, 62, 64, 

121, 131, 151, 159. 
Hobbs Hole, 3, 190. 
Hoods Fort, 31, 199. 
Hoods Landing, 192, 203. 
Holston River, 66, 98, 113, 136, 141, 

152, 157, 189, 209. 

Indian Creek, 34. 
Indian Town, 141. 
Irvin's Ferry, 23. 

Jackson River, 33. 

James City, 22. 

Jamestown, 17, 22, 23, 35, 58, 81, 89, 

95, 105, 112, 113, 132, 153, 164, 

Jenning's Gap, 111. 
Jude's Ferry, 198, 248. 

Kanawha River, 61, 69. 

Kemp's Landing, 82. 

Kentucky, 153, 185. 

Kerrs Creek, 97. 

King's Ferry, 124. 

King's Mountain, 119. 

King and Queen, 36, 113, 230. 

King William, 23, 35, 234. 

Koontz Fort, 140. 

Lancaster, Pa., 3, 28, 216. 

Laverty's Fort, 34. 

Lead Mines, 47, 65, 102, 145, 146, 

Leesburg, 28. 
Lewisburg, 97, 133. 
Lexington, 98, 109, 136. 
Licking River, 153. 
Lindley's Mill, 215. 
Little Levels, 48, 98. 
Logan Station, Ky., 21, 65, 185. 

Long Bridge, 42, 148. 

Long Dairy, 19. 

Long Island, 113, 141, 152, 157. 

Long Island on Holston, 185. 

Long Ordinary, 7. 

Lucas Fort, 214. 

Lynchburg, 13, 47. 

Lynches Tavern, 35. 

McCowan's Ford, 114. 
McGuire's Station, 145. 
Macafee Station, 65. 
Malvern Hill, 15, 25, 83, 84, 93, 94, 

100, 113, 149, 193, 195, 207, 210, 

216, 217. 
Manchester, 93, 131. 
Manakin Town Ferry, 202. 
Mare's Station, 145. 
Marquis Road, 25, 234. 
Massey's Ferry, 151. 
Mast Ferry, 35. 

Mecklenburg Court House, 90. 
Mecklenburg, N. C, 178. 
Mecklenburg, Va., 153. 
Micheaux Ferry, 198. 
Midlothian Coal Pits, 207. 
Moore Ordinary, 197. 
Monks Corner, 113. 
Monmouth, 1, 113, 124, 232, 246. 
Monongahalia River, 22, 34. 
Morristown, N. J., 1, 124. 
Moravian Towns, 155. , 

Muddy Creek, 115, 128. 
MuUberry Grove, Ga., 9. 
Murdock Mills, 12. 
Muskingum, 74, 138. 

New Garden, 35, 159. 

New Kent Court House, 245. 

New London, 47, 66, 112. 

New Market, 103, 106. 

New River, 44, 141, 157, 214. 

Noland's Ferry, 42, 84, 137, 212, 

213, 231, 235. 
Nolachucky, 102, 157. 
Norfolk, 8, 45, 82, 86, 123, 137, 143, 

148, 193, 245. 


Virginia Militia ix the Revolution 

North Fork, 57. 
Xorthumberland, 246. 

Old Cumberland Court House, 166. 
Old Lighthouse near Hampton, 245. 
Owens Station, 185. 

Pamunkey River, 22, 89, 243. 

Pattonsburg, 113, 133. 

Paulus Hook, 90. 

Peaked Mountain, 133. 

Pedee River, 35, 151. 

Petersburg, 7, 16, 19, 23, 24, 29, 

53, 54, 64, 66, 67, 80, 81, 82, 

134, 143, 144, 162, 168, 170, 

197, 199, 203, 207, 222, 248. 
Peyton's Ferry, 198. 
Philadelphia, 64, 148, 216. 
Pipington, 15. 

Pittsylvania Court House, 2, 62. 
Pittsburgh, 48, 61, 97, 128. 
Rogue's Mill, 234. 
Point of Fork, 32, 50, 81, 82, 181, 

Point Pleasant, 79, 87, 97, 98, 112, 

115, 117, 125, 127, 128, 130, 

136, 137, 139, 141. 
Port Royal, 85. 
Portsmouth, 2, 3, 12, 16, 22, 29, 

55, 57, 71, 72, 116, 105, 120, 

123, 125, 136, 137, 143, 162, 

184, 199, 217. 
Powell's Valley, 185. 
Powers Fort, 129. 
Powhatan Fort, 61. 
Prince Edward Court House, 2, 3, 

16, 23, 67, 195. 
Princeton, 1, 3. 

Raccoon Ford, 25, 38, 202, 229, 243. 
Ramsey's Mill, 54, 67, 156, 172, 173, 

196, 204, 210. 
Randolph Mills, 194, 200. 
Rapidan River, 100, 193. 
Raritan, 113, 124. 
Ratcliffe's Old Field, 83. 
Reading, Penn., 3, 46, 113. 
Reedy Fork, 133. 

Red House, 105, 123. 

Rich Creek, 44. 

Richmond, 1, 3, 13, 15, 22, 25, 31, 
33, 35, 38, 53, 76, 78, 80, 81, 
82, 93, 97, 100, 107, 109, 117, 

120, 125, 130, 131, 132, 135, 
137, 148, 149, 159, 169, 170, 
184, 189, 193, 197, 198, 199, 
202, 203, 2.34, 241. 

Rising Sun Tavern, 28. 
Roane's Creek, 157. 
Rock Fish Gap, 98, 124. 
Ruffin's Ferry, 23, 105, 243. 
Rugley, 238. 
Rugley's Mill, 75, 171. 

Saint Peter's Church, 94. 

Salem, 145. 

Salsbury, 5, 62, 64, 75, 90, 114, 118, 

121, 151, 163, 200, 218, 238. 
Salt River, 65. 

Sandy Point, 109. 

Santee River, 21, 22, 30, 71. 

Savannah, 9, 90, 113, 164, 175. 

Shallow Ford, 145. 

Shawnee Towns, 61. 

Sherrill's Station, 157. 

Simpson Creek, 129. 

Simms Neck, 234. 

Sinking Creek, 141. 

Sleepy Creek, 48. 

Smithfield, 116, 149, 204. 

South Branch, 119. 

Speedwell Iron Works, 45, 133. 

St. Augustine, 175. 

Staunton River, 50, 53, 98, 124, 219. 

Stone House, 102. 

Stone's Mill, 89. 

Stono, 132. 

Stono River, 169. 

Stony Point, 232. 

Stovertown, 103. 

Suffolk, 6, 8, 71, 105, 192, 203, 207. 

Sunbury, 164. 

Sussex, 170. 

Sweet Springs, 102. 

Taylor's Ferry, 162, 192, 194. 

Ten Mile House, 178. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Tom's Creek, 141. 
Trenton, 1, 3. 

Troublesome Iron Works, 92, 97. 
Troublesome Creek, 173. 
Tuckahoe, 199, 200. 
Tygart's Valley, 22, 34, 57, 98, 111, 
118, 119, 127, 139. 

Valley Forge, 13, 113, 124, 163, 167, 

Vance's Fort, 92. 
Vincennes, 61. 

Warm Springs, 4, 73. 

Warrenton, 243. 

Ware Church, 234. 

Warwick's Fort, 76, 79, 111, 117. 

Watson's Old Field, 38. 

Waxhauw, 168. 

Wax Haw Settlement, 64. 

Waynesboro, 13, 107, 111, 116, 190, 

124, 136. 
West Falls Fort, 119. 
Westham, 1, 72, 125, 149, 198. 
Westham Ferry, 200. 
Westmoreland, 47. 
White House, 164. 
White House Ferry, 234, 
White Plain, 124, 137. 

Wild Goose Chase, 38. 

Wilks Court House, N. C, 210. 

Williamsburg, 1, 5, 7, 10, 16, 22, 
24, 27, 35, 37, 39, 41, 45, 51, 
58, 68, 80, 82, 85, 89, 93, 100, 
102, 109, 116, 117, 118, 131, 
136, 156, 157, 159, 162, 174, 
179, 184, 192, 196, 197, 206, 
218, 219, 221, 223, 224, 226, 

227, 231, 235, 236, 240, 241, 

Wilton, 82. 

Winchester, 12, 19, 26, 40, 49, 53, 
63, 67, 75, 82, 91, 110, 114, 
116, 120, 133, 134, 158, 182, 
190, 195, 201, 212, 213, 219, 

228, 241, 243, 244, 249. 
Woodstock, 103, 119. 

Yadkin, 161. 

Yadkin River, 62, 114, 145. 

Yellow Creek, 103. 

York, Penn., 28, 53, 216. 

York River, 216. 

Yorktown, 27, 81, 94, 100, 102, 105, 

119, 120, 132, 133, 169, 192, 

193, 195, 203. 
Yough-Glades, 43. 

Battles and Skirmishes 

Albemarle Barracks, Services at, 7, 
8, 9, 17, 19, 26, 27, 31, 37, 38, 
39, 40, 51, 52, 63, 78, 9+, 103, 
106, 112, 134, 148, 187. 

Allamance, 156. 

Bland's Ordinary, 15. 

Brandywine, 20, 46, 122, 163, 186. 

Baker's Hill, 82. 

Cabin Point, 206. 

Camden, 30, 35, 131, 151, 159, 191, 
194, 200, 208, 229, 231. 

Charleston, 113, 132. 

Cowpens, 5, 62, 75, 114, 118, 121, 
160, 163, 238. 

Eutaw, 208, 218. 

Fort Moultree, 164. 

Gates' Defeat (See Camden). 

Germantown, 20, 28, 148, 167, 186, 

Gloucester, 224. 

Great Bridge, 8, 82, 105. 

Guilford, 5, 10, 13, 17, 18, 19, 23, 
39, 40, 45, 67, 76, 78, 92, 97, 107, 
122, 137, 141, 156, 165, 167, 
172, 173, 186, 191, 192, 196, 
197, 198, 204, 205, 206, 208, 
210, 212, 214, 215, 218, 238. 

Gwynnes Island, 36, 66. 

Hanging Rock (N. C), 137. 

Hickory Nut Church, 100. 

Hot Water, 11, 26, 62, 79, 87, 

100, 104, 109, 111, 117, 119, 
134, 162. 186. 

Indians, Services against, 4, 5, 12 
IS, 21, 22, 33, 34, 36, 43, 44 
47, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 65, 66 
69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 79, 86, 88 
92, 97, 98, 102, 105, 111, 113 
115, 117, 118, 119, 123, 125, 127 
129, 133, 136, 138, 139, 140 
141, 145, 146, 150, 152, 153, 
157, 161, 175, 185, 189, 209, 
214. (See also under head 
Point Pleasant.) 

Jamestown, 11, 20, 22, 26, 38, 62, 
72, 74, 75, 79, 87, 95, 98, 104, 
118, 130, 134, 136, 160, 162, 

163, 169, 210. 
Long Island, 165, 179. 
Monks Corner, 113. 
Monmouth, 1, 13, 46, 113, 124, 232^ 

Morgantown, 271a. 
New Kent Court House, 117. 
Ninety Six, 42, 208. 
Osborns, 122. 

Petersburg, 54, 143, 170, 197, 207. 
Piscatawney, 142. 
Point Pleasant, 60, 73, 74, 79, 115, 

128, 136. 
Point Pleasant Fort, 48, 61, 73, 74, 

87, 97, 98, 112, 115, 125, 127, 

Portsmouth, 6, 12, 57, 72, 116. 
Princeton, 1. 
Quibletown, 142. 
Reedy Fork, 133, 156. 
Rugely, 238. 
Rugely's Mill, 75. 
Savannah, 157, 175. 
Stono Ferry, 66. 
Stono, 169, 172, 173. 
Stony Point ,232. 
Sudbury, 199. 
Suffolk, 6. 
Tories, Services against, 26, 42, 47, 

62, 102, 119, 133, 141, 145, 146, 
155, 156, 157, 159, 161, 210, 
215, 243. 

Trenton, 1. 
Valley Forge, 246. 
Waxhaw, 64, 168. 
Witesell's Mill (N. C), 16. 
York, Siege of, 1, 5, 9, 12, 19, 22, 
26, 30, 31, 32, 42, 50, 51, 59, 

63, 64, 67, 68, 70, 71, 75, 78, 
84, 85, 92, 93, 94, 98, 102, 105, 
114, 116, 119, 120, 131, 132, 
133, 134, 138, 140, 144, 147, 
151, 152, 158, 160, 164, 170, 
174, 179, 184, 193, 195, 196, 
203, 211, 212, 213, 219, 220, 
222, 224, 225, 227, 228, 234,. 
235, 241, 242, 243, 244. 

Index of Names 

Abraham, , 214. 

Abraham, Mordecai, 234. 

Abernathy, William, 263. 

Adams, Francis, 269. 

Adams, Geo., 280. 

Adams, James, 254. 

Adams, James, Jr., 262. 

Adams, John, 271. 

Adams, Nathan, 269. 

Adams, Richard, 267. 

Adams, Robert, 153, 254. 

Adams, William, 268. 

Ailstock, Absolom, 93. 

Alexander, John, 269. 

Alexander, Joseph, 276. 

Alexander, Robert, 254. 

Alcock, Thomas, 257. 

Alcorn, John, 271. 

All, Wm., 139. 

Allee, David, 141. 

Allen, Archer, 260. 

Allen, Benj., 67, 165, 166, 260, 275. 

Allen, Chas, 7, 16, 23, 24, 29, 55, 

67, 275. 
Allen, David, 251. 
Allen, Hugh, 256. 
Allen, James, 16, 23, 24, 29, 95. 
Allen, John, 114. 
Allen, Nathaniel, 275. 
Alien, Richard, 83, 166, 211, 260, 

Allen, Samuel, 61, 260. 
Allen, William, 253. 
Allison, Charles, 280. 
Alsop, Benjamin, 221, 229. 
Alterberry, Thomas, 65. 
Alton, James, 65. 
Alton, John, 7. 
Alverman, John, 94. 
Ammonett, Charles, 248. 
Anderson, Andrew, 95, 97, 253. 
Anderson, Benjamin, 27, 262. 
Anderson, Charles, 275. 
Anderson, David, 2, 3, 270. 
Anderson, Francis, Jr., 252. 
Anderson, George, 253. 
Anderson, Henry, 252. 

Anderson, Jacob, 142, 211, 254. 
Anderson, John, 256, 265, 280. 
Anderson, Parsons, 275. 
Anderson, Paulin, 193, 252. 
Anderson, Richard, 270. 
Anderson, Robert, 253, 260. 
Anderson, Samuel, 275. 
Anderson, Turner, 270. 
Andersort, William, 20, 97, 253, 

Anson, Christopher, 140. 
Anthony, Joseph, 254. 
Arbogast, Adam, 4, 180. 
Arbogast, David, 180. 
Arbogast, John; 180. 
Arbogast, Michael, 180. 

Arbuckle, , 97, 141. 

Arbuckle, Mathew, 48, 60, 61, 69, 

Arbuckle, William, 115. 

Archer, , 199. 

Archer, Field, 259. 
Archer, Henry, 259. 
Archer, John, 259. 
Argabrite, Jacob, 5. 

Armand, , 53, 184. 

Armistead, , 1, 35, 38, 93. 

Armistead, Robert, 259. 
Armstrong, Andrew, 256. 
Armstrong, James, 65. 
Armstrong, John, 256. 
Armstrong, William, 92. 

Arnold, , 1, 53, 134. 

Arnold, the Traitor, 82, 143, ISl, 

184, 223. 
Arthur, Benjamin, 254. 
Ashby, George, 269. 
Ascul, William, 275. 
Ash, Francis, 261. 
Ashby, Lewis, 261. 
Ashcraft, Amos, 271a. 

Ashe, , 90. 

Atkinson, John, 143. 
Atkinson, Roger, 143. 
Atwell, Francis, 261. 
Austin, Henry, 37. 
Averv, , 1- 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Avery, Edward, 143. 
Aylett, Thomas, 226. 

Bacon, , 38, 258. 

Bagby, , 270. 

Bagby, William, 270. 
Bagley, George, 252. 
Bailey, Benjamin, 271. 
Bailey, John, 99. 
Bailey, Yancey, 275. 
Baine, John, 260. 
Baird, John, 256. 
Baker, Andrew, 16, 54, 275. 
Baker, Michael, 277. 
Baker, Nicholas, 277. 
Baldwin, John, 255. 
Baldwin, Thomas, 255, 275. 
Ball, Benjamin, 261. 
Ball, Charles, 261. 
Ball, Erasmus, 251. 
Ball, Farling, 269. 
Ball, George, 43, 110. 
Ball, John, 261. 
Ball, William, 261. 
Ballard, John, 168. 
Ballenger, Richard, 61. 

Ballenger, , 106. 

Ballinger, Richard, 31, 61. 
Ballon, Charles, 260. 
Ballon, William, 260. 
Balls, Resin, 154. 
Balsey, Christian, 96. 

Bameslee, , 255. 

Banks, Tunstall, 230. 
Bannerd, John, 182. 

Bannister, , 143, 197. 

Bannister, John, 144. 

Barbour, , 82, 94. 

Barbour, Thomas, 272. 
Barker, John, 259. 
Barker, John, F., 261, 
Barker, Richmond, 259. 
Barksdale, John, 268. 
Barksdale, Saml., 251. 
Barkley, Scarlet, 269. 

Barnett, , 256. 

Barnett, Alxr., 280. 

Barnett, Ambrose, 261. 

Barnett, George, 263. 

Barnett, James, 100, 156. 

Barnett, William, 134. 

Barrett, , 1. 

Barrett, James, 102. 

Barrick, Wm., 3. 

Barrow, John, 263. 

Barsaman, , 164. 

Bartlett, Henry, 223. 

Bartlett, Harry, 279. 

Bartlett, Thomas, 226, 229, 235, 
236, 279. 

Barton, David, 268. 

Barton, Joshua, 268. 

Barton, William, 143. 

Baskins, James, 253. 
Bass, Archibald, 259. 
Bass, Joseph, 259. 
Bass, William, 252. 

Bates, , 217. 

Bates, Fleming, 42, 144. 
Baxter, George, 277. 
Baylor, George, 2, 3, 113. 
Bayles, William, 261. 
Baynham, Gregory, 257. 
Beadle, John, 252. 
Beard, David, 254. 
Beard, Samuel, 254. 
Beathe, Joseph, 70. 
Beattie, David, 280. 

Beaver, , 269. 

Beazley, Jeremiah, 62, 277. 
Beazley, Thomas, 257. 
Beck, Jesse, 9. 
Beckley, John, 210, 262. 
Bedford, Thomas, 268. 
Begger, Charles, 183. 
Begger, Chambers, 183. 

Belew, , 208. 

Bell, , 164. 

Bell, David, 253. 

Bell, Francis, 95. 

Bell, George, 263. 

Bell, James, 92, 97, 134, 253. 

Bell, John, 95, 97, 275. 

Bell, Joseph, 98, 253. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Bell, Robert, 145. 
Bell, Samuel, 95, 97, 117, 186. 
Bell, Thomas, 124, 1S6. 
Benham, John, 269. 
Benham, Peter, 269. 
Bennett, Jacob, 180. 
Bennett, James, 264. 
Bennett, John, 180. 
Bennett, William, 180, 210. 

Berry, , 164. 

Berry, Francis, 263. 
Berry, John, 280. 
Berry, Thomas, 90. 

Beverley, , 132. 

Bias, John, 131, 270. 
Bibb, James, 275. 
Bibb, John, 23, 275. 
Bibb, Richard, 264. 
Bibb, William, 275. 
Bibbing, Charles, 237. 
Biddle, Lewis, 272. 

Biggar, , 275. 

Biggar, David, 270. 
Biggar, William, 275. 
Binns, Charles, Jr., 269. 
Binns, John, 269. 

Bird, , 67, 101. 

Bird, Andrew, 277. 
Bird, Mark, 90. 
Bird, William, 275. 
Black, Joseph, 280. 
Black, Samuel, 253. 
Black, William, 259. 
Blackburn, William, 280. 
Blackwell, James, 261. 
Blackwell, John, 261, 264. 
Blackwell, Samuel, 261. 
Blackwell, William, 261. 
Blair, Allen, 10. 
Blair, John, 163. 
Blair, Joseph, 253. 

Bland, , 106. 

Bland, Richard, 143. 
Blizzard, Thomas, 180. 
Boas, Meshack, 275. 
Boas, Michael, 275. 
Boatwright, John, 6. 

Bobb, Peter, 263. 
Bobbet, William, 271. 
Bodkin, Hugh, 180. 
Bogart, Cornelius, 253. 
Bogg, Thomas, 277. 
Boggess, Henry, 269. 
Boggess, Jeremiah, 261. 
Boggs, Thomas, 253. 
Boggs, Vincent, 269. 

Bohannon, , 148. 

Bohannon, Ambrose, 94. 

Boiler, , 133. 

Bollar, John, 256. 
Boiling, Robert, 143, 252. 
Boiling, Thomas, 259. 
Boiling, Thomas, T., 143. 
Bonner, Jeremiah, 143. 
Boner, Reuben, 271a. 
Bond, John, 157. 
Bond, Joseph, 157. 

Booker, ; — , 194. 

Booker, Edmund, 82, 252. 
Booker, Edward, 149. 
Booker, George, 252, 275. 
Booker, Richard, 259, 260. 
Booker, William, 275. 

Booth, , 234. 

Booth, John, 252. 
Booth, Mordecai, 234. 
Bott, Frederick, 144. 
Botte, John, 259. 
Botts, Joshua, 269. 

Bough, , 259. 

Boutwell, John, 257. 
Bowen, Arthur, 280. 
Bowen, Micajah, 251. 
Bowen, Rees, 280. 
Bowen, William, 280. 
Bowling, Robert, 252. 

Bowman, , 185. 

Bowman, John, 180, 185. 
Bowman, William, 10. 

Bowyer, , 105, 162. 

Bowyer, John, 116, 120. 

Bowyer, William, 22, 72, 87, 117, 

124, 136, 253. 
Boyce, , 85. 


ViRGiMiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Boyd, , 3 5. 

Boyd, John, 22, 253. 
Boyd, Patrick, 9. 
Boyd, William, 251. 

Boyer, , 13. 

Boyer, John, 22. 
Boyer, William, 22, 58, 72. 
Bradburn, Butler, 270. 
Bradford, Alexander, 261. 
Bradford, John, 261. 
Bradley, Daniel, 208. 
Bradshaw, John, 11, 12. 
Bradshaw, Robert, 264. 
Bragg, William, 259. 
Brame, John, 257. 
Branch, Benjamin, 259. 
Branch, Edward, 259. 
Branch, James, 259. 

Branham, , 231. 

Branson, Amos, 263. 
Bratton, James, 253. 
Bratton, George, 253. 
Breed, Vathan, 157. 

Breeden, , 234. 

Breeden, Caleb, 234. 
Breeden, Enoch, 234. 
Breeden, Moody, 234. 
Brewer, James, 151, 212. 
Briggs, John H., 143. 
Bridgforth, Thomas, 252. 
Bright, Albertus, 271. 
Brightwell, John, 7. 
Brinker, Henry, 263. 
Briscoe, William, 251. 
Britt, John, 264. 
Britt, Obediah, 264. 
Broaddus, Thomas, 257. 
Broadnax William, 143. 

Brock, , 223. 

Brock, John, 223. 
Brock, Joseph, 226, 236, 279. 
Brockman, Samuel, 272. 
Brookin, Vivian, 174. 
Brookin, William, 174. 
Brooking, Robert, 259. 
Brooking, Robert E., 252. 
Browlee, Alexander, 253. 



Bronaugh, Samuel, 261. 
Bronaugh, Thomas, 261. 

Brown, , 60, 256, 

Brown, Benjamin, 97. 

Brown, Hugh, 75. 

Brown, Isham, 275. 

Brown, J., 157. 

Brown, James, 263. 

Brown, John, 20, 172, 253, 270, 

Brown, Joseph, 236. 
Brown, Langston, 258. 
Brown, Peter, 271. 
Brown, Shildrake, 254. 
Brown, Thomas, 252. 
Brown, William, 61. 

Bruce, , 272. 

Brumagen, Jarvis, 271a. 
Bryan, William, 254. 
Bryant, Peter, 277. 
Bryson, John, 271. 
Buchanan, Andrew, 223, 224. 
Buchanan, David, 253. 
Buchanan, James, 116, 182, 276. 
Buchanan, Patrick, 22, 86, 111, 

133, 253. 
Buchanan, Robert, Sen., 280. 
Buchanan, William, 136, 253. 
Buckhannon, Alexander, 255 
Buchanon, Robert, 271. 
Buchanon, William, 271. 
Buck, John, 183. 
Buckles, Robert, Jr., 255. 

Buckner, , 1. 

Buckner, Aylett, 261. 
Buckner, Mordecia, 226. 
Buckner, Phillips, 219, 257. 
Buckner, Richard, 257. 
Buckner, William, 272. 

Buford, , 168. 

Buford, Abraham, 64. 
Bull, John, 163. 
Bullock, Edward, 35. 
Bullock, James, 254. 
Bullock, Josias, 254. 
Bullskin, , 269. 

\'iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution" 

Buiinel!, James, 185. 
Bunnel, John, 185. 
Burchinel, Thomas, 60. 
Burfoot, Tandy, 189. 

Burgoyne, , 94. 

Burk, , 271. 

Burk, James, 263. 
Burke, Henry, 251. 
Burke, John, 100, 251. 
Burley, James, 27. 

Burnley, , 31. 

Burnley, Garland, 26, 91. 
Burnley, Henry, 254. 
Burnley, Harry, 254. 
Burnley, Zachariah, J., 272. 
Burner, Abraham, 180. 
Burnett, Henry, 210. 

Burns, , 145. 

Burns, James, 271, 254. 
Burton, John, 260. 
Burton, May, 272. 
Bush, Vance, 263. 
Bush, William, 185. 
Busher, William, 65. 
Buster, Claudius, 100. 
Butcher, Samuel, 269. 

Butler, , 111, 167, 251. 

Butler, Alexander, 254. 
Butler, Joseph, 269. 
Buttervvorth, Benjamin, 254. 
Butts, John, 143. 
Byerly, Robert, 263. 
Byrnside, James, 88. 
Byrk, Thomas, 275. 

Cabell, Nicholas, 189. 
Cabell, Samuel, 1, 27, 32. 
Cackley, Jacob, 263. 
Cain, Cornelius, 277. 
Cain, Neil, 57. 
Calbraith, William, 253. 
Caldwell, David, 184. 
Calhoun, ^^^ilIiam, 271. 

Call, , 113. 

Callaway, Charles, 254. 
Callaway, Chesley, 254. 
Callaway, Dudley, 254. 

Callaway, John, 254. 
Callaway, James, 254. 
Callaway, William, 254. 

Calloway, , 157, 185. 

Calloway, James, 47. 

Calvon, , 1. 

Calmes, Marquis, 263. 

Calvert, Samuel, 263. 

Cameron, Charles, 20, 22, 75, 117, 

130, 253. 
Camp, John, 263. 


11, 20, 21, 

32, 87, 100, 117, 122, 133, 137, 
Campbell, Arthur, 280. 
Campbell, Charles, 116, 125, 182, 

253, 271, 276, 280. 
Campbell, David, 114. 
Campbell, Hugh, 36. 
Campbell, John, 22, 75, 134, 163, 

253, 254, 280. 
Campbell, Richard, 103, 138. 
Campbell, Robert, 95, 253, 271a. 
Campbell, Samuel, 271. 
Campbell, William, 102, 271, 280. 
Camper, John, 103. 
Cannon, William, 157. 
Canterbury, John, 21. 

Caper, , 5. 

Carey, , 85, 158. 

Carlan, Daniel, 268. 
Carlile, James, 72. 
Carn, Nicholas, 277. 
Carnon, William, 269. 
Carpenter, Michael, 253. 
Carr, Makins, 251. 

Carrington, , 197. 

Carrington, Edward, 246. 
Carrington, George, Jr., 260, 275. 
Carrington, Joseph, 260. 
Carrothers, John, 121, 276. 
Carson, Thomas, 178. 
Carter, Joseph, 263. 
Carter, James, 275. 

Carter, , 184. 

Carter, John, 236, 271a, 279. 
Carter, Levy, 271a. 
Carter, Poval, 15. 


Virginia Militia ix the Revolution" 

Cartmill, Henry, 133, 256. 
Cartmill, John, 58, 76, 133, 253, 

Cartmill, Thomas, 256. 
Casey, William, 275. 
Casey, William, 280. 
Cash, Bartlett, 18. 
Cashwill, Henry, 17. 
Cashwill, William, 19. 
Cason, Edward, 231. 
Cason, William, 232. 

Cas.'.ell, , 42. 

Catlett, , 1. 

Catlett, Henry, 263. 
Catlett, John, 263. 
Cavanaugh, Charles, 271. 
Cavanaugh, William, 271. 
Cavander, Phillip, 44. 
Cave, Belfield, 272. 
Cavender, Philip, 44. 
Chaffin, Christopher, 275. 
Chaffin, Isham, 275. 
Chaffin, Joshua, 252. 

Chambers, , 275. 

Chambers, Josiah, 275. 
Chambers, Thomas, 272. 
Chambers, William, 275. 
Chaney, Jeremiah, 271a. 
Chaney, Edmund, 271a. 
Chaney, Abraham, 209. 
Chaney, John, 209. 

Chapman, , 90. 

Chapman, John, 271. 
Chappell, John, 252. 
Charlton, Francis, 146. 
Charter, Thomas, 254. 
Cheatham, Henry, 259. 
Cheatham, Samuel, 259. 
Cheatham, Mathew, 259. 
Cheetwood, Jace, 254. 
Chew, Harry, 223, 225. 
Chew, John, 279. 
Cherokee Indians, 18. 
Chilton, Charles, 261. 
Chiles, John, 254. 
Chiles, Micajah, 251. 
Choice, Tully, 268. 

Choice, William, 268. 
Chrisman, George, 277. 

Christian, , 18, 19, 61, 113, 

Christian, Gilbert, 280. 
Christian, John, 31, 78. 
Christian, Robert, Jr., 253. 
Christian, Robert, 20. 
Christian, William, 98, 125, 136. 

Christie, , 141, 159. 

Christy, , 152. 

Chunn, John, L., 241. 
Chunn, John Thomas, 261. 
Churchill, Armistead, 244, 261. 
Clairborne, Daniel P., 143. 

Clark, , 67, 85. 

Clark, Elijah, 184. 
Clark, John, 157. 
Clark, Mathew, 147. 
Clark, Micajah, 254. 
Clark, Robert, 253, 254. 
Clark, Samuel, 22, 75. 
Clark, William, 210, 270. 

Clarke, , 61, 275. 

Clarke, George, 255. 

Clarke, George Rogers, 36, 153. 

Clarke, James, 275. 

Clarke, John, Jr., 275. 

Clarke, Sallyson, 259. 

Clarke, William, 260. 

Clapham, , 28, 148. 

Clappam, , 148. 

Clay, David, 44. 

Claypole, , 119. 

Clayton, , 254. 

Clayton, John, 254. 
Clayton, Thomas, 279. 
Clemens, Isaac, 56. 
Clemmons, Casper, 253. 
demons, William, 274. 
Clement, Isaac, 151. 

Clements, , 209. 

Clendennin, George, 139, 265. 
Clendenning, William, 139, 265. 
Clendenum, George, 139. 
Clendenum, William, 139. 
Cleveland, James, 269 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Cleveland, John, 210. 

Cline, , 271. 

Cline, Nicholas, 271. 

Clough, , 2, 113. 

Cloyd, , 271. 

Cloyd, David, 276. 

Cloyd, Joseph, 145, 146, 271. 

Cluman, , 159. 

Cobb, Charles, 254. 
Cobb, Edward, 254. 
Cobbs, John C, 252. 
Cobb, Robert, 254. 

Cocke, , 1, 23. 

Cocke, Anderson, 275. 
Cocke, Chastain, 252. 
Cock, James, 271. 
Cochran, James, 263. 

Cogbill, , 259. 

Cogbill, George, 259. 
Coger, Michael, 253, 277. 
Colbraith, William, 253. 
Cole, Francis, 225. 
Cole, James, 32. 
Cole, Samuel, 270. 
Cole, William, 264. 

Coleman, , 219, 227. 

Coleman, Daniel, 257. 
Coleman, Francis, 228, 235, 279. 
Coleman, Frank, 52, 222, 250. 
Coleman, James, 269, 272. 
Coleman, Julius, 257. 
Coleman, Samuel, 218, 257. 
Collier, William, 66. 
Collin, Moses, 256. 
Collins, Bartlett, 279. 
Collins, John, 251. 
Collins, William, 257. 
CoUitt, Isaac, 255. 
Colston, Paul, 213. 
Colston, Samuel, 213. 
Colvlll, Andrew, 280. 
Colvill, Benjamin, 104. 
Combs, Benjamin, 263. 
Combs, John, 261. 
Conger, Michael, 89. 
Connaught, Christopher, 157. 
Conner, Francis, 257. 

Conner, Thomas, 245. 
Conner, Wm. 257. 
Connerly, Arthur, 253. 
Connor, Timothy, 272. 

Conoway, , 151. 

Conrad, John, 28. 
Conrad, Peter, 140. 
Conrad, Stephen, 277. 
Conrad, Ulrich, Jr., 180. 

Conway, , 151. 

Conway, Catlett, 272. 
Conway, John, 268. 
Conway, Thomas, Jr., 261. 

Cook, , 256. 

Cook, Giles, Jr., 255. 

Cooper, , 87. 

Cornstalk, 61, 112, 130. 
Cornwallis, 24, 35, 62, 67, 82, 113, 

171, 133. 
Cornwell, Edward, 65. 
Cosby, John, 270. 

Coursey, , 91. 

Courtney, Wm. 230. 
Coulter, Michael, 253. 
Coulter, John, 280, 
Covington, Richard, 259. 
Covington, Thomas, 259. 
Cowden, James, 268. 
Cowger, Michael, 140. 
Cowherd, Francis, 218. 

Cox, , 165, 271. 

Cox, Edward, 264, 274. 
Cox, Samuel, 269. 
Crabtree, James, 280. 
Craddock, Charles, 252. 
Craddock, Henry, 252. 
Craddock, Richard, 159, 252. 
Craddock, William, 159, 252. 

Craig, , 164, 226. 

Craig, J., 235. 
Craig, James, 63. 
Craig, John, 223. 
Craig, George, 97, 124. 
Craig, Robert, 280. 
Craig, Toliver, 272. 
Crane, James, 255. 
Cravens, , 5. 


Virginia Militia im the Revolution' 

Craven, John, 261. 
Craven, Robert, 34, 62, 127, 139, 
140, 253, 277. 

Crawford, , 5. 

Crawford, Alexander, 92, 253. 
Crawford, James, 253, 271. 
Crawford, John, 95, 271. 
Crawford, Nathan, 76. 
Crim, Jacob, 263. 
Critz, Haman, Jr., 268. 
Crockett, Andrew, 271. 
Crockett, Hugh, 156, 256. 
Crockett, John, 271. 
Crockett, Joseph, 156. 
Crockett, Walter, 155, 271. 
Crookshank, John, 278. 
Crouch, Joseph, 253. 

Croucher, , 222, 231. 

Croucher, Thomas, 235. 
Crow, Jacob, 43. 
Crowder, William, 193. 
Crowley, William, 252. 
Crummett, Frederick, 180. 
Crump, Richard, 15, 202, 207, 274. 
Crutchfield, John, 270. 
Cullins, John, 190. 
Cummings, Alexander, 126. 

Cunningham, , 12. 

Cunningham, Ansel, 169. 
Cunningham, James, 179, 276. 
Cunningham, Nathaniel, 23,195,275. 
Cunningham, Thomas, 141. 
Curd, Edmund, 264. 
Curd, John, Jr., 264. 


!5, 100, 244. 

Dabnev, Charles, 30, 234. 
Dabnev, John, 275. 
Dabnev, Samuel, 270. 
Dack, Joseph, 271. 
Daggett, Chatton, 254. 
Dance, Ezekiel, 259. 

Dandridge, , 98. 

Dandridge, Jonathan, 246. 
Daniel, George, 275. 
Daniel, Hugh, 263. 

Daniel, James, 257. 
Daniel, John, 211. 
Daniel, Robert, 272. 
Daniel, Vivian, 272. 
Daniel, William, 77, 260. 

Dark, , 35, 59, 110, 142. 

Davis, , 157, 269. 

Davis, Benjamin, 179. 
Davis, Charles, 275. 
Davis, Edward, 59. 
Davis, Henry, 254. 
Davis, Isaac, 251. 
Davis, James, 98, 276. 
Davis, Jesse, 179. 
Davis, John, 179, 268, 280. 
Davis, Joseph, 254. 
Davis, Lewis, 1S7. 
Davis, Nicholas, 275. 
Davis, Presley, 179. 
Davis, Robert, 185, 253, 271, 277, 

Davis, Samuel, 254. 
Davis, Thomas, 179. 
Davis, William, 106, 163, 265, 27K 

Davidson, , 114. 

Davidson, David, 275. 
Davidson, Edward, 275. 
Davidson, George, 265. 
Davidson, Giles, 26. 
Davidson, Josiah, 277. 
Davidson, John, 105. 
Davidson, Samuel, 125, 276. 
Davidson, William, 275. 
Dawson, Henry, 2, 23, 24. 
Day, Joseph, 253. 

Dean, , 256. 

Dean, William, 271. 
Debell, John, 269. 
Debell, William, 269. 
Dehaven, Abraham, 269. 
Dejarnett, Joseph, 257. 
Denied, William, 56. 
Demoss, Thomas, 254. 
''■■uris, John, 252. 
Demo, Robert, 263. 
Denny, Samuel, 246, 263. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Peering, John, 261. 

Dick, , 56, 184. 

Dickenson, Henry, 280. 
Dickenson, John, 79, 87, 97, 98. 
Dickerson, John, 33. 
Dickey, John, 22, 75, 95, 118, 124, 

163, 253. 
Dickey, William, 75. 
Dickinson, , 48, 61, 127. 

Dickinson, John, 87, 
Dictum, Joseph, 127, 1 

Diggs, , 81. 

Diggs, Edward, 261. 
Dictum, John, 277. 

Dillard, , 106. 

Dillard, James, 19. 
Dillard, John, 268. 
Divers, John, 254. 

Dix, , 174. 

Dix, William, 212, 





Doak, Joseph, 271. 
Doak, Samuel, 271. 
Doak, William, 271. 
bobbins, Edward, 263. 
Dodd, John, 269. 
Doggett, Chatton, 157. 
Doggett, George, 157. 
Doherty, John, 271a. 

Dolman, , 6. 

Doley, Thomas, 157. 
Donaldson, John, 209. 
Donaldson, \^''illiam, 261. 
Donally, Andrew, 256, 265. 
Donelson, John, 214. 
Dooley, George, 254. 
Dooley, John, 42, (Killed by In- 
Dorsey, Joshua, 263. 
Doswell, Thomas, 30. 

Douglass, , 215. 

Douglass, Hugh, 269. 
Douglass, William, 269, 

Douthat, , 166. 

Dove, William, 216. 

Dowbman, , 181. 

Dowell, , 251. 

Downey, , 49. 

Downer, John, 257. 
Downing, James, 271. 
Downs, John, 255. 
Draggett, James, 255. 
Drake, James, 274. 

Drapier, , 271. 

Drumheller, Leonard, 25, 38. 

Drury, , 234. 

Duckleman, , 85. 

Dudley, Gwin, 157. 
Dudley, Peter, 279. 
Duffield, Abraham, 180. 
Dugrid, William, 26. 
Duke, Edward, 264. 
Duncan, Benjamin, 151. 
Duncan, George, 262. 
Duncan, John, 185, 280. 
Dundane, James, 255. 

Dunmore, , 1, 36, 66, 74, 148- 

Dunn, James, 251. 
Dunn, John, 62. 
Dupuy, John, 23, 275. 
Durham, Joshua, 252. 
Durham, Nathaniel, 275. 
Durrett, Robert, 229, 279. 
Durrett, Richard, 251, 257. 
Durrett, William, 257. 
Dusee, Lewis, 157. 

Duvall, , 15. 

Dysart, James, 280. 

Early, Jacob, 254. 
Early, Jacobus, 254. 
Early, Jeremiah, 254. 

Earn, , 256. 

East, John, 27. 

Eastham, , 95, 98. 

Eastin, Johnston, 263. 

Eavans, , 256. 

Eberman, William, 277. 
Eckard, Abraham, 180. 
Eckard, Philip, 180. 
Eddings, David, 256. 

Edmunds, , 243. 

Edminston, William, 280. 
Edmonds, Elias, 244. 
Edmunds, William, 261. 


ViRGixiA Militia in the Revolution 

Edmondson, Richard, 153. 
Edmunds, Jacob, 275. 

Edmundson, , 120. 

Edmundson, Benjamin, 232. 
Edward, Robert, 252. 

Edwards, , 271. 

Edwards, Frederick, 271. 
Edwards, John, 163. 
Edwards, Thomas, 261. 
Edwards, William, 206. 
Eggleston, John, 274. 
Eidson, Henry, 254. 
Elam, Branch, 259. 
Elam, Bartilot, 259. 
Elam, Richard, 259. 
Elam, Samuel, 259. 
Elgin, Francis, Jr., 269. 
Elgin, Gustavus, 269. 
Elkins, Benjamin, 263. 
Ellinipsico, 61, 112. 

Elliott, , 1. 

Elliott, James, 276, 280. 

Elliott, John, 252. 

Elliott, William, 269. 

Ellis, Stephen, 264. 

Ellis, Thomas, 257. 

Ellsworth, Jacob, 180. 

Ellyson, Onan, 259. 

Epperson, , 1. 

Eppes, , 165. 

Eppes, Francis, 82. 

Erwin, Benjamin, 277. 

Eskridge, Charles, 269. 

Estill, Wallace, 133, 256. 

Estis, , 23. 

Estis, Richard, 271. 

Ethal, Anthony, 245. 

Eustace, Wm. Jr., 261. 

Eustis, William, 50. 

Evans, , 122. 

Evans, Andrew, 276. 

Evans, Evan, 277. 

Evans, Jesse, 271. 
Evans, William, 263. 

Ewell, , 132. 

Ewell, James, 253. 
Ewell, Samuel, 271. 
Ewell, William, 254. 

Eye, Christopher, 180. 

Falconer, Samuel, 228. 

Falkner, , 64, 159. 

Falkner, John, 144. 

Faulkner, , 1, 159, 194. 

Faulkner, Johnson, 257. 
Farley, Francis, 254. 
Farmer, John, Jr., 259. 
Farnsworth, Henry, 269. 
Farrar, John, 259. 
Feagam. Daniel, 269. 

Febiger, , 1, 50. 

Ferguson, , 102, 148, 152. 

Ferguson, Robert, 210. 
Ferguson, Samuel, 104, 271. 
Ferguson, William, 141, 157. 
Field, , 74. 

Fink, Jacob, 255. 
Finley, , 9. 

Finley, James, 271. 

Finley, William, 253. 

Finney, John, 69, 252. 

Finney, William, 252. 

Fitzgerald, , 82. 

Fitzgerald, Barclay, 113. 

Fitzgerald, Francis, 252. 

Fitzgerald, William, 173. 

Fitzhugh, John, 257. 

Fitzwater, John, 277. 

Fitzwater, Thomas, 277. 

Fix, Philip, 28. 

Flait, William, 251. 

Fleisher, Conrad, 4, 180. 

Fleisher, Henry, 180, 253. 

Flemming, , 147. 

Flemming, James, 256. 

Flemming, William, 274. 

Fletcher, , 257. 

Fletcher, John, 261. 

Flood, , 24. 

Flowers, Absolom, 170. 

Flowers, Daniel, 261. 

Flournoy, , 24. 

Flourney, Thomas, 7, 275. 

Floyd, , 141. 

Foley, James, Jr., 261. 
Fontaine, , 93. 

Virginia Mimtia in the Revolution 


Fontaiine, Aaron, 270. 
Fontaine, John, 268. 
Fontaine, William, 8. 

Ford, , 149. 

Ford, Lewis, 193, 252. 
Ford, William, 252. 
Fore, Francis, 275. 
Foster, George, 275. 
Foster, Joshua, 275. 
Foster, Thomas, 271. 
Foulk, Mathew, 251. 
Foulks, Gabriel, 174. 
Fowler, John, 259. 
Fowler, Luke, 259. 
Fowlkes, Gabriel, 252. 
Francis, Arnold, 163. 
Fox, John, 270. 
Francis, Henry, 271. 
Franklin, Edmund, 254. 
Franklin, James, 17, IS, 46, 6 
Franklin, O^en, 254. 
Fraser, John, 275. 
Fraser, Thomas, 275. 
Frazier, Falzy, 251. 
Frazier, George, 256. 
Frazier, James, 61, 253, 277. 
Frazier, John, 280. 
Freeland, George, 280. 

Freeze, , 5. 

French, Daniel, 254. 
French, John, 261. 

Friend, , 258. 

Frost, William, 263. 
Fugue, Wm., 275. 
Fulkerson, Joshua, 261. 
Fulkerson, James, 280. 
Fulkerson, Rodham, 261. 
Fulton, Robert, 107. 
Fuqua, Moses, 254. 

Galispie, William, 275. 
Galladay, David, 278. 
Galloway, John, 128, 256. 
Gaines, Richard, 184. 
Gardner, Francis, 95. 

Garland, , 1. 

Garland, Edward, 251. 

Gardiner, Henson, 271. 
Garland, James, 9, 84, 78. 
Garland, Nathaniel, 100, 251, 270. 
Garratt, Alexander, 275. 
Garratt, Harvey, 270. 
Garrett, Henry, 270. 
Garrington, John, 261. 
Gartin, Nathaniel, 34. 

Gaskins, , 50. 

Gates, , 10, 35, 153, 159, 171, 

194, 202. 
Gay, John, 276. 
Gentry, James, 251. 
Gentry, George, 251. 

George, , 261. 

George, Frederick, 143. 
George, James, Jr., 264. 
George, William, 264, 269. 
German, , 175. 

Gibbs, , 1. 

Gibbs, William, 252, 259. 
Gibson, , 5. 

Gibson, David, 107, 253. 
Gibson, George, 117. 
Gibson, James, 253. 
Gibson, John, 88. 

Gilbert, , 129. 

Gilbert, Daniel, 254. 

Gilbert, John W., 254. 

Gilbert Preston, 254. 

Gilbert, Samuel, 254. 

Giles, , 252. 

Giles, Isaiah, 31. 

Giles, William, 81, 267. 

Gilham, Peter, 263. 

Gilkerson, , 142. 

Gilkerson, Samuel, 263. 

Gill, , 1, 181. 

Gillespie, George, 29. 

Gillespsie, William, 275. 

Gilliam, George, 251. 

Gilliam, James, 260. 

Gilliam, Zachariah, 254. 

Gilliland, James, 108. 

Gillis, Thomas, 256. 

Gilmer, , 61, 113. 

Gilmer, George, 251. 


Virginia Militia in" the Revolution 

Gilmer, James, 48, 61, 69. 
Gilmer, John, 253. 
Gilmer, William, 121. 

Gilmore, , 256. 

Gilmore, James, 115, 121. 
Gilmore, James, Jr., 276. 
Gilmore, William, 121. 
Gilmore, Jno., 276. 

Ginn, , 256. 

Givens, , 256. 

Given, David, 253. 

Given, John, 87, 124, 130, 134, 253. 

Glass, Samuel, 265. 

Glavis, William, 271. 

Glen, , 35, 66. 151, 211. 

Glenn, Beverley, 270. 
Glen, James, 260. 
Gleen, Peyton, 275. 
Goggins, John, 167. 
Goggin, Stephen, 153. 
Going, Sharod, 251. 
Gooch, William, 100, 251. 

Goode, . 15, 202, 203, 258. 

Goode, Francis, 259. 

Goode, Frank, 2. 

Goode, Mack, 252. 

Goode, Mackness, 193. 

Goode, Robert, 15, 194, 199, 207, 

Goode, Thomas, 259. 
Goodwin, Esua, 143. 
Gordon, Thomas, 277. 
Goodwin, Micajah, 61. 
Gordon. William, 256. 

Graham, , 265. 

Graham, Christopher, 253. 
Graham, Duncan, Jr., 257. 
Graham, Francis, 180. 
Graham, James, 253. 
Graham, Robert, 257. 
Graham, William, 257. 
Grant, Isaac, 269. 
Grant, Robert, 32. 

Graves , 148, 171. 

Gravatt, John, 257. 
Graves, King, 259. 
Graves, Lewis, 148. 

Graves, Richard, 272. 
Graves, Thomas, 148. 
Graves, Thomas, N., 148. 

Gray," , 44, 109, 113, 173. 

Gray, David, 105, 123, 137, 253, 

Gray, John, 252. 
Gray, William, 274. 
Gray, William F., 257. 

Grayson, , 13. 

Grayson, William, 100, 186, 245, 

Green, , 1, 23, 39, 40, 42, 46, 

54, 62, 67, 68, 121, 124, 137, 

153, 156, 171, 173, 227. 
Green, Abraham, 82, 252. 
Green, James, 254. 
Green, John, 46. 
Green, Forrest, 270. 
Green, Moses, 254. 
Green, Samuel, 252. 
Greenhill, William, 252. 

Greenup, , 269. 

Greer, James, 254. 

Gregory, , 1, 265. 

Gregory, Joseph, 129. 

Grenadier, Squaw, 61. 

Griffith, Benjamin, 254. 

Grigg. James, 252. 

Grigsby, William, 261. 

Grubbs, Nathan, 30. 

Guerrant, John, Jr., 264. 

Gum, Isaac, 180. 

Gum, Jacob, 180. 

Gum, John, 4. 

Gum, William, 180. 

Gunn, Elisha, 173. 

Guttery, Alexander, 260. 

Guttery, Bernard, 260. 

Guy, George, 257. 

Guy, Thomas, F., 257. 

Gwatkins, Chas. 254. 

Gwin, David, 33. 58, 76, 92, 253. 

Gwin, Joseph, 4, 12, 58, 72, 253. 

Gwinn, John, 209. 

Gwinn, Joseph, 253. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Habbersham, Joseph, S3. 

Hackley, Samuel, 197. 

Hadenv Anthony, 262 — (32). 

Haden, John, Mozely, 262. 

Haden, John M., 262. 

Haden, Joseph, 262. 

Haden, William, 262. 

Haile, Richard, 254. 

Haile. Thomas, 268. 

Hairston, George, 268. 

Hairston, John, 268. 

Hairston, Peter, 268. 

Halbert, William, 268. 

Hale, Job, 141. 

Hales, Peter, 275. 

Hall, , 102. 

Hall, Adam, 180. 

Hall, Bowler, 252. 

Ha/11, Bowling, 173. 

Hall, James, 109, 137, 191, 256, 

Hall, John, 251, 257. 
Hall, Nathan, 251. 
Hall, Richard, 262. 

Hall, William, 109. 
Hamilton, Alexander, 111. 
Hamilton, Andrew, 65, 159, 256. 
Hamilton, Andrew, Jr., 253. 

Hamilton, Charles, 253. 
Hamilton, Gawen, 277. 
Hamilton, James, 111. 
Hamilton, John, 111, 253. 
Hamilton, Patrick, 253. 
Hamilton, Samuel, 265. 
Hamilton, William, 256, 265. 
Hammer, Balsor, 180. 
Hammer, Nicholas, 38(. 
Hammond, Phillip, 61. 
Hampkins, Uriah, 256. 

Hampton, , 85. 

Hampton, George, 237. 
Hampton, Nathan, 275. 
Hampton, Thomas, 263. 
Hancher, William, 263. 

Hancock, , 264. 

Hancock, Benjamin, 262. 
Hancock, Simon, 269. 

Hand, , 43, 48, 61, 97, 98, 

112, 130. 
Hand, Christopher, 38. 
Hank, Henry, 271a. 

Hanly, , 256. 

Handly, Alexander, 114. 
Hansford, Benoni, 272. 

Hard, , 1, 

Hardiman, , 229. 

Hardin, John, 279. 
Harding, Thomas, 264. 
Hardman, John, 277. 
Hardon, George, 251. 

Hardy, , 216, 235. 

Harley, , 256. 

Harper, Nicholas, 180, 253. 
Harper, Richard, 251. 

Harman, , 277. 

Harrell, John, 263. 

Harris, , 88, 131, 259. 

Harris, Benjamin, 50, 84, 100, 251. 

Harris, Francis, E., 274. 

Harris, Frederick, 270. 

Harris, John, 25, 38, 99, 151, 274. 

Harris, John, Jr., 274. 

Harris Nathaniel, 264. 

Harris, Peter, 268. 

Harris, Richard, 251. 

Harris, Robert, 251, 253. 

Harris, Samuel, 237. 

Harris, Thomas, 192, 248, 261, 274. 

Harris, Thornton, 248. 

Harris, William, 93, 251, 270. 

Harrison, Benjamin, 9, 57, 93, 239, 

260, 277. 
Harrison, Bevor, 261. 
Harrison, James, 61, 112, 246. 
Harrison, Josiah, 127, 277. 
Harrison, Reuben, 253, 277. 
Harrison, Richard, 42. 
Harrison, Robert, 277. 
Harrison, Thomas, 276. 
Harrison, William, 252. 
Harrod, Littlebury, 190. 
Hart, Benjamin, 195. 
Hart, John, 59, 255. 
Hartless, William, 40. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 





Harvie, John, 277. 
Haskins, Charles, 22. 
Haskins, Crad, 6. 
Haskins, Creed, 199, 211, 260. 
Haskins, Edward, 274. 
Haskins, John, 230. 
Haskins, Robert, 259. 
Haskins, Thomas, 274, 275. 
Haslip, Henry, 262. 
Hastie, Thomas, 275. 

Hatcher, , 147. 

Hatcher, John, 260. 
Hatcher, Thomas, 264. 
Hatfield, Andrew, 271. 
Hathaway, James, 261. 
Hathaway, John, 261. 
Hatton, Reuben, 149. 

Hawes, , 7. 

Hawes, Samuel, 18, 218. 
Hawes, Thomas, 257. 
Hawk, Isaac, 43. 
Hawkins, James, 272. 
Hawkins, Reuben, 251. 
Hay, James, 276. 
Hayden, Anthony, 32, 262. 
Hayden, Joseph, 27, 262. 
Haynes, Parmenas, 254. 
Haymond, Thos, 271a. 
Haymond, W'm., 271a. 
Haymond, Henry, 271a. 

Hays, , 181. 

Hays, John, 271. 
Hays, Samuel, 280. 
Hays, William, 181. 
Hayth, Thomas, 254. 

Hazaret, , 3. 

Head, Benjamin, 272. 
Head, James, 272. 
Heale, William, 261. 

Heath, , 132. 

Heath, Andrew, 43. 
Heaton, James, 263. 
Heister, Daniel, 163. 
Helfhingston, Philip, 263. 
Helm, John, 254. 
Helm, Thomas, 254, 261. 

Hempenstall, Abraham, 253. 
Henderson, Anthony, 51. 
Henderson, Bennett, 251. 
Henderson, James, 256. . 
Henderson, John, 50, 60, 251, 265, 

Henderson, T., 268. 
Henderson. William, 251, 253, 254. 

Hendricks, , 1. 

Hendricks, James, 226. 

Henley, Hezekiah, 264. 

Henry, John, 269. 

Henry, Patrick, 23, 82, 148. 

Henry, William, 262. 

Henson, Samuel, 270. 

Herndon, Edward, 187. 

Herndon, John, 264, 272. 

Herndon, Zachariah, 272. 

Herring, James, 37. 

Herring, William, 277. 

Herston, Peter, 141, 152, 157. 

Havener, Jacob, 277. 

Hewitt, John, 133. 

Hewitt, Thomas, 253, 277. 

Hicklin, Thomas, 12, 22, 70, 72, 


Hickman, , 234. 

Hickman, Adam, 109, 135. 
Hicks, William, 69. 
Higgen, Joel, 257. 
Higginbotham, Benjamin, 39, 40, 

Higginbotham, Caleb, 68. 
Higginbotham, James, 19, 41. 
Higginbotham, Samuel, 19, 61. 

Hill, , 148. 

Hill, Henry, 94. 
Hill, John, 259, 263. 
Hill, Richard, 199, 251. 
Hill, Swinfield, 268. 
Hill, Thomas, 268. 
Hill, William, 35, 259. 
Hines, John, 36. 
Hines, William, 36. 
Hinkle, Henry, 110. 
Hinkle, Isaac, 277. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Hisewonger, John, 263. 
Hiskill, Adam, 263. 
Hiskill, Peter, 263. 
Hixon, Timothy, 269. 

Hockaday, , 1. 

Hodge, James, 276. 

Hodges, Robert, 143. 

Hobson, Benjamin, 260. 

Hobson, John, 260. 

Hobson, William, 202, 260. 

Hoffman, George, 180. 

Hoff, James, 180. 

Hogan, John, 261. 

Hogg, John, 38, 69, 180. 

Hogg, Thomas, 211. 

Hogshead, James Jr., 253. 

Holcomb, , 204, 205. 

Holcomb, John, 7, 16, 17, 18, 19, 

67, 68, 275. 
Holcomb, Phillips, 80. 
Holland, Richard, 7, 16, 275. 

Hollady, , 220. 

Hollady, James, 279. 
Hollady, John, 229. 
Hollady, Lewis, 229. 
Hollman, Nathaniel, 267. 
Holloway, William, 252. 
Holman, Alexander, 275. 
Holman, Christopher, 246. 
Holman, Tandy, 264. 

Holsten, , 133. 

Holstin, , 256. 

Holt, Thomas, 27. 
Holt, William, 171. 
Hondle, Hezekiah, 267. 
Hood, Thomas, 227. 
Hoover, Jacob, 180. 
Hoover, Michael, 180. 

Hopkins, , 1, 148. 

Hopkins, James, 171. 

Hopkins, John, 127, 253, 264, 277. 

Hord, James, 257. 

Herd, John, 257. 

Hord, Thomas, 257. 

Hord, William, 275. 

Horseley, Richard, 263. 

Hotsler, , 256. 



Houston, George, 108, 119. 
Houston, James, 61. 

Howard, , 64, 75, 117, 156. 

Howard, Christopher, 230. 
Howe, Daniel, 150, 271. 
Howell, John, 143. 
Howerton, James, 275. 
Howson, John, 252. 

Hoyd, , 137. 

Hubbard, , 203, 206, 259. 

Hubbard, Thomas, 274. 
Hubbard, William, 66, 258. 
HubblefieTd, George, 272. ■ 
Huckstep, Charles, 251. 
Hudgens, William, 260. 
Hudnall, William, 254. 
Hudson, Charles, 38. 
Hudson, Irby, 143. 
Hudson, John, 251. . . 

Hudson, Robert, 252 
Hudson, Tuttle, 143. 

Huggard, , 75. 

Hughart Thomas, 22, 111, 159, 

Hughes, Archilaus, 268. 
Hughes, David, 274. 
Hughes, Joshua, 270. 
Hughes, Robert, 54, 196, 197, 198, 

203, 204, 274. 
Hughes, Thomas, 8. 
Hughes, William, 270. 
Hucklebery, Fred, 271a. 
Hull, George, 4. 
Hull, Peter, 72, 180, 253, 256. 

Humphrey, , 269. 

Humphreys, Jonathan, 253. 

Hunt, , 174. 

Hunt, David, 56, 213. 
Hunt, Nathaniel, 23. 
Hunt, William, 261. 
Hungate, William, 161. 
Hunter, David, Jr., 255. 
Hunter, John, Jr., 254. 

Hunton, , 9. 

Huston, George, 277. 
Huston, James, 276. 


ViRGixiA Militia ix the Revolution 

Huston, John, 277. 
Hutchen, Seth, 192. 
Hutcheson, James, 256. 
Hutchings, Charles, 151. 
Hutchings, Moses, 209. 
Hutchison, James, 193. 
Hutchison, William, 44, 269. 
Hutton, Moses, 43. 
Hylton, John, 259. 

Ice, Fredk., 271a. 
Ice, John, 271a. 
Inglis, David, 271. 
Inglis, William, 271. 
Ingram, Uriah, 180. 
Ingram, William, 272. 
Inchminger, John, 61. 

Innes, , 185, 223 

Innes, Harry, 254. 
Irby, Charles, 173, 
Irey, Philip, 269. 
Irvine, , 101 


Irvine, Andrew, 254. 
Irvine, John, 254. 
Irvine, Robert, 254. 
Irwin, John, 115. 
Ivey, Jennie, 157. 



Jackson, Henry, 194. 
Jackson, William, 270. 

James, , 29, 55. 

James, Joseph, 261. 
James, Thomas, 261. 
James, William, 254. 
Jameson, David, 257. 
Jameson, James, 272. 
Jameson, William, 258, 272. 

Jamison, , 85. 

Jarman, William, 25, 38. 
Jarvis, Field, 47. 

Jefferson, , 197, 207. 

Jeffries, , 213. 

Jeffries, William, 213. 
Jenkins, James, 252. 
Jennings, Augustine, 261. 
Jennings, Baylor, 261. 

Jennings, Berryman, 261. 

Jennings, Isham, 275. 

Jennings, James, 275. 

Jennings, Joseph, 252. 

Jennings, William, 261. 

Jeter, Ambrose, 257. 

Jeter, Henry, 254. 

Jeter, Presley, 252. 

Johns, Isaac, 138. 

Johnson, , 1, 85, 115, 176, 

177, 185, 272. 
Johnson, Andrew, 277. 
Johnson, Arthur, 252. 
Johnson, Benjamin, 267, 271. 
Johnson, Christopher, 270. 
Johnson, George, 270. 
Johnson, Henry Ashton, 270. 
Johnson, James, 35, 253, 265. 
Johnston, Peter, 264. 
Johnston, Philip, 218, 257. 
Johnston, Richard, 224, 270. 
Johnson Robert, 272. 
Johnson, Thomas, 254, 270. 
Johnson, Walter, 264. 
Johnson, William, 251, 262, 275. 
Johnson, Zachariah, 136, 253. 
Johnston, Benjamin, 279. 
Johnston, James, 271a. 
Johnston, Richard, 251. 

Jones, , 82, 269. 

Jones, Batt, 252. 

Jones, Benjamin, 75. 

Jones, Cadwallader, 3, 113. 

Jones, Daniel, 252. 

Jones, David, 152. 

Jones, John, 115, 255, 257. 

Jones, Joseph, 268. 

Jones, Landon, 99. 

Jones, Philip, 82, 252. 

Jones, Richard, 252. 

Jones, Thomas, 25, 38, 46, 157, 

237, 251, 252, 254, 257, 268. 
Jones, William, 252, 254. 
Jones, Wylie, 82. 

Jordan, , 1. 

Jordan, Andrew, 180. 
Jordan, Thomas, 252. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Jordan, William, 251, 254. 
Jouett, Robert, 64. 
Justice, Moses, 271. 

Katon, Jacob, 269. 
Kay, James, 257. 
Kate, John, 143. 
Keblinger, Adam, 251. 
Keeling, George, 260. 
Keister, Frederick, 277. 
Keither, Alexander, 261. 
Keither, Thomas, 261. 
Keller, Conrad, 49. 
Kelley, Alexander, 265. 
Kelso, James, 116. 
Kemper, Peter, Jr., 261. 
Kemp, John, 263. 
Kendrick, Abraham, 263. 
Kendrick, Christly, 263. 
Kendrick, John, 172. 
Kennedy, David, 59, 263. 
Kennerly, William, 117. 
Kennett, Valentine, 271a. 
Kenney, Robert, 253. 
Kennison, Jacob, 48. 

Kennon, , 1. 

Kennon, Thomas, 269. 
Kenton, Ambrose, 272. 
Kenton, William, 261. 
Kettering, Laurence, 271. 
Kidd, James, H., 172. 
Kilgrove, George, 269. 

Kilpatrick, , 183. 

Kincaid, James, 185. 
Kincaid, Joseph, 185. 
Kincaid, William, 34, 74, 124. 
Kincannon, Andrew, 280. 
Kincannon, Francis, 271. 

Kincheloe, , 261. 

King, Avra, 153. 
King, Smith, 269. 
King, Thomas, 269, 275. 
King, William, 7, 153. 
King, Zachariah, 32. 
Kinkead, John, 280. 
Kinkead, William, 34, 92, 253. 
Kirk, Robert, 13, 97. 

Kirkland, Benjamin, 143. 

Kirtley, Elijah, 104. 

Knight, John, 82, 174, 193, 252. 

Knox, , 164, 184. 

Kyger, Christian, 277. 

Lacey, Elliott, 264. 

Lacey, Mathew, 264. 

LaFayette, 23, 25, 35, 38, 50, 82, 

85, 87, 98, 100, 134, 148, 169, 

176, 197, 199, 202, 224, 225, 

229, 234. 
Lambert, Jacob, 278. 
Landrum, Younger, 10, 17, 18, 68, 

Lane, Henry, 52. 

Laney, , 100. 

Langhorne, John, 275. 

Langsden, Daniel, 206. 

Lanier, Thomas, 143. 

Lantz, Conrad, 180. 

Lantz, Joseph, 180. 

Larrish, John, 263. 

Laurence, James, 263. 

Lawson, , 17, 18, 19, 67, 68, 

104, 149, 152, 196, 197, 206, 

Lawson, McDaniel, 126. 
Lawson, Robert, 29, 31, 54. 
Lawton, Robert, 275. 
Lawton, Thomas, 275. 
La\ton, Robert, 261. 
Leak, Elisha, 264. 
Leake, Josiah, 264. 
Leake, Mark, 25, 38, 53, 99, 100, 

Leake, Matthew, 84. 
Leath, John, 278. 

Lee, , 133 

Lee, Archibald, 275. 

Lee, Benjamin, 262. 

Lee, Charles, 1. 

Lee, John, 275. 

Lee, Young, 26. 

Leftwich, Augustine, 254. 

Leftwich, Uriah, 254. 

Leftwich, William, 47, 157, 254. 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 



Legg, John, 279. 
Leigh, Charles, 275. 
Lemaster, John, 271a. 
Lemon, Jacob, 118. 

Leroy, , 171. 

Lescur, Marbell, 274. 

Lew, , 175. 

Lewis, , 60, 61. 

Lewis, Aaron, 280. 

Lewis, Andrew, 74, 156, 256. 

Lewis, Charles, 73, 74, 251. 

Lewis, Daniel, 269. 

Lewis, Griffith, 252. 

Lewis, Isham, 251. 

Lewis, Jesse, 50. 

Lewis, John, 20, 33, 42, 60, 73, 76, 

256, 269. 
Lewis, John, Z., 279. 
Lewis, Joseph, 264, 269. 
Lewis, Micajah, 251. 
Lewis, Nicholas, 251, 264. 
Lewis, Robert, 264. 
Lewis, Samuel, 63, 92, 105, 120, 

Lewis, Thomas, 119, 158, 269, 277. 
Lewis, William, 251. 

Ligon, , 24, 275. 

Ligon, John, 274. 

Lightfoot, Daniel, 32. 

Lincoln, , 59, 66, 157, 169, 

172, 173, 210, 214. 
Lincoln, Abraham, 253, 277. 
Lincoln, Jacob, 277. 
Lindsay, Abraham, 263. 
Lindsay, Caleb, 272. 
Lindsay, Reuben, 84, 100, 251. 
Lines, John, 230. 
Lingul, Paul, 277. 
Linton, John, 269. 
Lipner, Henry, 2. 

Litterell, , 215. 

Litton^ Solomon, 280. 

Lively, , 164. 

Lively, Godrell, S3. 

Lock, , 90. 

Locke, Patrick, 114, 252. 

Lockett, Gideon, 274. 
Lockhart, Patrick, 256. 
Lockridge, Andrew, 58, 70, 72. 

74, 253. 
Logan, Alexander, 51. 
Logan, Benjamin, 153. 
Logan, Hugh, 102. 
Logan, John, 61, 256. 
Logan, William, 253. 
Logwood, Archibald, 259. 
Logwood, Edmund, 274. 
Logwood, Thomas, 153, 254. 
Long, William, 22, 63, 75, 85, 92, 

120, 164, 257. 
Long, Francis, 22, 98, 107, 133, 

Long, Joseph, 136, 253. 
Long, John, 257. 
Long, Thomas, 184. 

Loony, , 256. 

Loony, John, 280. 
Loony, Joseph, 138. 
Lorton, Isaac, 146. 
Love, Robert, 271. 
Love, William, 271. 
Lovel, Markel, 271. 
Lovel, William, 270. 

Lovely, , 1 64. 

Loving, , 134. 

Loving, John, 10. 
Lowderson, William', 253. 
Lowney, John, 251, 280. 
Lowry, Thomas, 257. 
Lowther, William, 253. 

Lucas, , 171. 

Lucas, Edward, 255. 

Lucas, John, 155, 269, 271. 

Lucas, William, 255. 

Lumpkin, Thomas, 254. 

Luinsden, George, 270. 

Lynch, Anselm, 254. 

Lynch, Charles, 141, 153, 254. 

Lyle, James, 276. 

Lyle, John, 136, 253, 276. 

Lvle, William, 105. 

Lyne, Edmund, 268. 

Lyne, Henry, 268. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Lyon, James, 268. 
Lyon, Stephen, 268. 

McArnoId, William, 256. 

Mcllhany, , 100, 120. 

Macintosh, , 5, 33, 88, 108. 

Mclray, Hugh, 254. 

McCalley, John, 279. 

McCampbell, James, 276. 

McCardle, Samuel, 251. 

McCarmie, John, 75. 

McCarney, John, 22, 124. 

McCaul, William, 264. 

McCausland, Andrew, 58. 

McClain, John, 123. 

McClain, Robert, 269. 

McClanachan, , 74. 

McClarry, Alexander, 195. 
McClelland, Abraham, 280. 
McClellan, William, 269. 
McClenahan, Alexander, 136. 
McClenahan, William, 138, 156, 
253, 256. 

McClenahan, , 74. 

McClung, John, 105, 123, 276. 
McClung, William, Jr., 276. 
McCorkle, James, 150, 271. 
McCorkle, John, 121. 
McCormick, Francis 263. 
McCormick, John, 255. 

McCoy, , 86, 265. 

McCoy, John, 4, 33, 70, 76, 253. 
McCreary, John, 22, 72, 73, 253. 
McCreary, Nancy, 61. 

McCreery, , 70. 

McCreery, Robert, 79, 253. 
McCreery, William, 58, 253. 
McCune, John, 253. 
McCutcheon, Samuel, 33, 107, 124, 

McCutcheon, William, 124, 136. 
McDaniel, Clement, 213. 
McDaniel, John, 106. 

McDonald, , 155. 

McDonald, Maynus, 271. 

McDo.vell, , 61. 

McDowell, James. 105, 123. 

McDowell, Samuel, 97, 98, 130, 276. 
McFarron, Rowland, 256. 
McFarran, Samuel, 256. 

McGee, , 146. 

McCJee, Samuel, 271. 
McGehee, William, 275. 
McGeach, John, 269. 
McGeorge, Thomas, 256. 
McGraw, William, 210. 

McGuire, , 44, 186. 

McGuire, Neely, 157. 

McKee, , 115. 

McKee, James, 125. 
McKee, John, 126. 
McKee, Nancy, 125. 
McKee, Robert, 276. 
McKee, William, 61, 69. 
McKenney, John, 107, 253, 276. 
McKittrick, John, 22, 111, 118, 253. 
McLaughlin, John, 57. 
McLarlane, John, 271. 
McLaurine, William, 207. 
McMahon, John, 253. 
McMaken, Alexander, 269. 
McMath, William, 276. 

McMicken, , 269. 

McMullen, William, 271 

McMurtry, , 256 

McNabb, Alexander, 252. 

McNeal, , 74. 

McNeel, , 74. 

McNeely, William, 256 
McNutt, James, 61, 69. 
McQuain, Alexander, 180. 
McReynolds, Thomas, 254. 
McRoberts, John, 256. 

McWilliams, , 85, 228, 229, 

McWilliams, William, 279. 

Madison, , 63. 

Madison, Ambrose, 91. 
Madison, George, 257. 
Madison, James, 272. 
Madison, Richard, 136, 253. 
Maguhe, Samuel, 271. 
Maguire, William, 271. 
Mallory, , 100. 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Mallory, Uriel, 272. 
Manere, John, 252. 
Mann, William, 74. 

Marbury, , 175. 

Mathews, George, 117, 136. 

Marion, , 21. 

Marks, Elisha, 269. 
Marks, Hastings, 251. 
Marks, John, 251. 
Marks, Thomas, 269. 
Markham, George, 259. 
Markham, Vincent, 207, 274. 

Marshall, , 82. 

Marshall, Alexander, 252. 
Marshall, Abraham, 252. 
Marshall, John, 211, 253, 257. 
Marshall, Samuel, 184. 

Martin, , 93. 

Martin, Azariah, 171. 
Martin, Benjamin, 262. 
Martin, Brice, 268. 
Martin, David, 254. 
Martin, Henry, 32, 262. 
Martin, Hudson, 251. 
Martin, John, 251, 261, 262. 
Martin, Joseph, 21, 56, 185, 280. 
Martin Joshua, 141. 
Martin, Josiah, 134, 256. 
Martin, Robert, 272. 
Martin, Samuel, 275. 
Martin, Thomas, 251. 
Martin, Thomas Jr., 251. 
Martin, William, 262. 
Marx, John, 8. 

Mason, , 149. 

Mason, David, 173. 
Mason, George, 269. 
Mason, John, 122, 279. 
Massenburg, John, 170. 
Massie, Nathaniel, 264. 
Massie, Thomas, 1, 264. 
Mastin, Thomas, 280. 

Mathews, , 35, 37, 85. 

Mathews, George, 117-136. 
Mathews, John, 181. 
Mathews, Phillip, 7, 55, 275. 

Mathews, Sampson, 11, 12, 20, 22, 
57, 58, 72, 74, 79, 98, 117, 119, 
124, 136, 162, 223, 253. 

Mathews, Richard, 253. 

Mathews, Thomas, 158. 

Maupin, Cornelius, 251. 

Maupin, Daniel, 251. 

Maupin, William, 251. 

Mauzy, John, 261. 

Maxwell, Alexander, 253. 

Maxwell, Audley, 276. 

Maxwell, George, 280. 

Maxwell, James, 271, 280. 

Maxey, John, 195. 

Maxey', Shadrack, 195. 

May, David, 256. 

May, Joseph, 274. 

Mayo, Joseph, 262. 

Mayo, William, 207. 

Mays, , 133. 

Mays, David, 133. 

Mays James, 153. 

Mays, Joseph, 262. 

Mays, Peter, 151. 

Mays, William, 203, 274. 

Mazaret, , 2, 3. 

Meade, , 7. 

Meade, E., 16, 29. 

Meade, Everett, 81. 

Meals, John, 279. 

Means, Thomas, 22. 

Meeks, James, 34. 

Megaree, Hugh, 36. 

Menifee, William, 268. 

Mercer, Aaron, 263. 

Meredith, , 29, 30, 31, 55, 202. 

Meredith, Elisha, 30. 

Meredith, William, 6, 260. 

Merriman, , 23, 24. 

Merriott, Tapley, 274. 

Mcriott, Triplett, 274. 

Merriweather, , 8, 52, 126, 170, 

213, 216, 245. 

Merivether, David Wood, 270. 

Meriwether, James, 229, 251. 

Meriwether, Thomas, 231, 251. 

Virginia Mii.itia in thi- Ri:v( 

Meriwether, William, 270. 

Metcalf, Allen, 255. 

Metcalf, John, 261. 

Meteer, Thomas, 253. 

Michie, James, 270. 

Michie George, 270. 

Michie, Robert, 270. 

Milam, Rush, 126. 

Milam, William, 254. 

Millman, Thomas, 269. 

Miles, Josias, 269. 

Miller, ,25, 37, 38. 

Miller, Harmon, 217. 

Miller, Hugh, 265. 

Miller, John, 268. 

Miller, Lewis, 272. 

Miller Robert, 272. 

Miller, Simon, Jr., 254. 

Miller, Thomas, 264, 279. 

Miller, William, 1C9, 121, 264. 

Mills, , 256. 

Mills, Bernard, 251. 
Mills, Frederick William, 251. 
Mills, Nathaniel, 272. 
Mills, William, 179, 223, 255, 279. 
Minnis, Robert, 277. 
Minor, Garrett, 270. 
Minor, John, 269. 
Minor, Thomas, 229, 232, 279. 
Minor, Vivian, 224. 
Mitchell, Daniel, 254. 
Mitchell, Evans, 252. 
Mitchell, James, 97, 107, 253. 
Mitchell, John, 159. 
Mitchell, Thomas, 251, 252. 
Mitchell, William, 174, 257. 
Moffett, George, 45, 87, 97, 117, 130, 

Moffett, , 13. 

Moffet, Jesse, 239. 
Moffett, John, 118, 261. 
Moffett, Josiah, 269. 
Moffets, Robert, 271. 
Monroe, George, 241. 

Montgomery, , 9, 146. 

Montgomery, Francis, 100. 
Montgomery, James, 271, 280. 

Montgomery, John, 185. 
Montgomery, Joseph, 271. 
Montgomery, Michael, 271. 
Moodie, James, 259. 

Moody, , 56, 77. 

Moon, Jacob, Jr., 254. 

Moore, , 24. 

Moore, Alexander, 178- 227. 

Moore, Andrew, 105, 123, 253, 276. 

Moore, David, 181. 

Moore, Elijah, 178. 

Moore Family, 146. 

Moore, Francis, Jr., 272. 

Moore, George, 184. 

Moor, Jacob, 254. 

Moore, James, 251, 271. 

Moore, Jesse, 262. 

Moore, John, 7, 115. 

Moore, Reuben, 272. 

Moore, Robert, 181. 

Moore, Thomas, 275. 

Moore, William, 42, 69, 115, 120, 272. 

Moorehead, Turner, 244, 261. 

Moorman, James, 270. 

Morby, , 15. 

Morgan, 1, 11, 61, 62, 66, 75, 98, 

104, 114, 121, 137, 164, 171, 

181, 208, 238, 243. 
Morgan, Benjamin, 59. 
Morgan, Daniel, 167. 
Morgan, David, 271a. 
Morgan, Evan, 271a. 
Morgan, James, 271a. 
Morgan, James, Jr., 271a. 
Morgan, Morgan, 271a. 
Morgan, William, 54. 
Morrell, John, 35. 

Morris, , 147, 167. 

Morris, Leonard, 115. 
Morris, Nathaniel, 264. 
Morris, Reuben, 277. 
Morris, William, 115, 277. 

Morrison, , 138. 

Morrison, John, 19, 134, 136, 143. 
Morrow, Charles, 255. 
Morton, Jacob, 258. 
Morton, James, 275. 


^'IRGI^•IA Militia in the Revolution 

Morton, John, 275. 
Morton, Josiah, 258. 
Morton, Joseph, 258. 
Morton, Thomas, 275. 
Morton, William, 66, 258. 

Mosby, , 54, 270. 

Mosby, Benjamin, 274. 

Mosby, Hezekiah, 196. 

Mosby, John, 274. 

Mosby, Littlebury, 54, 197, 207, 274. 

Mosby, Poindexter, 274. 

Mosby, Wade, 54, 197, 274. 

Moseley, Arthur, 47, 198, 254. 

Moseley, Blackman, 259. 

Mosley, Daniel, 251. 

Mosley, Edward, 248. 

Moseley, James, 56. 

Moseley, John, 274. 

Moseley, Thomas, 274. 

Moseley, W., 229, 259. 

Moss, Alexander, 262. 

Moss, John, 269. 

Mowby, , 15. 

Moyer, Phillip, 277. 
Muhlenburg, 49, 85, 89, 104, 105, 
120, 137, 143, 163, 164,.184, 217. 
Muir, Alexander, 271. 
Mullemax, James, 180. 
Mullemax, John, 180. 
Munfurt, Edward, 15, 54, 252, 274. 
Munday, Jonathan, 251. 
Mure, Alexander, 271. 
Mure, Richard, 271. 
Murphy, John, 157, 188, 268. 
Murph}', William, 157. 

Murray, , 59. 

Murray, Reuben, 244. 
Murray, Thomas, 254. 
Myers, Jacob, 263. 

Nail, , 5, 119. 

Nail, William, 253, 277. 
Namee, Cornelius, 254. 
Nance, James, 173. 
Nance, Reuben, 268. 
Nance, Thomas, 254. 

Nance, William, M., 174. 
Napier, John, 262. 
Napier, Richard, 32, 51, 262. 
Napier, Thomas, 262. 
Nash, John, 275. 
Nash, William, 261. 
Neale, Mathew, 261. 
Neal, Stephen, 275. 
Neal, William, 280. 

Neely, , 256. 

Neely, Alexander, 271. 
Neely, James Jr., 256. 
Neeb", Robert, 256. 
Neely, William, 256. 
Nelson, Ambrose, 67, 275. 

Nelson, , 37, 46 99, 174. 

Nelson, Daniel, 277. 
Nelson, John, 270. 
Nelson, Joseph, 261. 
Nelson, Thomas, 143, 236, 261. 

Nevill, , 103. 

Nevis, , 128. 

New, Anthony, 257. 
Newberry, Joseph, 259. 
Newcomer, Julius, 275. 

Newell, , 87. 

Newell, James, 43, 271. 
Newman, Alexander, 272. 
Newman, Rice, 252. 
Newsome, Nathaniel, 170. 
Newsome, Thomas, 170. 
Nitherson, John, 278. 

Nicholas, , 81. 

Nicholas, George, 143. 
Nicholas, John, 143. 
Nicholas, William, 251. 

Nickle, , 90. 

Nickle, A., 60. 
Nickle, Isaac, 60. 
Noble, Anthony, 255. 
Noble, Joseph, 252. 
Noel, John, 260. 
Noland, Philip, 269. 
Noland, Samuel, 269. 
Nolle, William, 277. 
Norment, John, 257. 
Norment, Samuel, 257. 

Virginia Mimtia in the Revolution 


Nniris, William, 261. 
North, John, 143. 
Null, Henry, 180. 

O'Banrion, John, 240. 
O'Bannon, Samuel, 261. 
O'Bannon, Thomas, 238. 
O'Brian, John, 263. 
Ogilsby, Richard, 252. 
O'Hara, James, 65. 
O'Hara, John, 65. 
Oliver, John, 253. 
Omohundro, Richard, 262. 
O'Roarke, David, 127. 
O'Roarke, Philemon, 127. 

Osborn, , 271. 

Osborn, Abner, 252. 
Osborn, Edward, 259. 
Osborn, William, Jr., 252. 
Otley, John, 254. 
Ottey, John, 254. 

Ousley, , 269. 

Overstreet, , 24, 173. 

Overstreet, James, 264. 
Overstreet, John, 24, 195. 

Overton, , 23, 24. 

Overton, Thomas Perkins, 252. 
Overton, Walter, 270. 

Owens, , 275. 

Owen, Christopher, 268. 
Owens, James, 279. 
Owens, John, 129. 
Owens, Richardson, 271. 
Ovvley, William, 269. 
Orban, Zarah, 271a. 

Paddv, , 9. 

Page, Mann, 279. 
Painter, Christopher, 277. 

Pamplin, , 106. 

Pannill, John, 272. 
Pankey, Stephen, 191, 259. 

Parker, , 1, 6, 123, 132. 

Parker, Alexander, 179, 
Parker, Charles, 260. 
Parker, Glover, 275. 
Parker, Joseph, 54, 

Parker, Josiah, 167. 
Parker, Richard, 179. 
Parkhan, Nicholas, 143. 

Parks, , 5, 59. 

Parks, Ezekiel, 16, 

Parks, James, 275. 

Parks, Joseph, 16, 23, 24, 29, 275. 

Parks, William, 271. 

Parrish, Sherwood, 264. 

Parrish, Tolley, 264. 

Parrow, Daniel, 254. 

Pate, Anthony, 254. 

Pate, Mathew, 254. 

Pate, Thomas, 254. 

Patrick, John, F., 254. 

Patters, Casper, 182. 

Patterson, David, 194, 200, 259. 

Patterson, John, 115. 

Patterson, Joseph, 22, 95, 97, 253. 

Patterson, Paul, 199. 

Patterson, Samuel, 276. 

Patton, , 101. 

Patton, Benjamin, 277. 
Patton, Henrv, 146, 271. 
Paulet, John, 184. 
Paulet, Richard, 270. 

Paulin, , 171, 185, 256. 

Paxton, John, 112, 256, 276. 
Paxton, William, 256, 276. 
Payne, Augustine, 240. 
Payne, Francis, 261. 
Payne, George, 264. 
Payne, Henry, 269. 
Payne, Josias Jr., 264. 
Payne, Nicholas, 236, 249. 
Pa-ne, William, 242. 
Peak, Aaron, 275. 

Pearce, , 271. 

Pearis, George, 271, 
Pearle, Samuel, 261. 
Pearson, William, 216 
Peary, George, 271. 

Peaseley, , 157. 

Peck, Adam, 256. 
Peebles, John, 253. 
Peers, Anderson, 264. 
Pemberton, , 35. 


Pence, George, 253. 
Pence, Jacob, 139. 
Pence, James, 277. 
Pendleton, Edmund, 148. 
Pendleton, Philip, 235, 255. 
Penn. Abraham, 141, 268. 
Penn, Gabriel, 31. 
Peper, John, 251. 
Perkins, Anthony, 177. 
Perkins, Francis, 264. 
Perkins, John, 178, 264. 
Perkins, William, 26. 
Perry, Joshua, 253. 
Perry, Swift, 65. 
Persinger, Jacob, 128. 
Persinger, John, ISO. 
Petalla, 112. 
Petect, James, 26S. 
Peters, Christian, 62. 
Peters, Samuel, 69, 176. 
Pettis, John, 218. 
Pettis, Samuel, 131, 270. 
Pettus, Stephen, 275. 
Pettyjoin, Amos, 271a. 
Pettyjohn,, Wm., 271a. 
Peyton, Henry, 261. 
Phelps, John, 254. 

Phillip, , 82, 143, 176, 177 

Phillips, John, 31. 
Phillips, Richard, 270. 
Pickett, Martin, 261. 
Pickle, Christian, 180. 

Pier, , 147. 

Pierce, John, 236. 

Poland, Thomas, 259. 

Pollard, Thomas, 216. 

Poison, " 50. 

Poor, William, 274. 
. Pope, William, 261. 

Popens, Peter, 271a. 

Porter, , 198. 

Porter, Abraham, 272. 

Porter, Charles Jr., 272. 

Porter, Isaac, 274. 

Porterfield, 255. 

Proterfield, Charles, 190. 

Posey, , 6. 

Potter, , 142. 

Potts, Samuel, 28. 

Povatt, John, 274. 

Powell, , 233. 

Powell, Edward, 170. 

Powell, John, 170. 

Powell, Levi, 245. 

Powell, Ptolemy, 233. 

Powt, Robert, 15. 

Powers, William, 129. 

Preston, , 145. 

Preston, John, 146. 

Preston, William, 146, 155, 156, 271. 

Price, , 159, 231. 

197. Price, Howen, 254. 

Price, Brown, 254. 

Pierce, Thomas, 269, 275 
Pillov, Jasper, 275. 
Pirkey, John, 277. 
Pleasants, Samuel, 274. 
Pledge, Francis, 264. 
Plumley, Mathew, 278. 
Plunkett, Reuben, 219. 
Poage, CJeorge, 33, 70. 
Poage, James, 95, 253. 
Poage, John, Jr., 253. 
Poage, Robert, 276. 
Poindexter, John, 270. 
Poindexter, Joseph, 254, 

Price, Charles, 264. 
Price, Evan, 278. 
Price, Hezekiah, 270. 
Price, John, 30, 267, 
Price, Meredith, 264. 
Price, Richard Moore, 272. 
Price, Thomas, 154, 280. 
Price, William, Jr., 275. 
Prince, Hubbard, 261. 
Prince, Lewis, 148. 
Pringle, Samuel, 253. 
Proctor, John, 272. 
86, 253, 256. Prunty, Thomas, 268. 

Pryor, — , 256. 

Pryor, John, 61. 
Pryor, Nicholas, 61. 
Pryor, William, 61, 69. 
Puffenberger, George, 180. 



Pulliam, George, 275. 
Purvis, James, 249. 

Putnam, , 1. 

Pyles, Joshua, 263. 

Quarles, , 50, 2 

Quarles, Harry, 234. 
Quarles, James, 251. 
Quarles, John, 254. 
Quarles, Roger, 257. 
Quirl, Thomas, 146. 

Rader, Anthony, 277. 
Radford, George, 274. 
Ragan, Richard, 127. 
Ragland, Samuel, 270. 
Raine, Nathaniel, 264, 275. 
Ramsey, Josiah, 280. 
Ramsey, William, 216. 

Randolph, , 7, 141, 205. 

Randolph, Beverley, 16, 29, 67, 143, 

197, 204, 260. 
Randolph, Henry, 143. 
Randolph, Peter, 81, 252. 
Randolph, William, 259. 
Rankin, Charles, 136. 
Rankin, James, 253. 
Rankin, Thomas, 136, 253. 
Ransdel, Wharton, 261. 
Ransdel, William, 261. 
Ranson, Richard, 255. 
Ratliffe, Nathan, 161. 
Rawlins, Samuel, 257. 
Reaburn, James, 256. 
Reaburn, Joseph, 256. 

Read, , 54, 215. 

Read, Edmund, 258. 
Read, John, 16. 
Read, Jonathan, 258. 
Reader, Adam, 253. 
Reader, Anthony, 253. 
Reagan, Richard, 277. 
Reaner, Ulrich, 278. 
Redd, John, 268. 
Redford, Edward, 264. 
Redford, Milner, 264. 
Red Hawk, 112. 

Redman, Jeremiah, 263. 
Reed, Jacob, 269. 
Reed, Thomas, 66. 
Reeves, Frederick, 268. 
Reid, John, 251. 
Renfro, John, 157, 268. 
Renick, William, 265. 
Rennolds, James, 257.. 
Rentfree, Isaac, 254. 
Rentfree, William, 254. 
Rentfro, Isaac, 254. 
Rentfro, Mark, 254. 
Rentfro, Joshua, 268. 
Rentfro, William, 268. 
Respess, Thomas, 269. 
Rexrode, George, 180. 
Reynolds, George, 268. 
Reynolds, M., 153. 
Reynolds, Thomas M., 167. 

Rhodes, , 178. 

Rice, Benjamin, 254. 
Rice, Holman, 187. 
Rice, John, 34, 263, 277. 
Rice, William, 275. 
Richards, John, 275. 
Richards, William, 36. 

Richards, , 64, 93, 144, 159. 

Richard, Elijah, 265. 
Richardson, Holt, 30, 32, 35, 50, 231. 
Richardson, Martin, 260. 
Richardson, Samuel, 27, 31, 264, 270. 
Richards, Wiiiam, 36. 

Richeson, , 215. 

Richeson, James 255. 
Richeson, Jonathan, 254. 
Richeson, Joseph, 257. 
Rigger, Richard, 89. 
Riggins, Charles, 278. 
Riggins, William, 278. 
Rinkerbo, Casper, 263. 
Rixie, Richard, 261. 
Robards, Lewis, 264. 

Roberts, , 82, 91, 159, 187. 

Roberts, Alexander, 252. 
Roberts, David, 139, 275. 
Roberts, Jacob, 252. 
Roberts James, 270. 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Roberts, John, 63, 91, 249. 
Roberts, Pleasant, 252. 
Roberts, William, 148. 
Roberts, Wilson, 64. 
Robertson, Alexander, 22, 253. 
Robertson, George, 259. 
Robertson, James, 130, 271, 280. 
Robertson, John, 259. 
Robertson, William, 117, 193, 252, 

Robideau, , 101. 

Robison, William, 269. 

Robinson, , 134, 256. 

Robinson, Benjamin, 219. 

Robinson, Hercules, 256. 

Robinson, Isaac, 256. 

Robinson, James, 114. 

Robinson, John, 65, 256, 272, 277. 

Robinson, William, 134, 256. 

Rochelle, , 170. 

Rogers, David, 268. 
Rogers, George, 261. 
Rollin, Henry, 185. 
Rose, Hugh, 17, 18, 68, 112. 
Rosebrough, William, 280. 
Ross, Daniel, 268. 
Ross, John, 152, 270. 
Ross, William, 199. 
Rountree, William, 187. 
Rowland, Thomas, 133, 256, 272. 
Rowlett, John, 259. 
Rowlett, William, 259. 
Royall, John, 193, 252, 259. 
Royal 1, Littlebury, 252. 
Royall, William, 193, 252. 
Roy, Mungo, 257. 
Royston, Thomas, 264. 

Rucker, , 62. 

Rucker, Ambrose, 112. 
Rucker, Anthony, 69. 
Rucker, Samuel, 253. 
Rudelle, Geoige, 277. 
Rudelle, John, 277. 

Ruble, , 152. 

Rubell, Owen, 268. 

Rufhn, , 1, 38, 66. 

Runley, , 216. 

Runnels, Thomas, 157. 

Rush, , 119. 

Rush, John, 277. 

Russell, , 98. 

Russell, Francis, 269. 
Russell, James, 254. 
Russell, John, 269. 
Russell, Robert, 269. 

Rutherford, , 90, 157. 

Rutherford, David, 264. 
Rutherford, Elliot, 277. 
Rutherford, Joseph, 277. 
Rutledge, Dudley, 275. 
Rutledge, George, 256. 
Rutledge, John, 256. 

Ryan, William, 268. 
Sale, John, 17, 18, 68. 
Sale, Samuel, 257. 
Salmon, John, 268. 

Samson, , 144. 

Sampson, Stephen, 264. 
Samuel, Reuben, 35, 257. 
Samuel, William, 257. 

Sanders, , 255. 

Sanders, John, 270. 
Sands, Samuel, 75. 
Sanford, William, 216. 
Saulsbery, William, 73. 
Saunders, Gunnel!, 269. 
Saunders, James, 272. 
Saunders, Jesse, 184. 
Saunders, John, 269. 
Saunders,' Samuel Hyde, 274. 
Saunders, Stephen, 47, 271. 
Sawyers, Robert, 137. 

Saxton, , 42. 

Sayers, Robert, 156, 271. 
Sayers, Thompson, 271. 
Scaggs, Aaron, 145. 

Scott, — , 1, 56, 64, 77, 82, 223. 

Scott, Alexander, 18, 136, 253. 
Scott, Charles, 8, 236. 
Scott James, 272. 
Scott. John, 66, 91, 143, 228. 
Scott, John, Jr., 272. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Scott, Walter, 259. 
Scott, William, 66, 143, 256. 
Scurry, Eli, 271. 
Seamond, Ephriam, 251. 
Seaton, William, 261. 
Seay, John, 270. 
Sehorn, John, 278. 
Semley, Alexander, 256. 
Sepner, Henry, 2, 3. 
Settle, William, 261. 
Sevier, John, 157. 
Sevier, Robert, 157. 
Seybert, Nicholas, ISO, 253. 
Shackelford, Edmund, 272. 
Shackelford, Zachary, 272. 

Shaffer, , 269. 

Shanklin, Andrew, 277. 
Sharp, Robert, 64. 
Sharp, Linn, 244. 
Sharp, Moses, 275. 
Sharpe, Robert, 64. 
Sharpe, Sinsfield, 261. 
Sharpe, Thomas, 279. 
Sharpe, William, 74. 
Shaw, James, 280. 
Shaw, Joseph, 271. 
Shaw, Robert, 253. 
Shearman, Caddy, 61. 
Sheets, George, 180. 
Shein, Samuel, 163. 

Shelby, , 141, 152. 

Shelby, Evan, 185, 280. 
Shelby, Isaac, 61. 
Shelby, James, 280. 
Shelby, John, Sr., 280. 

Shelton, , 112, 165. 

Shelton, Francis, 26. 
Shelton, Peter, 270. 
Shelton, Samuel, 270. 
Shelton, Thomas, 131, 270. 
Sheperdson, David, 131. 
Sherman, Paddy, 61. 
Sherwin, Samuel, 252. 
Shirley, David, 255. 
Shirley, Valentine, 253. 
Shore, Richard, 269. 
Shore, William, 143. 

Shores, Thomas, 269. 
Short, Archibald, 200. 
Short, Edward, 268. 
Short, Samuel, 200. 
Short, Thomas, 252. 
Shrieve, John, 269. 
Shumaker, Zedekiah, 61, 69. 
Shumate, Daniel, 261. 
Simerall, James, 263. 

Simmons, , 67. 

Simmons, George, 180. 
Simmons, John, 67, 180. 
Simmons, Leonard, 180. 
Simmons, Mark, 180. 
Simmons, Michael, 180. 
Simmons, Peter, 180. 
Simpson, Alexander, 253. 
Simson, Jeremiah, 271a. 
Sinclair, John, 269. 
Singleton, Manoar, 272. 

Sinkfield, , 175. 

Sisson, Caleb, 272. 
Sitlington, Robert, 76. 
Skelton, Thomas, 265. 
Skelton, James, 268. 

Skillern, , 48, 61, 102, 127. 

Skillern, George, 98, 256. 
Skippish, Henry, 166. 

Skipwith, , 165. 

Skipwith, Henry, 83, 260. 
Skidmore, John, 253, 277. 

Slater, , 269. 

Slaughter, , 94. 

Slaughter, John, 254. 
Sledd, John, 201. 
Sleth, John, 3. 
Small, Matthew, 268. 

Smallwood, , 121, 238. 

Smith, , 45, 63, 124, 142. 

Smith, Augustine, 261, 275, 277. 

Smith, Boswell, 42, 277. 

Smith, Daniel, 253, 277, 280. 

Smith, Edward, 264. 

Smith, Francis, 200. 

Smith, Gideon, 268, 272, 274. 

Smith, Henry, 256. 

Smith, James, 102, 207, 217, 256, 271. 


Smith, John, 13, 143, 212, 253, 263, 

Smith, Jonathan, 254. 
Smith, Joseph, 217, 261, 277. 
Smith, Luke B., 197. 
Smith, Mark, 180. 
Smith, Nathan, 269. 
Smith, Obadiah, 264. 
Smith, Philip, 68, 230. 
Smith, Roily, 261, 274, 275, 277, 

Smith, Sebastian, 180, 263. 
Smith, Thomas, 22, 95, 97, 98, 130, 

133, 253, 261, 268. 
Smith, William, 57, 261, 270, 272, 

274, 277. 

Smithers, , 130. 

Smizer, Michael, 37. 
Snapp, Philip, 278. 
Snide, Christian, 271. 
Snider, Jacob, 255. 
Snider, Jacob, Jr., 255. 
Snider, John, 180. 
Snider, Nathaniel, 255. 
Snoddy, John, 280. 
Snow, Richard, 251. 
Sorrell, John, 219. 
Southerland, Philmon, 275- 
Southerland, William, 275. 
Southerlin, Kenneth, 251. 
Spaulding, John, 275. 
Speake, Francis, 216. 

Spencer, , 131, 200. 

Spencer, James, 268. 
Spencer, John, 229. 
Spencer, Joseph, 229. 
Spencer, Sharpe, 275. 
Spinner, Richard, 251. 
Spradlins, John, 251. 
Springer, W., 88. 

Spurr, , 269. 

Stagg, Charles, 275. 
Stanard, Larkin, 226. 
Standifor, Luke, 268. 
Standifor, William, 268. 
Stanhope, William, 269. 
Starke, John, 143, 

Stears, John, 221. 
Stears, Richard, 220. 
Steel, Alexander, 254. 
Steele, David, 124. 
Steel, James, 92, 253. 
Steel, Samuel, 276. 
Steel, Thomas, 276. 
Stegar, Hans, 274. 
Stegar, Thomas, 274. 

Stephens, , 45, 137, 271. 

Stephen, Adam, 20. 

Stephens, John, 169. 

Stephens, Robert, 255. 

Stephenson, John, 253. 

Sterling, Lord, 142. 

Sterling, William, 36. 

Steuben, Baron, 6, 19, 23, 29, 35, 50, 

100, 136, 143, 234. 
Steuart, Edward, 70. 
Steuart, John, 72. 
Stevens, , 35, 62, 45, 85, 89, 

131, 151, 159, 171, 194, 234. 
Stevens, Edward, 10. 
Stewart, Alexander, 253. 
Ste '.art, John, 19, 249, 256. 
Stewart, Francis, 143. 
Stewart, Ralph, 253. 
Stith, Joseph, 254. 

Stokes, , 1. 

Stone, Joshua, 213. 
Stone, Sebastian, 180. 
Stout, George, 180. 

Stovall, , 202. 

Stovall, George, 274. 
Stovall, Littlebury, 202. 

Stover, , 269. 

Strachan, Thomas, 251. 
Strange, David, 251. 
Stratton, John, 274. 
Stratton, Seraiah, 277. 
Strauf'hton, James, 148. 
Street, Joseph, 270. 
Sterns, Peyton, 257. 
Streshly, William, 257. 
Stribbling, William, 263. 
Strother, Joseph, 250. 
Stuart, , 106. 


Stuart, Alexander, 276. 
Stuart, John, 249. 

Stubblefield, , 3, 140, 151, 279. 

Stubblefield, George, 52, 229, 235, 

Stubblefield, Harry, 235. 
Sturgis, William, 255. 

Sullivan, , 5. 

Summerfield, Thomas, 180. 
Summers, George, 269. 
Summers, Paul, 180. 
Sutherfer, Richard, 261. 
Sutton, Coleman, 158. 
Sutton, James, 257. 
Swann, John, 274. 
Swearingen, Josiah, 138, 255. 
Svvearingen, Van, 255. 
Swift, Flour, 371. 
Svler, William, 278. 

Tabb, Edward, 252. 
Tabb, John, 252. 
Tacey, Mace, 145. 
Talbott, Haile, 254. 
Talbott, Henry, 157. 

Taliaferro, , 1, 85. 

Taliaferro, Francis, 223, 23?. 
Taliaferro, George, 272. 
Taliaferro, Wm., 224. 

Tankard, , 219. 

7'ankersley, , 220, 222. 

Tankersley, John, 279. 
Tankersley, Richard, 61. 
Tarflinger, Henry, 269. 
Tarlton, 32, 50, 64, 72, 104, 112, 

113, 116, 120, 125, 130, 134, 

159, 163, 171, 243. 
Tatum, Edward, 157, 254. 
Tate, James, 75, 107, 118, 133, 163, 

Tate, Jesse, 254. 
Tate, John, 133. 
Tate, Nathaniel, 153. 
Tate, William, 253. 
Taylor, , 1, 9, 32, 51, 63, 85, 

112, 106, 134, 271. 

Taylor, Coleman, 158. 
Taylor, Edmund, 35. 
Taylor, Francis, 91, 187, 249. 
Taylor, George, 268, 269, 275. 
Taylor, Isaac, 146. 
Taylor, James, 77, 229, 279. 
Taylor, John, 251, 269. 
Taylor, Joseph, 259, 261. 
Taylor, Richard, 263. 
Taylor, Skelton, 254, 260. 
Taylor, William, 263, 268, 276. 
Teaney, Daniel, 163, 245. 
Tedford, John, 276. 
Tee, Widow, 45. 
Temple, Samuel, 223, 257. 
Terrill, George, 257. 
Terrill, Harry, 167, 254. 
Terrill, Peter, 254. 
Terrill, Thomas, 207. 
Terry, Jasper, 157. 
Terry, Joseph, 210. 
Terry, William, 141, 157, 254. 
Teter, Paul, 253. 
Thacker, Nathaniel, 251. 
Thatcher, John, 269. 
Thilman, John, 257. 
Thomas, Absolom, 251. 
Thomas, Austin, 268. 
Thomas, Enoch, 269. 
Thomas, James, 253. 
Thomas, John, 28, 35, 251. 
Thomas, Joseph, 251. 
Thomas, Moses, 269. 
Thomas, Ralph, 99, 251. 
Thomas, Robert, 272. 
Thomas, Rowland, 272. 
Thomas, Thomas, 269. 

Thompson, , 124, 265, 270. 

Thompson, Alexander, 253. 
Thompson, Andrew, 277. 
Thompson, Barlett, 260. 
Thompson, Christopher, 234. 
Thompson, George, 27, 251, 262. 
Thompson, Henry, 271. 
Thompson, James, 61, 69. 
Thompson, John, 30, 35, 257, 275. 
Thompson, Joseph, 270. 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 

Thompson, Josiah, 27+. 
Thompson, Leonard, 251, 262. 
Thompson, Levi, 32. 
Thompson, Nelson, 84, 251. 
Thompson, Robert, 11, 79, 253. 
Thompson, Roger, 251, 262. 
Thompson, Smith, 46, 162, 270. 
Thorn, John, 148. 
Thornbery, Thomas, 255. 
Thornhill, William, 254. 
Thornton, Anthony, 158. 
Thornton, Anthony, Jr., 257. 
Thornton, Francis, 258. 
Thornton, George, 223, 257, 279. 
Thurmond, Philip, 19, 40. 
Thurman, Thomas, 27, 262. 
Thurston, Charles, 142. 

Tilford, , 137. 

Timberlake, Benjamin, 201. 
Timberlake, Epapproditus, 261. 
Timberlake, Lewis, 257. 
Timberlake, John, 270. 
Tilman, Daniel, 262. 
Tinsdale, Thomas; 262. 

Tinslej', , 106. 

Toley, James, 261. 
Tompkins, Francis, 257. 
Tompkins, Robert, 257. 
Tompson, James, 61. 
Tommis, John, 129. 
Toney, John, 203. 
Topp, Roger, 280. 
Torbert, John, 47. 

Tosh, , 138. 

Tosh, James, 256. 

Towles, , 100, 195. 

Towles, Oliver, 1, 221. 

Towles, Stockley, 264. 

Towles, Thomas, 223, 225, 279. 

Townes, John, Jr., 252. 

Townes, William, 260. 

Trent, jolin, 1S9. 

Trible, George, 224. 

Trigg, Abraham, 145, 161, 271. 

Trigg, Daniel, 146, 254, 271. 

Trigg, William, 254. 

Trimble, James, 22, 74, 98, 111, 253. 

Triplett, Frank, 75, 243, 261. 
Triplett, Simon, 245, 269. 
Triplett, William, 153. 

Trout, , 34. 

Trowton, , 215. 

Truman, Obadiah, 270. 

Tucker, , 67, 100, 106, 205. 

Tucker, Daniel, 252. 
Tucker, James, 274. 
Tucker, St. George, 217. 
Tucker, Thomas, 204. 
Tuggle, Benjamin, 275. 
Tuggle, Thomas, 275. 
Tunstall, William, 268. 
Turnbull, George, 254. 
Turner, Daniel, 257. 
Turner, George, 257. 
Turner, James, 42, 178. 
Turner, John, 257, 268. 
Turner, Richard, 42. 
Turner, William, 78. 
Turnley, Francis, 222. 
Turpin, Horatio, 54, 197. 
Turpin, John, 267. 
Turpin, Sugly, 267. 
Turpin, William, 260. 
Tutt, James, 279. 
Twiner, Daniel, 257. 

Tyler, , 85. 

Tyler, George, 257. 
Tyler, John, 257. 
Tyler, Richard, 257. 

Upshur, James, 257. 
Upshur, Jeremiah, 257. 



Vance, Samuel, 12, 33, 5S, 70, 76, 

Vance, Tiiomas, 137. 
Vance, William, 263. 
Vancel, Edm.und, 271. 
Vandevender, Isaac, 269. 

Vanover, , 269. 

V'ardaman, Peter, 268. 
Vardiman, William, 254. 
Vass, Phillip v., 225. 

V'iRGiNiA Militia in the Revolution 


Vaughan, Edmund, 274. 
Vaughan, James, 252. 
Vaughan, Reuben, 169, 172. 
Vauglian, Robert, 252. 
Veal, David, 255. 
Venable, Charles, 275. 
Venable, Robert, 275. 
Venable, Samuel, 197, 275. 
Vimands, Elijah, 256. 
Vincell, Adam, 269. 
Vines, Thomas, 134. 
Vineyard, George, 135. 

Wackub, John, 92. 
Wade, Dabney, 264. 
Waddell, Joseph, 253. 
Waddy, Samuel, 270. 
Wade, West, 43. 
Wagoner, Adam, 180. 
Walden, Lewis, 270. 
Walden, Richard, 254. 

Walker, , 152, 252. 

Walker, Alexander, 276. 
Walker, David, 143, 275. 
Walker, E., 80. 
Walker, Edmund, 80, 81. 
Walker, Edward, 80. 
Walker, George, 67, 275. 
Walker, John, 113. 
Walker, Robert, 143. 
Walker, Samuel, 128, 216. 
Walker, Thomas, 89, 143, 251, 275. 
Walker, William, 275. 
Walker, William T., 80. 
Wallace, Adam, 1, 6, 8, 271. 
Wallace, Andrew, 61, 69, 128, 184. 
Wallace, David, 276. 
Wallace, John, 276. 
Wallace, Samuel, 120, 276. 
Waller, George, 268. 
Walt, Charles, 217. 
Walter, John, 269. 
Walter, William, 276. 
Walthall, Archd., 194, 200, 259. 
Walthall, John, 252. 
Walthall, William, 259. 
Walton, Robert, 275. 

Wamsley, James, 180. 

Wamsley, John, 180. 

Wamsley, William, 180. 

Wandless, Ralph, 86. 

Ward, Alexander, 271. 

Ward, Benjamin, 80, 81, 252, 259. 

Ward, David, 280. 

Ward, John, 149, 252, 254, 271. 

Ward, John, Jr., 254. 

Ward, Rowland, 159. 

Ward, Rowland, Jr., 252. 

Ward, William, 265, 271. 

Ware, Jacob, 43. 

Ware, James, 264. 

Ware, John, 264. 

Ware, Robert, 219. 

Warren, William, 261. 

Warwick, Jacob, 57, 73, 253. 

Washington, Gen., 1, 75, 77, 93, 

113, 133. 
Washington Charles, 279. 
Washington, Samuel, 255. 
Wasley, Robert, 270. 
Watkins, Abner, 83, 275. 
Watkins, Charles, 153. 
Watkins, Edward, 205, 206. 
Watkins, George, 67. 
Watkins, Joel, 258. 
Watkins, John 143. 
Watkins, Robert, 167, 254. 
Watkins, Samuel, 252. 
Watkins, Silas, 26. 
Watkins, Thomas, 275. 
Watman, Henry, 276. 
Watshall, Archer, 82. 

Watson, , 80, 81. 

Watson, Douglass, 66. 
Watson, Drury, 275. 
Watson, James, 131, 270. 
Watson, Jessee, 275. 
Watson, Luke, 252. 
Watson, Robert, 83. 
Watson, William, 252, 258. 
Watterson, Henry, 276. 
Watts, John, 157. 
Watts, Thomas, 254. 
Waugh, George, 272. 

Virginia Mii.itia in the Revolution 

IS, 38, 

Waucluib, John, 253. 
Wayne, , 9, 11, 

62, 94, 100, 104, 149, 176, 177, 

198, 243. 
Weaver, Tilman, 261. 

Webb, , 171. 

Webb, Charles, 153. 
Webb, Isaac, 153. 
\\'ebb, John, 261. 
Webber, Philip, 264. 
Webb, Richard C, 272. 
Webster, John, 275. 

Weedon, , 131, 234. 

Weir, George, 276. 
Weizer, Henry, 164. 
Welch, Sylvester, Sr., 246. 
Wells, Isham, 259. 
Wells, John, 268. 
Wells, Joseph, 259. 
Wells, Matthew, 268. 
Wells, Thomas T., 252. 
Wells, William, 252. 

Welsh, , 148. 

West, , 28. 

West, George, 269. 
Westfall, Jacob, Jr., 253. 
Whatley, James, Jr., 269. 
Wharton, John, 99. 

Wheatley, , 215. 

Wheatley, Joseph, 261. 
Wheeler, Micajah, 251. 
Wliite, , 101, 173, 177, 208. 

269, 279. 
White, Ambrose, 257. 
White, Chilion, 257. 
White, Daniel, 100, 251. 
White, Elisha, 190. 
VVHiite, James, 271. 
White, Jeremiah, 272. 
White, Joel, 269. 
White, John, 220, 253, 270. 
White, Richard, 272. 
White, Robert, 263. 
White, William, 270. 
Whiteman, Henry, 180. 
Whitlock, Josiah, 275. 
Whitten, Richard, 169. 

Whitten, Thomas, 280. 
Wickliffe, William, 261. 
Wier, Bezaliel, 210. 
W^ier, Samuel, 253. 
Wiglesworth, James, 279. 
Wigles worth, John, 223. 
Wilbern, Thomas, 275. 
Wildman, Joseph, 269. 
Wilej', Alexander, 276. 
Wiley, Andrew, 137. 
Wilfong, Jacob, 180. 
\\'ilkerson, John, 157. 

William, , 210. 

\\''illiam, Charles, 174. 
William, Joseph, 209. 

Williams, , 156. 

Williams, Charles, 212, 261. 
Williams, John, 48, 269. 
Williams, Otho H., 16. 
Williams, Phillip, 252. 
Williams, Samuel, 260, 265. 
Williams, Solomon, 264. 
Williams, Thomas, 151, 269. 

Williamson, , 175. 

Williamson,. Cieorge, 192, 203, 205, 

206, 274. 
Wiilliamson, John, 262. 

Willis, , 15, 22, 105, 111. 

Willis, John, 62, 104. 

Willis, Moses, 272. 

Willis, Robert Carter, 255. 

Willis, ^■^ung, 62. 

Willson, Thomas Branch, 252. 

Wimer, Philip, ISO. 

Wilson, , 22, 159, 252, 260, 

270, 276. 
Wilson, Abraham, 250. 
Wilson, Benjamin, 253. 
Wilson, Charles, 252. 
Wilson, Daniel, 217. 
Wilson, David, 253. 
Wilson, John, 22, 33, 70, 97, 253, 

Wilson, Joshua, 161. 
Wilson, Hugh, 263. 
Wilson, Mathcw, 133, 253. 
Wilson, Richard, 85. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


Wilson, Samuel, 136. 
Wilson, William, 136. 
Wiltshire, John, 83. 
Winckleback, Henry, 88. 
Windie, Philip, 278. 
Winfrey, Henry, 259. 
Wingfield, Charles, 251. 
Winn, Benjamin, 257. 
Winn, James, 188, 238, 244. 
Winn, John, 210. 
Winn, Minor, 261. 
Winn, Richard, 252. 

Winslovv, , 223, 226. 

Winslo V, Beverly, 223, 279. 

Winston, , 93. 

Winston, Anthony, 131, 270. 
Winston, James, 270. 
Winston, John, 30. 

Witcher, , 210. 

Witcher, William, 214. 
Withers, James, 261. 
Withers, Spencer, 243. 
Withers, William, 261. 
Witherson, John, 278. 
Wolfe, Henry, 263. 
Wolfe, John, 263. 
Woodel, James, 87. 

Wood, , 128, 271. 

Wood, Archibald, 44, 265. 

Wood, Edward, 275. 

Wood, Isaac, 251. 

Wood James, 99, 251, 263, 276. 

Wood John, 251. 

Wood, Peter, 254. 

Wood, Samuel, 61, 69. 

Wood, Solomon, 84. 

^^'^ood, Thomas, 157. 

Wood, William, 193, 257. 

Wood, William, Jr., 252. 

Woods, , 44. 

Woody, William, 262. 
Woodfin, Nicholas, 44. 

Woodford, , 8, 38, 87. 

Woodliff, Peter, 143. 
Woodruff, David, 19. 
Woodson, Anderson, 275. 
Woodson, Hughes, 196, 203. 
Woodson, Isham, 264. 

W^oodson, Jacob, 275. 
Woodson, John, 67, 275. 
\\'oodson, John Stephen, 264. 
Woodson, Joseph, 81. 
W^oodson, Josiah, 264. 
Woodson, Miller, 260. 
Woodson, Obadiah, 275. 
Woodson, Tarleton, 100, 251. 
Woodson, William, 251. 
Wooldridge, Edmund, 206. 
Wooldridge, Robert, 259. 
Wooldridge, Thomas, 259. 

Woolfork, , 85. 

Woolfork, Charles, 257. 
Woolfork, John, 257. 
Wooten, Hinman, 254. 
Wooten, \^'^illiam, 275. 

Worsham, , 1. 

Worshum, William, 82, 252. 
Worthington, Enhraim, 255. 
Wray, David, 214. 
Wrinker, Jacob, 103. 

Wright, , 265. 

Wright, Andrew, 58. 
Wright, Archibald, 275. 
Wright, David, 254. 
Wright, James, 275, 276. 
Wright, Thomas, 12, 28, 65, 72. 
Wright, William, 272, 275, 279. 
Wyatt, Richard, 257. 

Wycoff, , 269. 

Wylie, Alexr., 280. 
Wylie, John, 137. 
Wynne, Thomas, 262. 
Wysong, Piatt, 138. 
Wysor, Henry, 164. 

Yates, R-'Hert, 2/y. 

Yancey, ist. Charles, 270. 

Yeager, John, 180. 

Yores, Thomas, 134. 

Young, Charles, 157. 

Young, Henry, 275. 

Young, James, 253. 

Young, John, 91, 107, 139, 253. 

Young, Patrick, 253. 

Young, Richard, 226. 

Young, William, 272. 



McAllister publishing company 


Virginia Militia in the Revolution 


By J. T. McAllister 


(A). Alphabetically arranged lists of all Virginia Militiamen 
pensioned by the L^nited States Government, giving their residences 
in 1835; 

(B). Statements made by 250 Revolutionary- soldiers in their 
application for such pensions (Condensed) ; 

(C). A list of the Militia Officers nominated, appointed or 
qualifying during the Revolution in the counties of Albemarle, 
Amelia, Augusta, Bedford, Berkeley, Botetourt, Caroline, Charlotte, 
Chesterfield, Cumberland, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Frederick, Gooch- 
land, Greenbrier, Henrico, Henn,-, Loudon, Louisa, Montgomery', 
Orange, Powhatan, Prince Edward, Rockbridge, Rockingham, 
Shenandoah, Spottsylvania and Washington, as shown by the records 
of said counties; 

(D). A summary by counties of the services of the Militia 
Companies as set forth in the condensed statements, (under B. ) 
with references to the statements supporting this summary; and 

(E). General Index of data under (B) and (C). 

Price, $5.0U Postpaid. 

By]. T. McAllister 

This Index, alphabetically arranged, gives a list of all the Virginia 
soldiers and officers listed in Saffell in his "Records of the Revolu- 
tionary War," with a brief guide to enable the reader to determine in 
what regiment the soldier served; whether he was an officer entitled 
to half pay, or received Virginia Land \Varrant. 

It also contains the list of Virginia Officers of several regiments 
given in "Palmer's Calendar of Virginia State Papers." 

Price, SLOO Postpaid. 

Historical Sketches of Virginia Hot Springs 

By J. T. McAllister 
This booklet deals with the interesting historical phases of the attractive 
country around the Virginia Hot Springs. 

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Humor in Ebony 

By J. T. McAllister 
An illustrated collection of interesting and amusing dialect stories illustrative 
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History of Pendleton County (W. Va.) 

493 pages By O. F. Morton Map and Illustrations 

"The systematic make-up presents a wealth of valuable facts in classified 
order. The people of Pendleton and their friends are fortunate in having such a 
work." J. W. WAYLAND, 

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History of Highland County (Va.) 

419 pages By 0. F. Morton Maps and Illustration^ 

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ealogies and useful appendicies at the end, has made a model county history." 

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The Story of Daniel Boone 

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A short, but intensely interesting sketch of this noted pioneer.